150 Bucket List for Couples Ideas You’ll Love in 2024

What Fun Things Do Couples Do Together?

If you have been a couple for long, chances are you may be in a Netflix and Chill rut.

Let’s be clear- by Netflix I mean searching endlessly for a show you will both enjoy, and by Chill I mean falling asleep a few minutes after you hit play. Sound familiar?

150 ultimate couples bucket list ideas can help you break this cycle! And get you and your partner off the couch, doing fun things together.

“Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it.”

– Annette White

How do you Build a Relationship Bucket List?

So what is a bucket list?

Merriam-Webster defines it as a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying. In other words, making intentional plans to live life to the fullest.

bucket on the beach. How do you build a relationship bucket list?

How do you build a relationship bucket list? It can be a complex list that requires planning and saving OR inexpensive and close to home. Likely, it’s a mixture of both.

The goal is to intentionally plan activities you would like to do and experience together. Pick items that are meaningful to you and your partner.

And have fun doing it! Encourage one another to try new things and explore new places. Choose from bucket list items for couples below to start your list.

Couple Bucket List Ideas At Home

You don’t have to leave your home to start your bucket list. Fun things to do for couples at home force you to be intentional with your time. All you need is planning and creativity.

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150 best bucket list ideas for couples in 2022 pin

1. Order takeout from a new place

We all get stuck ordering from the same place. It’s easy and reliable. So, try a new place or a new type of food. After all, it’s just one meal.

2. Have a picnic in front of the fire

Throw down a blanket, add some charcuterie, light a fire, and voila!

3. Try a fondue night

Chances are someone you know has a fondue pot that is begging to be used. Melt some cheese or chocolate and start dipping!

4. Consider a DIY house project

DIY house project: romantic things to do and activities for couples

To make this successful, start with a simple project you can both work on. Learn how to tile your fireplace or paint a room in your house. Chances are you’ll enjoy the process AND the end result.

5. Learn a classic board game

Have you ever thought about learning how to play chess? Maybe you have a backgammon board just waiting to be used. Take time to learn how to play a more complex game with your partner.

6. DIY at-home spa day

Grab massage oils or make a homemade facial recipe and pamper one another.

7. Plant a garden

8. Watch your favorite childhood movies together

Do you know what your partner’s favorite childhood move is? Find out!

9. Play Twister

Stretching ahead of time may be necessary, but this game is not just for kids.

10. Use a constellation app to go stargazing in the backyard

Use an app like Skyview Lite to search for the big dipper or other constellations.

11. Read the same book and discuss

It’s a book club for two! The key here is to try to pick something you will both enjoy or learn something from. Or for another variation, read each other’s favorite book and discuss.

When we first started dating, my husband gave me a classic Hemmingway novel (his favorite) to read. It was not my first choice, but I enjoyed reading it because he was excited to discuss it with me. Listening to an audiobook or even a podcast together is another idea.

12. Bake something together that you will both enjoy

Bake a treat: at home bucket list for couples ideas

13. Make your bedroom the perfect oasis

Give your bedroom a facelift. New sheets, rearrange furniture, hang curtains…the possibilities are endless. Make your bedroom a place for ultimate relaxation and comfort.

14. Binge-watch a show

15. Play truth or dare

This is not just a game for middle school kids. Try it out with your partner.

16. Play hooky

Channel your inner Ferris Bueller and take a day off from work. Focus on doing things together- like checking off your bucket list ideas!

17. Stay in bed all day

This sounds divine! Go for it!

18. Write a love note to your significant other

Chances are, you may not take the time to do this often. Tell your partner what you appreciate and love about him/her. Get a little sappy. It’s okay.

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19. Take an online quiz to discover one another’s love language

It doesn’t take long, and you will better understand your partner. See the quiz here.

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Adventurous Bucket List for Couples

Whether you want to add adventure into your life or try a new extreme sport, this list has something for everyone!

adventurous ideas for your couples bucket list items

It may sound scary, but adding adventure to your relationship will bring you closer through a new shared experience. It will be both challenging and rewarding. And you will reminisce about these experiences far after they’re over.

20. Go rock wall climbing

Find an indoor rock wall climbing place near you. They have all the climbing equipment you need and can instruct you as you get started. There are beginner walls to start on if you are feeling unsure.

