150 Fun Christmas Would You Rather Questions (+ Free Printable)

What are some good questions to ask about Christmas?

Food, family, and festivities take over during the holidays.

While all of the parties and get-togethers are exciting, they can also leave you stressed and disengaged. Take time to truly connect with this game of 150 Christmas Would You Rather Questions.

How to Play Christmas Would You Rather

This is a fun and easy game to build relationships. The questions in this list are divided into categories based on the target audience. But they are all family-friendly! Play with friends, kids, classmates, or coworkers.

Best Christmas would you rather questions to ask

When and where to play:

  • On a road trip
  • In the car while looking at Christmas lights
  • As part of a holiday game night
  • At a family gathering
  • At the dinner table
  • By the Christmas tree on a quiet night at home
  • At school for a brain break or holiday party
How to play Christmas would you rather for adults and kids

Variations on how to play:

  • Let each person playing answer the same would you rather Xmas question and discuss.
  • Give everyone playing a whiteboard to write down their answer and share as a group.
  • Pull numbers out of a hat and ask the question from the free printable.
  • Ask a Christmas would you rather question and guess what your partner would answer. Then your partner guesses your choice.

Plus, don’t miss the free 45 would you rather Christmas questions printable below!

Would You Rather Christmas Edition

presents under a tree

1. Would you rather eat turkey or ham for your holiday meal?

2. Would you rather eat only holiday food for a week or listen to only holiday music for a week?

3. Would you rather buy gifts or make homemade gifts?

4. Would you rather give a gift or receive a gift?

5. Would you rather volunteer time at a homeless shelter or donate money instead?

6. Would you rather string colorful Christmas lights or string white lights only?

7. Would you rather stay home for Christmas or take a trip?

8. Would you rather spend Christmas day at the beach or in the mountains?

9. If you had to choose a dad, would you rather have Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life?

10. Would you rather receive only gift cards for Christmas or only gifts for Christmas?

11. Would you rather open presents on Christmas morning or open presents on Christmas Eve?

12. Would you rather shop for presents or wrap presents?

13. Would you rather celebrate with only your immediate family or celebrate with extended family?

14. Would you rather wear matching Christmas pj’s or ugly Christmas sweaters with your family?

15. Would you rather listen to Mariah Carey or listen to Bing Crosby?

16. Would you rather have all your family holiday celebrations at one time or spread out all month long?

wear a santa suit or an elf suit?: Funny would you rather Christmas themed questions

17. Would you rather wear a Santa suit or an elf suit around town for a day?

18. Would you rather see the Rockefeller Tree in NYC or a palm tree with Christmas lights on a beach?

19. Would you rather go ice skating or skiing?

20. Would you rather eat an entire jello mold or eat an entire fruitcake?

21. Would you rather drink eggnog or hot chocolate?

22. Would you rather participate in a White Elephant gift exchange or a Secret Santa gift exchange?

23. Would you rather read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve or the Christmas Story from the Bible?

24. Would you rather listen to a Christmas choir or sing in the choir?

25. Would you rather do 12 random acts of kindness or 12 Christmas gifts?

26. Would you rather have a real Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree?

27. Would you rather decorate the tree with handmade ornaments or store-bought ornaments?

28. Would you rather enter a gingerbread house competition or hold a neighborhood cookie swap?

29. Would you rather look at Christmas lights from a horse-drawn wagon or look at Christmas lights from your car?

30. Would you rather deliver Christmas cookies to a neighbor or receive Christmas cookies from a neighbor?

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Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids

These are the kind of sweet and funny Christmas questions kids love!

girl smiling holding a present

31. Would you rather read Christmas picture books or watch a Christmas movie?

32. Would you rather never eat candy canes again or never eat Christmas cookies again?

33. Would you rather decorate a gingerbread house or decorate Christmas cookies?

34. Would you rather be a passenger on the Polar Express or drive Santa’s Sleigh?

35. Would you rather be the Grinch or a Who in Who-ville?

36. Would you rather stay up all night trying to see Santa or go to sleep quickly to wake up to gifts?

37. Would you rather get 10 smaller gifts or one big one?

38. Would you rather start to melt like Frosty when you get warm or have a red nose like Rudolph that lights up when you are hungry?

