The 35 Best Gifts to Help With Anxiety in 2022

Great gifts for people with anxiety

What is a Good Gift for Someone With Anxiety?

40 million people in the United States suffer from an anxiety disorder (source).

Plus, of course, these statistics were taken BEFORE the recent craziness. So, the odds are good that you know someone who suffers, and could benefit from anxiety gifts: by themselves, or in an anxiety care package or gift basket.

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Top 3 anxiety gifts readers love: The Buddha Board, The Anxiety Workbook, the Gratitude Journal for Kids

First, what is anxiety?

Anxiety sufferers worry, become agitated and restless, experience difficulty concentrating, and lack of sleep. For some, it’s a manageable problem. And for others, it is truly a debilitating mental health challenge.

So, it’s time for some relief! Check out the best gifts for someone with anxiety below. These items will calm, relax, and soothe ANYONE that needs it!

This post is split into:

  • Sensory gifts for someone who worries
  • The best books and workbook gifts for anxiety relief
  • Soothing gifts to get your zen on
  • Taste, smell, and sight gifts to help with anxiety
  • A special anxiety care package

*And if you’re shopping for a person under 18, don’t fret! The end of this article has great gifts for kids with anxiety!

The Best Sensory Gifts for Anxiety Sufferers

First, let’s explore the power of touch in relieving worries and tension.

1. Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set

acupressure mat as great gifts to relieve anxiety

First, relieve tension in your pressure points with this relaxing mat. Simply lay on the “needles” for 10-30 minutes and enjoy improved stress levels, circulation, and better sleep.

2. A Weighted Blanket

a weighted blanket as best gifts for people with anxiety

A weighted blanket works wonders because it adds a small comforting weight to wind you down for a restful night’s sleep. As someone once described to me, “it’s like a hug in a blanket.”

3. Massage Gift Card

To anyone that enjoys the healing power of touch, a massage is Heaven. If your person is someone like this, a massage gift card is an amazing gift!

4. Bath Items

bath supplies: gifts for someone with anxiety

A bubble bath can be the cheapest relief! The warm water and sweet fragrances of a bath combine to help you relax after a long day. Add bath bombs, bath salts, lush towels, a bath pillow, and a bath tray to your amazing anxiety gift basket.

Check out these Herbivore Calm Bath Salts to get your search started!

5. Aromatherapy Pillow

These pillows are not only soft but also give off a hint of herbs to help ease you into a greatnight’s sleep.

This aromatherapy pillow even doubles as a heating pad for extra relaxation.

“Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries.”

Astrid Alauda

6. A Daylight Therapy Lamp

gifts for anxious people

Vitamin D plays a HUGE role in our mood and emotions! Many people are deficient and affected by seasonal depression in the winter.

So, give the gift of sunlight with this daylight therapy lamp.

7. Chinese Baoding Balls

If you’re looking for something simple and a bit different, try these small baoding balls. They work like a stress ball and moving them within your hands helps eliminate distractions and promotes relaxation.

8. A Gift Card for a Pedicure

Like a massage, a professional manicure/pedicure is a calming activity for anyone that needs to engage in soothing activities that ease worry and restlessness. Gift cards to your local salon are easy and effective gifts to relieve anxiety.

9. A Yoga Mat & Free Class Options

Regular yoga practice is scientifically known to reduce the symptoms of anxiety in women (source). With clear benefit for your mind and body, why not gift a free class gift card and yoga mat?

Check out this great yoga mat >>

Looking for other self care ideas? Sign up HERE for a free 2-page toolkit!

10. A Worry Stone

This small gemstone is in the shape of an oval with a thumb indention. Hold the stone between your index finger and thumb and gently move your thumb back and forth across the stone. It expands relaxation and alleviates worries.

The Best Books and Workbooks

The more you know, the better you can manage symptoms of anxiety.

11. Books About Anxiety

Here are HIGHLY rated books for those seeking knowledge about this mental challenge:

anxiety books make the best gifts to help with anixety

Not into a specific anxiety book? Try 25 of the Best Books for Motivating Women

12. An Anxiety Journal

Journaling is an AMAZING way to get spiraling thoughts out of your head. It’s even better when you have a guided journal that helps you work through your anxiety.

Check out one of these great gifts for people with anxiety:

The Anxiety Journal: gifts for people with anxiety

  • No Worries: A Guided Journal to Help You Calm Anxiety
  • Zen as F*ck (not necessarily appropriate, but the reviews are stellar)

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13. An Adult Coloring Book

Next, kids and adults alike benefit from a creative release. So, give a positive book like The Good Vibes Coloring Book to anyone needing to take their mind off of things for a while.

*Bonus: Check out my new self-care planner for a way to make wellness a MAJOR priority in your life!

self care planner

Calming Gifts That Truly Get Your Zen On

These are the PERFECT gifts to relieve anxiety, be present, and calm yourself dramatically.

14. The Buddha Board

Most popular with readers!

A buddha board as unique gifts to help with anxiety

The Buddha Board is a completely unique way to help anxiety sufferers calm down. This product is based on the Zen idea of living in the moment, as the water painting comes and goes as it dries. But it is a soothing and creative activity to slow you down.

Check out the Buddha Board HERE >>

15. A Zen Garden

A zen garden as gifts for someone with anxiety

This Japanese zen garden set with boat bridge and sand rake promotes zen living and inner peace anywhere you are.

