What are your favorite things to do at night?

Do they nourish you? Or set you up for success?

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell

I know, I know. Everyone loves their nighttime Netflix binges, and we all need to zone out some when night rolls around.

I’m a zombie by 9:00 pm, I get it.

A nighttime routine can sometimes be a hard sell, but a few intentional routines can make a HUGE difference in how we live the rest of our lives. Besides, our night routine doesn’t have to completely rule out Stranger Things.

So, hear me out with these smart things to do at night! There’s more to the time before bed than meets the eye!

There’s potential.

As in, your potential.

Why Nights Matter

Do you want to feel successful every day? Or centered and balanced? Or just not so dang tired?

Here is where that can happen. A night routine is just as important as a morning one!

The actions we take at night can be the difference between whether we take care of our health, get enough sleep, grow, and manage our stress.

It’s our last chance to make an impact in our day, and it’s also the BEST opportunity to set us up to conquer the following day.

So, use this time wisely!

pin of things to do at night before bed

Brilliant Things To Do At Night

There are two facets to an effective evening routine. First…

Set Yourself Up For Daytime Success

things to do at night journaling


There is no success without a clear plan.

What are the top priorities for tomorrow? What do you really want to accomplish that moves the needle the MOST towards your goals?

The Productivity Planner has been instrumental in helping me get important stuff done. It’s probably the only reason I’ve been able to steadily improve the blog with 2 kids and a baby.


I battle this one constantly, but I ALWAYS feel better if my house is not in chaos when I go to bed.

Waking up to toys everywhere and dirty dishes in the sink is just not how I want to start my day.

Therefore, set a timer and do a quick pick up for 5 or 10 minutes at night. It may not be perfect, but it’s definitely better, and will make you rest easier!


What can be done ahead of time for tomorrow?

Usually, the kids can get their stuff ready the night before to reduce meltdowns and whining the next morning.

The same can be said for adult stuff! What can be done tonight to make tomorrow run as smoothly as possible? Take just a few moments to prepare each night!

On a similar note…


This one is INSTRUMENTAL in setting us up for success! Consider these…

  • Are you wanting to workout tomorrow? Set out your exercise clothes!
  • Is there something important you want to work on? Make sure your computer is charged and in the right spot.
  • Did you promise yourself you’d eat a salad? Make it ahead!
  • Is journaling a goal? Make sure a journal and pen are on your nightstand where you can see them when you wake up!

This step is removing the friction so that healthy habits are easier the next day!

Take a moment now and think of one or two habits you’re trying to get better at. Reflect on what you can set out for the next day to make good things happen!

The Wind Down

Second, an effective night routine helps us catch of up on our Zs. These will be sure to get you relaxed and ready to hit the pillow!

things to do in the evening for better sleep


Wind down with some easy stretches or yoga before bed. This helps to improve flexibility and releases the tension built up in your body from a hard day’s work. Plus, it gets your blood circulating for better sleep!

Try this easy yoga sequence before bed and see how you feel!


This is often the only great time to read something that you enjoy, that inspires you, or that helps you grow.

Start with just a few minutes, and expand your time as you go! This is also the best way to wind down without screens before you shut your eyes!

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Journaling serves two purposes.

First, if your mind has a hard time shutting down at night, it can be an enormous relief to jot things down on paper so that you can sleep.

Second, in order to truly grow, we must take the time to pause and reflect. We can’t learn from our successes and failures if we never take the time to think about them.

Try out these easy nighttime journaling questions…

  • What went well today? What did I succeed at?
  • What do I need to improve? How will I do it?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • What do I want to do tomorrow, next week/month/year?
  • What does my ideal morning/night/day look like?
  • Where do I see myself in 6 months?
  • What am I most proud of today?
  • Who or what inspired me today?

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Also, if you are new to journaling, I highly recommend the 5-minute journal. It has morning and evening spots for gratitude, what would make today great, affirmations, and what to improve on. It’s built-in so I don’t even have to think about it.


We all know it, but few of us do it. And, this is SO important!

We all want to check our phones one last time right before bed. But if we give in, we look up 45 minutes later and wonder how so much time has passed!

Not only does the blue light affect our bodies, but the excessive information from our feeds does the opposite of wind us down.

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We get so little of it these days.

This is simply carving out time to relax and reflect.

It could be in a bed, a special chair, or even while taking a relaxing bath.

We can not learn if we never stop and take the time to do so, so make sure there is at least one part of your day where you are alone with your thoughts.

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An amazing night routine should include some form of relaxing self-care! This could be skincare, a cup of tea, a face mask, or anything else that makes your stress melt away.

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Lastly, nighttime can be the perfect time to spend special moments with those we love.

Whether it’s extra kisses to the kids or a little cuddling or Netflix watching (it’s still in there!) with the spouse. Intentional quality time is a must when our days are so busy and packed with activities.

Something To Consider About Nights


Start with just one action to try out for your night routine tonight! What will it be?

When you get that one down, add another, and another. Before you know it, you’ll have a routine that helps you be more productive, successful, and balanced.


Head over to Instagram where I put tips from my night routine in my Stories Highlights under the “Night Routine” section.

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Which of these things to do at night make the most impact on you?

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