225 Best Would You Rather Questions for Couples (Fun Anywhere!)

The Interesting This or That List for Couples

As a three-time mom, and married for 10+ years, I can attest to the fact that it’s not always easy connecting with your partner.

That’s why these would you rather questions for couples are such a game-changer! Now, you have easy and FUN connection anytime you want! And they work well regardless of whether your relationship is new or not.

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So, use it for:

  • long car rides with your loved one
  • date night
  • while waiting in the car for kids activities
  • eating dinner together
  • anytime you are alone!

Ask these questions today, open up lines of communication, and see where the conversation takes you! I guarantee you’ll discover something new about your partner with these would you rather questions for couples!

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Good Would You Rather Questions for Couples

First, these questions cover the basics and interesting aspects of life.

1. Would you rather take a long walk in nature or cuddle up on your favorite couch?

2. Would you rather have a structured routine or do what you want when you want to?

3. Would you rather be rich or famous?

4. Would you rather be the loudest in a room or the quietest in a room?

5. Would you rather have a partner who is smart or a partner who is funny?

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6. Would you rather live where you are or live somewhere else?

7. Would you rather be ugly and smart or beautiful/handsome and dumb?

8. Would you rather get up early or stay up late?

9. Would you rather have goosebumps for a day or butterflies in your stomach for a day?

10. Would you rather spend most of your day alone or surrounded by people?

11. Would you rather do too much and feel burned out, or have lots of free time but feel like you’re missing out?

12. Would you rather give up social media or television?

13. Would you rather rent or own?

14. Would you rather see a sunset on a sandy beach or in the beautiful mountains?

15. Would you rather work from home or go to an office every day for the rest of your life?

16. Would you rather listen to music from a past decade or music of today for nine hours straight?

17. Would you rather learn a new language or learn a new instrument?

18. Would you rather workout with your partner at the gym or go for a jog?

19. Would you rather build something with your hands or create something on paper/computer?

20. Would you rather give up your phone or give up sweets?

21. Would you rather your partner had long or short hair?

22. Would you rather eat dessert or have a drink?

23. Would you rather live in a small town or a big city?

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24. Would you rather go camping in a serene landscape or explore a beautiful bustling city?

25. Would you rather have all the money on you stolen or find out your car was stolen?

26. Would you rather have weekend plans made or have nothing to do?

27. Would you rather be more patient or more confident?

28. Would you rather live without heating and cooling or live without your phone?

29. Would you rather call or text your partner?

30. Would you rather be more sentimental or more detached from emotion?

31. Would you rather have no children or have 8 children?

32. Would you rather your partner be shorter or taller than you?

33. Would you rather believe in fate or coincidence?

35. Would you rather trust everyone without a thought or have a hard time trusting people?

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Fun Would You Rather Questions for Couples

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Next, these couples would you rather questions are a bit more off the wall, but make life more exciting.

36. Would you rather travel into the future or travel into the past together?

37. Would you rather find out your long-standing conspiracy theory was true or find out a juicy piece of gossip only you knew?

38. Would you rather be caught in a never-ending snow storm or a never-ending rain storm?

39. Would you rather be the main character in Jurassic Park or the Martian?

40. Would you rather be on a reality survival show or a reality dating show?

41. Would you rather vacation at the same breathtaking beach every year or visit a new unknown place every year?

42. Would you rather be lost in the woods or stranded on a boat?

43. Would you rather explore space and find a new planet or explore the ocean and find sunken treasure?

44. Would you rather scuba dive or hang glide with your partner?

45. Would you rather take three months off to travel with your partner or take three months off to get better in touch with yourself?

46. Would you rather have a photographic memory or be incredibly naturally talented?

47. Would you rather your partner could read your mind when you wanted something or gave you a compliment every day?

48. Would you rather step on legos or barbies with your bare feet every time you entered a room?

49. Of the most iconic franchises, would you rather read the books or watch the movies? (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

50. Would you rather be with someone who hates your favorite foods or hates your pet?

51. Would you rather be a shapeshifter or invisible?

52. Would you rather be able to do any magic occasionally or have the powers of one superhero all the time?

53. Would you rather have a water fight or a food fight with your partner?

54. Would you rather own a parakeet that constantly says “Johnny wants a cracker” or a monkey that always steals your food.

