105 Fun Date Night Ideas For Married Couples (In 2024)

Date night ideas for married couples connect you and your partner.

Many nights, we settle onto the couch together, remote in hand. It’s an all too familiar scene! Let’s transform those moments into something more meaningful.

Break the routine, embark on new adventures, and reignite the spark—whether you’re navigating the chaos of toddlerhood or have been happily married for a lifetime.

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Gottman Institute’s research shows that just 2 hours a week devoted to dates contributes to a healthy relationship. (source)

Hot Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Are you looking to take things up another notch? Spice up your relationship with these ideas.

1. Role Play At A Bar

For this date night idea, pretend you are strangers meeting for the first time at a bar. Come up with a new name and storyline. Don’t break character!

2. Have a Lunchtime Rendezvous’

Date night can also happen during the day. Schedule a spicy lunchtime rendezvous at home or in a hotel.

3. Try Out Edible Body Paint

Buy edible body paint or make your own with melted chocolate or whipped cream. Have fun painting one another.

4. Play an Adult Game

  • Play strip poker, strip monopoly, strip…well anything.
  • Make up your own naughty rules for your favorite board or card game.
  • Write sexy or romantic ideas on Jenga blocks.

5. Try Something New In Bed

Put more effort into your bedtime look with sexy lingerie, throw rose petals on the bed, and light candles. Be creative with these cards.

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6. Couples Massage

Book a couples massage and relax. Or take turns giving a massage to one to one another with sensual massage oil.

7. Take a Bubble Bath or Steamy Shower

Is there room for two in your bath or shower? Make room and heat things up.

8. Drive-in Movie

Channel your inner teenager and get cozy at the drive-in movie with your spouse.

9. Go Skinny Dipping

Take it off and go for a sexy swim with your spouse.

10. Stay in Bed Together

Make a date for the morning! Plan to stay in bed together all morning if you can.

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Intimate Ideas To Date Your Spouse

Create an unforgettable experience for your celebration, anniversary, or night out.

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11. Recreate Your First Date

We do this on our anniversary almost every year. It is a meaningful way to remember your first spark together.

12. Get Tickets To A Concert, Play, or Musical

Look at the schedules for the venues close to you. Then, pick something you will both enjoy.

Splurge for the good seats!

13. Visit a Brewery or Vineyard

If you like beer or wine, make reservations and set up a tasting.

14. Plan Your Next Big Getaway

Go to your favorite restaurant and take the time to plan your next big trip.

  • Book the flights and hotel before you leave the date.
  • Make a list of all the things you would like to do and see on your trip.

15. Staycation

Opt for a staycation or a nearby weekend away. Book a hotel and plan a few new things to do in your area.

16. Splurge on a Fancy Dinner

Make reservations at a nice place.

Pro Tip: Tell them ahead that you are celebrating your anniversary! They may decorate, give you a private table, or throw in something complimentary.

17. Take a Weekend Road Trip

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Is there a nearby place you’re curious to visit? Jump in the car, start driving, and see where you end up.

*Try these road trip trivia questions to entertain you together.

18. Check Something Off Your Bucket List

Try something adventurous, a bucket list travel destination, or a new hobby you have been wanting to explore.

19. Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Bring a local baker a picture of your original wedding cake or have them use the same flavors to remind you of your wedding day.

20. Make a Couples Vision Board

A couples vision board is a place to gather images and words that represent your goals and dreams.

Creating one helps you and your partner focus on your future together, create a stronger bond, and open up honest communication.

21. Reminisce

Make the night all about remembering your love story.

  • Look at pictures from when you first met, engagement photos, and wedding photos.
  • Watch your wedding video
  • (If you dare) put on your wedding dress and suit.
  • Dance with one another like you did at your wedding.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal and cake!
  • Drive by or visit the place where you had your wedding ceremony or reception.

22. Renew Your Wedding Vows

Make it a big affair or a private one- whatever is the most meaningful to you.

23. Learn to Salsa Dance

Learning a dance can strengthen your relationship, bring you closer, and help you work better as a team. Look for lessons near you or online.

24. Hire a Private Chef for the Night

If cooking isn’t your thing, hire a private chef for dinner at home. This is a romantic and stress-free way to spend a special evening.

