50 Fun Challenges for Couples (+ Free Love Calendar Printable)

What are some good couple challenges?

Re-light the spark and stoke that fire! These fun challenges for couples will bring out your playful side and help you connect in a new, more exciting way.

Before we get started, some of the following challenges are for one evening of fun. Others span out through a week or month of smaller actions that build and strengthen your relationship.

When you finish, grab the free calendar for one big 30-day love fest!

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50 Couple Challenges for 2024 + 1 Epic Love Calendar

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A Night of Fun Challenges for Couples

First, we start with the challenges that last just one date night or day. These are activities to do together that bring out your playful side and create a lighthearted bond.

1. How Well Do You Know Me

Challenge your partner to be on the hot seat with these how well do you know me questions. The person who gets the most correct about their partner wins! And perhaps the loser has to do a household chore.

Spice it up! – if your partner gets it wrong, do a “pie in the face” with whipped cream or another outrageous consequence.

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2. Guess the Song

Are you both musically inclined? Play the first 10 seconds of 10 different songs and see if your partner can guess what it is! The person who guesses the most songs wins the challenge.

3. Iron Chef

It’s time to test those culinary skills! Split dinner and see who can make the best dishes out of what you have at home. Or plan ahead and buy the fancy ingredients you need to really wow your partner.

4. Video Game Showdown

Is your partner a big video game fan? Challenge him or her to a game! If video games aren’t for either of you, pick something else your partner enjoys and you think you’d be pretty good at.

5. Staring Contest

Who will blink first? This one is both easy to do and results in easy laughter. Sometimes, we just need to be less serious about life!

Another option: Challenge your partner to a thumb war!

6. What are You Feeding Me Challenge

For this couples challenge, you feed your partner “mystery” foods and your partner has to guess what it is by taste. The person who guesses the most foods correctly wins!

7. Sniff and Tell

This one is similar to the challenge above, but instead of tasting the person is smelling and has to identify the object based on scent.

8. Painting Challenge

Test your artistry skills by each picking a design before you begin the challenge. Then, choose your canvas – paper, your partner’s body, etc. Paint your masterpieces and the best piece of art at the end wins!

9. Jenga Challenge

Jenga game

Next, challenge your partner to an exciting game that has a little bit of physicality to it.

Want to make this spicy? Add an action to the pieces or make a steamy bet.

10. Karaoke Challenge

It’s a showdown for who can sing the most words to their favorite songs. Each pick your top songs and see who can belt them out the best!

Take it a step further and see who can distract the other person from finishing the song. In this case, the person who’s able to finish the song best wins.

11. Sports Team Challenge

This challenge for couples spans through a sports season. If you love opposing teams, make a friendly challenge with your partner about who will do better over the season. Loser has to pay the consequences.

12. The $10 Buyers Challenge

Set a simple budget before beginning this challenge. Then, hit a nearby store and each person has to pick up something they think the other will love using the given amount of money. The best purchase wins!

13. Play Twister

There’s nothing like trying to avoid wrapping your limbs around someone (or not!) while you beat them in a game.

14. Guess The Movie

fun and funny partner challenges list

Grab the most famous movie lines and see which one of you knows more!

15. Guess The Language

Can you pick out what other languages sound like? Quiz your partner using an online translator and find out which one of you is better at pinpointing the world’s languages.

16. Lipsyncing Challenge

Learn who is better at reading lips with this challenge. Each of you picks five songs and lip-syncs the chorus. The one who guesses the most correct wins!

Relationship Challenges for Couples

Next, these love challenges for couples are meant to make you feel connected and cherished. Many of them span over a longer period of time for deeper rewards.

partners cuddling

17. Surprise Date Challenge

The surprise date challenge is a simple idea that’s become popular because it adds novelty in long-term relationships that need a little added spark.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each partner plans ONE surprise date every month
  • Each partner puts the time of their date on the calendar
  • Several hours before the date starts, the planner reveals what to wear, where to meet him/her, and all the other details of the date.
The Surprise Date Game

See more in the book here >>

18. Love Language Challenge

We all prefer to receive love in different ways. So, think about what your partner enjoys or what you don’t do as well with and pick a love language to work on in the coming week. Add in something small each day!

