100 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Stress Relief

These positive anxiety affirmations will make you feel calm, relaxed, and centered. If you deal with anxiety daily (and many of us do), they are a fantastic technique to consider.

In the last few years, it’s no surprise that anxious and worrying thoughts are on the rise. We are surrounded by technology 24/7, uncertainty and fear have grown dramatically, and many of us live life at breakneck speed.

It’s time to slow down and take action!

positive affirmations for anxiety

How do you know when you have a lot of anxiety?

First, anxiety comes in different forms to different people (source).

Here are the most common:

  • incessant worrying
  • feeling restless, nervous, or wound up
  • being irritable
  • muscle tension
  • fatigue
  • having difficulty sleeping
  • It’s also sometimes accompanied with depression

Can positive affirmations help anxiety?

morning affirmations for anxiety, woman in stress

Yes! Affirmations are simple phrases you repeat to yourself to replace negative thoughts with positive ones (source).

It’s a form of training your mind. Over time, affirmations help take back control of your thought patterns. Repeating them over and over will also create a soothing effect.

Affirmations can also help you:

  • improve self-esteem, confidence, and problem-solving.
  • imagine positive events over negative ones (leading to easier changes in your life).
  • stress and worry less by boosting your optimism.
  • increase motivation.


But be aware that it’s not a quick fix. Like all good habits, it takes time, consistency, and patience to see the results.

For myself, I didn’t notice a change in my thoughts until I had said my affirmations daily in a mirror for weeks. Everyone is different, but your thoughts will change faster if you say the affirmations 3-5x a day.

What are good affirmations for anxiety?

new day, new rules

When you use positive anxiety affirmations, focus on phrases that are realistic or you are working on (steer clear if they don’t resonate or they seem too far-fetched).

Then, as you repeat them, stay present and feel the truth in them as much as you can.

Great List of 100 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

One more thing: don’t go overboard on these daily anxiety affirmations (therefore causing more anxiety). Pick one or two to start with. You can always add later!

Positive Morning Affirmations for Anxiety

First on the list, these are perfect in the morning, but you can use them at any time!

1. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

When I was having kids, I miscarried 3 times.

By the time I was pregnant with my last child, my anxiety was through the roof. I repeated this phrase to myself at least 15x a day, and it is one of the key ways I stayed sane those 9 months.

2. I will focus on one thing at a time today

It’s ok to slow down and break down your day to make it easier to get through.

3. I focus on the beauty around me.

4. I choose good daily habits that support a calm version of me. (See techniques below for ideas!)

5. Little by little, I face my fears.

6. This day is full of great opportunities.

7. I choose how I react to situations today.

8. I take care of my body, mind, and soul.

9. I focus my energy on what’s important to me.

Where you mind goes, your energy flows.


10. This moment is all that matters.

11. I inhale peace and exhale worry.

You could also use I inhale light/love/energy, etc. and I exhale stress/illness etc.

12. Everything that happens today teaches me something.

The more you focus on what you can learn from your challenges and any hidden opportunities, the better off you’ll be.

13. I have the power to change my thoughts at any time.

14. The past is the past and doesn’t determine how I live out today.

15. I focus on what I can give to others today.

Doing good for others not only makes you feel good, but it helps you get out of your own head.

16. I put this day in the hands of God/The Universe

Sometimes, what we need is to lessen our grip over things we can’t control or the uncertainty in our hearts. Surrender what is to the higher power.

17. I am an optimistic person.

18. I focus on the day’s simple pleasures.

19. Peace is within me.

Meditation has taught me that peace is always the deepest part of you. It’s a matter of letting the outer layers fall to find it.

20. It may not be perfect, but I’ll overcome challenges.

21. I breathe deeply and slow down.

22. Taking care of myself is important to feeling centered.

23. With every new day, I feel a stronger sense of calm.

24. I take three deep breaths to stay present.

25. One day at a time I am shedding my worried thoughts.

Short Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

These positive affirmations for anxiety are quick and to the point – making them easy to remember!

short positive affirmations for anxiety

26. I will get past this.

27. I choose thoughts that help me.

28. This too shall pass.

29. I let go of the past. It doesn’t serve me.

30. I am safe here.

31. Today is a gift.

32. Change is a process.

Change is never a one-time event. It’s the result of small actions over time. So, try not to beat yourself up if you had a bad day.