55. Would you rather listen to music that was too loud all day or not be able to talk for a day?

fun would you rather questions for couples

56. Would you rather travel anywhere you wanted for the rest of your life for free or buy your dream house for free?

57. Would you rather live on a boat for the rest of your life or live in a treehouse for the rest of your life?

58. Would you rather go see a drive in movie or a movie in a theater?

59. Would you rather always have SUPER weird dreams or never dream at all?

60. If there was a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be a zombie, or one of the few remaining people left on earth?

61. Would you rather watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book?

62. Would you rather be able to speak to animals or speak to anyone in the world (by instantly knowing every language)?

63. Would you rather everything you drew became real or be able to read people’s minds?

64. Would you rather have a flying car or a car that can drive on and under water?

65. Would you rather be lost in the African Safari or the Amazon jungle?

66. Would you rather be a mind-blowing artist or a genius physicist?

67. Would you rather be surrounded by butterflies or surrounded by doves every time you sneezed?

68. Would you rather be your favorite character in a movie or be your favorite character in a book?

69. Would you rather discover the Lock Nest Monster or Big Foot?

70. Would you rather find the lost city of Atlantis or discover life on Mars?

71. Would you rather move something with your mind or see what was happening at any time in your mind?

72. Would you rather be able to time travel anywhere you want or teleport to any place on Earth whenever you wanted?

73. Would you rather be able to control water or fire?

74. Would you rather ride a donkey or a camel a long distance?

75. Would you rather win a cash prize that you didn’t know the amount of or win the latest model of your dream car?

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Funny Questions for Couples

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Weird? Oh yeah. In fact, the weirder the better for this section!

76. Would you rather your partner was always trying to solve unsolved mysteries or plotting how to survive an unlikely apocalyptic event?

77. Would you rather find out your partner ate weird things (crickets, ants, etc.) or occasionally stole and dressed in other people’s clothes?

78. Would you rather have to admit to a group that you clogged the toilet or have to admit to your partner that he/she was right?

79. Would you rather your partner was obsessive about his/her pet rat or pet raccoon?

80. Would you rather have something stuck in your teeth during a date or have to pass gas constantly during a date?

81. Would you rather fall on your face in front of your partner’s family or fart in front of your partner’s family?

82. Would you rather be stuck with someone you didn’t like on a deserted island or riding in a small car?

83. Would you rather be shut in a room with snakes or spiders?

84. In that room (from #58), would you rather the light be on or off?

85. Would you rather give a speech in front of an audience and realize you were in your underwear or sing a song in front of an audience and forget the words?

86. Would you rather be stuck in an awkward social situation with a date or get a cavity filled by your dentist?

87. Would you rather lose all of your teeth or lose all of your hair?

88. Would you rather your partner lost all of his/her body hair or was REALLY hairy?

89. Would you rather play a prank on your partner or be the one that was pranked?

90. Would you rather not brush your teeth or not shower for an entire week?

91. Would you rather be attacked by birds or attacked by cute little kittens?

92. Would you rather meet a zombie or an alien?

93. Would you rather find your partner biting his/her toenails or have their mouth wide open while a dog was licking their face?

94. Would you rather find your partner talking to himself/herself passionately or pretending he/she was in a music video?

95. Would you rather find gum stuck in your hair or a giant cockroach?

96. Would you rather win the lottery once or be in amazing health without having to do anything for the rest of your life?

97. Would your rather drop your phone in a pool every time you saw one or be given an extremely embarrassing nickname you had to live with your whole life?

98. Would you rather challenge your partner to an intellectual or physical competition? (Try these couples challenge questions)

99. Would you rather drive a minivan or an SUV?

100. Would you rather find a stranger behind your curtain or a shark suddenly in the pool once everyone else got out?

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Would You Rather Relationship Questions

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Next, these love questions are all about the two of you and how you handle relationships in general.

101. Would you rather eat at the most elegant restaurant in town or have a cozy fireplace picnic at home?

102. Would you rather get a massage or a gift from your partner?

103. Would you rather your partner did small sweet gestures every day for a year or one grand romantic gesture in that year?

104. Would you rather be with an introvert or an extrovert?

105. Would you rather your partner hated pets or owned 10 animals?

106. Would you rather sleep with someone who snores all night or farts all night?

107. Would you rather have date night out or date night in? (Find unique holiday dates)

108. Would you rather be with someone who is overly romantic or overly practical?

109. Would you rather your relationship was like the relationships around you or completely different?

110. Would you rather know all of your partner’s secrets or leave well enough alone?

111. Would you rather receive a compliment from your partner or receive a gift from your partner?

112. Would you rather be with someone who is direct but sometimes offensive or extremely shy and never speaks their mind?

would you rather relationships: relive a moment in the past or see the future?