25. Enroll in a Marriage Class

Set time to reflect on aspects of your marriage that are going well, but also the things that could use work. Consider enrolling in a marriage class to strengthen your relationship.

Date Night Questions For Married Couples

Date night questions are perfect if you want:

  • cheap date night ideas for married couples
  • interesting conversation topics over a meal
  • virtual and long-distance date night ideas
couple talking over food; date night questions for married couples; dinner; day date

26. Would You Rather Questions for Couples

While on a getaway with my husband, we had fun with these would you rather questions for couples.

27. How Well You Know Me Questions

Do you know your partner’s pet peeve? Their favorite hobby? Do you know why they fell in love with you? Use questions for how well you know someone to find out.

28. Couples Challenge Questions

Who would die first in a Zombie apocalypse?

Who would handle it better if they gave up coffee?

Play this unique couples challenge quiz or this date night questions game!

29. Conversation Starters

Spicy, romantic, fun, and random questions to start conversations reconnect you with your partner.

30. Date Night In: A Journal for Couples For Conversation & Connection

This journal is designed to start an intimate conversation. It features over 75 prompts including “favorite memories” and “first impressions of each other.”

31. Sexy Couples Trivia

Pillow Talk Trivia For Couples

This game is great for a spicy date night at home. It’s sure to heat things up in your marriage.

More Questions for Couples:

At Home Date Night Ideas

couple cooking together; date night ideas for married couples at home; husband; wife

Next, here are cheap date night ideas for a married couple’s night at home.

Pro Tip: The key to a successful date night at home is to plan ahead. Set aside distractions to focus on one another.

32. Movie Night Menus: Dinner and Drink Recipes Inspired by the Films We Love

A great date night at home starts with a dinner, movie, and drinks with a twist!

This book spotlights thirty films from the 1930s through the ’80s paired with signature drinks and food. Spark conversation with background and facts about each movie.

33. Online Couple’s Dance Class

Explore free online dance class tutorials. Make space in your living room and enjoy dancing without an audience.

34. Complete a Challenge

Check out these fun challenges for couples and pick something you and your spouse would enjoy. My favorites are:

  • Iron Chef
  • The $10 Buyers Challenge
  • Surprise Date Challenge
  • 30-Day Calendar of Small Love Challenges

35. Happy Hour At Home

Try out making a new cocktail or mix up a classic cocktail you both like.

36. Date Night Subscription Box

These awesome subscription box ideas have your date night at home planned for you. Each box offers a unique connection opportunity with your partner.

37. Solve a Crime

Do you love true crime shows or podcasts? Try to solve a crime yourselves! Hunt a Killer and Unsolved Case Files are fun ones to explore.

38. Charcuterie Board

Make a fun meal with cheeses, cured meats, fruits, nuts, and other little appetizers you love.

39. Use a Dinner Theme

Have a Little Italy night and prepare your own pizzas.

Other ideas include:

  • fondue night
  • fiesta night
  • french crepes
  • sushi

40. Video Games

couple playing video games at home; date night ideas for married

Recently, my husband took out his old Guitar Hero. We had a blast playing and we laughed a lot. It’s a great cheap date night idea that most husbands will love!

41. Picture Puzzle

Turn a favorite picture into a puzzle. Then, spend a night relaxing and putting your picture puzzle together.

<<Customize a picture to turn into a puzzle on Amazon here!>>

42. Make a Bucket List

Spend a night together creating an ultimate couples bucket list. What do you want to do together? There’s no time like the present to get started.

43. DIY Home Project

Do you have furniture to refinish? Or a room you want to paint? Spend the evening completing a DIY home project with your partner.

44. Game Night

Break out all of those board games you own!

45. Have a Firepit

Light up your outdoor firepit, pour the wine, and roast s’mores.

46. Side Hustle Date

Do you and your spouse have a side hustle? Or do you want to start one?

Pro Tip: We have found it helpful to set a date time each week on our calendar to discuss our side hustle. Make this fun and do it over dinner or dessert.

47. Make Your Own Club

Is there something both you and your spouse enjoy? Or want to learn more about? Make your own club! Book clubs, investment clubs, hobby clubs, or sports clubs – the sky is the limit here.

