45 Family Goals Examples You’ll Want to Do Right Now

What Are Your Family Goals?

Family goals examples get you brainstorming about how you want your family life to look.

For years, we’ve set family goals. It’s a fun collaborative experience! It’s also interesting to see what the kids would like to do in the following year, or how they think our family can improve.

Fantastic list of family goals examples

The Family Goals Examples List

Before anything else, a happy family is key to a happy life. These goal ideas help get you there!

1. Create a Family Motto

What does your family stand for? Is it love? Kindness? Growth?

If you’re not sure, sit down together and decide on your family mission statement. Then brainstorm how you will show those qualities. This is an easy one that doesn’t have to take much time!

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2. Play More Music

Music makes everyone happier. So, make a family goal that you’ll listen for a few minutes every afternoon or once a week.

3. Pray Together

Make a goal to pray at the dinner table, before bed, or anytime that’s good for your family. If you have a prayer that can be passed down from your religion, that’s wonderful.

If not, a moment of thanks before your meal gives everyone a minute to pause and remember their blessings.

4. Feel Grateful Together

So much good comes to us when we realize how blessed we truly are.

So, add gratitude to your daily, weekly, or monthly routine as a family. Say something you’re thankful for when you get up in the morning or before bed at night.

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5. Try Something New Together

Life is exciting and meaningful when we branch out of our comfort zones.

What can you do with your family that stretches you? Pick something for your list!

6. Morning Hugs

This one is oddly specific because it was one of our family goals this year!

give morning hugs to your family members, ideas for a brighter day

We spent the prior year having AWFUL mornings. As a result, we switched up our kid morning routine to include a hug. It’s just one way to start the day on a positive note, and it was helpful for us.

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7. Cut Back on Screens

This year, we cut out screens on weeknights (when they’re in school). Once the expectation was set, it became the norm. As a result, they had a lot more time to play outside and hang out with the rest of the family.

family time spent: activities, challenges, connection

*We’ll always set a family goal around technology usage because it’s easy for us to slide with it!

8. Say I Love You

If you’d love to be more expressive and open about your love, try a goal that centers around that.

Perhaps everyone says “I love you” before bolting out the door in the morning, or before bed at night. It’s an easy habit, but your family will always know that they are loved.

(Or try these free love notes)

For more ideas on this, read 131 Creative Ways to Say I Love You.

9. Go to Worship

If you have a church, temple, or synagogue that brings you joy, then returning to regular visits can be a fantastic goal.

10. Start a New Tradition

Do you have easy, memorable traditions that you do with your family? If not, make it a family goal!

Check out my Best Ebook of Family Traditions for an in-depth guide to meaningful quality time all year long.

And, read these birthday traditions posts to get you started:

11. Expand Your Tribe

Next, if you’re missing out on family and friends, make it a goal to invite someone to your home for dinner once a week or once a month. Build your special community and get to know those around you.

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Quality Time Family Goals Examples

Next, a family has a difficult time thriving without quality time together. So, consider any of these family goals examples!

12. Schedule Date Nights

date night is important for a strong relationship, long-term family goals examples list

Seeking out quality time in your relationship makes all the difference in your family dynamic. So, if mom and dad need more time to themselves, make date nights a goal.

13. Schedule Family Nights

Furthermore, if you feel like quality family time just doesn’t happen, schedule it in! Pick one night a week and make a goal for that to be your time together. No matter what.

For specific activity ideas, read:

Or sign up for this free pdf:

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14. One-on-One Dates

If your kids are involved in a lot of activities or have multiple siblings, one on one dates are a fun family goal for the year.

Perhaps, once a week (or once a month) you spend time with one child doing what he or she wants to do. Or plan it all out with easy activities and simply follow through during the year.

15. Visit Far Away Friends or Family

Do people you love live far away? Make it a family goal to visit them this year!

visit far away family for great future family goals

16. Plan Fun Three Day Weekends

Perhaps you crave more short adventures this year. (I know I do!)

