+ 25 Essential Self Care Box Ideas to Try!

A friend made an insightful point the other day.

She acknowledged that spring was difficult for her mental health. Like many, she was without a job for a time, shut in the house with two little ones, and no place to go.

So, she decided to be proactive about her future emotional wellbeing. She couldn’t control the pandemic or her job stability, but she could make herself a self care kit for fall and winter.

Essentially, she was taking matters into her own hands.

If she was stuck at home again, she would have something to stabilize her mental health.

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And, it’s brilliant. There is a lot about our current situation that we can’t control. But how we take care of our mental and physical health is still in our hands. It’s time to acknowledge that.

“We can not direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

Dolly Parton

Plus, a wellness box doesn’t just have to be for quarantine.

What is a Self Care Kit?

A self care kit is simply a collection of items that make you feel good. They support your emotional health by nourishing you, uplifting you, and sometimes bringing you back from the brink.

So, let’s build a magnificent self care box for the rest of 2020. One that helps you gain perspective when you desperately need it.

What Should Go in a Self Care Kit?

Your exact self care basket is up to you, but here’s what you’ll find in the article:

  • 25 Effective (but inexpensive!) Ideas to Put in Your Kit
  • What’s in My Self Care Box So Far
  • Pre-Made Wellness Solutions

Start With Visual Ideas

First, check out these diy self care kit ideas to get started!

1. A Light Book or Romance Novel

Sometimes, what we need most is to escape when we’re low. Whether that’s a murder mystery, action-adventure, or trashy romance, find something you’ll ENJOY. We won’t judge!

Just, get a book that will take you to a faraway place. Preferably a beach.

2. A Personal Growth Book

a personal growth book for your self care basket

Other times, we crave to feel the satisfaction of inner growth. What can you learn?

So, check out my post: 25 Empowering Books for Women to see if anything resonates with you. You’ll love diving into fresh ideas and possibilities.

Additionally, for a variety of books to put in your kit, check out this list of the current NY TImes Best Sellers. You won’t regret having a few exceptional reads ready when you’re stuck inside.

3. Fresh Photos

Next, print some photos that you love or create a go-to collection of photos in your phone. Often, looking at pictures of your friends and family can give you a needed mental boost.

*I’m getting family photos taken this fall for the sole purpose of having something new and fresh to look at once the weather turns.

4. A Fresh New Journal & Fun Pens

journaling pens for your self care box

Journaling is therapy.

And we ALL need some good therapy sometimes! So, add a beautiful journal to the mix or some bright pens that you’ll be excited to use. Then, alleviate your worries and stress with a good writing session.

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5. Thank You Cards

No doubt, this pandemic has sometimes made us feel disconnected from others.

So, add a few thank you notes to your kit to send to those you love. Not only will it boost your mental health, but you’ll make someone else feel good as well.

6. Bella Grace Magazine

Bella Grace Magazine for your self care basket

This magazine/short book is the most inspiring collection of women’s work I’ve seen. I have four editions in my home and pull it out when needed. If nothing else, the beautiful writing of other women’s struggles and dreams reminds me that I’m not alone.

7. Nail Polish

Sometimes, a girl just needs to feel pretty. Am I right?

So, indulge in a quality nail polish or fake nails for when the time is right. There are a lot of options for easy nails these days!

8. A Few Positive Quotes

Great quotes for women in your self care kit

This can be free! Simply write a few quotes that will uplift you in tough times. Too much work?

Then, purchase something with a quote or collection of inspiring quotes like the book above

Next, Find the Right Kind of Noise

The sounds in your space and what you tell yourself make a huge impact on your quality of life. So, check these ideas out!

9. Affirmation Cards

every self care kit needs affirmation cards that uplift you.

After an affirmation challenge turned me into a groupie, I had to include some easy affirmation cards that help you love on yourself. Because we all need a little extra love once in a while.

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10. A List of Stations or Playlists

Do you know where to find calming music when you need it?

Take a few moments to create a short list of music options (or playlists) for when you need to be inspired or when you need to calm down. Have them ready!

11. A White Noise Machine

white noise machine for self care bo ideas and better sleep

Trouble sleeping? If sleep gets tricky for you, a white noise machine is the perfect solution to you getting your best sleep ever.

12. A List of Positive Podcasts

Next, another list for your wellness kit! Hey, it’s free!

Spend a bit of time searching for podcasts that you can check out and that will help you feel good. There are SO MANY inspiring podcasts out there today. And they are an amazing resource for mental health and growth.

This post of podcasts would be a good place to start!

Now, Items That Help You FEEL Great

If you are tactile or you respond to the power of touch, these ideas are for YOU!