19. Couples Bucket List Challenge

Next, spend a lovely date night making your couple bucket list, then make it a challenge to do one thing off of your list every day for a week (or even a month!)

(You can also turn this into a couples vision board)

20. 30 Days of Love Challenges for Couples

challenges for couples free printable pdf
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This straightforward challenge has 30 days of easy actions to help you connect like never before. Do one every day, and watch things click again.

21. Love Dare Challenge

This one is from the movie Fireproof. It’s a film about one man’s journey to save his marriage.

It includes 40 days of small couples challenges to strengthen your marriage. It’s very similar to the challenge above, and you can see an example of it here >>

Intimate Challenges for Couples

These love challenges for couples encourage touch and intimacy to help you feel that spark in the bedroom too.

intimate couples challenges to do together you'll love

22. Complete the sentence

This challenge can be nice or naughty! One partner starts the sentence with something general, and the other completes the thought. Examples of ways to start include:

  • “I always love when you…”
  • “It looks like a great time to…”
  • “I laugh when…”
  • “My biggest turn on is…”

It’s hard to pick a winner for this one, but the most creative answers get double points!

23. Kiss challenge

Everyone wins (or laughs) in this challenge! Blindfold your partner and then stand at two separate ends of the room. Make your way to each other from across the room and try to kiss on the lips!

Bonus: You can video record to see how funny it looks!

24. Touch and Guess

Blindfold your partner for this one too. Then, guide their finger to touch any part of your body. They can not move their finger, and they can only touch for three seconds. After, they have to guess which part of your body it is.

You have to play at least five turns each, and the one with the most correct answers wins!

25. Spicy Text Messages

When it comes to adding spice into your relationship, there’s nothing like words that give your partner promises of what’s to come. So, for one day (when not with kids or in-laws!) make it a challenge to see who can come up with the spiciest message!

26. Bedroom Truth or Dare

This challenge is just like normal truth or dare, but with a saucy twist. Each person takes turns picking a truth question or doing an intimate dare.

This post has tons of questions for your couples truth or dare challenge.

27. Love Scrabble

love challenges for couples tik tok, youtube, board games

Turn this normal game into a fun couples challenge! Instead of coming up with any word, you must create words that associate with romance, love, or intimacy. And each time there is a verb on the board, you have to enact it with your partner.

For example, if the word “touch” comes on the board, you have to touch your partner.

28. Guess The Difference Challenge

This challenge is wonderful for helping you notice your partner in your busy lives. Every day for one week your partner will change one small thing about their usual appearance. The other person has to figure out what it is.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Put on a different cologne, perfume, or deodorant
  • Put on chapstick
  • Change your hair slightly
  • Wear a piece of clothing that is new or hardly worn

29. Week of Love

Does your love life need a quick kickstart? This challenge is 7 days and is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day week or your Anniversary. Do one thing every day that boosts your intimacy in the bedroom.

Ideas for Your Week of Love:

Day 1: Buy a new piece of lingerie (or other bedroom accessory)

Day 2: Spend 20 minutes in conversation about your intimacy – discovering what your partner would love more or less of

Day 3: Send a steamy text message today

Day 4: Get intimate in a new location (even if it’s a different room in your home) And if that’s just not possible, try a different time of day. Switch up your routine!

Day 5: Touch at least 3 times throughout the day (a pat, hug, kiss, etc.)

Day 6: Explore a fantasy you’ve never tried before

Day 7: Go out on a date (if not possible, plan and schedule an adventure together soon!)

30. Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra has been around for forever. The many different positions make for a great novel experience when you’ve been with your partner for a long time.

In this challenge, take turns picking and see how many positions you can try. You’re sure to find an unexpected favorite.

