105+ Most Exciting Picnic Date Ideas (& Quick Tips To Make It Easy)

Picnic dates are an intimate and romantic way to spend quality time with your partner. Plus, it’s fun to enjoy the outdoors and indulge in delicious food.

Use these picnic date ideas to plan the perfect outing any time of the year. Then, leave your devices at home, relax, and enjoy time with someone you love!

Not all picnic dates have to be romantic! Keep reading to discover picnic date ideas for friends and families.

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What Do You Need For A Picnic Date?

One of the best things about picnic dates is flexibility. With a little planning, you can create a memorable experience.

Follow these steps to plan the perfect picnic date.

  1. Choose the location and time of day.
  2. Plan the picnic date food.
  3. Gather the things you need to bring.
  4. Decide on an activity.

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Romantic Outdoor Picnic Dates Ideas

For those looking to enjoy a romantic outdoor picnic, here are a few ideas.

1. Rooftop Garden

If you are in an urban setting, find a rooftop with a scenic view to spice up a romantic picnic.

2. Drive-in Movie

Pack a picnic basket and head to the drive-in! Don’t forget to add popcorn and movie candy to your food selection.

3. Fire Pit or Bonfire Picnic

Light a fire (safely and legally), spread out a blanket, and roast hot dogs and s’mores for this late-night romantic picnic.

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4. Wine Tasting Picnic Date

Calling all wine lovers! A wine-tasting picnic is a great way to enjoy wine and cheese.

A virtual wine tasting is an option for this picnic adventure. Try out wine.com. You can register for a free event, buy the wine to taste, and receive instructions for the virtual tasting held via Zoom or YouTube.

*This is a unique option to check out and a great indoor picnic date as well.

5. Beach Picnic Date

Romantic beach picnic ideas are a classic choice.

My husband and I have an early morning breakfast picnic on the beach once a year. This morning tradition happens before it gets hot and crowded. And it’s an ideal time of day for quiet.

No matter the time, pack a basket with food and drinks. Then, enjoy the sound of the waves while soaking in the sun. Remember to bring a waterproof blanket, umbrella, and sunscreen.

6. Scenic Spot Picnic

Do you have an awesome scenic spot close by? Maybe a place you have never visited?

We love to do this when we travel to enjoy different views.

7. Waterfall Picnic

Having a picnic by a waterfall is the ultimate romantic spot.

8. Vineyard Picnic

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Pack a basket and head to your favorite local vineyard for a picnic. Check their rules in advance. Many vineyards offer charcuterie boards that you can purchase.

9. Sunrise Picnic

Picnics don’t have to be in the afternoon or evening. Early risers may enjoy a breakfast picnic as the sun rises. Opt for easy breakfast picnic food like yogurt, granola, fruit, and muffins.

10. Sunset Picnic

Choose a scenic location where you can easily see the sunset. Bring candles or lanterns to make this memorable as the sun goes down.

11. Stargazing Picnic

Grab a telescope, spread out a blanket, and snack under the stars. Use a constellation app like Night Sky or SkyView Lite to guide you.

12. Favorite Spot Picnic Date

Do you and your significant other have a spot you love? Plan the perfect romantic picnic at this spot!

Ask these perfect date night questions too!

13. Chocolate and Dessert Picnic Date Tasting

Gather a variety of chocolate and/or mini desserts for this unique picnic. Satisfy your sweet tooth while you sample something new.

14. Boat Picnic

Take your picnic on a boat. Relax and enjoy an afternoon on the water with your loved one.

15. Surprise Picnic Date Idea

Plan a picnic for your loved one, but make it a complete surprise! Focus on your partner’s favorite foods, places, and what will make them feel comfortable. Go all out on this one!

16. Hire a Private Chef

Skip the planning altogether and leave it up to a private chef. Enjoy your picnic on your deck or in your backyard. This is the ultimate relaxing and romantic experience.

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Cheap and Simple Outdoor Picnic Ideas for Couples

Sometimes we need a simple and budget-friendly date option. Choose from these easy and cheap picnic date ideas for couples.