39. Would you rather donate your toys or donate money out of your piggy bank?

40. Would you rather know what you are getting under the tree or be surprised?

41. Would you rather go swimming on Christmas Day or skiing?

42. Would you rather sleep in on Christmas Day or get up early?

43. Would you rather have your toilet play “Jingle Bells” or “Oh Holy Night” every time you flush?

44. Would you rather go to Disney World for Christmas and not get any presents or stay home for Christmas and get presents?

45. Would you rather visit Santa at the mall or mail him a letter?

Christmas edition would you rather game questions

46. Would you rather have an angel or a star at the top of your Christmas tree?

47. Would you rather tear through all your presents quickly or open them slowly?

48. Would you rather meet Mrs. Clause or meet the head elf?

49. Would you rather be an animal in the nativity or a reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh?

50. Would you rather only get the gifts the wisemen brought- gold, frankincense, and myrrh OR only receive clothes, socks, and underwear?

51. Would you rather eat a candy cane every day in December or open a small gift every day?

52. Would you rather not make a gift list and get more gifts or make a list and get only 5 gifts on the list?

53. Would you rather be a soldier in the Nutcracker or a mouse in the Nutcracker?

54. Would you rather make your birthday Christmas Day or leave your birthday where it is?

55. Would you rather be a wiseman in a Christmas pageant or an animal in a Christmas pageant?

56. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or decorate a gingerbread house?

57. Would you rather be on the naughty list this year or listen to only holiday music for a year?

58. Would you rather be the Grinch for the day or work for Santa for the day?

59. Would you rather visit the North Pole or Bethlehem?

60. Would you rather be a participant in a live nativity or star in a Christmas play?

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Funny Christmas Would You Rather for Adults

Next, these would you rather Christmas questions are great for work and family parties!

couple eating holiday cookies

61. Would you rather wear an ugly Christmas sweater to work every day for a month or elf ears to work every day for a month?

62. Would you rather go to an ugly Christmas sweater party or a fancy holiday party?

63. Would you rather hang mistletoe in the doorway and have to kiss anyone who enters it or never kiss anyone in December?

64. Would you rather invite Cousin Eddy to Christmas dinner or invite Clark Griswold?

65. Would you rather send printed Christmas cards or handwritten cards?

66. Would you rather stay with your in-laws for a week during Christmas or stay at a motel for a week during Christmas?

67. Would you rather listen only to Christmas music or watch only Hallmark movies for the month of December?

68. Would you rather watch It’s a Wonderful Life or Elf?

69. Would you rather plan a holiday party or attend one?

70. Would you rather receive an unwanted gift or a wanted gift covered with glitter?

71. Would you rather attend church on Christmas Eve or stay home on Christmas Eve?

72. Would you rather be done shopping way in advance or get done shopping the day before Christmas?

73. Would you rather buy gifts for everyone in your family or draw names?

74. Would you rather watch A Christmas Story or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

fun would you rather holiday questions for Christmas: decorate before or after Thanksgiving?

75. Would you rather decorate for the holidays before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving?

76. Would you rather take down Christmas decorations on December 25th or February 1st?

77. Would you rather attend the office Christmas party or have a quiet night at home?

78. Would you rather watch Christmas movies all day or go Christmas shopping all day? (Here’s a free Christmas shopping tracker if you’re the shop till you drop type!)

79. Would you rather cook the holiday meal or do the dishes?

80. Would you rather receive a practical gift or receive a fun gift?

81. Would you rather be stuck in an airport or be snowed in with your in-laws?

82. Would you rather spend more time shopping around for the best deals or spend less time shopping but spend more money?

83. Would you rather watch Love Actually or White Christmas?

84. Would you rather watch Gremlins or Die Hard? (my husband swears these count as Christmas movies)

85. Would you rather shovel snow for the neighbors or hang Christmas lights for the neighbors?

86. Would you rather have a chocolate advent calendar or a boozy advent calendar?

87. Would you rather karaoke “Santa Baby” or “All I want for Christmas is you?”

88. Would you rather be an actor in a Hallmark Christmas movie or a dancer in the Rockettes?

89. Would you rather have your tongue frozen to a metal pole or have your boss cancel your holiday bonus?

90. Would you rather hang a ton of lights on the house or have a Christmas tree in every room of the house?

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Would You Rather Holiday Questions For School

Next, these Would You Rather Christmas Questions are great for your holiday party at school or a brain break to help the kids take a breather.

school supplies

91. Would you rather sit by a talking reindeer or a talking snowman for the day?

92. Would you rather get a puppy for Christmas or a kitten?

93. Would you rather have to sing “Jingle Bells or “Frosty the Snowman” every time you walk into the classroom?

94. Would you rather eat a fruitcake for lunch or have a fruitcake throwing competition in gym class?

95. Would you rather sing in the school Christmas program or play an instrument in the school Christmas program?

96. Would you rather watch Frosty the Snowman every day or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer every day after school?

