15 Ways to Vastly Improve Your Quality of Life in 2023

How To Elevate Your Satisfaction & Life Quality

My husband told me a joke.

How to improve your quality of life

He said, “It’s eight a.m. so I should probably change from my nighttime pajamas into my daytime pajamas.” He’s a funny man when working from home.

At the time, the monotony was getting to him. But it can be a struggle for ALL of us sometimes to find direction, motivation, and joy.

Yet, my mind returns to one special kid who schooled me in why it’s important to improve your quality of life

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how to live a quality life, ways to improve

For years, I tutored a teenage boy in the midst of a horrendous cancer battle. He was no longer able to attend school, and I came to his home.

I watched as, over time, his body deteriorated under the constant strain of chemo. And, I observed, helpless, as he grappled with his mortality, the mood swings, and the impossible decisions. That warrior of a kid fought for every single minute he had left.

And the simple things that brought his family pleasure in those difficult moments humbled me to my core. A family photo. A new insight. Easy laughter.

Even in their hopeless situation, they found pleasure. In fact, they enjoyed their time together more than anyone I had seen before. Because they knew the truth.

Life is SHORT.

So, why not enjoy it? Why not strive to improve your quality of life? And treat your days as precious gems.

Let’s find out how…

Things You Can Do Immediately To Improve Your Life

1. Appreciate the Good Stuff

Do you truly notice a gentle breeze? Or appreciate fine wine in front of a warm fire?

The MOST imperative step to improve quality of life is savoring the simple.

Therefore, begin with a simple daily list of all the things going well in your life. A warm place to live and fresh food on the table are great places to start.

Then, remind yourself to stop and notice throughout the day. The blue of those flowers is gorgeous, or the sound of laughter is so sweet. Write down those things at night.

It takes a little training, but appreciation is the BIGGEST step to living more in the magic.

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2. Surround Yourself With Quality

beautiful artwork

Next, improve the quality of the things around you. Are you exposing yourself to things that make your heart sing? That inspire you? Try a few of these today:

  • candlelight dinners
  • fresh flowers
  • beautiful music
  • stunning photographs
  • art that moves you
  • high-quality food
  • well written books
  • sunrises and sunsets

Note that all of these are simple, inexpensive experiences. Even something as small as a few nice plush towels after a bath can make a difference in how you feel.

Surround yourself with quality, and you’ll notice the level of your life rise as well.

*And this is why my husband should get out of his daytime pajamas…

3. Put Your Health First

Health is tricky because we take it for granted until it’s gone. It’s like the ace in a game of cards; it’s hard to win without it.

Your overall health is the difference between attacking the day and wishing you were still in bed. It’s the pain of disease versus the pleasure of freedom and energy. How can you enjoy what life has to offer if you’re sick and tired all the time?

Of course, now is the best time to start!

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating your leafy greens, moving your body daily, and taking some vitamins to help fill the gaps.

It’s pointless to improve your quality of life while ignoring the state of your health.

4. Find What Makes you Happy

good ways to improve your life quality

Next, many of us don’t stop to consider what actually makes us happy. Not your family, or your friends, but you.

  • What are the pursuits that light you up?
  • Where are the places that inspire you?
  • What objects fill you with joy?

Create a grand list of all of the things that make you happy. Don’t stop at just a few. Give it time and keep writing. As a result, you’ll find this is a profound exercise for getting to know yourself.

Then, take that list and schedule at least three of them for the next week.

5. Beware of your Associations

Your friend or family member who’s always pointing out the negative DOES rub off on you. Especially now, when tensions are high.

And your high-quality life won’t happen surrounded by downers. So consider carefully who you let into your bubble. It should only be people who support and uplift you.

And if you realize that’s not the case, simply limit your time, and continue to seek out those who do.

6. Be Bold

how to improve quality of life, best ways

The times in my life that I’ve felt most alive are without a doubt the moments when I took a risk. Traveling alone in Spain, riding a jeep on a mountain, and starting this blog all left me with fear and exhilaration.

When have you felt most alive? Did you throw caution to the wind?

Strive to do something every day that scares you (or is difficult). In other words, challenge yourself. Often.

This not only builds courage and confidence but will increase your self-discipline by leaps and bounds.