48. Have A Spa Night

Slip into a comfy robe. Then pamper one another with face masks while you soak your feet.

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Fun Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

What do married couples do to have fun? Check out this list of unique and fun date night ideas for married couples.

October bucket list; Halloween; for adults

49. Host A Murder Mystery Party

Invite other couples to join you on date night. Check out how to host the perfect murder mystery party here!

50. Be A Kid Again

Roller skating? Going down the slides at the public pool? Spend a date doing something you loved to do as kids.

51. Go To Brunch

My husband and I reminisce about the days before family activities took over. We loved brunch on the weekends. Schedule it in!

52. Find Events Close To You

Check out eventbrite.com to see what is going on in your area – from music and food to performing arts and sports.

53. Attend a Charity Event

Find a cause that is important to you and get dressed up for a fun evening out.

More Fun Ideas Out & About

Choose from this list of fun entertainment and activities to enjoy!

54. Play Miniature Golf

55. Go To An Arcade

56. Attend A Sporting Event

57. Test Drive Fancy Cars

58. Go Fishing or Camping

59. Check Out A Comedy Club

60. Have Fun At A Drag Show

61. Go To An Amusement Park

62. Take a Motorcycle Ride

63. Visit a Museum

64. Sing Karaoke

65. Take an Art Class

Adventure Date Ideas

If you and your spouse want to add adventure to your date nights, check out these ideas perfect for married couples.

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66. Check Out An Escape Room

67. Go Rock Wall Climbing

68. Get Tattoos Together

69. Go Skydiving

70. Plan A Hot Air Balloon Ride

71. Find a Ghost Walk Tour

72. Go Horseback Riding

73. Play Laser Tag

74. Go Axe Throwing

75. Go Bowling

76. Have Fun Ice Skating

77. Take A Hike

78. Take a Kayak or Canoe Ride

79. Go Paddle Boarding

80. Take A Bike Ride

81. Participate in Snow Sports Like Skiing, Sledding, or Snow-Shoeing

82. Go Swimming Sans Kids!

83. Hit Golf Balls At The Driving Range

84. Take an Exercise Class Together

85. Spend Time At The Beach

Romantic Date Nights For Married Couples

Looking to bring the romance back into date night? Here are great romantic date night ideas for married couples.

flowers and wine; romantic evening ideas for married couples

86. Go Out For Drinks And Dessert

87. Stargaze

88. Take a Scenic Drive

89. Have A Picnic Date In Front of the Fireplace

90. Enjoy A Candlelight Dinner And a Movie

91. Stay At a Bed and Breakfast

92. Book a Private Cooking Lesson

93. Volunteer Together

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Chill Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Looking to do something together that is low-key and relaxing? These are great classic date night activities that are easy.

couple coffee date; fun date night ideas for married couples to rekindle marriage

94. Visit The Library or a Bookstore

95. Get Ice Cream at a New Place

96. Try a New Cuisine At A Restaurant

97. Go To The Movie Theater

98. Go Out For Coffee

99. Visit the Local Arboretum or a Flower Garden

100. Take a Walk Together

101. Visit Open Houses

102. Go To Church or Attend An Event or Class Offered

103. Attend Theatre in the Park

104. Visit a Farmer’s Market

105. Go Shopping For Something You Will Both Enjoy

date ideas for married couples and newlyweds

Date Night Solutions

You know that couple on Facebook who is always posting about their date nights?

I’m talking multiple date nights a month.

It looks easy. But it takes work to plan a date night. There are date night challenges when you are married, but also creative ways to get around them.

  1. Try morning or lunch dates to find more time in your schedule.
  2. Plan a date night at home if you don’t have childcare.
  3. Budget by setting aside a portion every month strictly for date night.
  4. Make a plan and put a reminder on your phone if you need to make reservations.
date night solutions pin; what to do on anniversary

What’s Next?

This year, my husband and I have made a goal to plan at least one date night out per month in addition to a weekly date night at home (without distractions).

I challenge you to make date night with your spouse a priority.

Next, find unique date night gift ideas or create a love notes jar for your significant other.

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Date Ideas For Married Couples (2024)

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