Free Printable Weekly Planner for Your Success

A Cute Weekly Planner Printable for Purposeful Days Ahead

Picture this: It’s Friday evening. You’re exhausted and ready for a relaxing weekend ahead.

But something is bothering you.

After a long week, you’re no closer to your goals and dreams. You worked your butt off, but somehow didn’t make progress on the things that matter to you.

It’s frustrating, but this scenario happens to ALL of us. We hope to be intentional with our days, but sometimes the chaos gets away from us.

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This problem can be fixed with deliberate planning. Today, here’s a free printable weekly planner to get you back on track for the success you deserve.

But first, why a weekly planner?

The Benefits of a Weekly Planner

We all have our lengthy to-do lists, but often the big picture gets lost in the shuffle. Is the laundry equal to your biggest goals and dreams? NO. But a daily planner does not see this.

Instead, a weekly planner enables you to see the big picture without going as far out as a monthly calendar. You can look ahead, and make actionable plans for your next few days. Your focus is clearer.

So, use the free weekly planning printable as the powerful tool it is. Allow it to let you hone in on what’s important and see your week at a glance.

How to Use This Free Planner Printable

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There are so many great ways to use the weekly planner template! Here are just a few:

  • Schedule in obligations and appointments
  • Plan your workouts ahead (or fill it in is as you go!)
  • Keep track of your diet goals
  • Plan out your meal plan for the week
  • Plan out your self-care
  • Accompany it with your daily block schedule
  • Keep track of your weekly budget
  • Use it as a chore chart for your kids
  • Use it to plan learning time or homeschool for your kids
  • Plan out your goals
  • Identify your most important work priorities

free printable weekly planner 2020 pdf

Download it HERE:

Bonus Tips for Planner Success

The quick tips below make all the difference in your effectiveness with the planner!

Have a Short Scheduled Planning Session

Next, ritualize a time once a week (every Friday or Sunday afternoon work well) to prioritize your week ahead. Make this planning session part of your routine, and you’ll be surprised at how much more intentional you are.

Importantly, focus first on your highest priorities, goals, and self-care.

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Make it Reusable

While you may want several copies for different things, this printable can be used over and over. Simply put it in a page protector or picture frame and use a dry erase marker to re-use it every week!

Move Yourself Forward

In my opinion, the BEST thing about this printable is that it can help you develop a process to conquer your goals.

Do you want to lose weight? Write down your exact process to do so this week. Then, check back to see how you did.

Is spending quality time with your partner important? Write what you’ll do each day to make it happen.

The sky is the limit here, but be sure to use the printable to plan and track your progress on what truly matters.

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Routine Chore Chart for Kids

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Something to Consider With a Weekly Outline

Finally, picture this:

It’s Friday evening. You’re exhausted and ready for a relaxing weekend ahead.

And nothing is bothering you.

Because you spent the week focused, productive, and putting first things FIRST. As a result, you moved the needle in the important stuff (and also took care of yourself). Good for you friend!

So, what will you use your printable weekly planner template for? Let me know in the comments!

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