89 Epic Vision Board Examples & Ideas for 2023

Looking for vision board examples to help you make your dreams a reality? This post not only has beautiful vision boards to motivate you, but you’ll get specific ideas for your goals too!

“We become what we think about.”

Earl Nightingale

Make a Vision Board In a Few Easy Steps

1. Decide on goals and dreams

Finding clarity is the most essential step to this entire process. Here’s the thing: a vision board is the inspiration. It’s for the energy and motivation that get you where you want to be.

the best vision board examples for adults in 2022

Your underlying goals are the foundation. So, make your vision board while you also write specific goals (on or off your board). If you look at both often, you’ll be unstoppable.

2. Gather the needed materials

Next, use images, vision board quotes, and affirmations that inspire and move you!

Feelings are vital to making your vision real. You need to be able to both get excited when you see it and SEE yourself doing each action.

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ideas pin vision board

3. Create

Now is the best part. Make a dream board that you are in love with! – The ideas below will be all you need.

*For more on specific steps, check out how to make a vision board.

4. Display

a vision board

It’s extremely important to see your vision board often. So, put it in a high-traffic spot! The vision board examples below also give excellent ideas for new places to put it – including a journal, screensaver, and workspace.

18 Examples of Vision Boards That Will Inspire You

Now, a vision board can be anything you want it to be – from a piece of paper to a giant board in your living room. These powerful vision board examples will get your creative juices flowing.

1. My 2021 Vision Board Example

vision board examples and supplies

First, here’s the vision board I made last year out of magazines.

While it looks like one big collage, my vision board example is actually separate pages laid on top of each other. The front/center page is personal growth, and the other pages included health, family, my partner relationship, and wellness.

2. The Bright Vision Board

This vibrant dream board uses a black background and bright colors that draw the eye. It not only has strong action words such as “cherish,” but it also includes motivating images and focuses on specific goals. (Love the reading room!)

3. A Grid Vision Board for Work

vision board examples: woman looking at wall

Now, some of these vision board examples are meant to help us think outside the box. This woman uses a wire wall grid to display her dreams at the office.

Can you do something like this in your workspace?

4. An Online Vision Board

Examples of online vision boards

Do you prefer to create your vision board online? No worries, there are several great digital vision board examples on this list!

This one was set up with a free account in Canva in less than 10 minutes.

5. A Journal Vision Board

This vision board fits in someone’s journal and makes for something the person can flip back to whenever she needs a little inspiration in her notebook. How handy!

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6. A Teacher Vision Board

If you are a teacher, you know that some days are more difficult than others. Putting together a vision board that helps you (and your students) through the hard ones is a brilliant idea.

This teacher idea would work well as a family vision board too!

7. A Free Vision Board Template

free vision board template printable pdf

Now, if you need something simple and all on one page, this is it!

This free vision board template can also be used as a fabulous goal-setting template to go alongside a more visual dream board in 2023.

8. A Creative Digital Example

Here’s another digital vision board using a free creation software called Milanote.

The great thing about digital is that you can put your vision up as your phone and computer screen saver – making it guaranteed you’ll see it often.

9. A Beautiful Mom Board Example

This pretty vision board is from a mom and is one most moms can relate to well!

She does a great job of using words to identify the different categories and goals that are important to her – creativity, self-care (get 100 self-care ideas), family, simplicity, reading, photography, routine, and health.

10. A Bulletin Board Vision Board

A great dream board doesn’t have to be magazine cutouts. This creative bulletin board is designed with images, words, and even symbols and objects to get the meaning across. How inspiring!

11. A Personal Development Vision Board

One beautiful benefit of a vision board is that it helps you look beyond the usual categories people focus on – money and health. It’s a pledge you make to your wellbeing, relationships, and sense of adventure thrive too.

*Don’t miss this checklist of simple actions that keep you inspired!

12. The Highly Visual Vision Board

The centralized quote in the middle of this board helps tie it all together and bring focus and motivation to the board.

It’s also a very visual board. As we are all different, we will all have a different ratio of words to images that speak to us. Use what feels right to you.

13. The Simple Frame Dream Board

This board is simple and to the point. It uses images and words, and it shows us that we can put our vision board in a small frame as well.

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14. A Vision Board Movie

Because visualization is all about seeing yourself in motion, I decided to make part of my 2022 vision board into a moving visual as well. What do you think?

15. A Vision Board Wall Example

vision board examples images for your wall in 2023

Do you have a lot of space you can use? Take an entire wall and dedicate it to your dream life. How inspiring to walk into a room like that every day!

16. A Scrapbook Picture Frame

examples of vision boards for kids and adults

Next, this is another vision board inside of a frame but the owner used scrapbook materials to make it – giving it a more 3-D look. It is also a specific travel vision board. This reminds us that we can have different boards for different categories.