13. Face Masks

self care box with facial masks

A face mask, or an entire variety pack will keep your skin feeling fresh and replenished in the harsher winter months.

14. Massage Oils

Invest in a great massage oil or lotion if you love a good massage. Then, even if you can’t get out, talk your partner into a short massage on tough nights. This works wonders in our home.

15. Stress Balls

self care basket ideas include stress balls

Motivation in a squeeze ball? Yes please! It’s the perfect calm down tool when you’re restless, stressed, or anxious.

16. Cozy Fabrics

Next, insert something in your self care kit that makes you feel cozy and well cared for. A plush (or weighted) blanket, slippers, socks, a robe, or a new comfortable nightgown all encourage you to take it easy and enjoy life’s simple pleasures a bit more.

17. A New Bath or Shower Product

And finally for touch, sometimes upgrading or replacing an old bath product does the trick. A sharp new razor, bath scrub, or shaving gel can be a low-cost way to perk you up when you’re down.

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Next, Scents That Support You

As it turns out, smell makes a big impact on our emotional health. So, try lavender for relaxation and peppermint for a little pep in your step (source). And check out the two easiest ways to get them below!

18. Essential Oils

While many get out their diffusers in the winter to help with cold and flu season, essential oils can be just as helpful for regulating sleep, stress levels, and your mood.

So, keep your mood enhancers in the self care kit as a reminder to be utilizing this important tool.

19. Candles

a bright candle for self care basket ideas

A great self care basket includes at least one candle that makes you happy. So, buy a fresh candle and stick it in for easy access when you need to relieve stress.

Tasty & Healthy Treats for Your Self Care Box

Ah, food. Our bodies need wholesome quality options, but sometimes you also need a small splurge that gets you through the day.

20. Chocolate

a self care basket with healthy snacks

Who doesn’t crave a bit of chocolate now and then?

Now, this doesn’t have to be a sugar bomb (unless you want it to be). There are a lot of high-quality chocolate bars on the market today. Buy something with 85-95% cocoa, and you’ll find the sugar is very low.

Or check out these healthy protein bars! They are AMAZING!

21. Hot Chocolate

Which brings me to one of the things we love most about the winter. Cozy, hot drinks. With a little sugar, of course.

22. Healthy Snacks

Next, a few healthy dry snacks can make your day when your general supply is low! Try out one of these:

  • popcorn
  • veggie chips
  • granola bars (check out the RX bars above!)
  • dried fruit
  • nuts

23. Quality Coffee

a self care box with quality coffee is sure to make you feel better

Confession: Fantastic coffee uplifts me in a way other things can not. Maybe it’s the warm cup. Or the jolt of caffeine. Or I just like mornings. Who knows?

But a package of that fancy coffee you LOVE or even a five dollar gift card can be a gigantic mood booster.

24. Alcohol

Funny enough, Vodka was the first item in my friend’s self care kit! Ha!

Really though, a small nightcap can take the edge off after a long day. (Just don’t let it turn into an unhealthy habit!)

So, maybe it’s that coveted bottle of red wine you don’t buy often, or ingredients to a new cocktail you know you’d love to try when the time is right. Make it special and it will be the perfect addition to your kit.

25. Herbal Tea

Finally, a quality herbal tea can be the energizing boost you need in the morning, or just the thing to calm you down at night. I also find that when I’m struggling to drink enough water, tea helps me fill in the hydration gaps.

What My Self Care Kit Looks Like (So Far)

My Items include:

  • Quarantine Wine (gifted to me by a friend)
  • How to Love Yourself Cards
  • RX Bars
  • Chocolate bars
  • The Alchemist Book
  • A Bella Grace Magazine
  • Tazo black tea
  • Thank you and Just Because Cards
  • Razor refills
  • Biore strips
  • Yes to Face Masks
  • Impress Nails

I’ll update this post as I improve the kit!

Wellness Kits to Order

If you are the type that loves this idea, but would better appreciate it put together for you, check out these self care box subscription ideas. You get unique wellness items sent to you monthly!

So, all the benefit, and none of the work.

TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box Photo 1

Therabox is a special set in that a therapist picks out the self-care contents. So, professionals are giving you what you need each month!

Additionally, there’s a happiness activity in every box, which builds your self-love and self-esteem.

HopeBox – Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul Photo 1

The Hopebox is packed with unique artisanal items that boast coziness and well, hope. Which is essential to rebuild in any tough season.

Something to Consider With Your Self Care Kit

“To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself so that you have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family.

Michelle Obama

A self care kit can help you do that. As well as having the emotional energy to conquer your other marvelous life goals and dreams.

And finally, these make fantastic self care gift ideas as well. The second half of 2020 may continue to be tough for all of us, so don’t be afraid to spread a little love with any of these!

What should go in your self care kit?

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