20 Unique & Fun Date Night Gift Ideas for Couples

The Date Night Gift Basket To Bring You Together

I must confess. I’m not a gift person.

date night gift ideas

It’s not that I don’t appreciate them sometimes. I certainly do.

But receiving gifts ranks low on my happiness scale. My husband happens to be the same way. And for that reason, we seldom get each other gifts.

Yet, certain times of the year are tricky. Sometimes, we want to feel we are still celebrating. So, years ago, we decided that instead of giving each other material gifts for Christmas, we would buy “date night gifts.”

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Um, What Are “Date Gifts”?

Well, they are gifts used to spend quality time together.

We’ve enjoyed many date night gifts over the years, and this post is dedicated to this special gift idea. Each year, one of us gives a gift that can be used at home, and the other does a gift that can be used for going out. You’ll find both types in this post.

Plus, the BEST part about these date night gift ideas is that you can spend as much or as little money as you want!

And finally, the date night gift basket is perfect for friends or parents that you know! So, feel free to give them to other couples! Now, let’s dig in!

Date Night Gift Ideas At Home

For those staying in, these baskets make for memorable at home dates.

1. A Travel Date

date night gift basket ideas at home: go traveling

What place would you have fun learning more about? Have your date gift center around exploring a country! Here are a few examples of countries to have fun with from home. Remember, the ideas can be applied to any country!

Japan Date Night Gift Basket

Mexico Gift Basket

The Caribbean, China, England…you name it and you can spend an evening enjoying that culture!

2. Make a Bucket List Date

date night gifts: make a bucket list

Dreaming and planning brings couples together, plus it’s fun to envision all of the amazing things you can do! Pick up these items for this date night gift basket:

Make your lists separately, and then come together for one big one! Check out this humungous bucket list for individual ideas too. These spring, summer, fall, and winter bucket lists all also have seasonal ideas for adults.

couple's bucket list, date night gift ideas for friends

Or would you love a date bucket list made for you? Then, check out these 100 Date Night Idea Cards and start adventuring together on your next date!

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3. The Five Senses Date

This date gift is incredibly flexible and keeps the preferences of your partner in mind. Simply include something in your gift box for each of the five senses.

This is the clean version, but by all means, spice it up for a more romantic date night gift basket!

  • Sight: candles and fancy clothes
  • Sound: soft romantic music
  • Smell: candles, fresh flowers, or an essential oil diffuser
  • Touch: Massage oil
  • Taste: takeout dessert from your favorite restaurant or some foods you’ve never tried

4. Bookstore / Coffee Shop Date

bookstore, date night gift basket

This is one of our all time favorite dates out, so why not re-create the feel at home!

Bring the bookstore to you! You’ll need…

  • An assortment of hot cocoa, tea, and coffee
  • Coffee bar items to splurge: whipped cream, coffee syrups, cinnamon, flavored creamer, scones or muffins
  • A small vase of flowers to set the coffeeshop tone
  • Magazines
  • A few books from the library or bookstore
  • Jazz or classical playlist for the background

And if you’re not into coffee, use this concept to create a “bar theme” or a sophisticated at home whiskey or wine tasting.

5. Movie Night Date

movie night, date night gift basket ideas for her

The movie date is an old standby because it works! It’s relaxing and easy – what ALL grownups need! Here’s what to include in this gift basket:

  • Candy and popcorn
  • A pizza gift card or ingredients for a delicious homemade pizza (to make together!)
  • A gift card to Apple, Redbox, etc. for a fresh movie
  • Fun drink options
  • Fort supplies or a new cozy blanket

6. Game Night

The Ultimate Game For Couples on amazon

Game night is another classic date night gift idea, and for good reason. If you and your spouse love games, give this a try!

  • A new board game – Check out our favorite games HERE!
  • A new card game
  • A classic deck of cards for a romantic game of poker – wink, wink!
  • Fun couples challenges to try
  • Easy finger food snacks you’ll both love
  • Fun drinks (pop, coffee, tea, beer, etc.)

If you enjoy trivia, check out different trivia night categories and ideas.

7. Spa Date

date night gift ideas for her; spa date

If you both enjoy a good soak, give this gift! And swap massages during your date for extra relaxation!

Items to alleviate stress include:

8. Taste Testing Date

The taste test date is a HUGE winner here. Apart from the fact that it’s fun, you’ll realize that you often eat things that you don’t actually love the taste of. It’s eye-opening!

