65 Unique Family Gift Baskets (Ideas For All Ages!)

Unique family gift basket ideas come in handy!

Gift giving can be difficult. And if you’re shopping for more than one person, it’s also stressful. The entire family will love these family gift baskets and it’s all in ONE gift!

Below you’ll find popular ideas, but also incredibly uncommon ones too. Use each on their own or combine several baskets for the perfect custom family gift basket. And keep reading to see specific holiday and milestone baskets too!

Best family gift baskets for 2022

The Benefit of a Family Gift Basket

Aside from making your life easier, these family gift baskets are also great for another reason.

They promote spending quality time together, wellness, or good old-fashioned fun.

top unique family gift basket ideas benefits

So, why not give a gift that helps people connect and feel happier too? It’s a win-win!

Fun Gift Baskets For Families

First, this list of family gift baskets is for any occasion and can be given most times of the year.

1. Fire Pit Basket

roasting sticks

2. Travel Gift Basket

This basket idea is great for experiencing other cultures in your home or getting ready for a trip. Pick a country and give a gift related to that theme.

Here’s a family gift basket idea for England:

3. Taco Night

uncommon diy family gift baskets: tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? Give mom and dad a break from making dinner with this delicious basket. They’ll love you for it.

4. Boredom Be Gone Gift Basket

*Especially great for families with young kids!

  • coloring books
  • UNO/board game
  • stickers
  • legos
  • books
  • playdoh
  • puzzles

5. Reading Family Gift Basket Ideas

*Fun AND learning oriented!

reading family gift baskets: things to put in

Looking for books to add to this gift basket? See these inspirational reads for women, and you can find the best books for kids ages 0-10 on this site. (Here’s the best book list for 4 year olds)

6. Taste Testing Gift Basket

Explore your favorite tastes in ordinary items. We’ve tested all sorts of random things this way. First, buy 2-4 different varieties of the same food. Then split them up amongst family members and have everyone taste and vote on their favorites.

Ideas to include in this gift basket:

  • bread (3 kinds)
  • pies or cookies (3 kinds)
  • specialty jams or butter (3 kinds)
  • soup mixes (3 kinds)
  • crackers (3 kinds)
  • specialty drinks (3 varieties)

7. Sunshine Basket

Sunshine family gift basket idea

For this gift basket idea, you choose a color and stick with the theme. For a “sunshine” theme, you can buy anything, but all items must be yellow. Here are other colors to do:

  • “Something out of the BLUE”
  • “ORANGE you glad it’s _____”
  • “Have a PLUM-tastic day”
  • “You are RED-iculously great”

8. Sick Day Survival

sick survival gift baskets for families

Get through tough winters with a sweet sick kit.

  • mugs
  • honey
  • tea
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer, hand soaps
  • throat lozenges
  • Emergen-c

9. Baking Basket

Let your recipient roll up their sleeves and get creative!

10. Outdoorsy Basket

Great for a family who loves to be outside or loves to go camping.

*For more, see the best outdoor kids gifts, and this free camping printable so that kids can pack themselves.

11. Family Connection Gift Basket

Gift the family a night to have fun and be together. Bonus: the last three on this list are free off the site!

family fun gift baskets: connection

12. Breakfast Lover (Family Gift Basket Ideas)

breakfast family fun gift baskets and ideas
  • pancake mix
  • orange juice (add champagne for adults if you want it fancy)
  • specialty coffee
  • fruit or jams
  • real maple syrup
  • gourmet baked goods

13. Sporty Gift Basket Ideas For Families

Is the family active? Do they love watching and playing sports? This idea is perfect!

  • reusable water bottles
  • Gatorade or other sports drinks
  • their favorite sports ball
  • energy bars
  • Sports memorabilia from their favorite team

14. Art Gift Basket (For a Painting Party!)

Have your own painting and kid-friendly drinks party:

15. Family Bucket List Gift Basket

at home family fun bucket list ideas

Dreaming brings families together. Plus, it’s fun to envision all of the amazing things you can do! Pick up these items for this family night gift basket:

These springsummerfall, and winter bucket lists all also have seasonal ideas.

16. Diy Craft Basket

Does your family enjoy arts and crafts? Gift the ultimate craft basket with these affordable options.

  • modge podge
  • ribbon
  • glitter
  • construction paper
  • paint & painting supplies
  • glue
  • new craft books with ideas

17. Family Movie Night Gift Basket

*Great when you need something easy!

  • popcorn bags
  • candy
  • pop or other drinks
  • popcorn seasoning
  • an inspirational kids movie or gift card to the movie theater

18. Ice Cream Sundae Basket

Seriously, ice cream is always a crowd-pleaser. Even in winter.

19. Thoughtful Celebrate a Trip Basket

*Most creative!

unique travel family fun night gift baskets and ideas

Did you go on a beautiful trip together this year? Memorialize it with a sweet family gift basket.

  • favorite written memories from the trip (a nice personal touch)
  • old photos from the trip (or put together a scrapbook with them in it)
  • a drink or treat you shared on the trip
  • a gift card to a restaurant with similar food (Ex. a seafood restaurant if you were on the coast, a pizza restaurant if you went to Chicago or NY, etc.)
  • a picture frame
  • any specialty items the place is famous for

20. Spa Day

Help your family relax with a basket that promotes self-care.

