225 Best Mr and Mrs Questions + How To Play (In 2024)

Mr and Mrs questions game is the ultimate way for a couple to prove how well they know their other half. And it often has hilarious results!

Before getting married, my future husband and I received Mr and Mrs questions to answer. Then, we compared to see how well each person knew the other.

I failed! And of course, he knew my answers with a crazy amount of detail. We had a lot of fun laughing over these questions. (Mostly over my lack of knowledge!)

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What is the Mr and Mrs question game?

Mr and Mrs was a television game show in Canada in 1965. (source) It is similar to the American version, The Newlywed Game.

Couples went on air to discover how well they knew each other by attempting to match their spouse’s answer to a list of questions. The couple that successfully matched answers to all the questions won.

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How to Play Mr and Mrs Questions Game

To play, each partner is asked a set of questions away from their partner. The goal is for the other person to come up with the same answer their partner gave to each question.

Pick the questions that work best for your event or situation. Then, keep reading for more variations.

Classic Mr and Mrs Questions

Get started with these classy and basic Mr and Mrs quiz game questions.

couple sitting on couch holding question marks; classy  him or her Mr and Mrs questions

1. What color are his/her eyes?

2. What is his/her favorite meal?

3. What does he/she like on pizza?

4. Where was your first date?

5. Who asked the other person out first?

6. What are your pet names for each other?

7. What type of music do they like to listen to most?

8. What is his/her shoe size?

9. What is his/her favorite way to spend a Saturday morning?

10. Who is his/her closest relative?

11. What was his/her first impression of you?

12. How does he/she drink their coffee/tea?

13. Who said “I love you” first?

14. What was his/her first job?

15. When did you first meet?

16. What three words would he/she use to describe you?

17. What was the first conversation you had with one another?

18. Where was your first kiss?

19. What is the first movie you saw together?

20. What is his/her biggest pet peeve?

21. What perfume/cologne do they wear?

22. Who is their best friend?

23. How many kids do they want to have?

24. How does he/she like to relax?

25. What does he/she like to do for fun?

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Favorite Things Questions For Mr and Mrs

woman on man's back laughing

26. What is his/her favorite restaurant?

27. What is his/her favorite book?

28. What is his/her favorite movie?

29. What is his/her favorite dessert?

30. What is his/her favorite thing about you?

31. What is his/her favorite first date memory?

32. Where is his/her favorite place to go on a trip?

33. What is his/her favorite thing to do with you?

34. What is his/her favorite way to show you love?

35. What is his/her favorite place to spend time together?

36. What is his/her favorite hobby or pastime?

37. What is his/her favorite sport?

38. What is his/her favorite thing about their work?

39. What his his/her favorite thing to do on the weekend?

40. What is his/her favorite date night activity?

41. What is the favorite gift he/she has received from you?

42. What is his/her favorite way to celebrate a birthday?

favorite things questions for Mr and Mrs

43. What is his/her favorite dream car?

44. What is his/her favorite thing to do outside?

45. What is his/her favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

46. What is his/her favorite drink?

47. What is his/her favorite guilty pleasure?

48. What is his/her favorite hang-out spot?

49. Who is his/her favorite superhero?

50. What is his/her favorite type of sandwich?

51. What is his/her favorite salty snack?

52. What is his or her favorite flavor of ice cream?

53. What is his/her favorite type of candy?

54. What is his/her favorite TV series you have watched together?

55. What is his /her favorite sports team?

56. What is his/her favorite pet?

57. What is his/her favorite season?

58. What is his/her favorite holiday?

59. What is his/her favorite outfit?

60. What is his/her favorite inspirational figure?

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Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