21. Hike part of a famous trail

If you like to hike, make it a goal to visit a famous trail. The John Muir Trail starting in Yosemite National Park and the Pacific Crest Trail which stretches along the Sierra Nevada mountain range are two options. Another idea is the historic Appalachian Trail that runs through the eastern United States.

22. Climb a mountain

Did you know there are 96 mountains that are over 14,000 feet in the United States? Colorado has the most of any state with 53.

Most 14ers (mountains over 14,000 feet) offer convenient access for almost any level of enthusiast, depending on the mountain and the season you are hiking. The challenge of this hike is what the 14er is about. Plus, you get bragging rights as a reward.

23. Go kayaking

Kayaking is a great sport for anyone wanting to learn. Rent a two-person kayak and spend a quiet afternoon on the water.

24. Go paddle boarding

Another great water sport for beginners, stand-up paddle boarding is easy to learn in a short time and a great core and leg workout too.

25. Train for a 5k, 10k, or triathlon

You can find a training program for any race and for any fitness level. Train with your partner OR enjoy walking a 5k for charity with your spouse.

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26. Go skydiving

skydiving with family and friends

While not for everyone, this is most definitely a big bucket list experience.

Want the same type of experience with less risk? Try indoor skydiving which will give you the sensation of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane.

27. Get scuba certified for an upcoming vacation

Getting scuba certified means you have been appropriately trained to use scuba equipment and to scuba dive safely.

You don’t have to be anywhere near an ocean to get certified. You can take an online course and then practice in a pool.

28. Learn how to surf

Take surfing lessons the next time you are at the beach.

29. Take ski lessons together

If you haven’t ever been snow skiing or it’s been a long time, consider taking ski lessons together. In a couple of days you will be skiing down the mountain together.

30. Join a sand volleyball league

This is a fun and relatively stress-free activity to do with your partner. You absolutely do not have to be an expert on volleyball to have fun playing on a sand league. Grab friends or join a team. We’ve been doing this for years and it is always fun.

31. Try axe throwing

Check out a local axe-throwing place and make it a date night.

32. Get tattoos together

Getting a tattoo together can be a bonding activity. But, take time to think through this ahead of time. My husband and I did this, and although my tattoo is small, it’s an adventurous memory!

33. Fly in a helicopter

This can be expensive, but if you love to fly, this may be the best couples bucket list idea for you.

34. Rent or test drive a sports car

35. Go ziplining

Another adventurous, but safe idea! Ziplining is a cable that is suspended above an incline. A pulley and harness are attached to the rider which allows the rider to be pulled along the line. This is popular in the rainforest, but can be found closer to home as well.

36. Go on a float trip

A float trip involves going down a slow-moving river on a canoe, raft, or tube. This is also an ideal activity to plan with other couples and can be cheap.

37. Complete a mud run obstacle course race

running a mud course: unique bucket list ideas for married couples

Mud runs are obstacle course type races on a muddy course that are challenging, but exciting. Check out any mud runs coming to your local area and make a reservation to join in.

Don’t take this too seriously. Get dirty and have fun!

38. Go camping (or glamping) and fishing

39. Go whitewater rafting

Book an experienced guide and take on this adventure as you paddle an inflatable boat through rough waters and rapids.

40. Try a new watersport like skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding.

41. Try a new outdoor sport like tennis, badminton, or golf.

42. Ride a roller coaster

Visit a local amusement park and ride a roller coaster plus any other rides you find. You’ll feel like a younger version of yourself.

43. Ride a mechanical bull

Don’t forget to get a video of your spouse attempting this one!

Cheap Bucket List Ideas

Next, we need couples things to do together that don’t require a ton of planning or money. Plan a cheap date out and have fun.

cheap activities and couples relationship things to do

44. Go to a trivia night

Many local bars have trivia night. Sometimes they have themed trivia. Examples include music trivia, “Friends” trivia, 90’s trivia, etc…


45. Sing a karaoke duet

You don’t have to recreate a scene from Grease, but you can belt out a song you both love.

46. Take a workout class together

Kickboxing, Bootcamp, HIIT, strength training – Working out together really does make it more fun.