21. Laugh Attack Gift Basket

Get the family laughing with these family favorites:

funny unique gift basket ideas for families

22. Best Magic Gift Basket

Get everyone in on the illusions with these diy family gift basket ideas:

23. Diy Family Inspiration Gift Basket

This gift basket is perfect for if your family needs a lift of spirits.

fun and funny thought of the day for kids printable pdf

24. Treat Yo’ Self Wellness Gift Basket

This family gift basket is full of ideas that promote indulgence – through wellness and fun.

  • a plant
  • cozy pajamas for everyone
  • a healthy cookbook the whole family will benefit from
  • a weighted blanket
  • coloring books (kids and adult)

25. Focus on Experiences: Family Gift Baskets

26. Family Game Night Gift Ideas

*For the best games, see these great family night games >>

27. Growth Mindset Gift Basket

growth mindset activities for kids and adults, students and teachers

28. Staycation Family Gift Basket

Perhaps the family can’t go on a full vacation, but you’d like to take some time off at home. Add these items to a fun gift!

things we take for granted on the gratitude list: outside picnics
181. I’m thankful for outside picnics.
  • paper plates and utensils
  • gift card to restaurants to try in town
  • a picnic bag with supplies for eating at parks
  • gift card for a cleaning service

29. Spread the Kindness Kit

painting kindness rocks

30. Healthy Family Cooking Gift Basket

cookbook for kids

31. Family Finance Gift Basket Ideas

Seasonal Family Gift Basket Ideas

These gifts are excellent presents at special times of the year!

32. New Years Gift Basket

New Years Eve Questions make the perfect end of year reflection

33. Winter Fun

Christmas gift idea

*See any of these other items to make your home cozy to add to this basket.

34. Valentine’s Day Love Basket

free printable love coupons ideas template for him, her,

35. Spring Fun

  • flowers
  • Claritin
  • gardening gloves
  • umbrella (or special small umbrellas for the kids)

36. Luck Of the Irish

37. Family Garden Basket

38. Easter Basket

Easter books for boys amazon

*See more ideas: Boys Easter Basket Ideas, Girls Easter Basket Ideas, Easter egg fillers that are not candy >>

39. Cinco De Mayo

40. 4th of July

  • American flags
  • pop-its
  • root beer
  • glow sticks
  • pop rocks or other traditional candy (Crunch, Cracker Jacks, Sour Patch)
  • paper plates

41. Summer Fun Family Gift Basket

summer this or that free printable

42. Back-to-School

43. Fall Family Fun Gift Basket Ideas

  • crockpot liners
  • pumpkin spice anything
  • apple cider
  • Supplies to make caramel apples (apples, sticks, caramel)
  • travel mug

44. Halloween Gift Basket

you've been booed free printable

Find a free we’ve been booed printable here to go with this gift!

45. Thanksgiving Family Gift Basket Ideas

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Families

Next, these unique Christmas family gift basket ideas will make your holiday bright!

46. Hot Cocoa “Bar”

  • different flavored hot cocoa
  • stirring sticks
  • candy canes
  • marshmallows
  • whipped cream or chocolate sauce

47. 12 Days of Christmas Family Gift Basket

This diy gift idea is AMAZING! And unique because it goes with the song!

unique Christmas family gift basket ideas

See many more ideas for this unique 12 days Xmas gift >>

48. Let’s Build: Gingerbread House Essentials

  • a gingerbread house kit or graham crackers
  • candies
  • icing
  • parchment paper
  • cake decoration piping

49. Christmas Eve Gift Basket

Christmas Eve box fillers for toddlers, kids, teenagers, family

See more excellent ideas for a Christmas Eve box gift >>

50. Gift Wrapping Basket

51. Unique First Christmas Story Gift

52. Christmas Family Game Night Gift Basket Ideas

holiday questions and answers facts free printable pdf

53. Christmas Activities Gift Basket

This gift incorporates the idea of an advent calendar theme. Grab the free printable for the calendar here, and then include items for the activities. Here are some:

Family advent calendar: great ideas and activities to celebrate Christmas

54. Christmas Movie Night Basket

  • Your favorite movie
  • the book that goes with the movie (Polar Express, The Grinch, Elf)
  • snacks and drinks
  • a fun activity or coloring page that’s themed with the movie (Ex. a train ticket, a Grinch coloring page, etc)

See 6 specific Christmas movie nights >>

55. 12 Days of Christmas Self Care

Holiday self care: give yourself a healthy boost

56. Christmas Candy Making Basket

57. Christmas Card Making Kit

  • blank cards
  • Christmas stamps and ink
  • Christmas stickers
  • markers or crayons

Special Occasion Family Gift Baskets

And finally, this list of things to put in a gift basket is for birthdays, graduation, and other milestones a family celebrates.

58. Birthday Family Gift Basket Ideas

free birthday interview questionnaire pdf printable

59. Pop the Bubbles: It’s Time to Celebrate!

Great for New Years, engagements/weddings, promotions, anniversaries, and girls nights.

60. Graduation Gift Basket

The new graduate will find all of these items useful.

  • soap and shampoo
  • coffee
  • planner
  • granola bars
  • laundry detergent
  • post-it notes
  • pens

61. Parent Survival Gift Basket Ideas For New Baby

family gift baskets for new baby

62. New Mom Self Care Package

Postpartum new mommy care package

See this creative new mom care package idea for more >>

63. Retirement

  • slippers
  • travel magazine
  • champagne/whiskey + celebratory cigar
  • crossword
  • “Retired” ball cap

64. New Home Family Gift Baskets

Family fun gift baskets for new home ideas

65. New Pet

To Consider With Fun Family Gift Baskets

Have you given or received any of these fun family gift basket ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!

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