Look ahead at your calendar, and decide on a short getaway/trip once, twice, or many times in the coming year. Mark it down and make it happen.

17. Read Aloud Books Together

Give yourselves a read-aloud goal. Can you finish an entire series together before the end of the year (or the month)?

best 5 year olds books list


18. Go on Vacation

On our family goals list, we’d love to visit a National Park every year. Or maybe your goal is to visit Disney World or take another grand vacation. Even a night at a local hotel is something special to look forward to.

So, don’t forget a vacation!

19. Create a Family Bucket List

Are you frustrated that you don’t do fun things together with your family? A great goal is to make a bucket list for at least one season.

fun yearly food bucket list ideas for families 2024 with printable

Here are posts that have amazing bucket list activities:

Family Meals: Great Family Goals Examples

Meals together are the cornerstone of quality family time, so why not get the most out of them!

20. Strive For Family Dinners

First, if you’re not eating together at least once a day then that’s a great goal! If dinner doesn’t work for your family, what about breakfast or lunch?

21. Animate the Dinner Table

Next, liven up your family dinners with a conversational goal.

Our recent goal was to tell something good and something challenging (the grit) that happened during our day. Other variations of this include “high and low” and “sweet and sour.”

Fun conversation talking games to play with family and friends, goals examples and ideas

Or you can just use a few conversational cards at dinner.

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22. Eat Healthy Dinners

Now, perhaps health is a big theme for your coming year. Create a goal of trying two new healthy dinner recipes every week.

setting long-term family goals like healthy eating

We did this one year, and not only did it expand our cooking knowledge, but we found some healthier staples for our family.

23. Work on Family Manners

My son eats like an animal. It’s true.

If your kids do too, consider goals that include using a utensil, staying at the table until everyone is done, or chewing with your mouth closed.

Family Responsibilities

Next, part of raising a family is teaching kids how to contribute to something bigger than themselves. These family goals examples help do that!

24. Make Chores a Family Affair

master list of household chores for adults and kids by age

Are your kids involved with chores? Perhaps a regular ten minute clean up or weekly chores around the house need to become a goal for the year.

Check out this free kids chore chart template to get it started!

25. Practice Your Emergency Home Plan

  • Do you have a fire safety plan?
  • Do the kids know what to do if there’s a fire, tornado, or intruder?
  • Have you practiced using your safe meeting place?

If not, make it a goal to develop and rehearse this plan!

26. Raise Independent Kids

Every year, we put at least one goal on the list that promotes the kids becoming a more independent version of themselves. One year it was for them to bathe/shower all by themselves.

Other family goals examples include:

For a kid’s routine that helps with this, grab your access below:

27. Start Saving For a Vacation

Saving for vacation can be a family affair and fits in well with teaching kids about money (#36). So, set a money goal and have everyone contribute to a jar for a few months.

Healthy Family Goals Ideas

Many of us are doing our best to stay (or get) healthy. Here’s how to make it a family affair:

28. Take Family Walks

Include more easy exercise + quality time in your family goals. Decide now that you’ll take one or two family walks a week in the coming year to keep each other moving and together.

29. Plan Family Exercise

On that note, why stop at a walk?! If fitness is a priority, make a goal that each Saturday or once a month the entire family does a fitness-related activity together!

future family goals examples: exercise together, for kids and students

Ideas include:

  • Taking a hike
  • Doing a workout video together
  • A walk or run
  • A family bike ride
  • Roller skating
  • Swimming together

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30. Healthier Eating

Healthy eating as a family is an important priority. And one that can be cut down into more specific objectives.

Family goals examples for this include

31. Mental Health (Good Family Goals Examples)

Both kids and adults face anxiety and mental health issues like never before.

If your family could use a figurative breather, then make it a family goal that everyone takes better care of themselves in this way.


Doing Good for Others

Show your family how good it feels to make someone’s day. Here are ideas!

32. Participate in a Kindness Challenge

This was a goal of ours at one time. It went beautifully until a colossal sibling fight at the mailbox led to a neighbor coming to break it up (HUGE fail). Overall though, I loved that it pushed us to put others first for a month.