Plus there’s nothing like a little competition with your significant other to make you work harder. Many gyms offer a free first visit. Or find a workout online you can do together.

47. Try a new coffee place

While there’s nothing wrong with the regular coffee place you love, try out a new local place or drive a little further to try something new. Order in, then stay and chat a bit.

48. Rent electric scooters and explore your city

Chances are you have seen an electric scooter around your city or a place you have visited. Rent one and use it to explore. (Be safe and go slow if it’s your first time.)

49. Pack a picnic and a frisbee and explore a new park

pack a picnic, romantic ideas for couples

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50. Host a couples game night

Invite your friends over for games and snacks.

51. Visit a local brewery or vineyard

I’ve recently discovered that there are a lot more vineyards near my house than I realized. They often have events that include food and drink specials and free entertainment. Check out their websites and plan a visit.

52. Take the dogs to a dog park

53. Take a walk in an arboretum

This is an absolute favorite of mine during fall when the leaves are changing. Our local arboretum also offers winter events and candlelit walks. Another cheap, romantic, and easy date to plan!

54. Go apple or berry picking

Another of these “things to do” that isn’t just for kids. The bonus is that you leave with delicious fruit too.

55. Attend a local festival

Again, this requires planning and research to know when festivals are in your area. Put it on your calendar and go check it out.

56. Be tourists in your own town

What would you suggest visitors to your town do and see? Go and do those things with your significant other for a day!

Travel Bucket List for Couples

travel bucket list ideas quote for couples

My great-aunt spent much of her life traveling and living in different parts of the world with her husband. She had a framed picture in her room of them sitting in a gondola in Venice, looking at one another laughing.

Isn’t travel more meaningful when it is with someone you love?

I am a firm believer that every couple should set travel goals. Whether you want to stay closer to home or visit a different continent, planning a trip is a must for any bucket list for couples. And you’ll have great stories to tell too.

57. Mark all the places/states you have been to together on a map and plan a trip to a new place every year.

push pin map for travel

Buy a push pin map and keep track of where you have been together. Try to see how many pins you can add as you explore.

58. Throw a dart at a map and visit that place.

59. Take a day-long spontaneous road trip.

Start driving and stop at whatever looks interesting and explore. Try this fun road trip trivia too.

60. Travel by train

Not as quick as other modes of travel, but you see some great countryside without the hassle (or gas) of driving.

61. Fly first class

More leg room, better snacks, hot towels, and free drinks. Try it at least once.

62. Attend a luau in Hawaii

You can expect to eat delicious food, drink, and be entertained at this festive and traditional Hawaiian party.

63. Kiss in Times Square on NYE

Join in the party to see the Times Square Ball Drop as you ring in the New Year with your loved one.

64. Be a tourist in New York City

Enjoy the view from the Empire State building, take a walk in Central Park, and visit one of the many museums. If you are there for a holiday, catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and see the tree in Rockefeller Center.

65. Walk on a new beach hand in hand

66. Explore a national park

Explore the National Park Service site (nps.gov) to plan your visit to over 400 national parks.

67. Go hiking in the Grand Canyon

hiking in the Grand Canyon: ultimate travel bucket list ideas for 2022

68. Kiss at the Eiffel Tower

Paris is truly a romantic city. Great sights and delicious food make this a definite travel bucket list destination for couples.

69. See the Northern Lights

One of the best places to view the Northern Lights is in Norway, but you can see them from many places, including Alaska if you are wanting to stay in the United States.

70. Visit vineyards in Napa Valley

71. Visit a different continent

72. See Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, which actually consists of three waterfalls, can be viewed from both the U.S. and Canada.

73. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant

A Michelin star is a prestigious award that goes to the best restaurants. It lets consumers know that it ranks as the best in the world for food and dining experience.

74. See a Broadway play

There is nothing really like seeing a Broadway play. They are beyond amazing. It’s time to see Hamilton in person, right?

75. Visit a rainforest

Plan a trip to an exotic and beautiful location.

76. Stay in a cabin in the woods

Craving some quiet and wanting to unplug? Rent a cabin and spend time reconnecting with one another.

