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The Big List of Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021: Good Daily Habits

List of life changing habits

The list of habits that uplevel our lives in a BIG way.

Our lives are built of hundreds of tiny habits that we do every day. Whether we even know we’re doing them.

Those habits hurt or help us, and our worlds are a direct reflection of them.

Sure, they are often so small that you don’t notice the impact right away. But over time they make ALL the difference.

Fortunately, we have the power to change bad habits and add superb ones. So, look ahead at this HUGE list of life-changing habits for success. And, let’s ponder the best ways to go forward.

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list of habits for an amazing life

The list is broken down into three categories: healthy, happy, and impactful. So, jot down your favorites below and brainstorm about those better habits and routines. Then, read on for WHERE to start and HOW to improve your habits.


list of healthy habits

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

Robert Urich

Our health directly impacts our quality of life. No one wants to spend their days SICK and TIRED! Plus, we get one body in this lifetime, so let’s take care of it to the best of our ability.


1. Breathe in fresh air every day. Preferably in nature.

2. Move your body for 30 minutes every day.

3. Prioritize sleep – get those 8 hours! Develop a sleeping ritual

4. Eat a salad.

5. Try a new healthy recipe.

6. Take a walk at lunch.

7. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

8. Stand at your desk. Or get a standing desk or low-cost stability ball.

9. Wear sunscreen.

10. Have a regular dance party.

11. Floss.

12. Stay OUT of the middle aisles at the store. It’s where the majority of processed food lurks! (find more healthy budget ideas HERE)

13. Drink a glass of water when you wake up. Keep it on your nightstand.

14. Cook at home more often (instead of eating out).

15. Take a multi-vitamin or supplements you’re lacking.

16. Reduce or give up soda.

17. Go on a regular evening walk with your pets or family.

18. Park your vehicle farther away.

19. Set up “walk meetings” at work.

20. Join a new workout class for a month.

21. Plan your meals a week in advance. Use this free meal planner printable.

22. Buy smaller plates to eat from (to control portion sizes).

23. Read food labels, and aim for ingredients you can pronounce.

24. Stop eating after dinner.

25. Drink a glass of water before eating.

26. Drink green or herbal tea. Check out fabulous tea options HERE.

27. Try easy substitutions (milk chocolate to dark chocolate, ranch to olive oil dressings, etc.)

28. Cut back or eliminate alcohol and caffeine.

29. Try a new natural beauty product. I LOVE THIS gentle face wash for women.

30. Use essential oils instead of products with artificial ingredients.

*Read this article for 9 basic cleaning recipes using oils.

31. Drink chamomile tea before bed.

32. Find a low sugar smoothie recipe you love.

33. Quit smoking.

34. Make one healthy snack or meal ahead every week.

35. Aim for one extra vegetable in your meal.

36. Straighten your posture.

37. Eat less meat. Try meatless Mondays!

38. Include strength training in your exercise. Building your muscles burns calories while you sit!

39. Make healthy freezer meals for emergencies.

Want more healthy ideas? Check out 23 Crazy Easy Ways to be Healthier in 2021.


habits to start in 2021

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Charles R. Swindoll

No matter what else we do in our lives, if we’re not happy, what’s the point?!

Plus, fulfillment and contentment are completely within our control. So, let’s cultivate those habits that help us enjoy life to the fullest.

BE HAPPY (40-68)

40. Wake up with gratitude. Find easy ways to be grateful HERE.

41. Set a timer for your phone and social media time, or unplug for an hour daily.

42. Limit your news consumption.

43. Journal and write down those thoughts.

*In my mind, NOTHING compares to the simplicity of my five-minute journal. It’s pre-determined sections make daily practice a no-brainer!

