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105 Fun Things to Do For Your Birthday (A Birthday Bucket List!)

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What should I do for my birthday?

Once you have kids, it can be HARD to find something exciting to liven up your own birthday. Celebrating their birthdays with little traditions is a whole lot of fun.

Celebrating another year as an adult? Not so much.

But a child’s birthday delight is REAL and radiant. And we could all use a piece of that. So, let’s celebrate life again! Here are over 100 fun things to do for your birthday – at 15 or 85!

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The Complete Birthday Bucket List!

Fun Birthday Things to Do at Home

Whether you are a homebody, at home due to the weather, or it’s during Covid, these all make for spectacular ways to spend your birthday!

1. Binge Watch Your Absolute Favorites

It’s time to re-watch the shows or movies that had you cracking up or moved you in a deep way.

2. Get Friends Together for Mimosas

adventures at home things to do on your birthday with friends: beautiful brunch

Your birthday is the perfect occasion to enjoy a brunch with pals that includes a splash of champagne.

3. Dress Up

Get out that flirty dress, do your hair and makeup, and ROCK your new age.

4. Give Yourself a Gift

Isn’t it time you got something that you KNOW you’ll love? Buy yourself a gift that makes you feel good or a simple item that makes your life easier.

<<this list has great birthday gifts for busy moms.>>

5. Dream Big

Spend your afternoon dreaming up your perfect vision board and giving yourself the gift of intention for your life! (See beautiful examples and vision board ideas HERE)

6. Do a Staycation

Make it a “birthday weekend” and decide that it’s time to stay in and pamper yourself. You can incorporate many of the other items on this list for a full staycation too! Or find family-friendly ideas HERE>>

7. Give Yourself a Spa Day

If it’s in the budget, get a professional massage. But if not, you can do just as much pampering at home! Raid your nearest Target for bubble bath supplies, face masks, new nail polish, and more! Then spend your evening taking care of your skin.

8. Get the Fire Pit Going

Spark that fire pit and sit around it with those you love recalling great memories. Don’t forget the marshmallows and a fun drink too.

9. Take a Day Off of Work

If you have vacation days available, use one! Give yourself the gift of an entire DAY to do what you want to do on your birthday.

10. Buy Yourself an Inspiring Book

Get that book you’ve been eyeing and then spend the whole day reading it!

11. Do a Simple Project

Next, pick a low effort (but high reward) project to liven up your space. Maybe you’ve been meaning to re-decorate your bedroom or put lights up on your back patio. Today is the day to do it!

12. Make a Huge Gratitude List of Your Life

There is so much to be grateful for once you take the time to look!

13. Spend the Afternoon Asking Fun Questions

Seriously, you’ll laugh AND find out a whole lot about people. Try these fun questions to ask friends & family

14. Have a Board Game Tournament in Honor of the Big Day

Do you love games? Challenge loved ones to a day of snacks, games, and laughs.

15. Put Together a Fun Self Care Basket

Spend an hour of your birthday at the store picking out small goods that you can use on a rough day. Put them in a box, and voila, you’ve got a great way to decompress! Your future self will thank you!

See a self-care box example HERE>>

16. Get Flowers Sent to Your Home

Who says you can’t order yourself flowers? Order flowers online and delight in their beauty on your kitchen counter. And by picking them yourself, you get exactly what you want!

17. Have a Karaoke Night at Home

fun at home things to do for your birthday during covid or quarantine, woman singing

Grab your family or friends and crank up the tunes. To make it extra fun, play past hits you remember from your younger years.

18. Eat Your Favorite Foods

Indulge in what you love on this day. No guilt!

19. Make Yourself a Birthday Cocktail

Experiment with something new or go with your favorite classic. Every birthday deserves a fun drink!

20. Throw Yourself a Party

Make it a full-on bash or invite over your closest friends. Often we wait for others to do the work, but this time, take the reigns and make your birthday get-together exactly how you want it to be.

21. Have a Sleepover

Remember how fun sleepovers were as a kid? Re-create that with your closest friends! Or, if you have kids, enjoy camping out in the living for a family sleepover.

