175 of the Best Self-Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself (2024)

Posing self-reflection questions empowers you to examine your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Socrates wrote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

How frequently do you pause to reflect on the life you lead?

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Self-reflection gives you valuable insights. In turn, you are able to make better decisions, set realistic goals, and align your actions with your core values.

Amidst constant phone alerts and hectic calendars, moments of reflection are rare. Use these questions to stop and contemplate:

  • personal growth
  • relationships
  • work
  • wellness
  • and more

Self-Reflection Questions for Personal Growth

1. What is going well in my life right now?

2. What is an area of my life I want to improve for personal growth?

3. When do I feel the most like myself?

4. What values are most important to me?

5. What would I do if other people’s opinions didn’t matter?

6. What do I want to say ‘no’ to moving forward?

7. What do I want to say ‘yes’ to more often?

8. What is something I would regret not doing in my life?

9. What do I tend to put off? Why?

10. What would I like to face more head-on and without fear?

11. How can I step out of my comfort zone?

12. What is something I should become more knowledgeable about?

13. Am I using my time wisely?

14. Am I spending too much time focusing on things out of my control?

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15. What personal goals am I working toward?

16. What worries me about the future?

17. What am I doing to appreciate and enjoy the things that are most important in my life?

18. Is there anything I need to let go of?

19. Am I living the life I envisioned?

20. What needs to change to feel like I’m living the life I desire to live?

21. What are my strengths? My weaknesses?

22. How can I improve my self-confidence?

23. What qualities do I admire most in others that I wish I had?

24. What is my most common negative thought about myself? How can I reframe that into a positive thought?

25. How can I describe my current self in 5 words? How would I describe my future self in 5 words?

26. How do I respond to setbacks?

27. What self-limiting beliefs are holding me back?

28. Do I embrace a growth mindset?

29. What do I believe my mission in life is?

30. What have I always wanted to do but haven’t? What is stopping me?

31. What failure turned out to be a blessing?


Self-Reflection Questions for Wellness & Self-Care

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32. Do I take care of myself well? How?

33. How do I spend my free time? How would I like to spend my free time?

34. How can I free up my calendar this week/month?

35. What am I looking forward to this week/month?

36. What is something that makes me feel refreshed or energized?

37. What do I like most about my physical appearance?

38. What is my favorite self-care activity? Why?

39. What simple pleasures make me laugh or smile?

40. What good habits do I have for overall wellness? What is one good habit I would like to start?

41. Would I benefit from using a habit tracker to develop healthier self-care routines?

42. What is one way I could show love to myself more?

(Take a 30 Day Self-Care Challenge)

43. How do I recharge?

44. What helps me slow down and feel more present?

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45. How can I tell when I’m nearing burnout?

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46. Do I wake up feeling rested most days? How can I improve my sleep habits?

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47. Am I moving my body regularly? Do I enjoy the type of workouts I am doing?

48. Am I getting the preventative health care I need as I age (i.e. physicals and screenings)?

49. Do I deal with anxiety or depression? Am I seeking the steps needed for help?

50. Would I benefit from therapy? If so, what is holding me back?

51. What is one thing I can do to improve my overall diet? How can I plan to accomplish this?

52. How will taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally have a positive impact on my family and my future?

53. Do I need to let go of anything from the past?

54. Do I have a morning routine that sets me up for a successful day? If not, what small changes can I make?

55. Do I have a nightly routine that sets me up for a successful sleep? If not, what small changes can I make?

56. What daily self-love affirmations can I say to myself?

57. How do I show and practice gratitude?

58. What are three things that I love about myself?

59. Does my home feel like a relaxing and calm place to rest and recharge? If not, how I can make it that way?

60. Do I have a wardrobe that makes me feel good at my current age, size, and shape? If not, what steps do I need to take to improve this?

61. What are the three things I enjoy doing most? What are three things I hate doing and how can I stop doing those things?

62. What is a hobby that I wish to pursue? How will I do that?

63. Do I have a bucket list? What is on it that I can accomplish now?

64. What’s the best advice I’ve ever been given? Am I following that advice?


Self-Reflection Questions for Relationships

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65. How do I share my feelings with those I care about?