44. Listen to people and media that empower you. Read inspirational quotes.

45. Listen to music that lifts you up.

46. Get outside regularly and open your shades daily.

47. Take care of yourself. Read 100 Self Care Ideas for a Bad day, or sign up HERE to print ideas and a checklist!

48. Work to let go of what you can’t change.

49. Give yourself a compliment every day. Or finish this sentence “I love myself because __________.”

50. Meditate.

51. Look on the bright side. Practice finding the silver lining daily.

52. Schedule regular date nights and time together with your partner.

53. Be playful with your kids. Let your hair down!

54. Find a church or spiritual place that resonates with you.

55. Declutter your personal space regularly

56. Say no to what doesn’t excite you.

57. Invest in experiences.

58. Establish meaningful traditions with friends and family!

Check out my ebook HERE for HUNDREDS of tradition ideas to gain quality time with those you love.

59. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

60. Eat one meal a day with others (family, friends, etc).

61. Make your bedroom a sanctuary.

62. Have more sex. Schedule it if you need to!

63. Invest regularly in things that make you feel confident and great about yourself .

Examples include:

  • clothes that make you feel amazing
  • workout classes
  • courses, classes, seminars, and workshops to learn new skills
  • healthy whole foods
  • a coach or mentor (health, lifestyle, finance etc.)
  • self-care activities

64. Pray.

65. Watch less tv.

66. Ask for help. Often.

67. Laugh often. Watch a funny show, tell jokes, or be with friends.

68. Set up a reoccurring date with your friends.


daily habits to improve life

“Focus on impact. Not Approval.”

Tim Ferriss

The following habits focus on two objectives.

First, make your life better, more productive, and successful. And second, make the lives of those around you better, whether it be your family, friends, or a larger reach.


69. Go first. Be the first to smile and say hi to everyone.

70. Fill your home with real plants and greenery.

71. Prioritize your to-do list. Do the most difficult thing FIRST.

72. Save money regularly with an automatic transfer.

73. Read for 10 minutes a day from a book. See great personal growth books HERE.

74. Invest your money regularly (in yourself, investment vehicles, or something that leads to your brighter future).

75. Set up your money to automatically transfer into a giving fund.

76. Do something that scares you every day. Find ways to get outside of that comfort zone!

77. Compliment a stranger.

78. Befriend someone that makes you want to be better.

79. Make a 5 year plan and review it regularly.

80. Develop a nourishing morning routine. (Read: How to Get Up Early)

81. Try a spending freeze.

82. Visualize your ideal day/future. If it was your last day on Earth, what would you do?

*Learn more about visualization and how to make a vision board HERE.

83. Write down your goals.

84. Read to your kids.

85. Call a friend or family member to check up on them.

86. Make your nights count! Set up a night routine.

87. Hang out with smart and open-minded people.

88. Volunteer your time.

89. Track your finances weekly.

90. Don’t be afraid of failing. In fact, fail often. Then reflect and learn. Failures = critical feedback

daily habits to improve life

91. Plan your day.

I LOVE the productivity planner. It includes easy sections for prioritizing, and it has improved my efficiency by an unbelievable amount.

92. Set goals.

93. Keep track of your progress towards habits and goals.

94. Make family dinners happen.

95. Practice a growth mindset. How did I fail today? How did I stretch myself?

96. Implement the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule).

20% of your actions give you 80% of your results. IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. Work on that which makes the highest impact.

97. Review and reflect often.

98. Learn something every day – through blogs, books, youtube videos, podcasts, TedTalks…the sky’s the limit.

99. Start. Right now. Pick 2-3 habits and just do it.

WHERE to Start With the List

list of habits

This is a pretty big habits list though right? So, what if we don’t know where to start?

Well, here are the top 5 daily habits that will improve your life the most and/or make all the other habits on this list easier.


When you exercise, you have more energy to take on your day. Studies show you’re better focused, less stressed, and can more easily stay at a healthy weight.

This one habit benefits us in countless ways.


Sleep impacts almost all of your daily choices. As with exercise, good sleep will help you have more energy, but it will also be easier to make better decisions and learn new things.

