Best Morning Routine List (60 Quick Morning Ideas That Elevate Your Day)

60 Epic Morning Routine Examples For You

Are you waking up in a daze, scrambling out the door? Or letting the waves of outside forces knock you around every time life gets choppy?

Instead, why not put intention into your day. And use morning routine ideas that set the tone for a healthy, happy, and impactful life.

You are meant to live a life that means something friend. To leave your mark on this world. Whether it’s through your kids, your job, or your personal passions. And you deserve to be happy while you’re doing it too!

best morning routine ideas for adults

3 Quick Tips for the Morning Routine List

First, keep these things in mind as you read the list below!

1. The ideas on this morning routine list are quick actions between 2-10 minutes. Times are labeled so that you can build a routine that fits your schedule (but obviously, you can play around with the lengths too).

2. This post is not about how early you get up. Rather, it’s about what you do with the time you have.

3. The list is BIG because I want you to have all the angles when building a morning routine that makes you a happy, productive human being. Look through it and pick out only the ones that make the biggest impact on your life.

This post contains affiliate links, and I may earn a commission at no cost to you. See my disclaimer for more.

good morning routine ideas list

Now, let’s get started!

Healthy Morning Routine Ideas

First, these morning habits support the healthiest version of you, which improves every other aspect of your life too.

1. Get Your Blood Flowing With Exercise (5-10 minutes)

Sure, when you wake up in the morning, you don’t always feel like moving right away. But morning exercise is shown to give you all kinds of amazing benefits. Here are just a few:

  • You set the tone for a healthier day – which often leads to healthier eating choices too.
  • You are more consistent because you’re getting your workout done early, before you talk yourself out of it.
  • A morning workout boosts your energy and makes you more focused and alert – perfect for when you need to focus most on your family and work.

This doesn’t have to be an hour-long sweat session either (unless you want to!) Try a free Youtube workout, a few yoga moves, or the 7-minute workout app for fast ways to move that wake you up.

2. Take Vitamins (1-2 minutes)

Much of the food we consume these days is lower in nutrients than it used to be. Because of this, many of us have nutritional deficiencies. But you can help fill in gaps by taking a multi-vitamin and other supplements.

(Obviously, consult a medical professional when beginning vitamins and supplements)

3. Pack a Lunch or Snack (2-10 minutes)

Fast food and restaurants are tempting. That’s why packing your own coffee, lunch, or even snacks is an excellent morning habit that saves you tons of money and calories in the long run.

Now, let’s say instead of packing coffee in a travel mug, you stop at Starbucks twice a week and indulge in a grande Frappucino. That’s an extra 460 calories a week (not to mention more if you buy food with it).

In just one month you’ve drank more than 1840 calories more than what you would have if you’d taken your own black flavored coffee. It can add up, even with drinks.

4. Make a Cup of Tea or Water With Lemon (2-5 minutes)

lemon water: healthy early morning ideas for your routine

Tea is such a natural way to wake you up without giving you the jitters. And if you don’t like tea, you can add lemon to water (warm or cold) to stay better hydrated, get a vitamin C boost, and aid digestion (source).

Consider replacing your glass of orange juice with lemon water instead.

5. Make a Green Smoothie (5 minutes)

The Body Love book changed the way I view morning nutrition forever. Author Kelly Leveque shows you how to make smoothies in a snap that you can take with you. She also makes the science simple and aims for a smoothie that fills you up without the sugar spikes.

Here’s what’s in my favorite smoothie from her:

  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons flaxseed (or chia)
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • A handful of greens (spinach and kale)
  • Almond milk and water (or ice)
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries
  • Crunchy toppings: hemp seeds, cacao nibs, &/or unsweetened coconut

Now, drinking your breakfast every day can get a little boring. So, often I’ll pour my smoothie into a bowl and add chopped nuts (instead of almond butter) and fruit after mixing the rest. It tricks your brain into thinking it’s a crunchier breakfast (even though it’s the same thing).

6. Have a Healthy Breakfast (5-10 minutes)

While I’m a huge fan of smoothies for getting your morning greens in, it’s not the only healthy way to start your day. Here are other great ideas:

  • Eggs with spinach
  • Oatmeal sweetened with berries
  • Sweet potato hash (with veggies)
  • Yogurt and a piece of fruit

Not only are you setting the tone for the rest of the day with your breakfast, but your self-control is highest in the morning. So, use that to choose an option that loves on your body before the rest of the day gets in the way.

