30 Easy Family Mission Statement Examples & Ideas For 2024

Why is it important to have a family mission statement?

Family mission statement examples and ideas put together a guiding vision of what you want your family life to be.

Entitlement, lack of empathy, and digital devices make parenting harder than ever. It’s easy to get lost in today’s hyperactive world.

family vision mission statement examples and ideas

What is a Family Mission Statement?

A family mission statement is a written declaration of the values you hold dear, the impact you hope to create in the world, and the deep connection you long for.

Think of it like a mission statement you’d see in a company, but more personal!

30 Short Family Vision Examples

Use the examples for your family mission statement separately. Or piece them together to make one epic vision.

Then, keep reading for how to make yours creative!

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1. We Are Connected

We know what’s happening in each other’s lives and feel deeply connected to other members of our family. Each member feels as though they belong and are heard.

Ways to implement:

2. We Cultivate Happiness

better together: family mission statement examples and habits

Our family environment is a reprieve. We build habits that help us look on the bright side, connect, help others, and enjoy life.

Ways to implement:

3. We Follow Healthy Family Habits

We strive for habits that support a healthy body and a healthy mind. We know that health impacts every other aspect of our lives, and we can grow and support each other best when we take care of ourselves.

parents and kids eating healthy

Ways to implement:

4. We Strive To Make An Impact

We leave the world better than we found it. We hope that others think of us as kind, considerate people who choose to do the right thing.

Ways to implement:

5. We Pass Down Essential Life Skills

Our kids grow to be successful and independent adults. They learn life skills that help them thrive in both routine and difficult situations.

Ways to Implement:

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6. We Have Strong Morals & Ethics

Do the right thing: Christian family purpose mission statement examples

We hold high standards when it comes to how we act. We do what is right, even when it’s not easy. We stand up for ourselves and what is right.

Ways to Implement:

7. We Live in Kindness & Empathy

We treat others how we would want to be treated. If we see a friend hurting, we ask if they are ok and help if we can. We say sorry when we make a mistake.

Ways to Implement:

  • spending quality time with others
  • discussing what others might be going through
  • keeping an open mind when others have opinions
  • sharing

8. We Love to Learn

We’re a family that loves to learn. We put time and money into growth.

Ways to Implement:

9. There’s No Shame in Mistakes

growth mindset quotes and sayings pdf printable art for adults and kids

We make mistakes, and it’s ok. We understand that failure is not the end of the world. It’s merely a stepping stone to even better things.

Ways to Implement

10. We Embrace Other Cultures & Ideas

We immerse ourselves in a variety of ideas and cultures. This broadens our horizons and also makes us more empathetic to others.

Ways to Implement

  • inviting families from different backgrounds over
  • traveling to culturally diverse places

11. We Pick Up After Ourselves

We strive to keep our home from being overrun by clutter. Doing so helps us move freely in our space, keeps anxiety and stress down, and means we have more time for family.

Ways to Implement:

12. We Have Good Money Habits

father and son discussing money

We talk about and teach good money values. We live below our means and teach our kids how to build wealth for the future.

Ways to Implement

  • kids opening a bank or investing account
  • saving up for vacations
  • discussing how much things cost and why you make decisions

13. We Are Part of a Team

We belong to something bigger than ourselves. That means that everyone does chores, takes care of themselves and each other, and thinks about the greater good of the family.

Ways to Implement:

14. We Are There For Each Other

We are dependable. We can rely on each other and know the other person will follow through.

Ways to Implement:

15. We Live in God/Faith

We follow the values of our faith. We use our faith as a guiding set of principles and follow the path to the best of our ability.

Ways to Implement:

  • going to church
  • participating in events
  • volunteering, donating

16. We Stand For Something

holding hands

In the words of Hamilton, “if you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for?”

Even if our opinion is not popular, we stand for our dreams and beliefs. We follow our inner voices over social media, technology, and the opinions of the crowd.

Ways to Implement:

  • writing this family vision statement
  • donating to causes you believe in
  • discussing as a family why you hold your beliefs

17. We Make Our Home a Safe Haven

Our home is a place for comfort and reprieve from the outside world. It’s peaceful, cozy, and welcoming.

Ways to Implement:

18. We Are Good Citizens

We vote in elections and support causes that we believe in. We discuss ideas from multiple angles and try to look at both sides of the issues.

Way to Implement:

  • taking your kids with you to vote
  • discussing what causes you believe in and why
  • participating in events as a family

19. We Support Individual Interests & Dreams

mother and daughter learning

Each family member has their own preferences, interests, and future dreams. We support that.