66. How can I make the time I spend with the people I love more intentional?

67. What qualities do I value in my relationships?

68. How can I foster healthier communication in my relationships?

69. Who shows support and uplifts me? How do I show support to others?

70. What connections matter the most to me? How can I prioritize those relationships more?

71. What is one person I want to improve my relationship with? What steps will I take to do this?

72. How can I connect more deeply with my partner this week?

73. What am I tolerating in a relationship that is really frustrating? What steps can I take to let that go?

74. Do I have any toxic relationships? How can I get rid of these relationships?

75. Do I know my love language? Do I know my partner’s love language? How can I use this knowledge to improve our relationship?

76. Who do I consider good friends? What are their qualities?

77. How can I be a better friend to others?

78. Do I have healthy relationship boundaries? Do I say “yes” to things I don’t like? How can I create healthier boundaries?

79. Do I have a close relationship that needs healing? How can I help this healing happen?

80. What are the top 3 things I must have in a relationship with others?

81. Do I ask for help from others when I need it?

82. Are most of my personal relationships mutually beneficial?

83. How do I rely on those closest to me?

84. Do I have the relationship I want with my parents?

85. What can I do to connect and foster positive relationships with each of my children?

86. What can I do this week to show someone important in my life that they are valued?

87. How can I show gratitude to one person I love this week?

88. How can I surprise someone I love with a small act of kindness this week?

89. How can I show compassion to a friend who needs it?


Student Self-Reflection Questions

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90. What is my greatest academic achievement?

91. What challenges me about school?

92. What are the best study habits I have? How can I improve my study habits?

93. What do I enjoy most about my studies?

94. How can I be more productive at school?

95. What new knowledge and skills do I want to gain at school?

96. How can I be a better teammate when working on group projects?

97. Do I consistently work to try my hardest on schoolwork?

98. What educational goals do I have for myself?

99. Do I meet the deadlines teachers set for me?

100. What helps me stay organized and motivated for my studies?

101. How do I use constructive feedback from my teachers to improve?

102. What classmates do I enjoy the most? Why?

103. What challenges me the most in school?

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104. How will I use what I am learning in the future?

105. What is frustrating at school? How do I respond when I am struggling with something at school?

106. What am I still curious about?

107. What would I like to spend more time on in school?

108. What do I need more help with in school?

109. What have I learned today, this week, this semester, etc…?

110. Do I attend class ready to learn and with a good attitude?

111. Why is continuing to learn important to me?

112. Where have I found success and how can I share this with others?

113. How did I contribute to the class today? How did I hinder the class today?

114. What about my thinking, learning, or work has brought me satisfaction? Why?


Self-Reflection Questions in the Workplace

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115. Do I generally enjoy my work right now?

116. What is my dream job?

117. What are three career accomplishments I am proud of?

118. Do I feel valued and appreciated at work?

119. Am I motivated to reach my career goals? If not, why?

120. What changes do I need to make in order to feel fulfilled in my work?

121. Do I feel well compensated for the work I am doing? How can I earn more?

122. What is my ideal work environment?

123. What are some positive work habits I have? How can I improve my work habits?

124. Would I like to make a career change in the future? What’s stopping me or what do I need to do to accomplish this?

125. Do I want to get another degree or become more educated to advance in my current career?

126. How can I be a better team member at my workplace?

127. What is my current relationship with my colleagues?

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128. How do I handle constructive feedback in the workplace?

129. How can I be more productive at work?

130. Do I have a good work-life balance?

131. How can I best use and expand on my current skills at work?

132. Do I want to gain a leadership position in my workplace?

133. Do I want to stay in my current career or consider a change?

134. How do I prevent burnout at work?

135. If I could change one thing about my current work, what would it be?

136. What is one thing I like the most about my current work?

137. Do I consistently meet deadlines set for me?

138. What are three career goals I have for myself? What plan do I need to accomplish these goals?

139. Am I financially stable? Do I have money in savings?

140. Do I have a good financial plan for retirement? What investments do I have?

141. What specific steps am I taking to improve my financial life?

142. How can I diversify my income to make more money?

Also, check out these awesome benefits for writing down your goals.

Spiritual Self-Reflection Questions

If your intentions are to discover your purpose or live a meaningful life, use these self-reflection questions as a guide.