7. Stretch (5-10 minutes)

Relieve tension and get rid of stiffness early in the day with a basic stretching routine.

Stretching is also a great way to increase blood flow in the morning and wake you up. So, even if you’re not going for more intense movement, stretching will still help you become more alert.

*Foam rollers are AMAZING for giving a more deep tissue stretch or massage. I’ve been blown away by how much my foam roller has helped the tension in my shoulders – and kept me out of the doctor and chiropractor’s office.

8. Write in a Food Journal (2-5 minutes)

Writing down your food is one of the best-known ways to lose weight and stay healthy. Why is that? Well, a food journal helps you:

  • Eliminate mindless eating: when you have to write everything down, you notice when you’ve just been snacking because you’re bored.
  • Open your eyes: you may think that you eat a healthy dinner every night of the week, but when it’s actually down on paper your reality sometimes looks different than your perceptions.
  • Detect patterns: By having a log of what you eat and when, you’ll start to notice things like if your family is impacting your eating habits and in what situations you tend to make unhealthy choices.

The secret to success with your food diary is to be honest and do it consistently. Get these two things down and your health and waistline will give you a big thank you over the long run.

See a free food tracker printable here >>

9. Put on Your Fitness Tracker (30 seconds)

fitness tracker: healthy habits for adults

Notice that this morning routine idea takes 30 seconds, but sets you up for success all day long. So, right after you get up, snap it on and get on with your routine.

(Here’s a best-selling fitness tracker if you need one)

Tip: Make it a nightly habit to charge your tracker in the same spot or put it on your nightstand, and this will be a piece of cake.

10. Drink a Full Glass of Water (2 minutes)

After hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated.

That’s why drinking a FULL glass of water during your first minutes up can be a huge boost in how you feel. Not to mention, this daily H2O will boost your metabolism and aid your body in getting rid of toxins.

11. Go for a Walk (5-20 minutes)

Have you ever noticed how refreshed you feel after a morning walk outside?

Giving yourself time to think while you listen to the birds wake up, see the first rays of the sun, and move your body is an outstanding way to start your day.

Even if you can’t do this year-round (due to your climate), consider adding it into your warmer months or even just the weekends. A morning walk surrounded by nature is one of the best ways to clear your mind and increase your energy before your day picks up with responsibilities.

12. Put on Sunscreen (2-5 minutes)

Skin cancer continues to be the most common cancer in the United States. In fact, at least 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70 (source).

By making SPF 15 sunscreen a part of your morning routine, you can lower your risk by 40-50%, depending on the type of skin cancer. You’ll also notice less skin aging when you use sunscreen daily.

Happiness Morning Routine Ideas

Next, incorporate the following morning routine ideas and you’ll become a happier human without even thinking about it.

13. Write Down What You Are Grateful For (2-5 minutes)

gratitude journal: good morning habits to be happy for moms

First, when you develop a sense of gratitude for your smallest blessings, you’ve discovered the secret to happiness. This doesn’t mean you have to sit for hours though.

Instead, Dr. Kelvas, physician and mental health expert, suggests…

“write down 5 things they are grateful for. At the end of each week, reflect on your responses. This will help consolidate more positive memories of the week, which over time can help shift your perspective.”

And if you find you’re jotting down the same things, try these prompts…

What is one person I’m grateful for today?

What is one simple thing that made me smile recently?

What is something I earned recently that I’m grateful for?

What is one sweet moment I’m thankful for from yesterday?

Related Post: 50 Gratitude Journaling Prompts that help you discover your blessings.

14. Do a Brain Dump (2-10 minutes)

Next, have you ever spent hours worrying about something?

Save yourself loads of time and frustration by incorporating a “mind dump” into your morning routine. To do this, spend 5 minutes writing down in a notebook everything that’s in your head. (Or use this free mind dump template)

Record any thoughts, feelings, big ideas, worries, all of it – without editing. Then, move along with your day. With time, you’ll find that you’re getting your toxic emotions and worries out of your head, and giving yourself the gift of clarity too.

15. Open the Blinds (2-5 minutes)

This one’s easy! Let the light in.

