200 Fun Christmas Icebreaker Questions For A Jolly Time (2023)

Christmas icebreaker questions make it easy for everyone to embrace the festive spirit.

Need a little help loosening up around the holidays? Awkward conversations can be tricky. Christmas icebreaker questions will turn meeting new people into lasting connections.

Pro Tip: Keep it neutral with these icebreaker questions. Steer clear of religion, politics, and other deep or controversial topics when meeting someone for the first time.

fun Christmas icebreaker questions for xmas parties and time

Icebreaker Questions for Christmas Parties

First, these Christmas icebreakers are perfect for holiday parties and family gatherings. They offer fun ways to open up conversations.

1. Do you own holiday pajamas? What do they look like?

2. Have you ever used something besides wrapping paper to wrap gifts?

3. When do you start listening to Christmas music?

4. What’s your most unforgettable holiday memory?

5. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Why? (Play Fun Christmas Movie Trivia)

6. What’s your favorite Christmas song? Why?

7. Which song do you think gets overplayed during the holidays?

8. Where do you prefer to listen to Christmas music?

9. What’s the weirdest holiday food you’ve ever eaten?

10. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

11. Fill in the blank, “It’s officially Christmas when _____________.”

12. What’s your favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

13. What Christmas decoration do you feel is a prized possession?

14. What’s your absolute favorite holiday food?

15. What holiday food do you wish wasn’t on the table?

16. Which Christmas treat do you crave all year long?

17. Is it possible for Christmas lights to look tacky? Explain.

18. If your holiday season was made into a book, what would the title be?

19. What’s the craziest ugly holiday sweater you’ve ever worn?

20. What has been your most impulsive “it was on sale!” holiday purchase?

21. Have you ever gone caroling?

22. If you were to learn one skill that helped you make Christmas presents, what would you do? (Knit, woodworking, etc.)

23. Do you prefer to receive gift cards/money or physical gifts at Christmas?

24. Do you love or hate peppermint?

25. Are you a good or bad gift wrapper?

26. If someone needed gift-wrapping help ASAP, who would you recommend?

27. Who would you NOT recommend to help with gift wrapping?

28. If you could invent a new Christmas cookie, what would it be like?

29. What’s your favorite Christmas-time activity?

Have you dressed up a pet? good holiday icebreaker questions for Christmas parties; funny; list of

30. Have you ever dressed up a pet for the holidays?

31. What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

32. What’s your favorite ornament on the Christmas tree right now?

33. Do you always hope for a white Christmas?

34. What is your favorite Christmas smell?

35. If you had to pick one place to spend the holidays, would you go to the forest, mountains, or beach?

36. If you could go back in time and live one Christmas over again, which would it be?

37. Do you put up Christmas decorations before or after Thanksgiving?

38. Do you take down your decorations before or after New Year’s Day?

39. If you decided to take a trip for Christmas instead of giving gifts, where would you go?

40. What’s your favorite Christmas Eve moment?

41. In your opinion, what’s the sweetest Christmas story you’ve ever heard?

42. Tell something about Christmas that others love, but you really don’t care for.

43. Do you prefer white lights or colored Christmas lights?

44. If you close your eyes and think of Christmas, what three words describe would describe it?

45. What’s one gift you’d love to get this year?

46. What’s your favorite family Christmas tradition?

47. What’s your least favorite family Christmas tradition?

48. Who is the toughest person to shop for that you know?

49. In your opinion, what’s the best children’s Christmas book?

50. Has there ever been a Christmas book that’s better than the movie?

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Holiday Icebreaker Questions For Work

These questions work well as holiday icebreakers for adults and at work, fostering general conversations about the festive season.

holiday party at work; how do you start a conversation?