31. Dress Your Partner Challenge

hot couples challenge ideas for lovers to improve relationships

For one day, pick out your partner’s clothing. It’s entirely up to you, but you have to pick everything from the shoes to the undies. (And remember that they get to do the same for you, so be nice!)

32. Role Play Challenge

Pick a hidden fantasy or a steam scene from a movie you love. And challenge yourself to play it out.

33. Create a Poem or Vows Challenge

If you had to put how you felt into just a few words, what would they be?

Spend a date night writing a love poem or expressing yourself through simple vows. This challenge is romantic and heartfelt. And it will bring the two of you closer than ever.

34. Never Have I Ever

Spice it up with a “never have I ever” game. In this challenge, you say a sentence that is true. Your partner has to admit if they also have never done it. And if they have, it’s time to explain!

Here are some to get you started.

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Fun Challenges for Couples Long Distance

My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I dated long-distance for three years before we were able to live in the same city.

And many couples go through periods where one partner must be away. In these cases, the following challenges will help you feel close!

fun challenges for couples long distance over the phone relationships: two people talking on computers

35. 21 Questions

Sometimes, we don’t connect as well when we’re apart. These 21 questions cover a variety of topics and will get you talking more than you have in months! Who can give the most surprising answer?

36. Truth or What If Question

Next, we tweak the old truth or dare game for long-distance! Since it’s difficult to do a “dare” over the phone (unless you video it), you can replace it with a fun what if question instead!

Example: “What if you had the chance to sail around the world with your love?”

37. Make Them Laugh

This one requires video to see the other person’s face. Take turns and see who can make the other laugh first through dancing, singing, and other shenanigans.

38. Couples Challenge Questions

This is quite popular on Instagram and Tick Tock. Use couples challenge questions to see how well you know each other and deepen your self-awareness. These work well if you can get a third party to ask the questions too.

Here’s an example of a popular set of questions from Distractify, and you can find other sets there as well…

  • Who apologizes first after a fight?
  • Who is more romantic?
  • Who is the most patient?
  • Who said I love you first?
  • Who takes longer to get ready?
  • Who is more of a morning person?
  • Who is more stubborn?
  • Who is the bigger baby when sick?
  • Who is more extroverted?
  • Who is the clean one?
  • Who spends the most money?”

You can also follow up with these Fun Who’s More Likely to Questions >>

39. 2 Truths & a Lie

Next, See who can stump the other person first! Pick two truths that your partner wouldn’t know about you (a secret, long-held desire) and one lie. Have your partner guess which one is the lie!

(This game could easily be made into a spicier bedroom version too!)

Go here for tips and examples for 2 Truths and a Lie >>

40. Emojis and Gifs

Sometimes, it’s been a long day and you don’t have the energy for a real conversation. Instead, challenge each other to a conversation using only emojis and gifs. See which one of you can make the other snort first!

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41. Rapid Fire Text

rapid fire texting

Use this list of rapid fire questions and you each have one minute to answer 10. (Do 15 or 20 to make it even more intense.

You’ll find out what your partner is really thinking through text!

42. Name That Movie – Long Distance Version

Text two movie characters to your partner and see if they can guess the movie. Do a total of ten and the person who guessed the most wins.

Couple Physical Challenges

Next, our health is deeply affected by our partners. These health challenges for couples help you aspire to better habits and wellness together.

couple physical challenges

43. Weight Loss Challenge

If you both need to lose a few pounds, set up a friendly challenge. Weigh yourselves once a week and the first person to lose ten pounds wins a “prize.” (You could also use measurements instead of a scale.)

44. Change Your Habits

Next, include a little positive peer pressure to build a new healthy habit or get rid of an old one. First, you each pick a habit you’d like to add (or stop). Then, track your progress and you’re off and running.

The first one to slip on their habit owes the other $5, has to get up with the kids in the morning, or is in charge of cleaning the bathroom!