Our natural circadian rhythm is determined by sunlight. Our mood is certainly affected by it too. So, take a quick two minutes and grab your share of this free morning energy boost.

16. Meditate (2-20 minutes)

Meditation is the ultimate stress reliever. Simply sitting and focusing on your breath (or a mantra) for a specific amount of time can help you…

  • Increase self-awareness: You begin to notice the things your mind is drawn to and how it bounces around, giving you a great opportunity to make changes.
  • Lower stress and anxiety. Studies show a reduction in your body’s inflammatory response to stress, as well as a lower heart rate, and blood pressure.
  • Reduce your negative thoughts. One study found that people who completed a meditation exercise experienced fewer negative thoughts after viewing negative images, compared with those in a control group (Source). Other studies also indicate reduced symptoms of depression.
  • Increase your focus. In meditation, you are training your mind. This comes in pretty handy when you need longer and more concentrated attention for important work projects. For even more benefits, see this article.

I recommend starting meditation with an app like Headspace. The guided voice helps you stay focused and teaches proven strategies to get the most out of your practice.

17. Take a Cold Shower (30 seconds -2 minutes)

cold shower: morning routine ideas and examples list for adults

In The Energy Paradox, Dr. Steven Gundry, MD states the benefits of turning the end of your showers to cold…

Cold exposure makes our bodies more efficient. It tells the cells that aren’t working well to recycle themselves, leaving only healthy, fresh cells. In addition, the cold activates anti-inflammatory properties and increases our production of serotonin (the hormone that makes us happy).

The good news is that you can gain these benefits from just finishing your shower on cold for as long as you can stand it.

*Note: Like anything new, talk with your healthcare provider if you have concerns or health conditions.

18. Put Your Phone in Another Room (30 seconds)

Next, for one of the best morning routine ideas, take an extra thirty seconds to walk your phone into another room. Unless you need it for a meditation or exercise app, your phone will only detract from the tone you’re setting for the day.

19. Dress for Success (1-5 minutes)

No, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a dress or suit. But often, you feel a lot better when you change out of your yoga pants and into something that makes you feel confident. Or when you apply a little mascara or hair gel.

These are small mood boosters that can change your mindset from blah to go-getter.

20. Notice One Simple Pleasure (1 minute)

In life, we drudge through our days without noticing the small sweet things that make living a magical experience. Do you ever enjoy the breeze in your hair or the sunshine on your skin?

Take note of one small thing that brings you joy in the morning.

21. Take 3 Deep Breaths (1 minute)

Perhaps you’re not into meditation, or it seems like too much of a time commitment in your mornings. No worries! Start your day with three deep breaths instead.

Get that air into your belly when you breathe and it will do wonders for clearing your head and starting your day feeling relaxed.

22. Water the House Plants (1-5 minutes)

house plants: best morning habits for depression

We take nature for granted, but the plants inside your home clean your air, boost your mood and concentration, and even lower stress.

So take a few minutes to interact with this blessing in the morning.

23. Sit Outside and Reflect (2-20 minutes)

If you have a patio or back deck, then sit outside for a few minutes as you wake up. Notice your surroundings and the earth as it wakes up with you. You’ll feel calmer, more connected, and refreshed.

Consider daily self-reflection questions.

24. Listen to Music That Gives You Energy (2-20 minutes)

Perhaps what you need in the morning is the right kind of noise. One that uplifts you and puts you in your happy place. The right song can do that.

An intentional music playlist is a great thing to add to your exercise or morning commute.

Morning Routine Ideas for Productivity

This list of ideas for your morning routine infuses your days with better focus as you get the right things done. (Note: check out the ideas above as well. Things like meditation make you happier AND more productive)

25. Write Your 3 Most Important Tasks For the Day (2-5 minutes)

So many of us work hard to get things done but never stop to wonder if they are the RIGHT things to be doing. So, as part of your daily morning ritual, write down what’s most important to you.

What 3 things, if you complete them, will make for an excellent day?

26. Start Your Top Task (5-10 minutes)

desk: morning routine ideas for productivity

Now that you have your big 3, choose your most impactful task and “eat that frog.” This popular idea from Brian Tracy means to do the hardest thing first in the day. As you do this day in and day out, you’ll be shocked by the level of success you see.

And if you don’t have enough time to get it all done, don’t worry about it. Start with the time you have and you’ll have the momentum to finish it up later in the day.