For travel ideas for your vision board see the Bucket List of Ideas post!

Note: A scrapbook board is a fun one to do with kids! See more kids vision board examples >>

17. The Pretty Etsy Vision Board Kit

Vision Board & Manifestation Kit Printable // Dream Board Kit image 1

I close out the list with a few ready-made kits that make vision board creating super easy. This manifestation kit even comes with printable checks and affirmation cards, which I thought was quite unique.

18. An Etsy Vision Board Workbook and Guide

VISION BOARD KIT dream board 2023 ultimate bundle goal image 1

The style of this vision board kit is absolutely stunning. It also comes with printable stickers and worksheets to help you map out your dreams in a specific way.

Bonus Tip: Set your vision board affirmations up as reminders on your phone! I have 5 that pop up every day, and I’ve been shocked out how effective they are! See more on the law of attraction >>

71 Vision Board Ideas to Start Goal Setting

Now that you’ve seen excellent examples, here are ideas for goals and categories to think about. I kept these non-specific for your vision board (because everyone is different).

However, remember to follow the SMART goals pattern and get granular with your real goals – on or off the vision board.

Vision Board Ideas for Health & Self-Care

Vision board ideas for adults you will love: weight, healthy food, tape measure

  • Radiant energy
  • Peak nutrition (smoothies, salads, etc.)
  • A meditation practice (or prayer, nature walks, other spiritual practices)
  • Exercising (yoga, cardio, weights, etc.)
  • Drinking water
  • Incorporating more nature in your life
  • Getting more and better sleep
  • Eating more vegetables
  • Overcoming a specific health challenge or illness
  • Losing weight
  • Running a race (5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon)
  • Climbing a mountain
  • Getting stronger
  • Getting a procedure done that improves your life (Lasik, weight loss surgery, knee replacement, etc.)
  • Adding rest and recovery periods
  • Adding specific self-care practices you love (massage, music, etc.)
  • Completing a health challenge (find amazing 30 day challenge ideas HERE)

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Vision Board Examples for Family

  • Being present (mentally and physically)
  • Establishing clear family time
  • Playing with your kids and partner
  • Simplifying your family life (this free email series helps!)
  • A remodel in your shared living spaces
  • Teaching your kids life lessons (around money, kindness, health, etc.)
  • Adding a pet to your family
  • Practicing an interest with your child (ex. basketball out on the driveway)
  • Practicing deep listening, better communication, and asking thoughtful questions.

*See more for the family: family bucket list ideas >>

Work & Money Vision Board Ideas

Epic work and money vision board ideas for your vision board in 2022

  • Getting your dream job
  • Paying off a specific loan
  • Eliminating your debt
  • Cultivating a larger income
  • Having more in savings
  • Owning your dream house
  • Owning your dream car
  • Having more income streams
  • Creating passive income
  • Simplifying your work life
  • Working fewer hours
  • Investing more (or increasing your retirement)
  • Giving more to causes you believe in
  • Earning an award or recognition
  • Building better communication practices
  • Having more time for creative work ideas
  • Exploring a new career path or project
  • Writing a book
  • Finding more freedom or autonomy in your work life
  • Starting a budget

Vision Board Ideas for Personal Development

Vision Board for All Relationships

This list includes friends, family, and partner ideas.

Couple holding hands: relationship dream board ideas for manifestation

  • Going on outings that strengthen relationships (a night in a hotel, camping, a book club, etc.)
  • Inviting others over for dinner
  • Regular date night
  • Holiday traditions around family and friends (see family tradition ideas)
  • Attending a relationship workshop online or through an organization
  • Spicing it up in the bedroom with your partner
  • Regular rituals for connection (walks, lunches, etc.)
  • Connecting with better questions and conversation

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Vision Board Ideas for Fun and Adventure

  • Specific places you want to travel (Italy, the Carribean, etc.)
  • Learning a new hobby (playing the guitar, etc.)
  • Pursuing hobbies you want to have more time for
  • New restaurants, coffee shops, and local places to visit
  • Simple things that bring you joy (ex. a glass of wine by the fire)
  • Fun home improvement projects

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Don’t Forget the Benefits of a Vision Board

woman smiling: why you should start your manifestation board now!

In case you needed more convincing, a great vision board has a wealth of benefits. So, stick with it!

  • It boosts your creativity
  • It gives you clarity (what do you really want in your life?)
  • It increases your resiliency when you hit obstacles
  • It fires you up! There’s nothing better than built-in motivation!
  • It helps you let go of the past
  • It promotes solution based thinking
  • It enhances productivity, focus, and determination
  • It makes you more optimistic (It’s hard to look at a vision board and not be hopeful)

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To Consider With Vision Boards Examples & Ideas

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Finally, what are your favorite examples of vision boards? Do certain ideas speak to you? Share in the comments and let me know!

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