45. Train For Something Together

Deep bonding and connection occur when you are going after an accomplishment together. So, train together for something that will push you both!

Hike that mountain, run a 5K together, or sign up for that Polar Plunge. You will not regret going to the next level with your partner!

46. Do a 30 Day Fitness Challenge Together

Now, if you’d love a longer health boost with your partner, try a 30-day fitness challenge. Make sure you are both fully committed beforehand and complete what you set out to do. Here’s a fun fitness couples challenge based on a points system.

Challenges For Couples Youtube

Next, did you know there are specific Youtube challenges for couples?! I had no idea!

47. Couples Whisper Challenge – Youtube

For this challenge, you put headphones in and listen to music while your partner whispers something serious, sexy, or silly. You then repeat back what you think he/she said. The person who gets the most correct wins!

48. YouTube Couples Challenges Date Night

Now there’s an entire date night devoted to completing challenges with Youtube! The DatingDivas.com offers free printables for this unique night and takes you through all sorts of fun little challenges and tasks.

49. Finish a Series of Decided Tasks

Now, this challenge requires about a week to complete.

In this game, you each assign your partner a series of tasks to complete. Throughout the week, your partner sends video evidence showing they are doing it. (This one would also be good for long-distance!)

This challenge is fun because you could choose silly tasks (buy a ridiculous t-shirt) or spicy ones (buy lingerie) depending on your mood! And of course, the person who completes the most challenges wins!

30 Days of Small Couples Challenges Calendar

couples challenges 30 days to a brighter future together: free calendar printable

Are you up for a larger challenge that really kicks it up a notch? Try doing one of these for an entire month! Small efforts lead to BIG rewards!

Day 1: Kiss each other goodbye

Day 2: Spend 30 minutes (undistracted) together

Day 3:  Text something nice just to check in

Day 4: Listen. Just work on listening without a quick response

Day 5: Set a financial goal or dream you both want to pursue (see more: relationship goal ideas)

Day 6: Take a walk with your partner (or get sweaty with a workout)

Day 7: Pick up your partner’s favorite snack at the store and leave it in a drawer for them to find (or be even more thoughtful with a little love gift or diy printable love coupon)

Day 8: Cook something together

Day 9: Do one of the playful challenges above

Day 10: Eat breakfast together (or lunch if that works better with schedules)

Day 11: Compliment each other today

Day 12: Completely plan a vacation (or weekend outing, staycation, etc.) together.

Day 13: Spend 5 or more minutes snuggling with your partner

Day 14: Try something new in the bedroom

Day 15: Plan and have a thoughtful date night in (save tv watching together for another night)

man and woman laughing

Day 16: Have a deeper conversation today using questions. -Use these funny questions for couples!

Day 17: Ask for what you need today (be open…and start with how you feel)

Day 18: Take a bath or shower together

Day 19: Bring your partner a coffee

Day 20: Do necessary chores together (or spend the challenge practicing a more even split of chores)

Day 21: Hug each other today

Day 22: Build in 30 minutes to do your own thing today (sometimes, what a relationship needs is a little space)

Day 23: Share an appreciation about each other today

Day 24: Practice forgiveness (challenge yourselves to let one thing go today)

Day 25: Set a health goal together (decide how you’ll keep each other accountable)

Day 26: Leave a sweet or dirty note for your partner to find (or make it a full love letter!)

Day 27: Do one of the fun and silly challenges above

Day 28: Dress up and have a fancy date night somewhere

Day 29: Make a list of 10 reasons you love your partner (and show it)

Day 30: Slow dance in the kitchen to one of your favorite songs (or a sentimental one)

See more at 30-day challenges that help you grow >>

30 days of couples challenges free pdf printable calendar

**Grab Your Free Couple Challenges Calendar in the Resource Library Below!

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50. Looking for additional adventures?

Try this Adventure challenge! It’s a super fun way to bring spontaneity back into your relationship!

adventure couples challenges fun

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