How to Create a Soothing Self Care Routine

Develop Your Amazing New Self Care Routine

There are two profoundly different ways to go through life.

How to create a self care routine

The first way, you fill your calendar to the max. Huff and puff until the thousand item to-do list is done. And spend your life taking care of everyone else.

But, all the time slowly driving yourself into the ground. It hurts deep down. And you wonder how you’ve gotten to such an unhappy, burnt out place.

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Or two. You create and stick to a self-care routine. You slow down. Nourish. Take a few moments each day to center, re-balance, and treat yourself the way you SHOULD be treated in this short and amazing life.

You fill your own cup before you fill others. You relax, see the small beautiful moments in your day, and truly ENJOY what life has to offer.

Gosh, which life sounds better?

The Self-Care Lie

We’re making a sharp turn to the second life option!

But first, let’s bust this common misconception – “If I focus on myself, I’ll have less time to take care of my family, job, friends, etc. I have to be there for them.”

This story we tell ourselves is incredibly damaging. The truth? They NEED a mom that’s happy. They NEED a colleague that’s focused and productive or a friend that’s present.

When you put yourself first, you have MORE to give others, not less!

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”

Katie Bloom

Regular self-care not only makes you more centered and productive but also prevents disease and chronic stress. Plus, you feel good! Which, above all else, you deserve to feel!

So, let’s dig into how to make this new soothing self-care routine happen for you!

Find the Time for YOU

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First, we must find time for more self-care. A special spot in our day where it’s a non-negotiable. Here are the three easiest ways to do it!

Get up Earlier

What if you could add an extra hour to your day? What would you do for yourself?

Many of us would LOVE an extra hour to ourselves. We reflect nostalgically on those days we could lounge, bored on the couch. Well, those days may be gone, but we can create our own time!

Get yourself to bed a few minutes earlier and start your day earlier. Strategically use that time to take care of your most important person. YOU!

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Replace Social Media

Friends, we spend WAY too much time on our phones instead of living the precious lives that we have.

The average person can gain HOURS to their day by simply putting their phone away once or twice throughout the day. So, put your phone in the cabinet and see what happens. You’ll be astonished at how much time you’ve freed up for joyful pursuits.

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Say No

I preach this because we have a huge FOMO problem. Few people stop to ask themselves if they really WANT to go to that party, work event, or extra activity. You don’t have to. In fact, you probably won’t miss anything. Brutal. But your life should be about doing what nourishes you, not what pleases others.

So, make sure your calendar is filled with only the right things for you, and leave room to slow down to smell the roses.

Dr. Danielle Kelvas, physician and mental health expert says “More so in the United States than in other countries, Americans derive their sense of worth from their productivity. I recommend: stop multi-tasking, delegate, and be mindful of each task that you’re doing.

Decide on Your Best Self-Care Practices

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First and foremost, are your basic needs being met? Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep? Eating well? Enjoying strong relationships? Focus on those key life areas that need the most attention before you consider additional practices.

Next, only pick things you LOVE and will look forward to. Here are three amazing self-care practices to get you started:


Movement is the basis for optimal health and wellness. Our bodies were made to be in motion! Incorporate regular workouts, simple stretches, and leisurely nature walks throughout your day.

Remember, taking care of your health is an essential part of any self-care routine. Do not skip this!


Silence in this chaotic world is hard to come by, yet CRITICAL to emotional well-being.

Any soothing self-care routine includes a few moments of peace and solitude, whether in the form of prayer, meditation, or sitting with a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Don’t miss out on the awesome benefits of sitting with yourself every day.

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The average person has little time to think throughout the day. We rush from one activity to the next, then collapse exhausted in our beds. What would a little reflection do for your mood, insight, and growth? A ton!

Start with jotting down your ideas, what you’re grateful for, or five things that would make your day today successful!

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Additional Great Ideas for Your Routine

Activities abound for a nourishing routine! Here are a few more:

Check out: 50 self care ideas for stress and the wellness routines of famous women for more!

Build a Lasting Routine

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Furthermore, we need to incorporate the self-care routine when it’s easiest to stick: morning and night. Consider adding small self-love practices to the get-up and wind down habits you already have.


Do you begin your day in a self-loving way? The very first thing you do after waking should be something that makes you feel good, in a healthy way.

Do you get up and make a cup of coffee before your day? Integrate a few leisurely stretches or three things you’re grateful for, and use that first sip as your reward.

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And in the evening, think of your usual habits. Could you read a few pages from a book after your Netflix show? Or take a bath to wind down from a long day? Find one or two small actions you can do for yourself consistently before turning the lights out.

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Write a Schedule

Finally, let’s put our thoughts down on paper. Gather your list of ideas from above, and write a daily routine schedule or a weekly one like the example below.

Monday: Meditation/Prayer

Tuesday: Intense workout

Wednesday: Detox bath

Thursday: Wine night with friends

Friday: Date night

Saturday: Acupuncture mat

Sunday: Face mask, then an early bedtime

This simple example incorporates one activity each evening, but of course, you can add more!

6 Simple Tips to Get You Started

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1. Start Small

Going too fast too soon leads to quitting. If you’re time-crunched, begin with a simple five-minute self-care activity. Anyone can fit in five minutes a day! Every week, add in a few minutes and soon you’ll have a consistent and reliable routine.

2. Consistency is ALWAYS Key

“Consistency always leads to excellence. Whatever you do in life, always be consistent.”

Without a commitment to do your routine every single day, the benefits are lost. So, go all in and invest in yourself without fail. We’re looking for long-term benefits – that relaxed and happy future.

3. Use Habit Tricks

Habit expert, James Clear, asserts that new habits should be easy, obvious, attractive, and satisfying.

So, make it easy to reach for your self-care items, keep them out in the open, reward yourself with following through, and mark your days on a calendar to see how well you’re taking care of your mental health.

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4. Find Accountability (Do it Together!)

The fastest way to great results is to include others in your plan. So, tell a friend, post it on social media, or bet your spouse money. Or, take this 30 day self care challenge with someone.

Including others helps make it happen!

5. Remember Your Why

This is powerful! Picture yourself without a self-care routine. Perhaps that’s how you feel now. That’s your beaten-down state. It’s awful, right?!

Now, imagine yourself after consistently doing your self-care routine. How do you feel during your day? How do you act with your kids? Your spouse? Your colleagues? The difference is likely profound.

Keep in mind the benefits to everyone as you begin your wellness journey.

6. Have Contingency Plans

Just when you hit a groove a kid gets sick. Then you go on a trip. Or three things just broke in your house. Life never goes as planned. The secret is flexibility. Continue with your self-care but switch things around if need be.

Be flexible in what you DO, just not that you DO IT.

Something to Consider with Wellness

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a discipline.

It takes discipline to care for yourself when you have other things to do.

And it takes discipline to care for yourself when your kids are sick, or you’re late for work. Someone will always need something.

But that sweet reward is a healthy, strong body. A quiet, centered soul. A heart that loves deeply. And a life that impacts others. All those things are in our reach.

So, start now.

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How to Create a Soothing Self Care Routine


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