200 Most Valuable Habit Ideas & Free Tracker to Skyrocket Your Progress

Developing good habits is no easy task.

Strong forces work against us. The kids woke up late and we have to get them out the door. The client at work just pushed up a work deadline. Or we’re feeling a little under the weather.

Obstacles are abundant on the path to a healthy, happy, impactful life.

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So, what’s a person to do?

Well, use a habit tracker printable and habit tracker ideas to motivate and help you build unbeatable habits!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

– Will Durant

Does Habit Tracking Work?

We all have things we’d love to improve.

Yet, here’s the thing about habits: We need to feel and see our progress to keep doing them. Without progress, motivation vanishes like a wisp of smoke.

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free habit tracker printable

This chart WORKS because it creates that visual of your progress. You can celebrate your successes and continue to pull through when it gets hard.

Here’s what else the daily habit tracker printable does for you:

  • Gives you quick satisfaction
  • Makes it difficult to forget to do it
  • Motivates you (don’t break the chain!)

What Habits Do You Want to Work on?

Next, here’s a comprehensive list of ideas for your monthly habit tracker printable.

what to work on with your habit tracker template

Most Valuable Personal Habit Tracker Ideas

These habit tracker ideas include ways to improve health and relationships with yourself and others.

1. Taking your vitamins

2. Reading a devotional or something inspirational

3. Exercising

4. Drinking X ounces of water

5. Getting 7/8 hours of sleep

6. Writing in your gratitude journal

7. Decluttering one area a day

8. Flossing your teeth

9. Making your bed

10. Reading with your kids

11. Meditating

12. Writing X amount of words

13. Playing with your kids

14. Taking a screen break

15. Taking time off social media

16. Walking 10,000 steps

17. Doing X number or pushups

18. Waking up at 5am (or an hour earlier than usual)

19. Reading X number of pages

20. Drinking a smoothie or having a salad at lunch

21. Family dinner

22. Planning your day

23. Eating a healthy breakfast

24. Saying a prayer of thanks before meals

25. Spending time in nature

26. Listening to an inspirational podcast

27. Saying night affirmations, or mornings ones

28. Reflecting on your day

29. Trying something new

30. Taking time to be alone

31. Making time to connect with a friend

32. Pausing to breathe deeply X times a day

33. Stretching

34. Writing out personal goals

35. Applying facial sunscreen

36. Eating X servings of vegetables

36. Eating meals at home

37. Connecting with your spouse

38. Asking for help when needed

39. Playing with your pet

40. Practice an instrument

41. Spend time on a favorite hobby

42. Giving your kids positive words of encouragement

43. Completing a daily self care challenge

45. Setting and working on a relationship goal

45. Completing a small act of kindness

46. Calling a loved one

47. Complimenting your significant other

48. Completing a daily house task

49. Playing a family game

50. Spending time laughing

51. Taking the stairs

52. Walking your kids to school

53. Parking the car far away

54. Wearing something that makes you feel good

Best Business Habit Tracker Ideas

Next, these habit tracker ideas will help with daily work productivity and business planning.

business habit tracker ideas; printable

55. Get to work on time

56. Used time effectively

57. Packed a lunch for work

58. Made time to eat lunch

59. Cleaned out email inbox

60. Made a plan for a stressful project

61. Set 3 mini work goals for the day

62. Took X amount of breaks to move your body

63. Organized work area

64. Had positive discussions with coworkers

65. Solved problems directly with others

66. Accomplished most important to-dos first

67. Completed a task you have been putting off

68. Made a positive connection

69. Confronted something head on

70. Made a plan for the next day

71. Left work on time

72. Made time to decompress between work and home

73. Asked others for help on a project

74. Learned something new

75. Read something related to your profession

76. Made progress in a professional class or development opportunity

Finance Habit Tracker Ideas For Success

Next, these ideas will help you better track your spending and savings to meet your financial goals.