51. Which winter holidays do you celebrate?

52. Who do you celebrate the holidays with? Where do you usually go?

53. What’s the best holiday gift you’ve ever received?

54. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

55. Are you traveling for the holidays this year? If so, where are you going?

56. If you could spend your favorite holiday exactly how you wanted it to be, what would it look, smell, and feel like?

57. What’s one thing you are grateful for this holiday season?

58. What do you wish were different about the holidays?

59. Which holiday foods do you look forward to most?

60. What’s your favorite outdoor winter activity?

61. What’s your favorite indoor winter activity?

62. What winter drink is your favorite?

63. What do you think of “Black Friday”?

64. Does your family have any unique gift-giving traditions?

65. Are you a last-minute shopper or a hoarding everything by February kind of shopper?

66. What’s the most fun thing you’ve done at a holiday party?

67. Have you ever taken a holiday road trip? What’s your favorite memory from it?

68. If you had to be a character from a holiday movie, which one would you want to be? (Related: Home Alone Movie Trivia Quiz)

69. Was there a gift you really wanted as a kid but never got?

70. Name one place you would never want to live in the winter.

71. Name one place you’d love to see in the winter. (Take a winter trivia quiz.)

72. What holiday commercial from when you were a kid do you still remember?

73. What are three things on your life bucket list?

74. Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what will they be this year?

75. Have you ever made a vision board? If you did, what would be on it? (See cool vision board examples and ideas here)

Christmas Icebreaker Questions For Kids

Next, these Xmas icebreakers for kids are great at school or at home!

kid and mom

76. What’s on your wish list to Santa?

77. Do you decorate your bedroom at Christmas time?

78. What holiday object or activity would describe you best?

79. If you had a million dollars, and you could only use it for a gift to someone else, what gift would you get and who would you give it to?

80. What was the last gift you gave to someone?

81. What’s your favorite thing to do during a snow day?

82. Which Christmas carol always gets stuck in your head?

83. If you could trade places with Santa for a day, what would you do?

84. If you could invent your own Santa sleigh, what features would it have?

85. What’s your favorite holiday activity?

86. What holiday special are you excited to watch every year?

87. Have you ever been ice skating before?

88. What’s your favorite holiday-related game to play? (Try This or That Christmas Question Game.)

89. Do you think you’re on the naughty or nice list this year? Why?

90. Have you ever known what a Christmas present was before you opened it?

91. Have you written a letter to Santa this year? What did you write in it?

92. What’s the weirdest Christmas tradition your family has?

93. Have you seen a reindeer in real life?

94. What’s your favorite Christmas riddle or Christmas knock knock joke?

95. If you had to compact the holiday season into just two days, what would you do?

96. What would be the worst thing to be put in your Christmas stocking?

97. If an elf could grant you one holiday wish, what would you wish for?

98. What’s your favorite dessert during the holidays?

99. What do you most like to do during your holiday break from school?

100. If you could create one holiday and take away one holiday in the year, which ones would they be?


Funny Christmas Related Ice Breaker Questions

These Christmas-themed icebreaker questions are sure to get you laughing!

Funny adults in Xmas sweaters

101. If you were one of Santa’s elves, what would you want to spend your day making?

102. If you were one of Santa’s elves, what would your name be?

103. If you had been naughty this year, would you prefer to get nothing in your stocking or a lump of coal?

104. If you were a reindeer, which reindeer would you be?

105. If you could only pick one, would you choose Christmas or your birthday?

106. Do you love or hate the tradition of mistletoe at Christmas?

107. If you were an alien from another planet, and you saw Christmas for the first time, what would you think was weird about it?

108. If Santa’s sleigh wasn’t pulled by reindeer, what animal do you think would be a good substitute?

109. Have you ever played a prank on someone at Christmas time?

110. Would you rather be Santa Claus or the Easter bunny?

111. What’s the ugliest Christmas ornament on your tree?

112. Fill in the blank: “If I get another _________ at Christmas, I’m going to scream.”

113. Have you ever been caught under the mistletoe unaware?

114. Have you ever sung “Feliz Navidad” at the top of your lungs?

115. If you found that Christmas dinner was falling from the sky, what food would you want to be falling? What food would you NOT want to be falling?