27. Look Over Your Vision Board (1-5 minutes)

Next, we all have big dreams and goals. But often we write them out only to forget about them. Instead, give your vision board a quick once-over as part of your morning routine list.

See how to make a vision board and great vision board ideas to start >>

28. Watch a Short Inspirational Video (2-10 minutes)

Give yourself a regular dose of motivation in the morning to help make your entire day a success. Try a short video on Youtube that helps get you fired up.

29. Record Your Big Ideas (1-5 minutes)

Have you ever had a great idea only to lose it five minutes later? Or dismiss it right away?

Your thinking is clearest in the morning, so take advantage by recording any thoughts and ideas roaming around in your head.

30. Check the Weather (30 seconds – 1 minute)

I never knew how important this was until I had kids. But now, if we don’t check the weather before school, we listen to a lot of complaints about being hot and cold.

So, if you’re outside a lot or in charge of a family, consider adding this to your morning routine ideas.

Morning Routine Ideas for Organization

These ideas will help keep physical and mental clutter from getting in the way of making your days amazing.

31. Sort the Mail (2-5 minutes)

sorting mail: early morning routine ideas list for productivity

Mail piles up easily, and often those important bills are at the bottom of the stack.

If this happens to you, add a few minutes of time to sort your mail in the mornings. It’s one simple task you won’t have to remind yourself about later (when you don’t feel like doing it).

32. Make Your Bed (1-5 minutes)

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

William Mcraven

Make your very first action in the morning one of discipline and organization, and you’ve immediately put yourself into a mindset of making your day (and life) extraordinary.

33. Do the Dishes (5 minutes)

If you have a family, dishes pile up in the sink like nobody’s business. It just happens.

But the morning is a great time to clear it out and start fresh (instead of frowning at the sink every time you walk by). Other small “clearing out” tasks can help you feel more relaxed and centered too. Things like:

  • clearing the counter of clutter
  • Picking up stuff in the entryways
  • Putting shoes away

We’re not talking about a huge cleanup job. It’s a quick clearing of the areas that eat away at your sanity, one small piece at a time.

34. Sort Your Laundry (5-10 minutes)

(Or start a load of laundry)

If you prefer to do your laundry during the week, or your weekends are jam-packed, consider adding this as one of your morning routine ideas.

You can get a lot of laundry accomplished by adding a 5-minute action task in the mornings. (And maybe it will feel less daunting in baby steps too.)

35. Get the Kids on a Routine (5-10 minutes)

girl doing laundry with her morning motivation

The before-school routine is no joke with kids! But instead of having the parents do all the work, or telling your child to do something over and over, try a morning routine chart instead.

Grab a free one here >>

It does the heavy lifting for you and helps empower kids to build amazing habits on their own.

36. Track Budget and Expenses (5 minutes)

Keep your finances in order by writing down your expenses from the day before. As you do, you’ll know exactly where you’re at with your money, and how much you have to spend for the rest of the week.

37. Get Meat Out for Dinner (1-2 minutes)

If you take just 1 minute to look and see what’s for dinner, then grab the meat you need to thaw, you’ll be saving yourself from a huge headache around 5:00 pm. Plus, your waistline and wallet will be in better shape because you’re less tempted to eat out later.

38. Clear Off Your Work Desk (1-5 minutes)

If you tend to leave your workspace a mess at night, take 2 minutes in the morning to clear it out before you work. This adds productivity to your days, as clutter distracts you from your worthy pursuits.

39. Ready Your Work Supplies (1-5 minutes)

Similar to clearing your workspace, you can also set out the supplies you know you’ll need for a focused work session.

40. Put Something in the Donation Box (2-5 minutes)

donate: ideas for your morning routine habits

Many of us are drowning in our stuff. We know this.

But it can be intimidating to spend a weekend cleaning out a room. (Paralyzing, in fact.)

So instead, take 5 minutes to declutter 1-3 items from your home. Put items in a donation box, garage sale box, or throw away/recycle them.

Doing this daily will drastically reduce your clutter, giving you more space to breathe and lifting a burden off of your shoulders. Plus, often you’ll find that the simple morning habit inspires you to keep adding to the pile.

41. Go Through the Kids Papers (5 minutes)

As a mom, I used to be overwhelmed by the number of papers my kids bring home from school. They. Were. Everywhere. And I could never keep up.