Charcuterie board

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Food items that are the same (3 types of bread, 3 different olive oils, 3 different mustards, 3 cheesecakes, 3 of anything)
  • A blindfold (if you’d like to go only by taste)
  • An elegant charcuterie board and serving utensils
  • Anything needed to get your fireplace going (set the mood if it’s cold!)
  • A blanket for an inside or outside picnic (check out more ideas for a picnic date)
  • Candles
  • Other appetizer and drink items to go with your taste-testing foods

For more creative dates, check out this year of holiday dates guide!

9. Fitness Date

fitness date gifts

Have you heard the expression “those that sweat together, stay together.” Yeah, me neither.

BUT getting healthy together IS a great bonding experience. So, enjoy some endorphins!

Healthy date night gift ideas include:

  • Smoothie ingredients
  • Several fitness videos picked out that your partner would have fun trying
  • New weights or exercise equipment
  • Healthy meal ingredients with an easy recipe attached
  • New workout clothes
  • A new exercise tracker (Like the Fitbit 4)
  • A fun upbeat playlist
  • Gift card for a couples massage for after the date (this part is out, but you can go separately if one of you needs to be home)

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10. House Project Date

This is for the home improvement enthusiasts! Use the date night gift to move forward in a project you’d both like done.

Items to include:

  • Specific plans for the project (if needed)
  • Materials (measured out) for your home project
  • Wine, beer, or a fun cocktail to enjoy while you work
  • An easy snack or treat to celebrate your accomplishment!

11. Bed & Breakfast Date

bed and breakfast date gifts

Let’s bring the luxury feel home to us! Turn your bedroom into an upscale hotel with these items:

  • New quality bed sheets
  • Fancy chocolates
  • A bottle of high-quality wine for the evening
  • Gift card for breakfast takeout or fresh fruit and muffins
  • Fancy coffee for the morning and/or mimosas
  • A beautiful breakfast tray (helps reduce any mess too!)
  • Loungewear

For more ideas on a bed and breakfast date read HERE.

12. Couples Painting Date Night

Get creative together by using an online painting tutorial and the supplies needed for a painting night at home.

  • A few inexpensive canvases
  • Paints and brushes (grab a set)
  • List of possible YouTube painting tutorials
  • Paint smocks
  • Cocktail to enjoy while painting

13. Sexy Date Night Ideas

couple in bed; sexy date night ideas

Spice things up in the bedroom. Make time for intimacy and romance with a sexy date night.

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Date Night Gift Ideas Out

Now for the dates that help you explore your area! Check out these unique ideas!

14. A Trip From the Past

Last year, my husband put together a date night gift basket from our trip to Spain years ago. It included:

  • Favorite written memories from the trip (a nice personal touch)
  • Old photos from the trip
  • Spanish wine
  • A gift card to a Spanish restaurant
  • Specialty olives

Have you gone on a memorable trip together? Bring back your adventure with a date gift that commemorates it!

15. Camping Date

date night gifts for him

Next, get some fresh air with the one you love! Put in these items for an epic date:

16. Try New Things Date

Are you stuck in a rut lately? Or just need something to spice things up? Sometimes, getting out of our comfort zone can feel SO good! Why not do it with your partner?

Item ideas to include:

  • A gift card to a restaurant you’ve never tried before (or pick up food for a new recipe)
  • Tickets to an activity you haven’t done (or in at least a year): mini-golf, kayak, go to a symphony, learn archery, a cooking class, etc)
  • A new drink to try (to take with you on the date)

17. A Sporting Event Date

date night gift basket

Calling all sports fans! Try this date gift basket idea!

  • Tickets to a favorite team or event (professional or amateur)
  • Bottled water or juice to take along
  • Fun snacks that go with the sport (peanuts, shaved ice, etc.)
  • Memorabilia from the team
  • A new shirt or jersey to wear

18. A Progressive Dinner

Now, this one is extremely easy to put together! Make a complete night out of restaurant hopping!

  • A gift card to a restaurant with great appetizers and drinks
  • A gift card to a restaurant for dinner
  • A gift card to a restaurant for dessert

Enjoy people watching and getting out on the town!

19. A Fancy Biking or Hiking Adventure

date night gift ideas

Go on a bike ride around a new trail and take a special food spread to stop at a beautiful location.

Include these items for the date:

picnic backpack

*Need more ideas for epic dates? Check out these date night ideas for married couples!

20. Stargazing Picnic Date Ideas

For the adventurous night owls, plan a late picnic to gaze at the stars.

*Check out Picnic Date Ideas for more tips to spice up a picnic.

Something to Consider With Date Night Gifts

And now that I’m done with this post, I’ll be stealing one for my hubby’s gifts this year!

What are the date night gift ideas that you love?

date night gift basket ideas for 2023 Christmas and birthday

Next, turn these ideas into unique family gift baskets!

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