120 Meaningful Personal Goals Examples (You Can Use This Year)

Personal goals examples guide you toward what you crave out of life. They apply to your health, your relationships, and your work. They are achievable and important to you!

“Goal-setters see future possibilities and the big picture.”-Rick McDaniel

Goal setting drives you to focus your efforts. You organize your time and priorities to make the most out of life.

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What are some personal goals?

Several areas in your life can benefit from personal goals. Use the table of contents to jump around to each!

Health Goals Examples

Goals for health are often at the top of our list. In fact, the most popular New Years resolutions are living healthier and losing weight (source).

Stellar Physical Wellness Goals

These personal health goals examples focus on eating well and increasing activity.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

2. Drink enough water.

3. Sleep 7-8 hours per night.

4. Add more whole foods to my plate.

5. Make a weekly meal plan.

6. Eat at home for most meals.

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7. Pack a lunch for work.

8. Visit with a nutritionist.

9. Eat less sugar.

10. Lose 10 pounds.

11. Have a regular exercise routine.

12. Attend weekly group fitness classes.

13. Join a gym or online workout community.

14. Hire a trainer.

15. Complete a fitness challenge or race.

Superb Mental Health Goals Examples

Improved mental health helps us handle stress, strengthen relationships, and be better decision-makers.

16. Speak to a therapist regularly.

17. Read a book to improve mental health.

18. Journal daily.

19. Make time for mindfulness.

20. Practice self-love and compassion.

21. Say no when necessary.

22. Set boundaries for time and energy.

23. Spend time in nature daily.

24. Ask for help.

Great Ideas For Emotional Goals

Emotional health is about our feelings and thoughts. Improved emotional health helps us to better handle life. We can more effectively talk to others and feel overall better about who we are.

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25. Practice gratitude.

26. Manage stress. (See affirmations for stress relief)

27. Practice breathing exercises and techniques.

28. Manage anger.

29. Practice forgiveness for self and others.

30. Become more mindful of emotions.

31. Have realistic expectations.

32. Laugh more often.

33. Make peace with what you can’t control.

34. Strive for better emotional regulation.

Life Changing Spiritual Goals Examples

Spiritual goals help you connect to your spiritual side, discover your purpose, and live a meaningful life.

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35. Spread kindness and love.

36. Attend church or synagogue regularly.

37. Join a Bible study.

38. Define your values.

39. Read a book on spiritual growth.

40. Pray or meditate daily.

41. Give back to the community.

42. Seek advice from a spiritual advisor

Take a self-care challenge to further help your overall wellness goals.

“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.”-Jim Rohn

Personal Financial Goals Ideas

Financial goals apply to any area of your money management skills that you are wanting to improve.

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43. Save more money.

44. Invest

45. Start a side hustle.

46. Save the money necessary for retirement.

47. Buy a home.

48. Save enough to make a big purchase you would like.

49. Pay off your student loans.

50. Save for your kids’ college or continuing education for yourself.

51. Make a budget and stick to it.

52. Pay off your mortgage.

53. Start an emergency fund.

54. Pay off credit card debt.

55. Improve your credit score.

Want to learn more about personal financial goals? Read more about Smart Financial Goals.

Personal Development Goals Examples

What do you want to work on personally? How do you want to change? How do you want to evolve and get better with time?

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56. Read more books. (Check out reading challenge ideas.)

56. Complete a challenge to social media detox.

57. Volunteer in your community.

58. Say daily positive affirmations.

59. Improve growth mindset.

60. Learn how to do something new.

61. Spend time exploring a new hobby.

62. Create less waste and recycle more.

63. Improve a challenging area of life that would benefit you.

64. Wake up earlier.

65. Go to bed earlier.

66. Be creative.

67. Manage your time to avoid procrastination.

68. Be social.

69. Nurture close friendships.

70. Let go of the past.

71. Start loving your body.

72. Be more proactive.

73. Get better at conflict resolution.

74. Find a healthy work-life balance.

75. Form a good habit.

Personal Goals for Family Relationships

Keeping our families healthy, safe, and connected is at the top of the priority list. Strive to set an achievable goal that benefits the entire family.

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76. Eat dinner together every night.