Now, every day the kids put their papers in a yellow folder. And every Thursday morning in our house, I go through them for the week. I can’t overstate what this little automation has done for my sanity!

(If it’s an important paper that needs to be looked at before Thursday, they stick it on the fridge.)

42. Take Out the Trash (2-5 minutes)

You can take out the trash as you walk out of the house for school or work in the morning. Therefore, with this quick action, you get it done early without any extra work.

Learning-Related Morning Routine Ideas

In the book the 5am Club, Robin Sharma explains that to double your impact and income, you must triple your investment in personal mastery and professional capability. In other words, get learning!

43. Read an Article (5-10 minutes)

Informative articles are thought-provoking and more concise than longer books. So, read one article a day to do short learning spurts in the morning. Topics to explore include:

  • Personal finance
  • Relationship building
  • Your craft (career or hobby related)
  • Productivity
  • Leadership
  • Spirituality
  • Autobiographies of people who made/make an impact

44. Listen to a Podcast (5-10 minutes)

listen to a podcast: good morning routine ideas for students and adults

Podcasts are a great way to learn useful skills and information while you’re doing other things on your morning routine ideas list.

Try listening to a learning podcast while you:

  • Exercise
  • Sort laundry
  • Sort mail (or do any organizational tasks)
  • Stretch
  • Pack yourself a lunch
  • Drive to work or kids’ school

45. Play Mind Games (2-10 minutes)

Brain memory games can do everything from help with your memory, mental agility, and attention span to reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s. To sharpen your mind, try a highly rated app like Lumosity or Elevate.

46. Read a Few Pages From a Book (5-10 minutes)

While five minutes of reading doesn’t seem like much, you can work through an entire book with a daily morning habit. Going at a slow and steady pace can help you digest and implement what you read as well.

Find inspirational books for women here >>

47. Catch Up On World News (5-10 minutes)

It’s important to keep up with what’s going on in the world so that you can learn about other cultures and speak up when you see injustice. Plus, these days our lives and economy are intertwined on a global scale.

Warning: There’s a LOT of negative and biased news out there. And filling up on that isn’t a great way to start the day.

So, try a site that gives impartial information like The Associated Press or one that shows both sides like Additionally, don’t get your news from unverified sources like social media and set a time limit.

48. Do a Crossword Puzzle (5-10 minutes)

do a crossword: best morning habits and things to do for adults

Or Sudoku. Or a game like Scrabble. These games give your mind a boost similar to the brain games above. It’s a simple five-minute habit that can make a huge difference in your daily cognitive function over time.

Morning Routine Ideas for Your Relationships

Next, your relationships can suffer from neglect in the chaos of daily life. Use these ideas for your morning routine to keep that from happening.

49. Text Your Partner (2 minutes)

With so many busy schedules, it can be difficult to steal precious moments with loved ones. If your morning time doesn’t match up well with your partner, consider sending a quick message every morning to feel connected.

See these 30 sweet text messages to give you ideas.

50. Make the Morning Coffee or Tea (5 minutes)

While my husband and I have separate morning routines, we share one thing in common: morning coffee. One of us starts a pot and sharing it together gives us a small sense of connection even if we’re busy with our own things.

We also love Sunday morning "coffee dates" where we take our coffee back to bed and sip it while we chat before the kids get up.

51. Leave a Love Note (2 minutes)

love notes printable free

Who doesn’t love a word of encouragement or inspiration in the morning? Leave a love note for your kids, a post-it for your partner, or send a quick text to a friend.

Make this a daily habit and you’ll be strengthening your most important relationships one quick note at a time.

52. Have a Short Meeting (5 minutes)

This may not be the most fun, but it saves a lot of frustration and arguments later.

If your schedule is hectic, consider having a 5-minute “meeting” with your partner or kids to discuss what everyone has going on that day and what needs to be done.

53. Say Good Morning (5 seconds)

It’s simple, but it’s important for your first interaction with family to be a positive one in the mornings. This leaves an impression on your partner and kids all day long.

And when all else fails, “good morning” is still a way to show people you see and care about them.

54. Share a Morning Hug (or Kiss) (30 seconds)

Next, I learned the power of a morning hug the hard way. We used to have horrible mornings before school. In desperation, I began giving my kids a 5-second hug. It worked!