113. Would you rather relive a moment in the past with your partner or see into the future with your partner?

114. Would you rather be right in an argument or (let the other person think they are right and be) happy?

115. Would you rather be lost together or get stuck on a deserted island together?

116. Would you rather marry someone you just met or marry someone you’ve known a long time but have no romantic feelings for?

117. Would you rather ignore a problem and hope it goes away or handle it head on and possibly make a rash decision?

118. Would you rather your partner’s bad habit was biting his/her nails or picking his/her nose?

119. Would you rather be in a long-distance relationship or have your partner run into your ex once a week?

120. Would you rather have a coffee date or a drink date?

121. When you are angry, would you rather have space to calm down or talk it through?

122. Would you rather be with someone who was stable and boring or adventurous and flaky?

123. In the case of a serious problem, would you rather we get advice from your parents or mine?

124. Would you rather your partner was beautiful/handsome with less money or less beautiful/handsome with more money?

125. Would you rather work with your partner all day every day or see your partner only on the weekends?

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Would You Rather Game Flirty Questions

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Spice it up with these clean questions that get you talking about your preferences.

126. Would you rather have an intimate date of just the two of you or a group date with friends?

127. Would you rather plan a surprise vacation for your partner or have him/her plan one for you?

128. Would you rather wrap your arm over your partner’s shoulder/waist or hold hands with your partner?

129. Would you rather chase someone in a relationship or be the one pursued?

130. Would you rather get matching tattoos or matching piercings with your partner?

131. Would you rather be the big spoon or the little spoon?

132. Would you rather have breakfast in bed or a candlelight dinner? See romantic home date ideas

133. Would you rather backpack through a new country with your partner or hike a remote national trail?

134. Would you rather kiss alone in a room or surrounded by strangers?

135. Would you rather your partner gave you a foot rub or a back rub?

136. Would you rather cuddle or kiss?

137. Would you rather your partner kiss your cheek or your forehead in public?

flirty couples game, this or that questions

138. Would you rather go dancing with your partner or compete in a sport against him/her?

139. Would you rather use a cheesy pick-up line or ask someone out with food in your teeth?

140. Would you rather do game night or movie night?

141. Would you rather take your partner to a fancy restaurant or a rowdy pub?

142. Would you rather receive flowers or chocolate?

143. Would you rather have an awkward date with someone who was sincere or a smooth date with someone you weren’t sure was genuine?

144. Would you rather hug or hold hands?

145. Would you rather talk all night or text all night?

146. Would you rather have a traditional wedding or elope? (And if you’re married, what if you had to do it all over?)

147. Would you rather your partner thought your best quality was that you were smart, funny, or sexy?

148. Would you rather celebrate something big with your partner by sipping champagne or buying something small for the two of you to enjoy?

149. Would you rather be with someone who was extremely like you or someone who was different in almost every way?

150. Would you rather realize you accidentally sent a sexy text to your in-law or your boss?

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Dirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples

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And then we have the lovin’ would you rather questions for couples…

151. Would you rather play sexy Truth or Dare with your partner or 7 Minutes in Heaven?

152. Would you rather do the deed in the morning or at night?

153. Would you rather roleplay or be blindfolded?

154. Would you rather send a sexy message or receive one?

155. Would you rather your partner be romantic or kinky?

156. Would you rather your partner be noisy or quiet?

157. Would you rather be kissed on the shoulder or kissed on the neck?

158. Would you rather use suggestive words as play or get straight to the point?

159. Would you rather do the deed in your bed or someplace more adventurous?

160. Would you rather your partner wore something sexy or nothing at all?

161. Would you rather make love in the shower or the bathtub?

162. Would you rather switch things up in the bedroom or keep them as they are?

163. Would you rather be caught in the act by your in-laws or your kids?

164. Would you rather have mediocre sexy time often or phenomenal sexy time once in a blue moon?

165. Would you rather be handcuffed or your partner be handcuffed?

166. Would you rather feed your partner or have him/her feed you?

167. Would you rather give a lap dance in private or get a lap dance in public?

168. Would you rather be the aggressor or the passive one?

169. Would you rather eat whipped cream or hot fudge off of your partner’s body?

170. Would you rather have the lights on or off?

171. Would you rather be on top or bottom?

172. Would you rather have a naked wrestling match in a pool of chocolate or a pool of jello?

173. Would you rather cuddle after or do something else?

174. Would you rather use toys or have your hair pulled?

175. Would you rather accidentally walk in on your parents or them walk in on you?

Would You Rather Hard Questions

hard would you rather

Finally, these deep personal questions dig into a person’s beliefs in an entirely new and philosophical way.

176. Would you rather solve world hunger or cure cancer?

177. Would you rather have 50 extra years to live or a million dollars added to your bank account today?

178. Would you rather pause this time in your life or fast forward through it?

179. Would you rather eat without tasting anything or touch without feeling anything?

180. Would you rather lose your hearing or lose your sight?

181. Would you rather be deserted in a desert or a frozen tundra?

182. Would you rather go to jail (for life) for a crime you didn’t commit or be stranded on an island with little hope for discovery?

183. Would you rather have a horrible parent, or no parent?

184. Would you rather tell your partner a truth you know would hurt badly, or hurt your partner’s feelings by not telling?

185. Would you rather have your biggest life question answered or change one thing about your life?

186. Would you rather do something amazing for humanity but get no credit for it, or live an ordinary life and be seen as an impact maker in your community.

187. If you had more hours in the day, would you rather work more on your passions or play and relax more?

188. If you won a thousand dollars today, would you rather spend it on the house or a vacation?

189. Would you rather relive stories of your past or dream about your future?

190. Would you rather save all of your money and hoard it your whole life, or spend all your money and live broke your whole life?

191. Would you rather have a housecleaner come once a month or a professional masseuse come every week?

192. Would you rather go bankrupt or lose all of your personal photos?

193. Would you rather make no money doing something you loved or a lot of money doing something you didn’t enjoy?

194. Would you rather have a humungous screw up or never go for it and wonder about what could have been later?

195. Would you rather drop a bad habit or gain a good one?

196. Would you rather forgive someone you disliked for a small mistake made or forgive yourself for a large mistake made?

197. Would you rather tell your darkest secrets or jump off a cliff?

198. Would you rather figure something out for yourself or ask for help?

199. Would you rather sleep alone or with another person?

would you rather hard questions for couples

200. Would you rather go on a family vacation or just one with your partner?

201. Would you rather start a business or work for someone else?

202. Would you rather never have to charge your phone ever again or never have to clean your bathroom ever again?

203. Would you rather give money to a charity or someone you know?

204. Would you rather change your life completely or stay the same for the rest of your life?

205. Would you rather get lost in a scary part of town for a day or be put in jail for a week?

206. Would you rather live forever or die at a normal age?

207. Would you rather lose faith in humanity or lose faith in true love?

208. Would you rather live an ordinary life or stand out and be considered a freak?

209. Would you rather always feel hungry or always feel tired?

210. Would you rather have a horrible memory or always lack common sense?

211. Would you rather be happy but poor or unhappy but rich?

212. Would you rather have one wish granted for your own life or one of life’s big mysteries solved for everyone?

213. Would you rather move to a new city where you didn’t know anyone or start a completely new career?

214. Would you rather have horribly chapped lips or scratchy dry eyes for a week?

215. Would you rather live in this time period or live in a different era?

216. Would you rather believe in something that no one else believes or hold in a secret no one else knows?

217. Would you rather live your next 5 years in India or China?

218. If you had all day to do whatever you wanted, would you rather relax, do something creative, or do something adventurous?

219. Would you rather be with people who you love but are really negative or people you don’t know at all that are super positive?

220. Would you rather live under a sky with no clouds or no stars?

221. Would you rather be content in your life’s purpose or know you are loved deeply?

222. Would you rather have a self-driving car or never again be stuck in traffic?

223. Would you rather be scared of the same things your entire life or have new fears that pop up weekly (while the old ones fade away)?

224. Would you rather get free coffee for the rest of your life or never have to fill up your gas tank again for the rest of your life?

225. Would you rather know how and when the world will end or how and when you will die (knowing that you can’t do anything about either of them)?

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To Consider With This or That Couples Questions

Now that’s a list! I hope you have as much fun answering these as I did making them. And of course, my husband had a few naughty ones that didn’t make it onto the list!

What couples would you rather questions do you like? Would you add any new ones?

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