This kindness challenge from doinggoodtogether.com is a sweet one. Or try great kids kindness activities.

33. Volunteer Together

Help others! Volunteer once or twice a year.

Pro Tip: As you establish this goal, brainstorm ideas for how you want to do it together.

34. Take Something to Someone Who Needs It

Decide to take a dinner or a treat to someone who’s feeling low once or twice during the year.

Teaching Great Habits & Values

Next, the following habits will serve kids for the rest of their lives. Why not incorporate one or two into your goals?

35. Teach Kids to Cook

short term family goals examples list: gain quality time while you teach them valuable skills

Maybe this is the year that you teach your kids to cook eggs or make that pie from scratch! Or perhaps they help with dinner once a week to begin learning the basics of the kitchen.

36. Anger Management

Anger is common between family members. We spend a lot of time together and know just how to push each other’s buttons.

So, if it’s an issue in your home, make it a goal to research and practice calm down tools that help your kids get along. Mom and Dad can practice them too!

37. Start and Maintain a Garden

Next, grow your food! Make a small (or large) garden this year and watch your plants flourish. As a bonus, you’ll eat healthier and save money in the summer!

38. Teach Kids About Money & Finances

future family goals examples: save for that dream vacation

Is it time to open a savings account? Or start an allowance system? If they are older, teach them about the stock market, the power of compound interest, and other more complicated (yet important!) concepts.

39. Simplify the Gift Giving

Teaching kids that experiences come before stuff is a valuable lesson. But how can we teach that?

This year make it a family goal to:

What specifically can you cut out? Plan it ahead of time to make it easier later.

40. Recycle & Conserve Energy

As kids grow, discussing energy consumption becomes an opportunity to recycle more or reduce usage. Pay attention to the bills every month and brainstorm ways to use less.

Pro Tip: As you develop better habits and see a change in the bills, take the kids out to dinner with the money saved. You’ll show them that it makes a difference both for the environment and their home life.

41. Set a Reading Target (Short Term Family Goals)

encourage kids reading quotes: fun love to read quotes for family goals setting examples

Next, a reading goal during the summer or on holiday breaks is a fun way to encourage reading in your home. Set a number of books that EACH member wants to hit and see who reaches it first!

Grab a fun reading tracker >>

Home Family Goals Examples

And finally, your environment is everything. So, make it a great place to be.

42. Declutter Your Home

Is your home full of stuff? Decide that this is the year to clean out the clutter! You can even divide the rooms into each month of the year, or every week until it’s done.

Check out other decluttering ideas here: 21 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

43. Work on a Home Project

make your house a home, family goals examples

We all have to-do lists when it comes to our homes, but a home project that benefits the entire family is a great goal to put on the list.

Then, all members of the family can contribute to make it happen.

44. Inspire Yourselves

Finally, could you add decorations to your home? Put up a few inspiring growth mindset quotes?

Make your living space a place that motivates and moves you.

A quote post you’ll love:

45. Document Your Beautiful Family

Before you know it, these moments will be memories of the past. So, get a family photo taken this year to document your growth and love.

How Do You Set Family Goals?

how do you set family goals?

Here’s how it looks in our home when we decide on our future family goals…

  1. We discuss 10 goals that we’d love to happen in the coming year. This could be as simple as “pray at dinner” or as difficult as “climb a mountain.”
  2. Then we talk about how to make them more specific and what we can do to make them happen.

It’s GREAT goal setting practice for kids (and adults)!

When the kids were younger I wrote the goals, and they colored pictures to help represent them (similar to a vision board).

Now that they’re older, they do the writing. Then, we put the list of goals on the fridge for the rest of the year, so that we can all see it.

To Consider With Family Goals Examples

SMART family goals examples and ideas list for kids and students

Again, this is a BIG list, so choose the ideas that fit your family! And like us, you may want a variety of one-time goals and re-occurring habits to build. This gives a nice mix of easier and harder goals.

Have fun with these family goals examples! What are your goals for the year?

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