33. I live in light.

34. I am at peace.

35. I am worthy.

36. I control my mind.

37. I love and am loved.

38. I slow my breathing.

39. I am a resilient person.

40. I am brave.

41. I am NOT my anxious thoughts.

42. I am enough.

43. I am successful.

44. It’s ok to say no.

45. I am healing.

46. I believe in myself.

47. I forgive myself.

48. I trust myself.

49. This feeling is temporary.

50. Everything will be ok.

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Depression

Depression can accompany anxiety, so these affirmations help with both. Now, if your symptoms are severe, please seek professional help beyond this article.

positive affirmations for anxiety and depression

51. Despite my fears, I move forward.

52. It’s ok to accept help.

53. I am doing the best that I can. And that is enough.

54. The situation isn’t good or bad. It simply is.

Often labeling situations as “good” or “bad” is what brings us suffering. The truth is that it is what it is. Instead, focus on finding what can be learned from the situation.

55. I have many supportive people to help me.

56. I express my feelings when I need to.

57. I am working on cultivating inner calm.

58. I choose thoughts that create a bright future.

59. Just like in the past, I will get through hard situations.

60. I don’t compare myself to others. I am on my own path.

61. I breathe in peace and breathe out anxiety.

62. It’s safe to ask for what I need.

63. I will get through any challenge as I persevere.

64. I believe my future is bright.

65. I acknowledge all that’s going well.

(Making a gratitude list can help with this!)

66. I trust the journey of life.

67. I may be uncomfortable, but I am not in danger.

68. I put one foot in front of the other.

69. I am a strong person. I will get through this.

70. I relax and take deep breaths.

71. Today, I choose joy.

72. When I exhale, I release tension.

73. I have fun in my life.

74. Dark days won’t last forever.

75. I feel grounded and calm.

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Anxiety Affirmations for Sleep

If you’re like me, anxiety can silently creep in at night. These positive anxiety affirmations will help keep them at bay.

anxiety affirmations for sleep

76. I end my day grateful for my blessings.

77. As I lay my head down, I release the tension from the day.

78. I take deep, slow breaths to prepare for sleep.

79. I relax each muscle in my body to ready for sleep.

80. I create habits that encourage a deep night’s sleep.

81. I accept that I was not perfect today.

82. Today is done. I let go of the past.

83. I am freeing myself from the stress of the day.

84. Tomorrow is a new day full of wonderful opportunities.

85. I celebrate today’s wins.

86. All is well.

87. It was a hard day, but tomorrow will be better.

88. I acknowledge my anxious thoughts, and let them go.

89. It was a good day.

90. I acknowledge the positive changes I made today.

91. I rest my mind in nature.

(It can be helpful to visualize your favorite natural place: the beach, the forest, etc.)

92. I breathe into the parts of my body that feel anxious.

93. Love flows from my center.

94. The love and peace within me are limitless.

95. I choose to listen to my small, still voice within.

96. I forgive others for any misgivings of the day. We’re all imperfect.

97. I choose happy thoughts as I get ready for bed.

98. I am grateful for the gift of today.

99. I give my thoughts to God/The Universe as I fall asleep.

100. I acknowledge the efforts I made today.

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Bonus Anxiety Affirmations at Work

When you have a daunting work goal that’s causing you anxiety, try one of these:

101. As I work on ___________, I’ll get more comfortable along the way.

102. I’ll be proud of what I accomplished when the project is over.

103. I work towards my goal one step at a time.

(Try breaking your goal into smaller chunks to make it less overwhelming as well)

Looking for even more affirmations? Check out my free affirmations ebook pdf below!

Can you create your own affirmations?

Of course! We all have specific negative thoughts that arise. Feel free to target those. Just make sure they are in the present tense, you’re evoking emotion, and you say/read it consistently.

For more on my story and favorite affirmations, watch below!

Then, keep reading for other strategies you can use to calm your worries.

