Design Your Life With A 5 Year Plan

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

Oprah Winfrey

What do you truly want your life to look like? I don’t mean today or tomorrow. And I don’t mean how others want your life to look.

Deep down, in the depths of your soul, how do you want to live?

Many people spend more time contemplating their dinner options than their next 5 years.

And that is utter madness.


I like to consider the compound effect. Either our small daily actions move us towards or away from the life we desire. But how do we even know where we want to go?

We must find clarity.

If we don’t have a well-defined vision about where we want to go then how can we expect to prosper?!

Our lives have many facets. Some areas are naturally better planned out than others. Yet we want an exceptional life in all areas.

Enter the 5-year plan.

five year plan pin


Simply think about your ideal life and write it down! Avoid self-imposed limitations. Just write! Think about what you would be, do, and have in the next 5 years if it could be anything.

In 5 years…


Are you taking care of yourself emotionally and physically? How? What do you want your body to look and feel like? How do you want your mindset to be? What would get it there?

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Spouse Relationship

How does your relationship look and sound? Do you spend time together? How much and what do you do?


How much time do you want to spend together? What are you doing together as a family? Do you have consistent meaningful traditions in place that help build close, lifelong relationships?

Friend Relationships

Do you have a community of people that you love? How do you know? How often do you see those people? Are you connecting with old and new friends?

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Physical Environment

What do you want your house to look, feel and sound like? How do you run the household? Do you live in a location that helps design the other areas of your life (commute, parks, schools, nature)?


Are you doing work that fulfills you? And working the amount that you want to work? Are you growing in wealth? Are you using the money towards what matters to you?


Be very specific! Use all of the senses when describing, and really feel that future you.

Additionally, you can add many other possible areas such as spirituality, travel, etc. It’s up to each of us to decide what a well-rounded life looks like.

5 year plan, five year plan


Here’s an example of one category! This is a short version of my 5-year plan for this area!

  • Routines are in place that nurture me, and I take the time to care for myself (meditation, self-care checklist, friends, spouse time)
  • I read or listen to positive input regularly (podcasts, books, youtube videos, church).
  • My diet consists of a high amount of vegetables, and low meat and sugar. I’m at a healthy weight.
  • I exercise/run 5 times a week, and strengthen weekly.

As a result, I have a strong healthy core and live pain-free! I am energetic and confident. I consistently take care of my body (eating well and exercise), mind (positive input, personal development, meditation), and spirit (church).

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This doesn’t mean that we expect a perfect life in five years and everything will go as planned.

That’s unachievable.

It’s simply a clear guide that shows us where we want to go. My 5 Year Plan shows what my very best life looks like in every area. It gets me to take the time to think about my future.

If I can do even a fraction of it, I will indeed live a healthy, happy, and impactful life.

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five year plan


I try to revisit it once a quarter to remind myself of what matters. I also break the plan down into yearly goals as stepping stones to where I want to go.

Once I have a goal in every area, I write them down often


It’s worth it to get your spouse involved in this too. I did it for a year without my hubby, and it was still effective.

But a few years ago, I asked him to think about these things on his own with no influence from me. He was able to add an incredible amount of value to the table when he shared what he wanted his future to look like.

Now, it is easier for us to be supportive and work towards our shared future together.

Something To Think About

So, what does your 5-year plan look like?

If you aren’t moving towards the life of your dreams, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.

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