About Me

Hi! I’m Jenn! I’m the writer of this blog!

You could say our journey began with our kids.

The blog first originated as a goal for how we wanted to raise them. We feel that will succeed as parents if our kids one day become healthy, happy, and impactful people.

Perhaps you have this same vision. 

YET, how can we expect that from our kids if we don’t first strive to embody that ourselves?

Our children will follow our example, not our advice. 


So first, I share my research about creating a fulfilling life so that you can easily find the steps needed to live to your potential. Friend, there is so much of it inside of you! 

Additionally, I hope to give you inspiration every step of the way. And we’ll build a place where you feel free to share your own amazing ideas about living well!

And finally (quite selfishly), the blog serves as a way to help solidify what I envision for my own life. It reminds me of what I need to do to grow and holds me accountable. So, thank you!


Among other obsessions, I’m an avid teacher and learner of languages.

In my personal life, I live in Kansas City with my awesome husband and three beautiful small children (ages 8 months, 5, and 7).

You can catch us on Instagram HERE to check out what we’re up to and how we’re trying to live intentionally.


In this blog, you’ll find all of the things that matter most to me. The list includes health, family, and personal growth, as well as exploring how best to live a happy and impactful life.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride!