The Sunday Checklist for Your Most Amazing and Productive Week

Do you ever feel like you roll into Monday dragging the weekend baggage behind you?

Instead of setting yourself up for success, you’re somehow starting in the hole?

I’ve definitely felt this way. Our Sunday habits can be the difference between an incredible week or one we’re just trying to survive through.

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So, here are some easy ideas to both recharge and prepare for an insanely successful week ahead. Make a note to do them this Sunday, and be sure to print the free printable at the end of this post!

The 13 Best Sunday Habits


I’m not going to suggest you get up early! Quite the opposite. It’s Sunday for goodness sakes!

Start the day on a leisurely note. Let yourself sleep a little later, or enjoy coffee with Sunday news. Snuggle up with the kiddos or fur babies. It’s still the weekend, and part of having an amazing week is taking the time to replenish your soul first.

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Sunday meal prep

Oh, you knew I was going to meal prepping.

Healthy meals are hard to pull off when you’re ill-prepared and have nothing in the fridge. So, check out these four key ways to set yourself up for a healthy and organized week.

1. Clean Out The Fridge

Throw out anything that’s been in there longer than a week. Then, take inventory of what needs to be used up!

2. Plan Meals

Next, use your inventory to plan out your meals for the week. If you’re not used to doing this, then just start with dinners!

Your simple plan will make a HUGE difference, and it will cut down on the health and money costs of eating out.

3. Grocery Shop

If you’ve got the time, hit the store and get yourself the healthy food you know you’ll need to start the week right. Pick up items for your meal plan as well as healthy snacks.

4. Prepare ONE Make-Ahead Food

Lastly, prepare ONE food. Make some overnight oats for a few mornings or prep just one or two salads for lunches. But, start small. It’s more about setting the tone for the rest of the week than becoming a meal prep guru. We’re staying realistic here!

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Sunday habits reflection and journaling

This is one of the Sunday habits that often gets overlooked. A small amount of reflection is key to improving our days and weeks. Without it, you’re just repeating the same old mistakes. So, start with these two questions:

What went well over the last week?

First, celebrate 2-3 small wins! How often do you take the time to acknowledge your successes? Do it now!

What needs improvement?

Next, what didn’t go so well? Why? And how can you adjust going into the next week?


I accomplish more and take better care of myself when I have a few goals to work towards during the week.

Sunday is the best time to decide what those should be! Add an accountability piece and tell or text your goals to someone. Push each other to make progress!

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Using your goals and reflections, plan the most critical actions that need to be done in the coming week. Decide on those tasks that will help you meet your goals.

Next, make note of mandatory obligations for the week (kid activities, scheduled meetings, etc.)

Then, prioritize your to-do list. (My Productivity Planner makes this step super easy).

Try to place long term success over short term wants...

“The essence of self-discipline is to do the important thing rather than the urgent thing.”

Barry Werner


Things to do on Sundays

How is it that by the end of the week our kitchen desk is FULL of papers?

It comes from everywhere! Likewise, if you have kids in school, you know that it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by their overabundance stuff.

Sunday is the best time to recycle and sort what needs to be put away! So, set a timer for 10 minutes and DO IT.

And, if your email has also been neglected, open it up and sort it out.

Make sure there aren’t any email bills or urgent papers and give yourself a fresh start come Monday.

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Sunday habits cleaning for an amazing week

Of the Sunday habits, this is my least favorite task on the list. BUT, it feels so much better to wake up Monday morning to a home that doesn’t look like a hurricane hit it!

This dedicated cleaning time can be a full scrub down or simply tidying up for 10 minutes on Sunday night. Different things work for different personalities here, but be sure to devote some time.


Whether through church, a family night, or a get-together with friends, it’s essential to reconnect with others before the long week ahead. Schedule in leisure time on Sunday to feed your soul with true technology-free fun.

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sunday habits include self-care

Often, the weekdays are so jam-packed that the weekend is our only option to take care of ourselves.

So, spend time exercising outside, relax in a ritualistic Sunday night bath, or spend an hour every week reading a good book with a cup of coffee. But, don’t leave this step out!

Need more Sunday self-care ideas? Check out the related posts! They are chock-full of tips!

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We all have financial goals we’re striving for.

To make those a reality, it’s important to routinely check in with your budget. This doesn’t mean hours covered in bills and receipts. Simply, take 10 minutes to find out how much you’ve spent over the week so you know if you need to adjust.

The other days of the week don’t allow much time, so make Sunday a quick budget check-in day.


I’m not a fan of doing tons of laundry during the week. I’ve tried one load every day, but it just feels like I’m doing laundry ALL THE DANG TIME.

I prefer to get the bulk of it done over the weekend so I can focus on more important tasks during the week. If you feel the same way, be sure to add this to your Sunday must-dos!


prepare for monday to set up an amazing week

As Sunday winds down, make your to-do list for Monday. What can you knock out on the first day of the week to make the rest of the week easier? “Eat that frog” and plan to get the toughest actions done first.

Next, set out what you need for the next morning (computer, lunches, outfit, etc). When you run around like a crazy person Monday morning, it sets a bad precedent for the week. Avoid that with a little preparation.

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Sunday woman sleeping for an amazing week

And of course, we know how essential sleep is to productivity and health. Regardless of how the rest of the week goes, start Monday feeling fresh and full of energy. Make a point to hit the hay early on Sunday nights.

If nothing else, it helps you start your week with a much better attitude.

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Something To Think About

Obviously, these don’t have to only be done on Sunday! Often, it’s easier to split this list between Saturday and Sunday so there’s enough time for all. Here’s a recap of the must-do actions:

The Sunday checklist for an amazing week

Want the free checklist? Download it below.

I guarantee that if you commit to accomplishing MOST of these Sunday habits, you will have an insanely focused, productive, and successful week. Now, go get’em!

What are your essential weekend tasks to start the week off right?

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