116. If you could create your own Ugly Christmas sweater, what would it look like?

117. What is one food item that you hide from others during the holidays (because you want it all for yourself)? (Related: Christmas Food Trivia Quiz)

118. Are you more of a Scrooge or more of an Oprah (you get a car…and you get a car…and you get a car) at the holidays?

119. Can you name everything in the 12 days of Christmas song?

120. What has been your biggest holiday cooking or baking disaster?

121. What’s the best White Elephant gift you’ve ever received?

122. For adults: What did you think of the song “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” as a kid?

123. In a game of Christmas trivia, would you dominate or be left in the dust? (Try this Christmas song trivia too!)

124. Do you have any “never again” holiday stories?

125. Have you ever knocked over a Christmas tree before?

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Christian Christmas Holiday Icebreakers

Next, these Christmas icebreaker questions are great for church, adult Christian groups, and youth group gatherings.

Christian Christmas related icebreaker questions

126. What activities or things make the holiday meaningful to you?

127. In what way can you help others this holiday season?

128. When you think of the words “peaceful and bright,” what does that mean to you for your holiday?

129. Where do you gain inspiration during the holiday season?

130. What’s your favorite Christian Christmas song?

(There are some versions of “Mary Did You Know” that give me goosebumps.)

131. As a kid, were you ever in a Christmas pageant?

132. If so, what roles did you play?

133. Do you prefer to put an angel or a star at the top of your tree?

134. Does your family put out a nativity set?

135. Does your family have any spiritual traditions around the birth of Jesus?

136. What’s your favorite religious Christmas book?

137. What was the most meaningful Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

138. What has been the best (or worst) Christmas surprise?

139. When you think of “coming home” what do you think of? Is it a place, person, or object?

140. What’s one family tradition from childhood that you hold dear?

141. What’s one family tradition that you do now that you’re grateful for?

142. When was a time that someone showed you deep compassion?

143. When does your family prefer to go to holiday church services?

144. What prayer, poem, or spiritual song speaks to you during the holiday season?

145. What’s the most unique holiday religious item you’ve ever bought?

146. What is a quote or scripture verse that has made a positive impact on your life?

147. Who has been a spiritual mentor that you look up to in your life?

148. What story from the Bible has the biggest impact on your life?

149. What’s your favorite Christmas story outside of the Bible?

150. What other biblical story do you think we can all keep in mind during the holiday season? (Aside from the birth of Jesus)

More Good Icebreaking Questions For Xmas

Looking for more Christmas Icebreaker questions? There’s plenty for everyone below!

adults talking

151. Have you ever re-gifted a present to someone?

152. What’s something cool that your town does at Christmas time?

153. What do you try to get done early, so that your Christmas to-do list is more manageable?

154. What’s your favorite thing to do the day after Christmas?

155. Do you have any holiday collections? (Santas, angels, etc.)

156. Do you make homemade holiday gifts?

157. If you were to enter a Christmas photography competition, what would you take pictures of?

158. If you had to celebrate the holidays in a different country, which country would you choose?

159. Tell about a gift you can’t wait to give someone this year.

160. Do you open most of your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

161. Do you ever wear fuzzy holiday socks?

162. Describe the coolest holiday light display you’ve ever seen.

163. What holiday movie can you quote the most? (Try A Christmas Story Movie Trivia Quiz)

164. Have you ever seen someone propose at Christmas time?

165. As a kid, did you get up extra early on Christmas or wait until your parents were ready?

166. What does Christmas self care look like for you?

167. What’s the best way to not get stressed during the holiday season?

168. What’s the best thing to put on hot cocoa?

169. Have you ever been in a snowstorm?

170. Have you ever worked retail on Black Friday? What was it like?

171. Do you have a special holiday breakfast you enjoy with your family?

172. Have you ever dressed up as Santa before?

173. What’s the weirdest holiday gift you’ve ever been given?

174. Do you celebrate Hanukkah?

175. Do you celebrate Kwanzaa?

176. Have you ever made your own Christmas cocktail?

Where do you hang stockings? fun Christmas icebreaker questions to ask for a game; holiday; virtual for adults

177. Where do you hang your Christmas stockings? In what order?

178. What’s a Christmas decoration or object you want to get rid of but can’t?

179. When you shop for holiday gifts, are you a bargain hunter or a convenience shopper?

180. What kind of cookie do you think Santa likes best?

181. If you had to invent a holiday reality tv show, what would it be about?

182. Have you ever played a Christmas song on an instrument before? What was it?

183. Do you have any unusual Christmas phobias or fears?

184. What’s a Christmas craft you’ve made that turned out surprisingly awesome?

185. What’s a Christmas recipe you tried that turned out to be a favorite?

186. Do you send holiday cards? Why or why not?

187. What’s the most meaningful Christmas card you’ve ever received?

188. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or a fake one?