See How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life for more tips on this!


With just one healthy meal replacement like a salad, vegetable soup, or smoothie you’ll be giving yourself more energy and protection against future disease and cancer.

Isn’t your body worth it? NONE of the other habits will happen if you’re sick.


The truth is, I wish I’d learned to meditate years earlier. If you sit for long enough, it’s like a tranquilizer dart hit just the right spot. Meditation lowers stress, anxiety, and depression. And improves focus and memory function. Making all the other habits on the list much more doable.

Related Post: How to Meditate for Beginners (and why I HAD to start)


Finally, good morning and night routines will include several of the amazing habits above, therefore making it ten times easier to do the right things.

These posts will help you transform your routines:

Next up, learn HOW to get these habits to work!

HOW to Practice Good Habits

how to practice good habits

Now, building better habits takes time and requires consistent work. Unfortunately, there’s no magical quick fix.

But, here are 8 easy tips for how to make your habits STICK in 2021.


Like tiny. One of the biggest mistakes we make with new habits is that we go too grand. Then, we get discouraged and give up.

Want to exercise more often? Start with just getting on your workout clothes. Want to floss daily? Aim for just getting the floss out, or flossing one tooth. It’s about forming the consistent habit FIRST. Then, you build on it.


Without a plan, we’re destined to fail. So, write out when, where, and how long you will do your new amazing habit before you take that first step.


Habits that are already ingrained in us are great triggers for a new habit.

So, think about what you already habitually do. For example, my sister started the habit of drinking a glass of water every morning by telling herself she had to before she got her cup of coffee. Simple, but effective.


Set up your environment so that doing the right thing is the path of least resistance.

Set your floss out on the counter, hide that junk food, or place your journals and pen on your bed. Make the good habit as easy and obvious as possible. Decide what makes it easy to follow through and set it up.


list of habits, find your people

Truly, we average out to be the people we spend the most time with. So, if you want healthier habits, hang out with healthy and fit people.

The same goes for any other daily habits you want to form in 2021.


The best thing about automation is that it’s one and done.

Smaller plates help us eat less. Automatic transfers make saving and giving painless. And standing desks get us up.

Figure out if there’s anything you can do to automatically be better, and you’ll naturally adapt.


Great habits often don’t give us immediate rewards. Many times, the benefits take time to accumulate. In the meantime, give yourself a reward with something that makes you feel great.


Finally, track what you’re doing! Whether through a habit tracker, diary, or an accountability partner.

How will you know if you’re improving if you don’t see your progress?

Grab this Free Habit Tracker Printable to start!

Want these 99 daily habits as a handy printable?

Click below!

list of good daily habits

Finally, Watch This Video From the Habit Expert

Something to Consider With Daily Habits

Who doesn’t want to be healthy, happy, and impactful? These are at the core of our being!

And it takes one small step at a time to get there. NOW, is a great time to evaluate where we are headed, and what we can focus on in the future.

So, cheers to a bright future!

Of this big list of habits, what are the small practices that you’re going to work on in 2021? I’d love to know below!

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  1. This is a wonderful post! I feel so inspired! I’m trying to improve on what I’m already doing, but it’s not always easy. Intentionality and motivation are key. I just may have to work up to removing soda from my life though 😉 Thanks!

    1. Carolyn, I completely understand! The habits are simple, but not necessarily easy to be consistent with. Keep working at it! It’s worth it!

  2. Wonderful. Such important things on this list. After my cancer diagnosis, I was determined to develop healthy habits. Thanks for reminding me of some I forgot or didn’t think about.

    1. Patricia thank you so much for sharing! May I ask, what healthy habits have you found to be most impactful after your diagnosis? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  3. I can already feel 2020 will be the year of self-care—and I can’t wait! This massive list has given me so many ideas on how to be better for myself in the coming years. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Tammy! I’m not sure I know what you mean, but you should be able to copy and paste the list into a word document and print it out. 🙂

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