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17. Park Picnic

This classic picnic is always a great choice because of the many places to relax at a park. Pick a spot that is scenic and not crowded. Then, enjoy nature and fresh air together.

18. Hiking Picnic

If you like adventure, a hiking picnic is perfect! Pack an easy lunch, snacks, and water in an insulated backpack. Then, explore a new trail and find a scenic spot to enjoy your picnic.

19. Arboretum Picnic

Head to your local arboretum or botanical garden with your picnic in tow.

20. Backyard Picnic

If you are looking for easy and budget-friendly picnic ideas, you can’t go wrong with your own backyard. Plus, the kitchen is close! It makes planning a picnic simple!

21. Car Picnic

Don’t have a babysitter? No problem!

Put the kids to bed early and have a date in your driveway. Pop the trunk, lay out a blanket, and enjoy a nice quiet evening out. I suggest making the food easy and getting takeout!

22. Lakeside Picnic

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If you live close (or are visiting) a lake, find a secluded spot and have a romantic lakeside picnic.

23. Potluck Picnic

Divide up the picnic food between you and your partner. Each one of you plans to bring your favorite foods to the meal.

This is also a great idea when inviting friends or another couple to a picnic.

24. Bike Ride Picnic

Pack an insulated backpack and take a scenic bike ride on a trail. Find a spot to spread out a blanket and have an easy picnic.

25. Mountain Picnic

We don’t all live by the mountains, but if you do or are traveling there, make it a point to have a scenic mountain picnic.

26. Pizza and Beer Picnic Date

It doesn’t get any easier than grabbing a pizza and beer and going to your favorite spot for a picnic. Think college. The greasier and cheaper, the better!

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Cute Picnic Date Ideas

Next, these cute picnic date ideas are fun ideas!

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27. Coffee and Pastry Picnic Date

Grab something new from a local coffee shop and have a breakfast picnic at your location.

My husband and I often opt to do this on our back deck. Or do it on vacation to get away early in the morning before the day starts.

28. City Center

Does your city have a central gathering space? Many of these spaces include lawns, fountains, and entertainment. Check your local areas to see what events are happening. Then, plan a picnic with this entertainment.

29. Yoga Picnic

Take your daily yoga or workout outdoors with your partner. Then, catch up with a simple picnic after your workout.

30. Kayak Picnic

Rent a kayak and enjoy a morning or afternoon on the water. Take your picnic along (if you dare) or eat by the lake when you are done.

31. Bird-Watching Picnic

Grab a local bird guide and a pair of binoculars. Find a great spot to watch birds while picnicking.

32. Painting Picnic Date

For artsy couples, gather watercolors, painting supplies, and your picnic basket. Enjoy painting with your loved one.

Follow an online painting tutorial to learn to paint something new if you are a beginner.

33. Fall Picnic Date

Plan a trip to a pumpkin patch or another beautiful scenic spot to admire the turning trees while you picnic. Dress for the weather and bring a thermos with a warm drink to keep you comfortable.

See more fall date ideas to add to your list.

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Simple Indoor Picnic Ideas For Couples

Get cozy and have an intimate date night indoors with your partner. You won’t need to worry about the weather, making these romantic indoor picnic date ideas special for cooler seasons.

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34. Fondue Picnic

Dig out the fondue pot and make this picnic fancy with melted cheese or chocolate and plenty of dipping options. Opt for a small folding table or tray to make your food easier to manage.

35. Fireplace Picnic

Create a cozy ambiance. Set the mood for romance with a picnic in front of the fireplace. Gather comfortable pillows and blankets and enjoy food and drinks by the fire.

36. Online Mixology Picnic

If you and your partner like cocktails, take an online mixology class at home. Learn how to make a wide range of cocktails.

These classes are led by top-rated mixologists. You will learn about the history of the cocktail while elevating your technique.

37. Themed Picnic Date

A themed picnic is a unique way to add excitement to your date. Choose one of the ideas below to plan your food menu, decorations, and dress attire.

  • Beach/Luau
  • Vintage
  • English tea party
  • Sports
  • Mardi Gras
  • Fiesta

38. Staycation Picnic

Have a ‘staycation’ picnic and recreate a place you have traveled and loved. Emulate the decorations, clothing, and food to turn an area of your house into your ultimate staycation vacation.