77. Walk along the Great Wall of China

78. See the sunset in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a beautiful Greek island in the Southern Aegean Sea and is famous for its sunsets.

79. Take a gondola ride in Venice

And then eat pasta and gelato of course!

80. Go on an African Safari

The ultimate travel and adventure bucket list idea! Observe wild animals and beautiful scenery on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

81. See the Egyptian Pyramids

82. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef

See the largest coral reef system and the diversity of species it contains.

83. Plan a trip to an all-inclusive resort

This is an easy and convenient way to plan an awesome trip. Once you are there, you can just relax and enjoy.

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”– Rachel Wolchin

Romantic Things to Do on Your Couples Bucket List

A little romance goes a long way. Most of these bucket list ideas for couples are straightforward and you can make them as romantic as you would like. Add candles, champagne, and enjoy.

romantic things to do for couples

84. Recreate your first date

Every year on our anniversary, we go to eat at the same place we had our first date. It’s meaningful. And we are able to reminisce about our first date and what made us fall in love.

85. Paddle a rowboat around a lake

Can we recreate the most romantic scene from The Notebook? Sounds romantic to me!

86. Take a hot air balloon ride

Take champagne along and make a toast!

87. Take dance lessons

If you want to feel close to your partner, dance together. Taking dance lessons is a fun and intimate thing to do even if you don’t have a reason to learn to dance. In fact, that makes it less stressful and more fun.

88. Take a cooking class together

89. Go ice skating

Hold hands to keep each other from falling!

90. Kiss under a waterfall

91. Get a couples massage

Make the time to relax together and get a massage at the same time. This is also a great gift idea for your partner.

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92. Join the mile-high club

Joining the infamous mile-high club is a bucket list item for couples who hope to take their love to new heights. Join at your own risk!

93. Go to a drive-in movie

Pack a cooler with snacks and drinks and enjoy a movie from the privacy of your own car. Bring a blanket and snuggle.

94. Stay in a luxury treehouse

Yes, these actually exist and are pretty neat! They’re built high among the trees. You will feel secluded and away from everyday life.

95. Visit a bed and breakfast

Usually built from charming old houses, bed and breakfasts make guests feel like they are staying in a home. They offer overnight accommodation and breakfast. You can interact with others and enjoy personalized hospitality during your stay.

96. Have rooftop dinner and drinks

97. Find a high spot to watch the sunset

If you don’t live in a place where you can easily see the sunset, seek a high spot away from city lights and snuggle up with your significant other.

98. Kiss atop a Ferris wheel

For whatever reason, Ferris wheels are inherently romantic. Scoot close together and enjoy the views.

99. Stay overnight at a fancy hotel and order room service

This is a perfect idea that does not require traveling far or a big time commitment.

100. Take a cocktail masterclass

cocktails: romantic activities for your partner

Learn how to make cocktails with an experienced mixologist.

101. Renew your vows

Recommit to one another with a romantic vow renewal. Celebrate your love and the promises you made on your wedding day. Plan a party or make it a destination renewal.

102. Kiss in the rain

103. Book the Penthouse suite

104. Go skinny dipping

Make sure you have privacy. Then, have an exhilarating and romantic experience!

105. Make your significant other breakfast in bed

This is a simple gesture to your spouse that he/she will enjoy and appreciate.

106. Take a tandem bike ride together

A cute and romantic way to have adventure.

Unique Bucket List Things To Do for Couples

Add a new experience with these unique ideas for your couples bucket list.

unique ideas for your couples bucket list

107. Find a local volunteer opportunity

Not only will you make a difference for others, but volunteering also offers many health benefits, provides a sense of purpose, AND nurtures new and existing relationships according to the Mayo Clinic Health System (source).

108. Learn a foreign language together

109. Take a course together

Check out your local community college for unique courses you could take together.

110. Start a side hustle

Have a shared interest that you could make money on? Start an Etsy shop, get into real estate, or start a podcast. Check out this article for more ideas for couples.

111. Have a tech free day

We spend a lot of time on our devices. Commit to putting them away for one day (or even a few hours) and connect with your significant other.

Or go all in with a social media detox together!

112. Attend a murder mystery dinner or weekend

113. Have a ‘yes’ day

Give your partner a ‘yes’ day and let him/her plan the entire day while you say ‘yes’ to everything they want to do. A yes day list should include activities you have been wanting to try or places you have been wanting to go. This is also a great gift to give your partner for a birthday!

114. Donate blood

Help someone else and save lives by donating blood together. Enjoy a sweet treat after as a reward.

115. Complete a few random acts of kindness

Be intentional and plan a few acts of kindness that you can participate in together. Buy someone coffee, help a struggling friend, pay for the meal of strangers at a restaurant, write a thank you note to the mail carrier, etc..

Best Ideas for a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships take work to stay connected and involved in one another’s lives. Try these virtual couples bucket list ideas to stay connected and keep your relationship strong.

long distance bucket list items for couples

116. Virtual game night

Connect to your partner digitally with a little competition. This article offers 9 virtual games to play when you can’t be together.

117. Candlelight dinner over Zoom

Sharing a meal and good conversation can help you feel like you are together even when you aren’t. Zoom is such an easy way to connect virtually. Don’t forget to light candles to make it more romantic.

118. Play couples would you rather

Have fun and learn something about your significant other with these best would you rather couples questions.

119. Have virtual happy hour cocktails

Enjoy a virtual happy hour after work with your loved one and your favorite cocktail.

120. Cook the same meal virtually

Go through the steps of cooking the same meal together and enjoy!

121. Send a package to each other and open it at the same time.

Put items in this package that you know your significant other loves. Snacks, coffee gift cards, tea, photos, books, lotion, etc… or send a gift that is meaningful or useful.

122. Send a handwritten letter

Handwritten letters are rare. Sending a handwritten note is more time-consuming and intimate than an email or a text. Which makes them feel valuable. It shows you care and your partner will appreciate and treasure the letter.

123. Look at the moon at the same time

Step outside at the same time and look at the moon. You will feel closer together!

124. Plan a trip to see one another or organize a surprise visit

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the ultimate goal should be to see each other when possible. Make plans to see one another as much as you can.

125. Create a shared digital photo album

126. Go for a walk

Share a walk with your partner on the phone or on Facetime. You will feel more connected by doing an activity together.

These good challenges for couples and good challenge couples questions have more excellent ideas that help long-distance relationships.

Couples Summer Bucket List Ideas

The sun is out and the weather is warm. Take time to slow down and do things you will both enjoy.

summer bucket list for couples

127. Attend a professional sporting event

128. Attend a music festival or see your favorite band live

129. Play a round of miniature golf

130. Go to a local waterpark- Float in the lazy river and try out the slides

131. String lights on your deck and have a romantic dinner

132. Take an outdoor yoga class together

133. Visit a Farmer’s market and pick up fresh produce

134. Try out a new ice cream place

135. Attend theater in the park

136. Visit a county fair or carnival

Holiday Bucket List Ideas For Couples

Most holiday seasons are busy and the schedule is packed. But your relationship is important too! Think of one thing you and your partner can do together that is enjoyable.

Holiday and Christmas things to do for couples

137. Take a wagon ride to look at Christmas lights

138. Go to a tree farm and cut down your own tree

139. Kiss under the mistletoe

140. Go caroling

141. Make a New Year’s relationship resolution

Or set one of these great relationship goals for yourselves >>

142. Wear a couples outfit for Halloween

Find more special Halloween bucket list ideas >>

143. Find a local fireworks display

144. Start a new holiday tradition together

See these amazing Christmas couples traditions >>

145. Serve a holiday meal at a homeless shelter

Big Relationship Bucket List Items

These are commitments that require more planning and thoughtfulness. But if you decide to move ahead with any of these items, it will be an adventure worth starting.

146. Buy a house together

147. Get married

148. Adopt a pet

149. Have a kid(s)

150. Foster a child in need (or a pet)

*See these couples vision boards and examples of vision boards if you want to put them into a visual format.

best couples bucket list ideas pin

To Consider With Your Fun Things to Do as a Couple

A bucket list for couples can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Either way, do things together that stretch and strengthen your relationship.

Invest in one another by trying new things, being adventurous, traveling to new destinations, and stepping outside of your daily life.

What is the first thing you and your partner are going to mark off your couples bucket list?

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

– Oprah Winfrey

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