Ways to Implement:

  • getting books on things your child is interested in
  • encouraging kids to pursue passions
  • making kids vision boards and family bucket lists
  • talking about your own dreams at the dinner table

20. We Emphasize the Importance of Family

Family is an essential part of our lives, and its influence is strong. We prioritize family first in all that we do.

Ways to Implement:

21. We Show Love: Inspirational Family Mission Statements

It’s not enough to think the other person knows. We strive to express how we feel often, and in a variety of ways.

Ways to Implement:

22. We Cultivate Friendships

We build a community of other people who make our lives meaningful.

Ways to Implement:

  • inviting others over for dinner
  • making time for kids’ playdates
  • attending community get-togethers

23. We Nurture The Couple Relationship Too

We keep this relationship strong in order to model a loving relationship, have a united parenting front, and provide a calmer family life overall.

Ways to Implement:

24. We Embrace Experiences (Over Stuff)

father and daughters: good family mission statement examples and values, sample

We cultivate unforgettable memories, not mountains of stuff. This makes us happier and more connected people overall.

Ways to Implement:

25. We Go After Life

Life is an adventure, and we live it to the fullest.

Ways to Implement:

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26. We Strive For Work-Life Balance

We work hard to keep work from encroaching on family life. There’s a time and a place for business, and a time and a place for relationships.

Ways to Implement:

  • putting your phones away at night
  • not taking your computer on family vacations

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27. We Are Proud of Who We Are

Our last name means something. It’s our reputation and we uphold it with integrity.

Ways to Implement:

  • using work and homework as examples for why quality matters
  • talking about what makes your family unique and strong

28. We Learn About Our Family Heritage

explore heritage and ancestry in your family vision

It’s important for us to remember where we came from. Our blood and family name have history. They make up who we are and help us learn about ourselves.

Ways to Implement:

  • sharing past albums and family history
  • discussing ancestry
  • passing down family traditions from generations before

29. We Live in the Real World

Devices and electronics are fun, but can’t rule our lives. We prioritize connection, relationships, and values that can only happen when our devices are put away.

Ways to Implement:

30. We Are Stewards of the Earth

We respect the environment. The Earth provides the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat.

Ways to Implement:

  • never littering
  • investing or donating in projects that preserve nature

How to Create a Family Mission Statement

Creating a great family vision doesn’t have to be hard! Here’s how to do it:

1. Find a get-together time and make it happen.

Mark it on your schedule and make sure everyone knows about it. Then, make it fun! Turn it into a family night with pizza or snacks. Put your devices away.

2. Discuss what family means to you.

Talk about other families you admire and why. (And perhaps behaviors or habits that you don’t want in your family as well.)

Not sure what to say? Chat about these questions:

  • What family traditions mean the most to you?
  • How do you want to feel in your home? What do you want the atmosphere to be like?
  • What principles and standards are most important to you?
  • How do you want others to describe you and your family?
  • How can you make the world a better place together?

And this is a great one for parents:

  • What would make you most proud of who your kids grow up to be?
How to make a family vision statement creative infograph for homeschool, church, new years

3. Jot down values and what they look like.

Dig deeper. Of your discussion, what core values keep popping up? And what will you do to make sure these values come to life?

4. Write out your family mission statement.

Make it creative! Your family mission statement can be detailed and specific, or you can turn it into short mantras that you say around the house. (Or do both!)

Turn it into:

  • a song
  • a poem
  • a family motto (boil it down to one statement that’s easy to repeat, “we’re a family who treats others kindly”)
  • a pirate’s code
woman writing on a board

5. Put It On Display

Keep it on your fridge and decide on a scheduled time to review it together. The key here is to not “set it and forget it.” It’s only effective if it’s a part of your life.

Don’t Forget: Tweak It As You Go

Your family mission statement is your guideline for how to live your life together. It’s a beautiful way to cope with life’s challenges and thrive. It’s also a great reference when you make family goals.

But remember, times change and kids grow. Your vision may change over time, and that’s ok!

Our Family Motto

After doing this with my family of 5, we came up with the following family mission statement:

S: Stronger (physically and mentally healthy)

K: Kinder (on the look out for ways to be kind)

W: Wiser (always looking to learn and grow)

It’s easy to say and gets to the core of what we’re trying to accomplish. We often remind the kids of it as they leave the car for school.

Free Family Mission Statement Template

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To Consider With Family Mission Statement Examples

I hope these gave you lots of ideas for making your own! And once you’re done, leave a comment and share your family vision example. We’d love to see it!

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