150 Simple Life Pleasures That Fill Your Day With Joy

When my father-in-law passed away, we experienced a hard stretch at home. The days felt more like a slog than an opportunity to experience life.

A list of simple life pleasures helped bring light to the darkness.

What can you be grateful for when life hits a low? Or even on your most ordinary day?

flowers are one of simple life pleasures

Simple Pleasures Meaning

First, what is a simple pleasure?

It’s when you gain peace, satisfaction, or happiness from a small element in your life. Usually, simple pleasures come from everyday items or happenings. They’re easy to overlook when you’re not truly present.

What are examples of simple life pleasures?

The following is my list of simple joys, along with other amazing ideas. Many are cheap and are already in front of you.

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Simple Life Pleasures and Joys Found With People

First, it’s the people we love that bring us the most happiness. Do you find joy in these things too?

people smiling as simple joys in life

1. Toddler giggles – the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

2. A long insightful talk with a good friend

3. Hi-fiving someone in celebration

4. Walks with someone you love

5. A good bear hug

6. Getting lost in a tickle fight

7. Receiving an unexpected compliment

8. Snuggling in bed with a loved one

9. Catching your child being kind

10. When you get someone to smile (through a compliment, smile, joke, etc.)

11. The contagious excitement of kids opening gifts

12. Holding hands

13. Giving a child a special “love you” squeeze

14. Cuddling with a pet (dog kisses, cat purrs, etc.)

15. When a baby smiles up at you

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

Paulo Coelho

16. Telling kids a story about your childhood

17. Your mom’s voice when you need someone to listen

18. Lending a hand when someone needs it

19. Seeing old photos of your family and friends

20. Remembering a favorite childhood memory

21. A pillow fight

22. Bumping into someone you haven’t seen in awhile

23. Uninterrupted time with your partner

24. Knowing a happy secret of someone

25. Toasting to family or friends

26. When your loved one says “I love you” out of the blue

27. Laughing out loud with your kids

28. Celebrating a birthday of someone you love

29. Watching your child turn a struggle into a success

30. Receiving an unpexpected gift

31. Having an intimate moment with your spouse

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Pleasures of Life Directly From Nature

simple life pleasures found in nature, woman with flowers

These are often taken for granted, but they bring a smile of wonder to your face every time.

32. Stargazing out in nature

33. Seeing a colorful sunrise

34. Watching the setting sun

35. Listening to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof

36. Hearing a noisy spring thunderstorm while you’re cozy inside

37. Eating outside over a blanket on green grass

38. Staring at a full moon

39. Taking a nap in the warm sun

40. Touching a very old tree

41. The smell after it rains

42. The sounds of a stream after a good rain

43. The smell of the ocean

44. The first snow storm of winter when you’re cuddled warm inside

45. The first tree buds and blossoms of spring

46. The smell of fresh cut grass (and feel of it under your feet)

47. The beautiful colors of the trees at just the right time in the fall

48. Spotting a rainbow (and watching kids’ faces when they see it too)

49. Driving with your windows down and the breeze in your face

50. Stepping on a pile of crunchy leaves

51. Big fluffy clouds

52. A fresh untouched layer of snow

53. Watching the beauty of wildlife animals in their element

54. The first tulips that bloom every spring

55. The chipper birds outside your window, telling you the day has arrived

56. The sound of happy kids splashing in the pool on a warm summer day

57. Stopping to smell your favorite flower blooming

58. Seeing your garden grow

59. Walking barefoot on the beach

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Dr. Danielle Kelvas, physician and mental health expert says, “We need adequate sunlight exposure to utilize vitamin D in our bodies. Spend as much time outside as possible. Open the windows. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot whenever possible.”

Self Care & Personal Growth Pleasures of Life

joys in life come from self-care, pictures of battub

It feels good to take care of ourselves in a loving way, and these simple things push that special joy button.