16. Subscription to a Meditation App

Meditation is another scientifically proven practice to fight against anxiety and depression. It’s also very simple to get started!

However, it’s MUCH easier with a meditation app to guide you through the process. Gift your recipient a month-long subscription to Headspace or Calm to let them try out the practice and see if it helps them.

Related Post: An Easy Meditation Guide for Beginners

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

Dan Millman

17. A Meditation Pillow

meditation pillow for zen living

Because meditation is such a powerful practice for stress and anxiety, a specific meditation pillow is an important tool. It elevates your body for comfort and allows you to stay in the moment longer.

18. A Relaxation Indoor Fountain

This fun tabletop fountain brings a calming zen feel to any room. You’ll especially love the soothing sound of water on whatever surface you choose to use.

See the zen fountain HERE >>

Taste, Smell, & Sight Gifts for Someone With Anxiety

19. Soothing Herbal Teas

Teas have been used for centuries to ease anxiety and help us sleep. So, take advantage of the ancient wisdom and buy a set of comforting teas to enjoy on a cool night.

Check out a variety pack HERE.

20. Calming Essential Oil Blends

Like tea, essential oils were the first (natural) way to affect your mood, health, and emotional state. So, gift a diffuser and soothing essential oil blend for your friend or family member to try.

Print this list of self care ideas to go with the gift!

21. Lava Rock Bracelet

*Amazon’s Choice

lava rocket bracelet as gifts to relieve anxiety

This pretty bracelet is made of lava rock which absorbs essential oils well and acts as a natural diffuser on your wrist! Add your favorite oils and enjoy a calmer and happier day.

22. Inspiring Prints

Wall art makes great gifts for anxiety relief because they present visual reminders to slow down, enjoy the day, and remember to breathe.

Check out this beautiful tea wall art HERE.

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23. Classical Music

Classical music is known to calm us and reduce brain activity. One study even suggests that this type of music reduces anxiety (source). So, give the gift of a music subscription or old school classical CD to the one you love.

24. Stress Less Cards

*Amazon’s Choice

stress cards as gifts for anxiety relief

The Stress Less Cards Set is a unique set of 50 mindfulness activities designed to help you relieve stress and anxiety. These cards are even used by health care professionals.

Check out these 27 Uplifting Morning Affirmations for another option.

25. Incense

For many, the scent of burning incense helps them relax. One study has found that a component of frankincense activates brain pathways to ease anxiety and depression (source).

Try incense HERE.

26. Candles

Burning candles give much of the same therapeutic relief that incense provides.

The best candle gifts for people with anxiety include the Bath and Body Stress Relief Candle.

27. Honey

Did you know that honey reduces anxiety? It’s true! The properties in honey produce a calming effect when taken in moderate amounts. So, give the gift of simple honey sticks or a high quality, local honey!

28. A DIY Anxiety Care Package

An anxiety gift basket benefits ANYONE and is incredibly easy to put together. The picture above is my own self care basket for 2022 (click to find lots of great ideas). But it’s also the perfect inspirational gift idea for someone with anxiety.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kids Gifts to Help With With Anxiety

It’s incredibly sad, but more kids than ever suffer from anxiety. So, here are gifts for anxiety relief specifically for the wonderful kids in your life.

29. Anxiety Relief for Teens

#1 Best Seller

Anxiety book for teens makes best gifts for kids with anxiety

This is a book aimed at giving teens mindfulness practices to alleviate their anxiety. It’s especially helpful for young adults that need practical techniques to get them out of spiraling thoughts.

Check out the Anxiety Relief Journal for Teens HERE >>

30. Cosmic Kids Yoga

There are MANY benefits of yoga, and kids can benefit from it as much as adults. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a website that provides free YouTube Videos with fun and calming yoga stories. If kids love the videos, gift them the Yoga App with no commercials and a huge library of fun sessions.

31. The Very Hungry Monsters Book

The Very Hungry Worry Monsters is a fun-loving book that features friendly monsters who eat your worries.

32. Breathe Like a Bear

#1 Best Seller

Breathe like a bear books make the best gifts for people with anxiety

Breathe Like a Bear is a children’s book that teaches mindfulness exercises to young ones. These short breathing practices and movements help kids naturally calm down and improve focus.

*Here are other amazing Children’s books!

33. A Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners have long been known to help kids with sensory challenges, but they also work at relieving anxiety. Check out this fidget spinner for a child that would benefit from something in his or her hands.

34. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

✅ Popular With Readers!

The 3 minute journal: gifts for anxiety relief

This low-cost journal is a quick way for kids to focus on the good in their lives. Gratitude is an unbeatable tool to ease stress and anxiety.

See the 3 Minute Gratitude Journal HERE >>

35. AnanBros Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy

Finally, this small toy is similar to the fidget spinner above, but instead the toy pops in and out. It’s a fantastic item to give kids something to do when they feel anxious.

To Consider With Gifts for People With Anxiety

Finally, anyone living in today’s uncertain environment would benefit from the calming gifts on this list. So, check them out today!

And if you need ideas for someone, leave a comment below and I’ll help brainstorm more! 😊

What are your favorite gifts for someone with anxiety? And what comforting products do you enjoy?

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