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39. Bedroom Picnic Date

Throw a blanket on top of the bed or have a picnic on the bedroom floor. To enhance the romance, try out this edible body paint for dessert. Or get creative with whipped cream. This will surely lead to a romantic night!

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Family-Friendly Picnic Date Ideas

Picnics are fun experiences for the entire family! Add variety to fun activities by planning a picnic your family will enjoy. These ideas are also great to invite friends!

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40. Outdoor Movie Picnic

Grab a portable projector or a white sheet. Then, show an outdoor movie. Make it fun with cozy chairs and blankets and a picnic snack with popcorn, candy, and soda.

41. Orchard Picnic

A few years ago, we went apple picking and packed a picnic to eat while we were there. Any orchard can make a fun picnic opportunity for the entire family.

42. Fishing Picnic

Going fishing? Pack a picnic and eat on the dock!

43. BBQ Picnic

Find a park or spot that has a grill and make it a picnic! To make it easy to invite others, have them bring their meat to grill and a side.

44. Camping Picnic

Camping is all about being in the great outdoors, so have a picnic by the campfire.

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45. Indoor Fort Picnic

Bring the fun indoors on hot, snowy, or rainy days. Build an epic fort tent with your family and lay out a picnic for dinner.

46. Indoor Movie Night Picnic

Plan a night or marathon with your family. Spread out on a blanket in your living room to eat and snack while you watch your favorite movies.

We like doing this for football games too!

47. Zoo Picnic

While you are enjoying the zoo, stop in a scenic spot and eat while watching the critters around you.

48. Pool Picnic

Plan a pool day and take your food. Lay out your towels and enjoy a picnic after swimming.

49. Nature Walk or Scavenger Hunt Picnic

Pack a backpack picnic and go for a nature walk with your family. Use this awesome nature scavenger hunt free printable with your kids. Then find a place to eat your picnic.

50. Outdoor Concert or Play Picnic

Pack up a picnic and head to an outdoor concert or theatre performance.

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Picnic Date Food Ideas

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Good food and drinks are essential for a picnic date.

When you are planning a picnic date food menu, opt for simple foods that are easy to eat when possible. Don’t forget about the drinks!

  • Take out (get your favorite!)
  • Themed food: tacos, greek, sushi, BBQ, Italian (try calzones)
  • Fruit options
  • Veggies and hummus

Food safety tip: Stay away from foods that will spoil easily or need to be heated before eating. Consider your location and how you will transport, keep your food cool, and serve your food.

Things To Bring On A Picnic Date

Pack the essentials for your picnic and use these tips to set up your picnic date.

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chair and blanket; things to bring on a picnic date
  • Hand towels or wipes
  • Trash bags
picnic basket
insulated picnic backpacks
portable wine picnic table
insulated wine carrier tote
  • Utensils and tableware
folding picnic table with bag
  • Hats and sunglasses

Additional things you may need for a picnic date include sunscreen and bug repellent.

*Safety tip: Bring a small first aid kit containing band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and allergy medication to address minor injuries or allergic reactions.

Things To Do On A Picnic Date

You’ve planned your picnic location, food, and things to bring. Now it’s time to add in an additional picnic date activity if you want.

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Here are great suggestions to enhance your picnic for couples and families:

  • Play frisbee
  • Badminton
  • Play catch
  • Cornhole
  • Go for a swim
  • Play sand volleyball
  • Make your own music playlist of favorite songs and play it on a Bluetooth speaker
  • Play card games
  • Play an instrument
  • Take photos
  • Sketch the scenery
  • Dance together
  • Take a nap
  • Pick wildflowers

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To Consider With Picnic Date Ideas

No matter what you choose to do, a picnic date is a great way to enjoy the outdoors (or indoors) with your loved ones.

What’s next?

Read Fun Date Night Ideas for Couples to find more ways to have fun and connect with your partner. And consider adding in these interesting topics to talk about on your next date!

Picnic Date Ideas: Food, Set Up, & Things to Bring