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7. Get Out in Nature

plant, bring nature in

Nature heals the soul. Inspires it. Quiets it. And rejuvenates it.

And if you want an exceptional life, nature must be an integral part of it. Check out trails, forests, mountains, beaches, deserts, or flowers. But find some often.

And if you’re stuck inside, have plants in your home and look at trees close by. Bring that nature inside if you must. You’ll quickly notice that seeing natural beauty effortlessly improves your quality of life.

8. Meditate

improve quality of life lifestyle habits

Sitting in stillness every day does wonders for how connected you are with yourself. Not only are you less stressed and better capable of handling life, but you take the time to appreciate the moment you’re in.

It’s a gift you give yourself. And a happier, calmer YOU leads to a much better quality of life.

Check out my post How to Meditate for Beginners for more.

9. Build Better Habits

Our habits run our lives. They are the machinery in the background that we hardly notice, and yet, in the long run, they determine our entire life trajectory.

If you struggle with relationships, health, or anything else, brainstorm the habits you could build to strengthen them. Then check out 4 Essential Ways to Build Better Habits for tips on how to get your habits to stick.

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10. Connect With Others

best ways to live a quality life examples in the community and at home

Happiness is found in the quality of our relationships.

The better we connect, the happier and more beautiful life will be. What are your most important relationships?

Schedule time for those people every day or week. And utilize technology when necessary to keep those bonds strong.

Then, remind yourself to take a genuine interest in others. People connect when you show that you care about them, either through interest, appreciation, thank yous, or gifts.

11. Be the Master of Your Technology

Technology is an integral part of our lives, and when used well is a spectacular advancement to our society. The problem? Almost everyone is addicted to it. And it has become one of the biggest soul suckers of our days.

When your child is talking to you and you’re on the phone?

Your phone gets the attention. And that beautiful Instagram photo of your friend? Is showing her best moment while you’re comparing your worst.

The best way to put your phone in its place is to put your phone in a separate place. Decide on no-phone zones and keep all technology in a drawer during that time (we like 5-8pm). Start with morning deep work, family mealtimes, and conversations.

*If you struggle with this, commit to a short digital detox. You’ll be astounded at how much this improves the quality of your life, as well as your relationships.

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12. Learn and Grow To Improve Life Quality

how to elevate your life

Next, we thrive on progress, so if you truly want a high-quality life, learn something every single day.

Read a good book. Listen to a podcast or audiobook. Read articles. Understand how to be a better human or parent. Learn how to improve your health or wellbeing.

Then, put that knowledge into action. Small wins every day lead to stunning results in the long term, and this can only be done by continuous, daily learning.

For a list of amazing books read: Best Inspirational Books for Women

13. Get Inspired

When was the last time you were inspired?

To improve your quality of life, renew your hope and zest for life on a regular basis.

Grab your favorite encouraging article, quote, or YouTube video. Call up that amazing person. Or watch a documentary on someone you admire. Don’t go one day of your life without feeling inspired to live well.

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14. Save Your Money To Improve Life Quality

save money for exceptional living

While not obvious, having money in the bank is a very real way to live better. After all, the worry that comes with financial stress is debilitating. And that anxiety leaves little room to savor the day.

So, make a plan. Save at least 20-30 percent of your income moving forward and give yourself an emergency fund to fall back on. This simple step doubles your peace of mind.

15. Take Care of What Weighs You Down

Is your messy house driving you nuts? Set a timer and clean it for fifteen minutes.

Or, perhaps you’re feeling anxious about a situation. Write down your feelings with a brain dump and clarify what’s causing it.

If something is a burden, take a moment to handle it head-on. Lift the weight that threatens to crush you. Often, we avoid things because they seem hard, but are shocked at how quickly they resolve once we address them.

So, make a list of anything that’s bothering you and take a few moments today to take care of them. Your relief, when finished, will give you a new level of peace.

To Consider With Ways To Improve Quality of Life

best list of ways to improve and elevate your quality of life: things you can do immediately

Finally, remember to keep what truly matters into perspective. Things like love, happiness, and positive impact.

With each new day, our lives pass us by. Don’t let ANY of them pass without meaning something.

So, hug those you love. Tell them you love them, and remember to always reach to improve your quality of life. So that you LIVE. And savor the day you’re in.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Oscar Wilde

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