77. Take time daily to share and practice gratitude.

78. Play more games together.

79. Get active together.

80. Reduce screen time.

81. Divide household chores.

82. Be intentional about having fun.

83. Try a new activity together.

84. Choose a family mission statement.

85. Read together.

86. Hone your parenting skills.

87. Work on a home improvement project.

88. Volunteer together as a family.

89. Plan a vacation.

90. Experience new things together.

91. Repair a damaged relationship.

92. Teach important safety information to your kids.

“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of humans, are created, strengthened, and maintained.”- Winston Churchill

Romantic Couple Goals Ideas

Set an attainable goal to strengthen the relationship you have with your spouse or significant other.

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93. Become a better listener.

94. Communicate more effectively.

95. Complete acts of kindness for your significant other.

96. Be intimate regularly.

97. Say daily positive love affirmations.

98. Learn your partner’s love language.

99. Make a couple’s bucket list.

100. Plan regular dates out.

101. Have fun together.

102. Take a trip with one another.

103. Be open and honest about your feelings and needs.

104. Cultivate your friendship.

105. Get on the same page about parenting.

Personal Goals Examples for Work

Make progress in your career by setting personal goals. This can help you find more fulfillment in your job and advance your position.

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106. Find a career you love.

107. Get a promotion.

108. Improve your leadership skills.

109. Become a mentor.

110. Find a mentor.

111. Advance your skill set or learn a new tool.

112. Take a class or course to improve job performance.

113. Update your resume.

114. Improve your public speaking skills.

115. Work on team collaboration.

116. Build your professional network.

117. Get better at time management.

118. Become a business owner.

119. Go back to school to pursue an advanced degree.

120. Establish a personal brand.

Why You Need Personal Goals Ideas

Why is it important to set personal life goals?

  • higher motivation to succeed
  • greater self-esteem and self-confidence
  • autonomy
  • clarity in decision making
  • sense of personal satisfaction

How to Set Personal Life Goals

You need both short-term and long-term personal goals.

are things you want to accomplish soon. Usually within a few days to a few months. They can also contribute to a long-term goal. Example: Try a new family activity together.

require more time, commitment, and planning. Example: Be intentional about having fun with family.

Now it’s time to take a personal goal example and write a SMART goal.

A SMART goal contains all of the aspects needed to be successful in goal setting. They are easy to write and can be used for short-term and long-term goal setting.

  • Specific: SMART goals have a specific outcome that are simple and sensible.
  • Measurable: Goals can be quantified to track progress. How much? How many?
  • Achievable: Goals are attainable and realistic.
  • Relevant: Goals will help improve and benefit your life.
  • Time-bound: SMART goals have a deadline.
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3 SMART Personal Goals Examples to Set For Yourself

Physical Wellness Goal Example: Sleep 7-8 hours per night

woman sleeping

I will get 7-8 hours of sleep each night this month by getting into bed and turning off the lights by 10:00 pm. I will keep my phone charging downstairs so I will not be tempted to use it.

*Track this goal by setting a bedtime alarm on your phone and writing down your nightly sleep hours each morning.

Personal Goal for Family Relationship Example: Be intentional

family at amusement park

I will be intentional about having fun with my family by: 1) Planning one family outing every month this year where we try a new activity. 2) By scheduling one family game night each month for a year.

*Track this goal on a family calendar each month. Or utilize our free commitment contract.

Personal Work Goal Example: Build a professional network

building professional network: personal goals in life for a woman for the year to set for yourself

I will build my professional network by the end of this month by joining or reaching out to at least 4 professional organizations.

*Track this goal by keeping a list of the professional organizations joined.

Best Tips to Make Your Personal Life Goals Happen

Start with setting one or two personal goals.

Start small. When we set too many goals at one time, we simply don’t have the energy, time, and motivation to see them through. This leads to frustration. You will be more motivated to continue when you are successful with one goal at a time.

Set personal goals that matter to you.

Personal goals are not chosen by what other people think you need to do. They must come from within. So, set a goal that will positively impact your life and motivate you to continue.

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Commit to your personal goal and track it.

Once you have decided on your goal, commit to seeing it through. Write it down and tell someone close to you about your goal to hold you accountable.

Keep goal tracking simple and easy. This can be putting a star on your calendar for each day you complete steps toward your goal or logging progress in a journal.

You can also try a free habit tracker >>

Setbacks happen. Keep Going!

It won’t be perfect. You may lose momentum. Re-evaluate your goal and consider starting with a short-term goal. If there is something you desire for your life, it is worth figuring out how to get it.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


To Consider with Personal Goals Examples

Setting personal goals is an effective way to grow and develop. Use the personal goals examples in this article to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle goal.

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