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143. What are my beliefs about a higher power?

144. Do I pray or meditate daily?

145. Do I speak with others about my faith?

146. Do I live by the values of my faith? How?

147. Do I want to grow in my religious faith? If so, how?

148. Do I practice forgiveness with others?

149. How can I set aside time daily to grow in spirituality?

150. Do my priorities and values align with how I spend my time?

151. Do I practice the discipline of daily gratitude?

152. In what ways has my spiritual practice become more regular?

153. What are my beliefs about the afterlife? What has shaped those beliefs?

154. What will make my life worthwhile?

155. Do I want to become more involved in a church, synagogue, or bible study?

156. Do the people in my life support my spiritual journey?

157. How does my faith impact my daily life decisions?


Daily Self-Reflection Questions To Ask

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Morning Daily Self-Reflection Questions

158. How can I show myself love today?

159. What are three things I am grateful for today?

160. What am I most looking forward to today?

161. What am I anxious about? Why?

162. How did I feel today when I woke up? What were my first thoughts?

163. What morning affirmations can I say aloud to start my day with positivity?

164. How can I best start the day with my family and loved ones?

165. What do I love about my life?

166. What are my top priorities today?

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Evening Daily Self-Reflection Questions

167. What three things brought me joy today?

168. What was the highlight of my day?

169. What was a struggle I had today that I can handle better tomorrow?

170. What is something I want to remember about today?

171. Did I focus my time and energy on the right tasks today?

172. Did I spend too much time on social media today? Do I need to unplug from social media?

173. What do I need to let go of that happened today?

174. What changes do I wish to see in my community and world? How did I contribute today?

175. What is one thing I accomplished today that felt good?

Self-Reflection Benefits

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Personal Growth

Self-reflection can lead to self-improvement through:

  • Setting meaningful goals
  • Aligning actions with values
  • Learning from past experiences
  • Becoming aware of limiting beliefs and biases

This process leads to a more fulfilling and intentional life. It allows you to become fully engaged with the things that matter.

Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence can lead to healthier relationships, improved mental well-being, and better conflict-resolution skills.

Emotional intelligence involves:

  • Identifying emotions
  • Understanding the causes of emotions
  • Managing emotions effectively
  • Recognizing others’ emotions and responding empathetically

Better Decision Making

Reflecting on past choices enables you to learn from mistakes and successes.

4 Practical Self-Reflection Activities

How can I practically apply these self-reflection questions in my daily life?

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1. Journaling

Journal writing is a powerful technique for self-reflection. It allows you to express thoughts freely and without judgment. A daily journal can also help with tracking and identifying areas for improvement.

To start journal writing, use these tips:

  1. Choose a format: Decide if you want a physical journal or a digital one, such as a smartphone app or computer document.
  2. Create a routine: Set aside time each day to write in your journal without distractions.
  3. Write freely: Let your thoughts flow naturally. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation.
  4. Reflect on your entries: Regularly review your journal entries to find patterns or recurring themes.
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2. Meditation

Meditation entails being mindful, focusing on the present moment, and acknowledging thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. (source)

Mindfulness techniques can help reduce stress and increase focus.

3. Create a Vision Board

Use the self-reflection questions from this list to create a vision board. Set goals and envision your future.

Use this free vision board template.>>

how to make a vision board, free template printable pdf download

4. Creative Expression

Creative expression can also aid self-reflection by exploring emotions and thoughts.

  • Visual arts: Create paintings, drawings, or collages.
  • Writing: Compose short stories, poetry, or personal essays
  • Performance arts: Engage in activities like dancing, acting, or playing an instrument.

10 Self-Reflection Quotes

Use these quotes to continue practicing self-reflection, awareness, and acceptance.

self reflection quotes for relationships, mental health, life

1.“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”- Buddha

2. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

3. “To thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare

4. “The greatest journey is the one of self-discovery.” – Lao Tzu

5. “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” – Thomas Jefferson

6. “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey

7. “Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.” – Unknown

8. “Honest self-reflection opens your mind to reprogramming, change, success, and freedom.” – Vikas Runwal

9. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.” – T.D. Jakes

10. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”- Socrates

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