22. Order/Bake a Ridiculously Awesome Cake

Order that decadent dessert you are always eyeing, or bake yourself the most delicious cake you can think of. It’s your birthday, so why not treat yourself to the BEST quality on your big day?

23. Plan a Post Birthday Trip

stuff to do on a birthday: book a vacation

Perhaps you need to be home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t research and book your next amazing getaway. Having something to look forward to is half the fun!

24. Celebrate Your Age With a Workout

I know, it may not seem like the most exciting one on this list. BUT if you have a good workout you finish feeling amazing and inspired. Why not give yourself this gift on your birthday?

Just make sure it’s something you love!

25. Re-read Your Favorite Book

Remember that book that you couldn’t put down? Pull it out and spend a few hours reading with a nice warm drink.

Cool Things to Do on Your Birthday Alone

Do fun birthday activities alone too

Next, you don’t have to depend on others to make your big day special! These things to do for your birthday offer fun and insight.

26. Adopt Something

Adopt a plant in need of care, a puppy in need of rescuing, or something else that has been neglected. You’ll be enriching your life and the life of something else.

27. Go for a Hike in a New Location

Grab your gear and hit the trails for a beautiful scenic hike.

28. Find a Treasure at a Thrift Store

Spend your birthday afternoon leisurely searching for treasures. You’ll love the rush as you hunt for gold!

29. Start a Challenge to a Stronger You

This site has many challenge ideas that promote health, wellness, and love. Try one of these:

30. Get Your Hair Professionally Done

Many of us feel like a million bucks after a haircut and color. So, purposely schedule your next appointment for your birthday! It costs nothing more and makes it extra special!

31. Give Yourself Reflection Time

When was the last time you sat to think about your LIFE? Carve out a few minutes to reflect on your past and your hopes for the future. If not now, when?

Then, use your reflection to set goals for the coming year.

32. Create Your Beautiful Life Bucket List

man and woman on a motorcycle

Click on this good list of adult bucket list ideas and create yours today! What awesome things will you do in your coming years?

33. Check Something Off Your Bucket List

And now that you have it, do one of the things for your birthday. Check something off! What a great start!

34. Donate to a Charity

Pick a cause that’s close to your heart and donate in honor of your birthday.

35. Take the Free Self Care Quiz

The self-care quiz has four simple parts, and most importantly, it will help you determine what areas you need to take better care of yourself moving forward.

Then, grab access to great free self-care printables!

36. Mark Your Birthday as a New Beginning

Is your birthday the beginning of a healthier you? Is it the beginning of a more focused chapter in your life? Use it as the milestone it is, and decide on the direction you want to go for the next year.

37. Put Together a List of New Things

Write down 10 things you want to try by this time next year.

38. Make a Creation

If you are a creative type, use your day to indulge in your imagination. Paint, make jewelry, write, or spruce up furniture.

39. Decide on a Word

What’s your mantra for the coming year? Thrive? Focus? Love? Simplify?

Find your perfect word and then plan out how you’ll live it out.

40. Turn Your Birthday Into A “Self Care” Day

There’s no better time to have a self-care day! Make your body and mind feel good on your big day. Use these Sunday self care ideas to recharge and renew.

Adventurous Things to Do on Your Birthday

adventurous things to do for your birthday near me, girl camping with friends

These fun birthday things to do get you out and are perfect to do with friends or your significant other.

41. Go Wine Tasting

Visit a winery or bar for a wine tasting session. You can also host this at home by picking up a few bottles at the store. And use this wine tasting journal to record your findings.

42. Spend Time at the Lake With Friends

I’ve been lucky enough to do this on my birthday the last few years, and it’s a super special (and relaxing) way to spend your big day.

43. Go to an Amusement Park

Pull your inner kid out and ride that big scary roller coaster!

44. Play at the Beach

Sunbathe, get a game of frisbee going, or swim in the lake/ocean.

45. Spend the Day in a Cabin

Research a beautiful place to stay and take off on the weekend to retreat somewhere calm, colorful, and meditative.