A good hug diffuses bad situations, boosts your mood (with feel-good hormones), and helps you feel more connected.

55. Write Down a Name (30 seconds)

Especially in today’s post-pandemic world, it can be harder to maintain outside relationships. So, make it a habit every morning to write in your journal the name of someone you will talk to and when.

This could be a neighbor, friend, colleague, or family member.

56. Share a Quote or Bit of Inspiration (1-3 minutes)

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new - Albert Einstein

Make those around you feel good! Share a good morning quote, a thought of the day, or anything else that may inspire others. It takes very little time to do, and makes a lasting impact on your relationships.

Routine Ideas for Your Impactful Goals

Finally for the list, these morning routine ideas get you closer to the dreams that set your heart on fire.

57. Look at Your Bucket List (2-5 minutes)

It’s all too easy to live life based on the measures of success that society finds important (E.I. money and beauty). But what about your sense of adventure? What about feeling alive?

Your morning is a wonderful time to look over your bucket list, add to it, or schedule something in for the near future.

58. Plan 1 Fun Thing Today (1-5 minutes)

Too often we let the fun in our lives slip away. Balance your days by spending a little time in your morning planning to play.

  • Play basketball with your son
  • Visit a new park, library, or landmark
  • Have a family movie night
  • Ride bikes with a friend
  • Take yourself on a coffee date and people watch

Now that you’ve decided, schedule it in.

59. Say Affirmations (1-3 minutes)

I am grateful affirmations

Next, the way you talk to yourself determines the trajectory of your life:

Because we live up to who we believe that we are.

So, if you believe that you can’t do something, you never will. It sounds harsh, but luckily we can train our brains to do better. Spending a few moments each morning repeating special phrases with feeling can re-wire your neurons.

See daily morning affirmations for women, anxiety affirmations, and affirmations for gratitude for different types of examples.

60. Visualize

And finally, many professional athletes visualize their perfect performance before they ever step out into an event. You can do this too if you want to boost your performance, enhance your relationships, or make healthier decisions.

So, take a few minutes every morning and picture yourself living the way you want to live. Then, let the day play out to follow your vision.

morning routine ideas list of successful people

Morning Routines of Successful People

Now, I’ll confess. I love looking at the most common morning habits of successful people. Because I think Tony Robbins is right…“success leaves clues.”

Plus, sometimes we need to narrow it down to get started. So, here are the 4 most common morning routine ideas amongst the highest impact people on the planet:

1. Meditation:

Balancing everyday stress and obligations in today’s world is no easy task. Perhaps that’s why meditation is shockingly common amongst high performers. It’s possibly the only way to give your mind a rest from a world that never stops.

2. Reading:

The most successful people are always learning. Fortunately, reading is cheap or free and easy to incorporate into your morning routine.

3. Exercise:

Without movement you have much less energy. You deal with health problems that lower your quality of life. And you’re more stressed and reactive.

That’s why high-performing people make regular time for exercise – often in the morning so they do it before others take over their day.

4. Gratitude:

Many successful people are driven and ambitious. While this is wonderful, it can feel like your life is never enough. Your house will never be big enough. Your skin will never be youthful enough.

And that’s a sad way to live. That’s why noticing your blessings has grown so popular. Just three grateful things a day reminds you that being alive is a gift, not a right. And that your happiness isn’t based on your outward success.

How do you build a successful morning routine?

Now that you have your list of morning routine ideas, narrow it down to 1-3 morning habits to start. Spend a few weeks getting them down pat, and then add 1 more each week.

While this may be slower than you want to begin, you’ll be building a routine that lasts for YEARS as opposed to DAYS.

Want a checklist to help you follow through to routine success?

Check out these helpful checklist printables:

2022 routine cheat sheets printable

What if you don’t have enough time?

As a parent, I understand this problem well.

If you don’t have enough time to make your morning routine the powerhouse you know it can be….it’s time to get up earlier. Even using 10 minutes for one or two of the actions on this list can change your life.

See this article for tips on how to wake up earlier, without feeling sluggish.

To Consider With These Morning Routine Ideas

An intentional morning routine has been my secret weapon to building a business from the ground up – while parenting three young kids and still making self-care a priority. If I can do that, think of what the right morning routine can do for you.

Before you go, what are your favorite morning routine ideas? Leave a comment below!

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