We are at our BEST when reading personal development books that motivate us.

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

J.K. Rowling

There’s something about personal development books that give us fresh ideas and new possibilities. I read them and know that I can create a better tomorrow.

And, the greatest books are those that answer the question “how will I grow today?”

Today, I wanted to share the best personal development books. Those that have inspired unbelievable growth in ME.

The MOST beneficial books.

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personal development books for growth in 2020

What Books Should I Read for Self Improvement?

The following are the self development books that I connect with deeply, and they all speak to slightly different aspects of life.

So, if I am looking for unparalleled inspiration or a kick in the butt, this is where I go!


1. Atomic Habits

books on self development

First, this is the best habit forming book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a few.

My absolute favorite thing about Atomic Habits is that I felt I could immediately implement his ideas.

First, James Clear breaks habit creation into four essential rules. To create and maintain a good habit it must be easy, satisfying, attractive, and obvious.

Additionally, he gives tons of examples for how to apply them. Here are just a few ideas for using the rules…

Want to start a morning routine?

  • Make it easy by starting with just 2 minutes. It’s about showing up!
  • Make it satisfying by doing something that makes you feel amazing and marking every single day off of a calendar.
  • Make it attractive by buying a new journal or morning app after 5 days in a row.
  • And finally, make it obvious. Put your clothes out the night before, leave your journal on your nightstand and make sure you will see what you need when you wake up.

Implement these 4 rules, and creating a new habit will be ten times easier.

Without a doubt, I’d buy this book a thousand times over!

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2. The Alchemist

best self development books

I stalled on reading this book for the longest time. Truthfully, the fact that the book comes in the form of a narrative threw me off. I mean how could it be one of the best personal development books if it just tells a fictional story?

Oh boy, was I wrong.

The Alchemist is actually a brilliant piece of writing about crucial life lessons and, in particular, the power of following your dreams. It follows the adventure of a man that gave up his way of life to find his treasure, and it highlights everything he learned along the way.

It goes deep into our perceptions and what we want out of life.

I think this is the book I will re-read the most in my lifetime! And it’s the one I have seen MOST recommended by others.

Finally, it’s a very quick read, but it will leave you thinking about life for a long time after.

3. 10% Happier

best personal growth books - meditation

I love meditation, but I’ve tried and hated all meditation related books.

Until this one.

Like The Alchemist, this is a storytelling adventure from Dan Harris, a man that started as a meditation skeptic. Yet, unlike the book above, this one is true. It reminded me of my unlikely journey to meditation.

Plus, I liked the tips and tricks he gave that worked for him as a crazy high performing news reporter. 10% Happier is why I now have a meditation retreat on my bucket list!

If you are a slight skeptic too, or you’ve been thinking about trying meditation, I highly recommend buying this book!

*As the author found in the book, meditation adds at least 10% in life happiness.

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4. Body Love

good personal growth books

Next, a fantastic health book (or two)!

I started with the book above but was so in love I purchased her Body Love Every Day book immediately after. She has fantastic protein smoothies and simple recipes for those wanting to eat clean.

Additionally, I LOVE her philosophy about how to stay full and keep your blood sugar even (making it easier to avoid temptation!). I learned a lot from her and continue to follow her on Instagram to hear her easy tips to eat better!

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5. Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets To Success One Relationship At A Time

best personal development books

This may technically be a business book, but I HAVE to include it.

Not only did I love it, but it’s the one book that my husband also read and became obsessed with. That’s a rarity because at the time I couldn’t get him to read many books. So, we are crazy about this one together!

And it’s more of a “how to succeed in life” book anyways.

I mean, think about it. How did most, if not all of the people you admire get where they are?


Skills are great, and we should always be working on them. BUT, if you make little effort to build relationships, you won’t go far.

The most successful people know this.

Never Eat Alone is an excellent step by step guide on how to be a better networker and even friend. Therefore, we both give this one two thumbs way up.

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good personal growth books

Are You a Voracious Reader?

If so, check out my three favorite personal growth books from the last year! In no particular order!

The Latte Factor

best books for personal growth

This super quick read is a fiction story that packs a hard punch. It’s about a young woman trying to find joy and freedom in her New York City job. Shockingly, what she discovers is that simple life changes lead to wild financial freedom over time.

Truthfully, I was blown away by how much this story moved me. David Bach gives clear solutions for living life with intention!

The 5am Club

the best self development books

Of the best personal development books, this one did what no other book could.

It got me to get my butt out of bed and start my day in a sensational way. Every single morning.

Um, what?! Who am I?!

Obviously, The 5am Club covers an amazing morning routine, but I also found so many extraordinary tips about productivity and happiness. As a result, I’ve read it THREE times so far. I can’t get enough.

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Girl, Stop Apologizing

good personal development books

Honestly, I have some mixed feelings about the Hollis Company lately.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that I was able to take away so much that I could immediately use for the better from this book. She includes specifically how she takes care of her health, works towards her goals, and sets up her morning routine. And I found it all beneficial.

Now, I don’t always have the same perspective as her.  But, I LOVE that she pushes women to achieve their personal goals and be bold in a world where it’s not always easy for women to do so.

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Something To Consider for Your Life Growth

So today, choose here from the BEST personal development books: those that will inspire and motivate you to live a healthy, happy, and impactful life.

Don’t have time to read?

That’s ok! My husband prefers to listen to his books in the car or while working outside on Audible!

Finally, what self development books have inspired growth in you? And, what’s on your reading list now?

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