46. Do a Fun Progressive Dinner

Pick your 3 favorite restaurants to hop around for different drinks, dinner, and dessert!

47. Book a Stay at a Historic Hotel

Pick a historic, a haunted, or a boutique hotel to make your birthday night one to remember.

48. Challenge Yourself With an Escape Room

Will you be able to get out in time?

49. Accomplish Something Physical

Doing something physical that you’ve never done reminds you what it means to BE ALIVE. So, go rock climbing or bike riding.

50. Try a Sip & Paint Class

Grab your friends and paint your masterpiece.

51. Take a Cooking Class

Learn how to properly make your favorite dish!

52. Go to a Comedy Show

Spend the night indulging in good belly laughs that melt your stress away.

53. Gamble Your Birthday Money

If you love the casino, hit the buffet for a special dinner and then get your rush.

54. Get a Tattoo or Piercing

A tattoo or piercing makes a mark just like your birthday does. This is a great occasion to get one if you’ve been wanting to.

55. Try Top Golf

Get outside and try the virtual game with friends.

56. Go Bowling

See who gets a strike first! There’s nothing like a little friendly competition.

57. Be a Tourist in Your City

Most of us never see what’s inside our own nearby city. Now’s your chance to scope it out!

58. Go in a Hot Air Balloon

Have you always wondered about this? There’s no time like your birthday to follow through and get a one-of-a-kind experience like this!

59. Check Out a Tour

Distillery tours, factory tours, and food tours all make for a unique way to spend your day.

60. Go Horseback Riding

Riding a horse is always a fun experience and gets you into nature.

61. Go Shopping

Have a little spree for your birthday! Get a new outfit, score a great deal, or replace worn-out wardrobe pieces.

62. Go on Vacation

Take a cruise, visit a destination you’ve been pining after, or just explore a city within a day’s drive. You’ll never regret getting out and seeing things.

63. Pack an Amazing Picnic

Find a pretty spot and bring your best quality picnic. Think of great wine, fresh bread, fancy cheeses, and juicy fruits to enjoy while you are there. Use this fun backpack.>>

64. Go to Your Favorite Sports Game

See your favorite team from great seats and enjoy the stadium snacks too.

65. Go Skydiving or Indoor Skydiving

skydiving with family and friends

Get a true thrill by jumping out of a plane or mimicking the experience in a closed environment. Nothing will make you feel more alive than this!

66. Go to a Concert

See your favorite band live on your birthday!

67. Go to a Winery

See if you can hit a night with live music and food trucks to mark your perfect night.

68. Go to a Music Festival

Whether to see local bands or your favorite headliners, you’re sure to have a good time.

69. Rent a Fun Car

Get the car of your dreams for a day and go on a joy ride. Don’t forget to take pictures next to your car as inspiration for the future!

70. Walk Through Open Houses

If you love home design or are dreaming of an upgrade, spend your birthday walking through different styles of homes. And don’t be afraid to go through your dream homes too! It costs nothing to dream!

71. Rent a Boat for a Day

Pack food and fishing poles and rent a pontoon boat to take out on the lake for the day. If that’s a little much, rent a kayak, canoe, or sailboat instead.

72. Go on a Helicopter Ride

Splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride over a cool scenic view.

73. Visit an Arboretum or Beautiful Garden

Walk through a sea of flowers and enjoy nature at its finest.

74. Sign Up for Axe Throwing

Call out your inner lumberjack and enjoy an axe-throwing contest with friends.

75. Jet Off to See a Friend

If you have a friend that lives in another city, use this as a reason to see him or her and celebrate together in a new location.

76. Try a New Fitness Class

Do something you’ve never done before like Zumba, boxing, or hot yoga. You may fall in love with something new!

77. Go Searching for Beauty

Hit the nursery for house plants that will bring happiness to you (+ clean your air!). Or purchase plants and flowers for a landscaping project that you’ll love.