189. Have you ever chopped down your own Christmas tree?

190. What’s a kind deed you’ve done for someone over the holidays?

191. What’s your favorite Christmas candy?

192. Have you ever roasted chestnuts by a fire?

193. If you had to tattoo something Christmas-related on your body, what would it be?

194. When you were younger, what was the biggest trouble you got into around the holiday season?

195. If you could have Christmas dinner with anyone in the world, who would you have it with?

196. Have you ever decked the halls with boughs of holly?

197. What’s your biggest pet peeve about the holiday season?

198. What’s the coolest elf name you can think of?

199. Do you stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve? Or are you always asleep by then? (Try these fun New Year’s Eve questions to help stay awake)

200. Have you ever completed a New Year’s resolution?

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Why Christmas Icebreaker Questions Rock

Build relationships easily with fun games for friends, family, kids, classmates, or coworkers. Then, discover unique Christmas icebreaker games.

funny Christmas themed ice breaker questions for adults and kids; discussion; holiday conversation starters


  • In the car, while looking at Christmas lights
  • At a work holiday party (virtual or in person)
  • As part of a Christmas game night
  • At a family gathering or dinner table
  • At a holiday youth group gathering
  • At school for a brain break or holiday party

Icebreaker Christmas Games to Play & Activities

Best Christmas icebreaker games to play at work or with family or online

Next, these Christmas icebreaker games can be played at family gatherings, at school, or at home.

Pro-tip for Virtual Holiday Parties: Set the mood ahead of time. Switch virtual backgrounds to a holiday theme, grab a drink, and play light holiday music for a festive atmosphere.

Two Truths and a Lie: Christmas Edition

Take the traditional 2 truths and a lie ideas and theme it for Christmas! You can even use answers to the Christmas icebreaker questions above.

An example might look like this:

  • I once burned a turkey so badly that the fire alarm went off
  • My favorite Christmas song is “Silent Night”
  • I have chopped down my own Christmas tree

Now, can you pick out which are truths and which is the lie?

Holiday Truth or Dare

Transform a traditional kid-friendly truth or dare game into the Christmas Edition! Use the Xmas icebreaker questions as truths, and consider these as possible dares:

  • Do your best Santa “ho ho ho” (While grabbing your belly)
  • Karaoke your favorite holiday song
  • Eat a Christmas cookie without using your hands
  • Leave a nice present (or do a good deed) for another person
  • Take a silly Christmas picture
  • Put on your most outrageous Christmas sweater for the rest of the game
  • Act out your favorite Christmas movie scene

Secret Santa

Who doesn’t love a good Secret Santa exchange? Draw anonymously and then leave a gift for your fellow colleague, family member, or friend when they’re least expecting it. It’s a small way to make someone’s day!

Ornament Exchange

This works well for work and school where you have a shared space for part of the day.

Have each person bring a fun ornament (preferably one that shows off their personality) and put them all on a Christmas tree to enjoy throughout the season.

Match the Christmas Song

Write down all of the holiday songs you can think of on a piece of paper. Then write down a famous line from a song on another piece of paper. Pass out all of the papers to the group and have participants search to find the quotes that match the songs.

Here’s another way to match Christmas songs >>

Christmas Charades Game

Christmas charades game free printable list of ideas

Use this great list of holiday Christmas charades and enjoy a festive game night. Not into charades? Use the ideas for Pictionary or Catch Phrase instead!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Finally, this Christmas scavenger hunt works well for kids at parties, home, or school. But you can also easily do it with adults!

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What’s Next?

You’ll love all the ways they can help you bond and liven up a room with these Christmas icebreaker questions.

Next, try out this Would You Rather Christmas Game for more holiday fun connecting together.

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