woman with calculator

77. No unnecessary spending

78. No online spending

79. Made a grocery list

80. Ordered groceries online

81. Planned daily meals

82. Made coffee at home

83. Put X amount in savings

84. Stuck to your daily budget

85. Paid down debt

86. Worked on a side hustle

87. Spent $0

88. Tracked spending

89. Bought something needed on sale or used

90. Unsubscribed to an email

91. Used a reusable water bottle

92. Checked out books from the library

93. Used a money tracker

94. Donated to a charity

95. Saved for an upcoming vacation

96. Contributed to your retirement

97. Reviewed your money goals

98. Read about a financial topic

99. Make a weekly meal plan

100. Discussed positive money strategies with your kids

Top Household Habits To Track

Next, involve your family in completing and tracking these.

101. Cleaned the bathroom

102. Did a load of laundry

103. Put away clean laundry

104. Cleaned the fridge

105. Cleaned out the pantry

106. Washed the dishes before bed

107. Wiped down kitchen surfaces

108. Took out trash

109. Watered plants/garden

110. Changed the sheets

111. Vacuumed

112. Dusted

113. Cleaned the hardwood floors

114. Cleaned out the microwave

115. Changed out the towels

116. Tidied the living space

117. Unloaded the dishwasher

118. Completed a large task (cleaning the oven, etc…)

119. Cleaned the shower

120. Organized the desk area

121. Sorted and read daily mail

121. Sorted kids school papers

121. Picked up the mudroom

122. Had family members put away their things from shared spaces

123. Kids completed their daily chore charts

124. Mowed the lawn

125. Pulled weeds

126. Cleaned the garage

127. Bought and put away groceries

128. Restocked household items

129. Let something go

130. Enjoyed your space

131. Made progress on or completed a home project

132. Planned for an upcoming home project

133. Decorated for a holiday or event

134. Organized closets

135. Sorted kids clothes/toys

136. Donated items

137. Posted items for sale on an online marketplace

138. Organized paperwork/bills

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Life Changing Challenge Habit Tracker Ideas

Try out one (or several) of these 30-day challenge ideas to track on your habit tracker.

woman reading with paperwork surrounding on desk

139. Read a book a week

140. Drink a smoothie every morning

141. Try a pushup or crunches daily challenge

142. Plan your meals for a month (no eating out!)

143. Eat fruit for dessert

144. Relax for 30 minutes every day (it’s possible!)

145. Sit and eat three meals a day

146. Declutter or organize one space every day

147. Write down your goals daily

148. Try a daily glow up challenge

149. Try a daily gratitude challenge

150 Take a self love challenge

151. Take a 30 day couples challenge

152. Participate in a monthly reading challenge

153. Do one thing off your bucket list each day

154. Read a daily quote

155. Leave a note for someone in your family

156. Try new weekly date night ideas

157. Add to your vision board all month

158. Write down a simple life pleasure each day

159. Go to bed by a certain time

160. Take cold showers

161. Ask your family a thoughtful question each day

162. Ask your partner questions to reconnect

163. Say daily affirmations with your kids

Remember, if it’s a brand new habit, start out EASY! When it’s too difficult, we give up before we are able to gain momentum. It’s 10X better to think it’s too easy than to burn out within a few days!

*Check out more 30 Day Challenges to Improve Your Life.

Bad Habits to Avoid

You can also add habits to your habit tracker template that you’re trying to avoid:

woman thinking

164. Alcohol

165. Smoking

166. Binge-watching tv

167. Scrolling social media

168. Sleeping in

169. Fast food or eating out

170. Nail-biting

171. Eating after dinner

172. Snacking

173. Swearing

174. Stress eating

175. Being around negative/dramatic people

176. Drinking soda

177. Eating junk food

178. Too much sugar

179. Procrastinating

180. Playing video games

181. Online shopping

182. Having a long to-do list (make a not-to-do list!)

183. Checking email too often

184. Throwing your clothes on the floor

185. Complaining

186. Losing focus during the day

187. Gossiping

188. Too much caffeine

189. Screens before bedtime

190. Being late

191. Negative self-talk

192. Saying “yes” to things that you shouldn’t

193. Blaming others

194. Quitting something when it is hard

195. Letting others mistreat you

196. Skipping meals

197. Too much multitasking (Use a block schedule template)

198. Enabling others

199. Perfectionism

200. Not taking breaks

Only work on habits you need an extra boost in. If you overload yourself with too many habits at once, you’ll risk burnout.

