200 Best Family Bucket List Ideas for 2024 (+ Free Printable)

These bucket list ideas for family are full of ways to bond over unique experiences.

What is a bucket list for families?

A family bucket list is a list of things you want to do with those closest to you. After all, life is more meaningful when living it through adventure.

Your kids are only young for a short time. In the blink of an eye, they’ll be grown. And you don’t want to be left wondering what else you could have done together.

family bucket list ideas, vacations, and free printable

How do I make a family bucket list?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Hold a family meeting if you need to. Then, get brainstorming together.

Simple At Home Family Bucket List Ideas

First, start the family bucket list with fun things to do with kids at home.

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fun things to do and ideas for families in 2024, one year family bucket list ideas
We’ve never laughed so hard!
  • Put together a family cookbook.
  • Wow your kids with a magic trick (make them figure out how you did it)
  • Have a family water gun or balloon fight.
  • Host a fancy tea party. Dress up and make crumpets.
  • Have a family game night marathon. Add prizes for the winners or bet chores to make it even more interesting! – Find fun family games >>
  • Plant and harvest a garden. Whether for one time or every year, this one benefits you in multiple ways.
  • Research your family tree. Take it a step further and get an Ancestry test to see where you come from.
  • Learn a new language together.
  • Create family photo books. We love Chatbooks!
awesome at home family fun bucket list ideas and template
  • Set up a projector and watch a movie outside.
  • Learn a new card game. Better yet, try card games until you decide on a signature family game.
  • Do a house project together. Get the kids involved in an awesome tree house, or a project that spruces up a shared space.
  • Enjoy an epic food fight.
  • Make a home video. (Make it funny or record your family values)
  • Make t-shirts that are the same. Wear them around the house or on your next family outing.
  • Establish regular family dinners.
  • Sing karaoke together. – Find a cool karaoke machine, and then get the tunes rolling!
  • Have a science experiment day. (One year, a gift to my son was a box of homemade science projects with instructions. He LOVED it and it was super cheap.
good list of children's books made into kids movies
  • Show your kids your favorite childhood movies.
  • Cut out screens as a family. Do you feel like your family is a little too plugged in? Go a day, week, or even a month without it! And do things off of your family bucket list instead!
  • Teach the kids how to cook. Eggs are a great starter.
  • Have at least one crazy pillow fight.
  • Have a “yes” day, where parents say yes for a change.
living room fort, bucket list for families ideas for kids, teens, adults
  • Build an epic living room fort.
  • Do a massive declutter of old games, toys, and stuff that doesn’t get used anymore. (Celebrate when the clean-out is done!)
  • Have a bridge-building contest with toothpicks and marshmallows (or grapes).
  • Devote one day to a video game tournament. Play each other in your favorites games, create a bracket, and go head to head. (Then try video game trivia)
  • Watch a full movie series together (Marvel, Harry Potter, etc.)
  • Walk a marathon! Go 26 miles in a weekend by splitting it up between people. Enlist the whole family, friends, and grandparents if you need to!
  • Name a star together.
  • Set up a lemonade stand.
catch fireflies in yearly bucket list for family examples at home outdoor
  • Catch fireflies in a jar.
  • Have a super fancy dinner and teach your kids how to eat it properly.
  • Have a dance-off competition. Vote on the winner.
  • Do a new at-home workout as a family. (Yoga, boxing, etc.)
  • Hold a family hula-hoop contest.
  • Learn a musical instrument together.

Seasonal Family Bucket List Ideas

Next, these ideas for your family bucket list are still great at home, but also give a seasonal or holiday flair.

pool summer things to do with kids bucket list ideas free printable for kids 2024
  • At least once, celebrate Christmas in July. Get really into it with Christmas cookies and everything.
  • Make a family Halloween costume. Each person plays their part.
  • Host an ugly sweater Christmas party.
  • Turn your house into the neighborhood “haunted house” at Halloween.
  • Build the coolest snow fort you’ve ever seen.
  • Have a full-blown family snowball fight.
  • Spend an entire snow day playing and relaxing.
  • Celebrate 7 major holidays in the span of a week. (Monday = New Years, Tuesday= Valentine’s Day, Wednesday = 4th of July)

Food Ideas for Your List With Kids

family eating around a table

Add excitement to your food experiences with these fresh family bucket list ideas!

  • Make homemade pizza. Give the kids the fun of putting the toppings on themselves.
  • Have breakfast for dinner.
  • Make homemade ice cream sundaes.
  • Find a family signature recipe.
  • Try a new food together. It must be a food that no one has had before, and everyone tastes it together. Things like:
    • Sushi
    • Thai food
    • Oysters
    • New, odd veggies from the store
  • Make homemade ice cream.
  • Learn to make grandma’s famous ____________.
  • Make a fresh pie at least once.
  • Create your own s’more recipe. (try peanut butter cups instead of chocolate!)
  • Make one meal using only things from your garden.

fun yearly food bucket list ideas for families 2024 with printable

  • Do “around the world” dinners once a month.
  • Bake your own bread at least once.
  • Perfect a family favorite guacamole.
  • Host an iron chef contest between family members and vote on the best dish.
  • Take a food tour in your city. (These are available in most major cities!)
  • Visit a huge outdoor food market together.
  • Eat a meal together from a food truck.
  • Try every kind of pizza style. (Chicago, New York, Detroit, etc.) Vote on your family favorite.
  • Have your kids prepare a dinner all by themselves. (They plan it too! Best for older kids unless you want to eat pb&j)
  • Eat fondue.
  • Go vegan for a week. (Or vegetarian)
  • Find your favorite family brunch place.
  • Eat a fancy hot dog. Kids love hot dogs, but spice it up with toppings and a true food experience.
  • Compare the best barbecue from different places in the U.S.
  • Go to a food festival.
  • Try a kids cooking class.
  • Attend a murder mystery dinner together. Real life Clue. Who doesn’t love that?!
  • Tour a chocolate factory.
  • Eat off of a street vendor in a city you are visiting.
  • Attend afternoon tea at a cafe or hotel.
  • Make homemade dog treats for a furry friend.
  • Eat a fancy French pastry (or macaroon).