couple wearing funny glasses; embarrassing truth questions for Mr and Mrs

61. What is his/her worst habit?

62. What is something you think is strange that he/she does daily?

63. What one thing would he/she take with them to a deserted island?

64. What is one possession he/she owns that you would like to get rid of?

65. What celebrity does he/she resemble most?

66. What is something he/she always wears?

67. What is his/her most embarrassing moment while with you?

68. What is he/she most scared of?

69. What is something he/she watches on TV that they wouldn’t want others to know?

70. What is one thing (besides you) that he/she could not live without?

71. Who is his/her celebrity crush?

72. What is something funny about him/her from childhood?

73. If he/she could be famous for something, what would it be?

74. What is something he/she does that you think may be annoying to you in the future?

75. Using two words, how would he/she describe your first kiss?


Who is Mr and Mrs Questions Game

couple dancing in the kitchen

76. Who is the funniest?

77. Who takes the longest shower?

78. Who takes the longest fixing their hair?

79. Who eats the slowest?

80. Who is the better cook?

81. Who is better at time management?

82. Who is the best dancer?

83. Who is the most attractive?

84. Who is the most vain?

85. Who spends more money?

86. Who wakes up the earliest?

87. Who goes to bed the latest?

88. Who is the most adventurous?

89. Who is the pickiest eater?

90. Who does the most household cleaning?

91. Who is more optimistic?

92. Who is the most high-maintenance?

93. Who is more spontaneous?

94. Who is best at keeping a secret?

95. Who is better at saving money?

96. Who is the better problem solver?

97. Who is more dramatic?

good who is questions; all star mr and mrs

98. Who is the smartest?

99. Who has the most patience?

100. Who is the most social?

101. Who says “I love you” the most?

102. Who made the first move?

103. Who is the better driver?

104. Who has to have the last word in an argument?

105. Who is the coolest under pressure?

106. Who is the most romantic?

107. Who plans the better dates?

108. Who is on their phone the most?

109. Who is the most stubborn?

110. Who has the best taste in music?

111. Who has the best style?

112. Who is the biggest procrastinator?

113. Who is more generous?

114. Who is better with kids?

115. Who is the most creative?

116. Who is the party animal?

117. Who is better at following a map/directions when driving?

118. Who tells the better stories?

119. Who is the most competitive? (See 50 Fun Challenges for Couples)

120. Who is more jealous?

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Naughty Mrs and Mrs Questions

Warning! These questions are more risque and great to use as Mr and Mrs hen or Bachelorette party questions.

couple laying in bed holding up question mark signs; dirty Mr and Mrs questions; naughty hen party

121. What is his/her favorite body part of yours?

122. Where is his/her favorite place to get it on?

123. What makes him/her get into the mood?

124. Where does he/she like to be kissed the most?

125. What first attracted him/her to you?

126. Where is the riskiest place you have ever done the deed?

127. What would he/she like you to wear to bed?

128. Is he/she the big spoon or the little spoon?

129. If there was one thing he/she would change about your appearance, what would it be?

130. Who is more likely to make the first move?

131. What is something he/she does outside of the bedroom that turns you on?

132. Does he/she prefer being intimate in the morning or at night?

133. Who gives a better massage?

134. What does he/she sleep in?

135. Does he/she like public displays of affection?

136. What is the most romantic night you have ever had with your partner?

137. Who is the better kisser?

138. Who is most experienced in the bedroom?

139. Who is the loudest in the bedroom?

140. Who is the most adventurous in the bedroom?

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Who Is Most Likely? Mr and Mrs Questions

woman on man's back at the beach; Mr and Mrs questions most likely

141. Who is most likely to hog the covers?

142. Who is most likely to drive when you are together?

143. Who is most likely to win a game of trivia?

144. Who is most likely to fall asleep on the couch when watching a movie?

145. Who is most likely to snore?

146. Who is most likely to forget an anniversary?

147. Who is most likely to be late to an event or appointment?

148. Who is most likely to cry when sad or upset?

149. Who is most likely to be hungover after a night out?

150. Who is most likely to lose their keys?

151. Who is most likely to schedule routine doctor appointments?

152. Who is most likely to oversleep?

153. Who is most likely to get arrested?

Mr and Mrs questions most likely

154. Who is most likely to run out of gas?

155. Who is most likely to leave clean laundry in the hamper for days?

156. Who is most likely to leave a love note?

157. Who is most likely to pick up the tab after dinner?

158. Who is most likely to tell a white lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings?

159. Who is most likely to get a tattoo?

160. Who is most likely to get locked out of the house or the car?

161. Who is most likely to clog the toilet?

162. Who is most likely to burn dinner?

163. Who is most likely to leave dishes in the sink?

164. Who is most likely to say or do something embarrassing?

165. Who is most likely to hit the snooze button?

166. Who is most likely to invent something cool?

167. Who is most likely to exercise?

168. Who is most likely to binge-watch tv?

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This or That Mr and Mrs Questions