So, stick to your most important habits. Though there’s room for a lot on the printable, it’s ok to start with just a few, especially if they are more difficult.

Free Habit Tracker Printable

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How to Use The Free Habit Tracker Printable

When you begin your habit tracker template, check off each day you complete your habits. Or color it in with a marker for a brighter effect. Color coding your habit progress can also make it easier to keep track of different habits at the same time.

Pro Tip: Track your habits at the same time every day to stay consistent. Usually, your nighttime routine is a great time for this, as it’s closing out your day.

Also, to help plan your habits weekly, check out the blank weekly planner printable!

More Smart Ways to Track Progress

There are four other great ways to track your progress. Use them alongside your monthly habit tracker printable or by themselves. Either way, they’re another exceptional tool in your habit-forming toolbox!

other smart ways to make progress besides a habit tracker printable

A Good Old-Fashioned Calendar

If you’re looking for simple and basic, use a paper monthly calendar and X off all the days you do your habit. Use a bright marker for greater impact.

Colorful Physical Objects

Any small object you put into a jar is also an effective visual for monitoring your progress.

When I began getting up at 5 am, I used marbles for the first 66 days. I was shocked at how satisfying it was to put a marble in the jar each morning, and ridiculously proud of myself when the jar was full.

Moreover, if you have a countable X number you’re working towards during the day, try paper clips. Transfer one paper clip from your first container to another container every time you do your habit (make a sales call, drink X ounces of water, etc.)

Paper clips, thumbtacks, marbles, and any other small colorful item build momentum!

Fitness/Weight Measurements

If you’re trying to lose weight or change your body there are several key ways to track their progress. Many use the weight scale, and others take measurements of their body.

While the scale is the easiest option, a note of caution. My weight fluctuates often and is not always the best indicator of my health and fitness. This could be true for others as well.

So, if you’re looking to change your body, – pictures, clothing sizes, or specific measurements can be more motivating and accurate than your weight.

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A Motivated Partner or Support Group

Finally, accountability is no joke! Whether it’s your spouse, friend, or a supportive group, another person can be the key to following through. So, text a picture of evidence to your special person every day. Soon you’ll have photos to remind you of the incredible work you’ve done, and a person who knows about your successes.

Other Free Trackers to Move You Forward

A Conscious Rethink Habit Tracker

Accountability tracker template; free habit printable

If you’re looking for a different kind of free tracker, this one by A Conscious Rethink has the days separated by habits.

Colorful 30 Day Habit Tracker

Trying something new? Make it a habit in no time at all by tracking your progress daily, weekly and monthly with the free printable Habit Tracker.

And this one from Moritz Fine Designs is very similar, but with circle markers and added color.

Amazon Circle Habit Tracker Printable

Circle habit tracker printable

If you’re looking for something more refined, this tracker from Amazon is a beautiful organizer that works.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

bullet journal habit tracker

Try out a printable monthly bullet journal habit tracker by Hanna Nilsson Designs for a unique but effective tracking experience.

Mini Habit Tracker Printable

Finally, if you want to start small, try a mini habit tracker from Saturdaygift.com.

What’s Next? Great Resources for Learning About Habits

Let the daily habit tracker printable help you until your habits are easy to stick to. And, when you see that beautiful tracker full of all the days you followed through, give yourself a small healthy reward. Because, dang, you’ve earned it!

Happy habit building!

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