Oh, my poor husband.

We all know communication is key in a marriage. And I like to think we’re pretty decent at it. But most of the text messages for my husband are from a harried, stressed-out wife.

Plus, he often hears more from me when we’re hashing out the business of being mom and dad. Can you relate?

A look at my texts shows lots of messages like this…

  • “Where did you put the charger?!” (I can never find that dang thing!)
  • “We need to ___________ (fill in the blank with 100 different parental responsibilities).”
  • “Can you schedule that?”
  • Your son is showing a lot of attitude lately.”
  • “When should I make dinner around our night activities?”

These aren’t really awe-inspiring texts to always get from your wife.

Now, there are some more conversational texts and a few flirty ones, but the majority are like the messages above.

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text messages for your husband

How Can I Make This Better?

Text messages can be a fantastic way to connect and keep our relationship spark going. And who doesn’t want to make their partner smile?

The problem is that on a day to day basis, it’s hard to remember. So, I’ve put together some positive texts to send and even some ways to ask more about his day.

The Right Ones For You

But first, I’ll be honest.

I find a lot of stuff towards husbands to be a little cheesy.

We’ve been married for 11 years and have 3 kiddos. So, the crazy romance doesn’t make an everyday appearance anymore.

If I text him “you take my breath away” or “I’ve thought of you every second of today” he’s going to wonder what’s wrong with me (and why I’m not doing other things…)

But maybe you like the more romantic language, and that’s ok! If you do, add them in too!

man and woman, text messages for husband

Text Messages for Your Husband

So today, we’re looking for simple and direct. Sweet, but not over the top. And a little flirty doesn’t hurt.

sweet text messages

Check out these 30 ways to connect!

1. How’s your day going? (easy, but how often do we really ask?)

2. Thanks for __________(something specific!) That was really sweet.

3. I was just thinking, we should _______ together more.

4. I got a sitter for Friday. Let’s do something fun.

5. You look great today.

6. You were such a great dad/husband yesterday when…

7. I’m looking forward to some time alone with you. When should we plan for it?

8. I just had a fun idea of what we can do later.

9. I bragged about my awesome husband today.

10. I’m missing you today.

11. Proud of you working so hard babe.

12. I really noticed you’re (working out, taking action, helping more, etc.) lately.

13. I loved our time together last night/this morning.

14. How’s that project going at work?

15. I’m having a rough day, but I’m so grateful _____.

16. You. Me. _____ at 8. (drinks, bed, etc).

17. I know you’ve had a rough day, here’s something to look forward to when you get home (send pic of dessert, wine, etc.)

18. I love how you teach our kids to ______.

19. Hey babe, thanks for fixing _____.

20. What do you want to do tonight?

21. Let’s put the kids to bed early tonight.

22. I really appreciate it when you _____.

23. Thank you for everything you do for our family.

24. I know you’re busy, but just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you.

25. Still laughing at what you said last night.

26. I picked you up something you like. Want to guess what it is?

27. I hope you’re having a great day.

28. Has anything interesting happened to you today?

29. This made me think of you (send a pic of something at home or work) Do you know why?

30. I just ________ (put on a little makeup/something sexy, made a dinner you like) for you tonight.

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Add a Little Something

Additionally, be sure to add a little extra to the text messages for your husband, just for fun. Emojis, personal pictures, and GIFS are always comical and will make your husband smile and laugh while he’s away from you.

Keep it lighthearted!

Tips to Remember

sweet text for husband

So, now that we have ready made messages, what’s next?

Um, actually remembering to do it!

Check out these ways to remind yourself to share the love:

  • Write a reminder on a sticky note kept at your work desk
  • Put it on your to-do list once a week
  • Set a repeat phone alarm or reminder
  • Get a friend to hold you accountable
  • Spend time around others that show their spouse love

Further Resources

sweet text messages to husband

Finally, in the 5 Love Languages, text messages are especially perfect for those “words of affirmation” types! This book is a great guide for improving your relationship and the quiz is well worth it too!

Or check out their website HERE.

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Something to Consider

What about you? What kinds of messages do you have in your phone RIGHT NOW?

Are they positive, sweet, and flirty?

If not, change that now! Try a few of these text messages for your husband out in the next week and see what kind of reaction you get!

Just because you’ve been married for a while, doesn’t mean you can’t keep the spark blazing!

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