The Best Christmas Traditions for Couples in 2023

Christmas traditions couples and hot chocolate date ideas

Epic Christmas Activities & Date Ideas for Couples

Christmas is a beautiful time for family and friends, but sometimes in the flurry of activity, our own relationship takes a hit.

Um, when was the last time you relaxed with just your spouse?

If you’re like me, not often during the holiday season.

So, let’s solve this with fun Christmas traditions for couples. They are easy, built-in ways to make our most important relationship a priority, even during this busy time.

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Choose a few of the traditions below and start something that can last for decades – building unforgettable holiday memories along the way.

1. Have a Baking Day

cute couples things to do at Christmas: have a baking day

First, why not make your scrumptious Christmas treats together?

Spend a few hours making your favorite goodies to eat. Then, walk around the neighborhood together giving away small packages of treats to neighbors and nearby friends.

Find delicious recipes here: 15 Healthy Treats for Christmas

2. Take a Romantic Christmas Getaway

Next, Christmastime is arguably the most beautiful time of the year. So, plan an annual weekend getaway with your love. You can pick a serene quiet landscape or a bustling city with lots of lights to enjoy. The choice is yours!

*Can’t get away?

Make it a fun holiday staycation and add activities in your day that make for a relaxing break from the Christmas preparations. Fun ideas include seeing an outdoor light show, getting hot chocolate, trying takeout from a new restaurant, and having a holiday movie marathon.

3. Exchange Date Night Gifts

Next, my spouse and I aren’t big gift-givers to each other. However, we LOVE giving a gift that is used as a future date. We put together these date gifts and unwrap them on Christmas Day night, once the children are in bed and we can have a moment to ourselves.

Over time, this has turned into one of our favorite Christmas traditions for couples. Because we have two planned out dates to do in the dreary winter months.

Check out 17 creative date night gifts for specific ideas on what to do for this!

4. Do a Shopping Trip Day

romantic traditions for couples

Do you have kids? Every year, get a babysitter and enjoy one night out getting gifts for the kids and eating at a fun restaurant. If you’re shopping online this year, turn this into a cozy night in with takeout after the kids are in bed.

5. Volunteer

Next, helping others will undoubtedly bring you together. Is there a way for you to be generous over the season? Plan out a few options and enjoy the feel-good endorphins together.

6. Go on a Couples Date

Try a couple’s date night every year around the holidays to catch up with old friends. It’s a simple yearly tradition, but it’s a relaxing way for parents to take a night for a break. You get to relax with each other plus a few others you love.

*Try these fun challenge questions for couples on your date!

7. Watch Christmas Movies

Christmas traditions for couples: watch movies for date night activities

Who could miss all of the amazing movies at Christmas? Whether you’re into the classics like the Grinch, or the plethora of romantic Hallmark movies, snuggle up with your partner by the fire and give at least one night to the holiday spirit.

8. Kiss Under the Mistletoe

This one is such an easy way to keep the romance alive! Hang your mistletoe over a common space and enjoy some extra smooches over the holiday season. It only takes a second, but it’s a fantastic way to strengthen your bond!

9. Eat a Special Breakfast

eat a special breakfast as a couples Christmas tradition and activity

This one is perfect for Christmas morning. Decide on a special holiday breakfast and splurge on some fancy coffee for a Christmas morning that feels cozy and warm.

If your kids are older and sleep in late, sit with your spouse and enjoy a quiet moment together before the chaos of gifts begins.

Find healthy make-ahead holiday breakfasts HERE >>

10. Make a Toast

After the hoopla has died down, make a toast with the one you love. What are some things that went well over the holiday season? The year? Spend a short moment being grateful for the love that surrounds you.

11. Have a Hot Chocolate Date

Christmas traditions couples and hot chocolate date ideas

Make your own special chocolate bar or stop at a local coffee shop for a quick date that puts ANYONE in the Christmas spirit. If you have time, sit and chat with your sweet beverages.

Try these fun Christmas would you rather questions or Christmas carol trivia questions on your date too. You’ll be laughing in no time!

12. Write a Love Note

Next, get a little romantic and leave a love note or letter in your partner’s stocking for them to read on Christmas Day.

Obviously, it’s awesome if you’re poetic and romantic, but even just a sentence explaining why you appreciate the other person is a sweet bonus on a day that often gets overshadowed by kids stuff.

Do a Fun Couple’s Countdown

Next, here are 3 SUPER fun ways to use a countdown to spice your traditions up! Let’s check them out!

13. Twelve Dates of Christmas

fun Christmas traditions for couples include date ideas

As your Christmas gift, prepare 12 separate dates for the coming year. Organize and buy gift cards to make them easy to do the dates when the time comes for each of them.

Find more ideas HERE at the Little Frugal House

14. Twelve Days of Self Care

There’s no doubt about it. The holidays are fun, but also can be stressful. If it’s a difficult time of year for your mental health or relationship, consider doing a self-care challenge! It’s a wonderful way to slow down together during an incredibly fast-paced time.

See what’s in the 12 Days of Self Care Challenge HERE>>

15. Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts

12 days of Christmas gifts

Next, give your partner 12 days of Christmas gifts leading up to Christmas Day. This fun tradition can coincide with the Christmas song or it can be anything you want.

See HERE for TONS of Christmas gifts for 12 days.

16. Make Your Own Tradition

We are all unique, so our traditions should be too! Spontaneous and out-of-the-box traditions are often the most special.

What do you love to do? What do you love to eat? Incorporate these!

Perhaps you get Chinese food together on Christmas eve or drink champagne to celebrate that you survived another season. Do something that makes you both happy, and own it!

17. Exchange a Christmas Ornament

Are you building a beautiful Christmas tree? If so, give your partner the gift of a new ornament every year. Years later you’ll come across ornaments that bring back sweet memories.

18. Make a Christmas Eve Box

make a Christmas eve box for Christmas activities for couples

The Christmas Eve box is one of our favorite family traditions, but it can easily be a Christmas tradition for couples instead. Pack items in a box to make the evening fun and bright for the night before Christmas. Ideas for your partner include:

  • Hot chocolate, coffee, or alcohol

For lots of family ideas, read: A Magical Christmas Eve Box for Kids

19. Do a Winter Hike

If the first snowfall occurs before Christmas, take advantage with a hike out on a trail with your love. You’ll enjoy the untainted beauty and connecting with nature will bring you both happiness and gratitude.

20. Stuff Christmas Stockings

Christmas traditions couples: stuff stockings

Finally, of course, it’s a lot of fun to fill your partner’s stocking with small goodies that make him or her smile. Let them know that you are thinking about them!

Looking for More Quality Family Time?

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To Consider With Christmas Couples Traditions

Traditions certainly don’t need to cost money, but Christmas traditions for couples DO make a difference. As you do them, you’ll find that you’ve stolen priceless moments with your partner, even when the rest of life seems chaotic.

best date ideas and Christmas traditions for couples

What are your favorite couples Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments!

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