hands holding and drinking coffee

169. Dog or cat?

170. Sit-down restaurant or fast food?

171. Toilet paper roll over or under?

172. Lights on or off?

173. Online shopping or in-store shopping?

174. Country or hip-hop?

175. Coffee or soda?

176. Sandwich or salad?

177. Chicken or steak?

178. Beer or wine?

179. Sweet or sour?

180. Movie or book?

181. Mountains or beach?

182. Ski or Snowboard?

183. Swim or sunbathe?

184. Airplane or car?

185. Buy new or buy used?

186. Spend or save?

187. Eat out or eat in?

this or that Mr and Mrs questions

188. Night owl or morning person?

189. Quiet or loud?

190. Neat or messy?

191. Hoarder or minimalist?

192. Homebody or social butterfly?

193. Big family or small?

194. Date night in or out?

195. Big wedding or small wedding?

196. Dream house or dream car?

197. Picnic date or restaurant date?

198. Stay in one place or move often?

199. Trivia Night or board game?

200. Text message or phone call?

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Mrs and Mrs Questions for Him or Her

couple at dinner party; Mr and Mrs hen party questions; funny; him or her

201. How does he/she like her eggs cooked?

202. What is his/her star sign?

203. What song would he/she choose for karaoke?

204. What is his/her proudest achievement?

205. If he/she could have a superpower, what would it be?

206. What was his/her favorite subject in school?

207. In a fire, what would he/she save first?

208. When did he/she know they wanted to marry you?

209. What did he/she say during the proposal?

210. Who would he/she say is the “better catch”?

211. What did he/she wear on your first date?

212. What was the first car he/she owned?

213. What was the first trip you ever took together?

214. What is a common phrase he/she says often?

215. What is his/her favorite color?

216. What emoji does he/she use the most?

217. What is his/her hidden talent?

218. Where does he/she want to live in the future?

219. What celebrity couple would play you in the movie of your life?

220. What do his/her parents think about you?

221. What was the name of his/her last ex?

222. How does he/she like to spend Christmas day?

223. If he/she won or received a lot of money, what would he/she do first?

224. What is her/her go-to dance move? (Demonstrate it!)

225. Complete the sentence: I knew I had found the love of my when he/she ________________.


More Ways To Play: Mr and Mrs Questions Game

Use these suggestions to vary this game for your event and group. Try it for:

  • hen or bachelorette parties
  • stag or bachelor parties
  • fun couples game night
  • wedding paddle game
  • anniversary party game
  • date night activity
group talking and drinking wine

Couple Plays Together

If both partners are together to play, have one person from the couple leave the room. Ask the remaining partner a series of questions from this list and record the answers.

Then, invite the other partner back into the room. Ask them the same list of questions to see if they can guess their partner’s response. Switch roles and repeat with a new set of questions from the list.

Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions

For this variation, the couple sits back to back. Each person has two paddles: One with their name on it and one with their partner’s name on it.

Someone else asks a question. For example, “Which of you is messier?” At the same time, they must both raise the paddle with the name of the person they think best answers the question.

Drinking Game

For the more adventurous crowd, take a shot or a drink for every question answer you get wrong! Be careful and safe with this variation!

Split Into Teams

Play this game with a group of his friends and her friends by splitting into two teams. Each team works together to answer the questions correctly.

Use Video

Answer the same set of questions and record answers via video to share!

*Make sure you ask the question “What is his/her go-to dance move?” Have each person demonstrate their dance move on the video!

Numbers Questions Game Idea

Use the numbers questions game to play the Mr and Mrs questions quiz. Players pick a number and they get asked the corresponding question.

Mr and Mrs quiz questions game; all star

What’s Next?

How well did you know your partner?

I’m hoping you fared better than I did when I first took the challenge!

I did learn new things about my husband that I still remember from playing this game. (His dream car is a 67 Mustang and his celebrity crush is Nicole Kidman.)

Now, continue to connect and challenge your loved ones with How Well Do You Know Me Questions. Family and friends will want to play too!

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