78. Climb a Mountain

If you’re thinking big on your birthday, climb to a peak! Most guided places offer different levels of difficulty. Regardless, you’ll give yourself a truly amazing view and a moment of reflection from the experience.

79. Go Bar Hopping (or Brewery/Winery Hopping)

Get out on the town and try out the best bars, breweries, and wineries. See what good eats they all have too!

80. Go White Water Rafting

Take adventure to a new level as you shoot down a river!

Best Things to Do on Your Birthday With Family

birthday things to do with family 2022

Finally, if you’re like me, it’s not always possible to do things for your birthday without the kids. That’s ok, because this list will give everyone a wonderful time!

81. Go Go-Karting

Tell the kids they have to let you win on your birthday.

82. Start a Friendly Game of Laser Tag

Split into teams and see who wins! If you’re feeling competitive, bet that the losing team has to do the winning team’s chores.

83. Visit a Planetarium

See what the night sky truly looks like and learn about the universe together.

84. See a Drive-In Movie

Grab a pizza and head to the drive-in for a night of fun and entertainment.

85. Go to a Magic Show

Enjoy getting wowed together by the impossible.

86. Go to a Local Pool

It’s a cheap and fun way to spend a hot birthday afternoon with family.

87. Go Camping

Spend your birthday re-connecting with nature AND your family under the stars.

88. Go Out for Ice Cream

Get the really good stuff while you’re at it!

89. Have a Pajama Party

Decide that for this day, pajamas are welcomed ALL day long!

90. Have Your Kids Make You Dinner

Now, if you’re looking for something fancy, a parent needs to help. But either way, there’s no reason the birthday adult needs to cook dinner.

91. Have a Dance Party

Show your kids the fun dance moves you learned when you were a kid.

92. Let Your Kids Interview You

Take the kids birthday interview printable and use it on the adult instead. The kids will love asking you the questions, and you’ll get to share your favorite things with them too.

93. Laugh With Family Questions

Would you rather questions are EASY, fun, and require very little work to play!

94. Start a New Tradition

What would be a fun tradition for every family member? Create a “birthday plate,” a special dessert, or decide on an activity the birthday person gets to pick. Find great family birthday tradition ideas HERE >>

95. Have Your Kids Bring You Breakfast in Bed

Let them eat with you and make it a special birthday breakfast!

96. Splurge at the Farmer’s Market

Buy that fresh-baked bread that looks so good, and a few things you don’t normally buy.

97. Go to a Water Park

Get wet and have TONS of fun on the water rides together.

98. Mark Something Off Your Family Bucket List

Make your bucket list if you haven’t yet, and then mark at least one thing off! This makes it so that you’re doing activities that mean the most to your family!

99. Play Truth or Dare

Next, laugh and do absurd things with your family. These truth or dare game questions will guarantee you have a good (family-appropriate) time!

100. Play Never Have I Ever

See what your kids really do, and have a few giggles while you’re at it. These appropriate never have I ever questions will reveal a whole new side of everyone.

101. Play 2 Truths & a Lie

family playing

Can your family trick you? Get a few tricky truth or lie questions and see if you can stump the kids!

102. Play Family Feud

Next, grab another family favorite and play on your birthday! Here are 100 great feud questions: family edition!

103. Go on a Date Night With Your Spouse

If you have kids, it’s not always easy to spend quality time with your partner. So today, enjoy a birthday meal and outing with the one you love.

104. Take a Photo

Have someone take a photo of your family on your birthday and frame the picture! It also helps you remember how amazing your day was.

105. Leave a Note to Your Favorite Little People

Finally, give a little love on your birthday too! Print these sweet notes and leave them for your family members to find. Then, watch those kiddos light up as they do.

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Bonus: Sign up for free birthday goodies so that when your birthday rolls around you have LOTS to look forward to! 
what should I do on my bday? Fun things to do examples

To Consider With the Birthday Bucket List

I hope this list gave you plenty of ideas for yourself and for the people you love most! Let’s make our adult birthday as much fun as we make it for our kids! It’s time to get living friends!

What are your favorite things to do for your birthday? Let me know in the comments!

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