Crazy Fun Things to Do With Kids Near Me

things to do with kids near me

Next, we get out and about! Here are fun things to do with kids to put on your family fun bucket list of ideas.

  • Go go-karting as a family.
  • See a drive-in movie.
  • Go off the high dive at your neighborhood pool. (everyone in the family)
  • Visit a cool museum near you.
  • Go bowling.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Do something scary together – show your kids that life is what you make it. And climb that mountain, go off the high dive, or run a race together.

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  • Ride a crazy roller coaster near you.
  • Go fishing.
  • Play mini golf.
  • Have the kids open accounts at a nearby bank (or a brokerage). Teach them about money.
  • See where your food comes from. Show the kids how milk gets to them, where their meat comes from, or how their favorite veggies are grown. In a disconnected food world, this is a great gift to the whole family.
  • Tour a local factory. Whether you see someone make food or marbles, this is always an interesting experience showing how things are made.
  • Go berry picking.
  • Spend a day exploring your town. Most of us don’t see the cool things near us.
  • Go to a carnival.
family at a playground
  • See if you can visit all of the playgrounds in your area at least once.
  • Go to a state fair. Ride the ferris wheel together!
  • Go to a local play.
  • Go to a local concert.
  • Visit an aquarium.
  • Ride bikes at your nearest trail. (Set a goal for how many miles you can do!)
  • Spend the day on a local beach. (at a state park or near the ocean)
  • Build your best family sandcastle at this beach.
  • Play disc golf.
  • Go roller skating.
  • Run a 5k together (or more if they are older).
  • Volunteer together. Try a soup kitchen, participate in a church activity, or walk dogs at a local animal shelter. The family will feel good about making a difference in the community.
  • Rescue a pet at a local animal shelter.
  • Clean up a local trail.
  • Go to a local park (with an open view) and watch the sunrise or sunset together.
  • Splurge on family photos in a local scenic location.
  • Team up for a laser tag tournament.
  • Visit a trampoline park.
  • Take swim lessons with your kids at a local pool.
  • Spend the night at a fun nearby hotel. (Be sure to get one with a pool!)
  • Visit your nearby zoo, or a zoo within a few hours of your home.
fun family bucket list ideas monthly activities
  • Find your favorite splash park.
  • Visit a fish hatchery.
  • Go to a gymnastics open gym at least once.
  • Hit the batting cages.
  • See a memorial in your area.
  • Take in a local high school or college sports game together.
  • Hang out at your nearby petting zoo at least once.
  • Get a season pass to your favorite amusement park for one year.
  • Try out beach volleyball together at a local sand court.
  • Visit a “haunted house” together.
  • Tour a botanical garden. Bring snacks or a picnic.
  • Spend a morning garage saling, and see what goodies you can find in your neighborhood.
  • Teach the kids to skip rocks in a nearby creek or lake.
  • Rent segways and ride them around your town.

See our favorite 10 ideas here:

Then keep reading for super fun travel activities!

Epic Family Travel Bucket List Ideas

family travel at the beach

Finally, travel is a MUST on your family vacations bucket list. So, get planning unique adventures now!

  • Swim in the ocean.
  • Go ziplining together.
  • Travel to a different country.
  • Explore a major U.S. city.
  • Visit a historical location and learn about the past.
  • Visit a famous landmark.
  • Visit a location that has to do with your family history in some way.
  • Go on a train ride.
  • Ride a double-decker tour bus.
  • Visit every state in the U.S.
  • Go on a cruise.
  • Go somewhere fun that embraces imagination. (Disneyworld, Harry Potter at Universal Studios, etc.)
  • Go kayaking.
  • Go dolphin watching.
  • Go whale watching.
  • Stand in two states at once. (One leg in each state!)
  • Explore a cave.
  • Collect sea shells.
  • Go snorkeling.
  • Walk on a volcano.
  • Hike in the desert.

bucket list vacations for families, family travel at the beach

  • See Yellowstone National Park.
  • Hike in a rainforest.
  • Visit a hot springs.
  • Explore the Black Hills in South Dakota.
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty.
  • Hug a Redwood Tree in California.
  • Visit the Space Coast in Florida.
  • Explore the Wisconsin Dells.
  • See the dunes in Sleep Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan.
  • See the sights at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  • Ski in Aspen Colorado.
  • Hike the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.
  • Learn about our nation’s history in Washington D.C.
  • Set your sights on Niagara Falls in New York
  • Drive up the beautiful Pacific coast in California.
  • Rent a beach house in Destin, Florida.
  • Learn about the American Revolution in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Visit Millenium Park in Chicago.
  • Take an Alaskan cruise and witness the natural beauty.
  • Splurge on a family beach vacation at a resort in Mexico, Costa Rica, or St. Lucia.

Free Bucket List for Families Printable

family bucket list pdf free printable template

Find TONS of other great family goodies in the resource library! Grab access below!

Best Family Bucket List Tip

Now that you have an abundance of family bucket list ideas, get the crew together and begin brainstorming! You’ll find things on this list that inspire you, plus you’ll come up with tons that are special to your family.

Once you have your list established, schedule at least 1 thing to do in the next week. Get the momentum rolling and you’ll be ready for more.

family bucket list ideas and adventures, fun things to do

The seasonal bucket lists have a list for the family and one for adults too! 🙂

Best Simple Bucket List Examples for Families, Kids, & Teens!

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