60. A soothing bath or shower

61. Listening to your favorite music over and over

62. Accomplishing a goal that matters to you

63. Doing something nice for someone you love

64. A good shoulder massage (see these fun self-love and self-care challenges for more of these types of actions)

65. Reading an all-consuming novel or action adventure

66. Traveling to a new place

67. Long walks in nature reflecting on life

68. Feeling truly grateful (see here for easy ideas, free journal prompts, and gratitude quotes)

69. A good, hearty belly laugh

70. Getting a pedicure

71. How you feel after meditating

72. When you feel you look good (that outfit fits just right, your hair lays the right way, etc.)

73. A day where you don’t have to be anywhere

74. The way you feel after a workout that pushed you

75. Making a bucket list

76. Seeing a movie or reading a book that shifts your thinking

77. Listening to a song that resonates with you

78. Eating by candlelight

79. Sleeping in with no alarm to wake you

80. An afternoon nap just because

81. Taking a shower after you’ve been really dirty.

82. Dancing as if no one is watching

83. A crossed off to-do list

84. Letting go of something that has been bugging you for too long

85. Taking time for a hobby you enjoy

86. Saying positive affirmations out loud

87. Washing your face first thing in the morning with warm water

88. Taking time to breathe deeply and stretch

89. Taking a mid-day walk

90. Getting a haircut or style

91. Pulling on sweatpants after a long day

92. Taking a quiet drive

93. Visiting a place you love

94. Having an empty inbox

95. Having an unexpected quiet moment to yourself

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Finding Simple Life Pleasures In Food

kids making pizza, it's the little things

Next, food has always been about more than survival. Food bonds people together, takes us back to childhood memories, and celebrates life milestones. These foods add a spark of pleasure to any day I’m living.

96. Homemade buttered popcorn on the stove

97. A quality piece of chocolate

98. The smell of coffee in the kitchen

99. That first sip of your favorite coffee

100. The smell of a slow cooker meal cooking that fills your home

101. Watermelon on a hot day (or any day)

102. Sipping champagne

103. Fresh vegetables straight from your garden

104. Indulging in your favorite meal

105. Enjoying that bakery treat you’ve been lusting after

106. Mom’s chicken enchiladas. The food that brings childhood back.

107. Chocolate cream pie

108. Juicy summer tomatoes (that make the BEST BLTs)

109. Cookie dough (or the smell of fresh-baked cookies if any makes it)

110. Hot chocolate on a snowy day

111. Biting into a ripe, juicy berry

112. A slow-paced weekend brunch

113. Wine

114. The smell of fresh baked bread

115. When your new healthy recipe turns out to be a keeper with your family

116. A truly authentic meal from another culture

117. Friday night pizza and a movie

118. A hot steaming pot of chili on a cold day

119. Hershey’s peanut butter cups

120. A ballpark hot dog

121. The first sip of hot tea on a cold evening

122. Chocolate cake

123. The first spoonful of ice cream on a hot day

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Simple Home Life Joys That Light Up Your Life

home sweet home

And finally, home is where the heart is. And we should find many simple life pleasures where we spend so much of our time.

124. A clean house (with kids, anytime it’s clean is a pleasure!)

125. A gentle cool breeze through your window

126. Fresh clean sheets

127. Burning your favorite candle

128. Staring at a cozy fire in the fireplace

129. Noticing your bright fresh flowers on the counter

130. Enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck or patio

131. A new, untouched notebook or planner

132. Coming back to a clean house after a long trip

133. Finding money in your jacket pocket you forgot about

134. Relaxing on a porch swing

135. A piece of art or decor in your home that moves you

136. Your favorite cozy chair

137. An empty dishwasher

138. An organized desk

139. Getting into your warm bed after a long day

140. A freshly painted room (that feeling of newness with a simple color change)

141. Noticing your child’s drawing on the fridge

142. When a card comes in the mail

143. That fan that creates just the right amount of breeze and white noise

144. A newly cleaned shower

145. Close neighbors that you can count on for anything

146. The big comfy throw blankets to huddle under on a cold day

147. The photos of people you love lining the walls

148. Your favorite mug

149. Warm towels right out of the dryer

150. A decluttered room

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Benefits of Noticing Simple Pleasures in Life

woman hugging child in nature

When we slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures around us, these small experiences have a profound effect on our overall well-being.

By embracing these experiences, we will notice a more balanced sense of contentment in many areas of our life.

  • Stronger relationships
  • Meeting personal goals
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mental health

Did Focusing on Simple Pleasures Work?

It sure did! Not only did it remind me of what I’m most grateful for, but it showed me how much beauty I take for granted every day. And frankly, it helped us lighten up after such a heavy period.

best list of life's simple pleasures examples

To Consider With Simple Joys

Finally, I read Matthew McConauhey’s book Greenlights recently, and at the end, he explains his desire to make his life “his favorite movie.” What an interesting idea! We can all achieve this if we stop to notice the simple miracles around us.

So, where can you sprinkle these simple pleasures into your day? Could you add them to your morning routine? Maybe at night?

“It is of the small joys and little pleasures that the greatest of our days are built.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

And what are your favorite simple pleasures in life? Do you have different joys?

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