How can you use these affirmations?

woman journaling her powerful daily anxiety affirmations

Now, affirmations are great because you don’t need a huge chunk of time to use them. They can really be done anytime and anywhere. So, where can you add them into your day? Here are a few ideas!

Include them in your morning and night routines

First, many of us already have short routines that we do to bookend our day. So, this is not only easy to add in, but a great way to make affirmations consistent.

Try saying them after you brush your teeth in the morning. Or before bed to let them sit in your subconscious as you sleep.

Write them on notecards for your purse/wallet

Next, we spend an enormous amount of time wasted on our phones when we are waiting on others. Instead of using your in-between moments to scroll feeds, you can grab affirmation notecards out of your purse/wallet and read them to yourself.

Post them on the shower

If it’s hard to remember your positive affirmations for anxiety, post them on the outside of your shower door. It’s a great visual reminder when you step in to clean up and you can say them while you go through the motions in the shower.

Similarly, you can put them in your car or next to your kitchen sink so you see them often.

Put them on your phone

This has become my secret weapon! Last year, I turned off my social media and texting notifications and replaced them with affirmations (reminders) that pop up on my phone every day.

Now, instead of being bombarded with non-urgent notifications, I am bombarded with positive messages. (I just check my social messages when I’m ready).

I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my mood and optimism levels. Also, I’m way more productive because I’m not a slave to my phone’s dinging.

Before big events

Stretching ourselves is a good thing. But that doesn’t mean it won’t bring anxiety to the table. Affirmations can be helpful while you prepare for a job interview, big presentation, flight, or anything else that is new or challenging.

In these situations, practice the affirmations far before (or while you’re preparing for the event) so that it comes naturally when the time comes to do your big thing.

Other Techniques For Coping With Anxiety

It can help to have a variety of tools in the toolbox! Here are other ways to ease into peace and joy.

woman on the beach breathing in, youtube video

Meditation & Mindfulness

Staying with the present moment keeps your mind from wandering to doomsday scenarios and worrying thoughts. Apps like Headspace and Calm guide you in staying focused for longer periods of time.

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Remove the Offending Agent

Here’s what Dr. Danielle Kelvas, physician and mental health expert recommends for treating anxiety..

If your job is slowly killing you, make a career change. If you’re waist deep in debt with no credit score, come up with a plan to remedy it. Anxiety is the brain demanding an answer for something – this is why we ruminate. So give yourself an answer.


The mind and body connection with yoga can help center you.

Other Exercise

On the days that I sweat, my anxiety is MUCH lower. Luckily, this is also backed by science! Exercise does everything from reducing your stress to increasing your self-confidence.

Keep a Journal


I’ve been known to lay awake for hours worrying about all kinds of things I wouldn’t in the daylight. Does this happen to you?

Over time, I found 1 technique that finally helped this. I write my thoughts in a journal for a solid 5 minutes. Once that time is up, I’m able to let my thoughts go and sleep.

Here’s a mind dump template for more on this >>

Identify Your Triggers

What are the situations that have led to anxiety in the past? For me, anxiety spikes when I watch the news and when there’s uncertainty in the outside world that affects my family (i.e. unexpected school closings).

You may find that certain triggers can be avoided or prepared for.

Tip: If you suffer from panic attacks, leave yourself reminders of what helps you get through them.

Remove Overwhelm

Next, anxiety can also be caused by having too much going on. Try the free email challenge below if you could benefit from reducing your life overload.

Surround Yourself With the Right Input

Finally, we often underestimate how influenced we are by events and people.

Positive affirmations for anxiety are a beautiful first step to taking back your thoughts. But you can also limit time with toxic people, turn off the news, take a break from social media, and remove yourself from daily influences that aren’t benefitting you.

Instead, replace these with positive podcasts, deep conversations with good people, and more activities that nourish your soul.

*The Mayo Clinic has more strategic tips for ways to help your anxiety too!

positive mantras affirmations for anxiety hearts

To Consider With Positive Anxiety Affirmations

This quote shows the profound importance of working on your mind:

Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.

Laird Hamilton

When it’s all said and done, our minds are what determine our lives. And we control what goes into them. We can do this!

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Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional. The article is based on my experiences, research, and opinions. Please speak to a licensed professional if you need help.

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