97. Would you rather spend Christmas Eve with your Principal or with your best friend?

98. Would you rather have sprinkles or no sprinkles on Christmas cookies?

99. Would you rather have snow or no snow on Christmas Day?

100. Would you rather grow Santa’s beard or Santa’s belly?

101. Would you rather spend the holidays in a big city or on a farm?

102. Would you rather have no Christmas presents or no Christmas tree?

103. Would you rather have tinsel for hair or holiday lights for fingernails?

104. Would you rather be green like the Grinch or have ears like an elf?

fun school would you rather Christmas questions for students and brain break: sledding or caroling?

105. Would you rather go sledding or caroling?

106. Would you rather wear only red and green to school for a year or say “ho ho ho” every time someone says your name at school for a year?

107. Would you rather sing a solo in the school Christmas program or dance in the Nutcracker?

108. Would you rather eat all the advent chocolates at once or eat one a day?

109. Would you have rather have Christmas dinner with the President or with your family?

110. Would you rather eat only cookies for a day or drink only hot chocolate for a day?

111. Would you rather travel to a warmer place or a colder place for Christmas day?

112. Would you rather watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas or Charlie Brown Christmas?

113. Would you rather watch The Polar Express or The Nightmare Before Christmas?

114. Would you rather every time you hit snooze on your alarm, have it play “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” or “12 Days of Christmas?”

115. Would you rather eat sugar cookies or gingerbread men for every snack?

116. Would you rather snowshoe to school every day or walk in elf shoes to school?

117. Would you rather be left home alone for Christmas or be left alone in New York City for Christmas?

118. Would you rather see the Nutcracker or perform in the Nutcracker?

119. Would you rather write a holiday story or a holiday poem?

120. Would you rather read only holiday books for a month or not read at all for a month?

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Winter Would You Rather Questions

Now, for those that don’t celebrate Christmas, these are great seasonal questions to ask others.

snowmen outside

121. Would you rather have one week off because of snow or one extra week of summer vacation?

122. Would you rather have to wear snow shoes to get to work/school or work from home?

123. Would you rather have your house so warm you have to wear summer clothes inside or so cold you have to wear a hat and mittens?

124. Would you rather build a snowman or make a snow angel?

125. Would you rather help shovel snow for a neighbor or make soup for a neighbor?

126. Would you rather eat soup for every meal for a week during the winter or eat a salad for every meal for a week during the winter?

127. Would you rather eat ice cream for every dessert for a year or drink hot chocolate for every dessert for a year?

128. Would you rather be snowed in your house for a week with no cell service or no Wi-Fi?

129. Would you rather snuggle by the fire with a book or go skiing?

130. Would you rather eat chili or chicken noodle soup?

131. Would you rather wear an oversized sweater or a warm scarf?

132. Would you rather try ice fishing or ice skating?

133. Would you rather host a football party or go to a hockey game?

134. Would you rather take a snowshoe hike up a mountain or take a snowmobile down?

135. Would you rather do the Polar Bear Plunge or soak in a hot spring?

winter holiday would you rather game for adults and kids

136. Would you rather have to wear wet mittens or wet socks for a day?

137. Would you rather stay in your pj’s all day or a snowsuit all night?

138. Would you rather have a snowball fight or build a snow fort?

139. Would you rather have a carrot nose or eyes made out of coal?

140. Would you rather drink hot chocolate cold or hot apple cider cold?

141. Would you rather wear earmuffs or a stocking hat?

142. Would you rather sit by the fireplace or have a heated blanket?

143. Would you rather wear fuzzy socks or slippers?

144. Would you rather live in an igloo for a week or live in a house without heat for a week?

145. Would you rather the Groundhog see his shadow for six more weeks of winter or not see his shadow for an early spring?

146. Would you rather wear gloves or mittens?

147. Would you rather play in the snow in your swimsuit or go swimming in a snowsuit?

148. Would you rather have a snowball fight or a water balloon fight?

149. Would you rather have snow every day this winter or no snow at all?

150. Would you rather spend winter in Florida or Minnesota?

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