100 Festive Christmas Food Trivia Quiz With Answers (In 2024)

Christmas Food Trivia will have your mouth watering for the tastes of the holiday season.

Satisfy your curiosity and enhance your appreciation for your favorite holiday dishes, beverages, and treats. Share these food trivia questions at your next Christmas feast!

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Xmas Candy and Dessert Trivia

Begin with the highlight of Christmas food – dessert and candy trivia!

1. What dessert is named after the ancient winter solstice custom of burning a log to celebrate longer days?

Answer: The Yule Log

2. What Christmas dessert began in Roman times when a sweet bread was baked with fruits and nuts and served at feasts?

Answer: Fruitcake

3. The modern version of this dessert excludes meat and is made with dried fruits and spices. What dessert is this?

Answer: Mince Pies

4. What type of dessert is made with layers of sponge cake, custard, and whipped cream, topped with chocolate shavings?

Answer: Trifle

5. What type of cookie is used to build small houses decorated with frosting and candy?

Answer: Gingerbread

6. What dessert is said to be prepared with 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his 12 disciples? (source)

Answer: Christmas pudding

7. What candy, which first appeared in 1670, is often used to decorate Christmas trees?

Answer: Candy Canes

8. The nuts for what popular holiday pie are native to North America?

Answer: Pecan Pie

9. What Christmas cookie is also known as Russian tea cakes, Mexican wedding cookies, or butterballs? (source and recipe)

Answer: Snowball cookies

10. What candy is believed to have been created on accident?

Answer: Fudge

11. What bright-colored candy is shaped like domes and used to decorate gingerbread houses?

Answer: Gumdrops

12. What comes in a tin, usually contains three flavors, and is a popular gift at Christmas?

Answer: Popcorn

13. What is Christmas pudding also known as?

Answer: Plum pudding or figgy pudding

dessert and candy trivia

14. What treat has layers of white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate flavored with peppermint?

Answer: Peppermint bark

15. What treat results when butterscotch has been cooked for a long period of time?

Answer: Toffee

16. What are the stripes on a candy cane believed to represent?

Answer: The white signifies purity and the red represents Christ’s blood. (source)

17. What dessert is commonly topped and served with whipped cream around the holidays?

Answer: Pumpkin pie

18. What treat consists of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts?

Answer: Peanut brittle

19. What traditional Christmas candy was first made only as solid white sugar canes?

Answer: Candy canes- Red and white stripes and peppermint flavoring didn’t appear until the turn of the 19th century.

20. The tradition of giving chocolate coins was celebrated in Belgium and the Netherlands as part of what day?

Answer: Saint Nicholas Day

21. What did it mean if a coin was found in someone’s Christmas pudding?

Answer: Good luck all year.

22. What talking candy is featured in a Christmas commercial that has Santa exclaim “They do exist!” before fainting?

Answer: Peanut M & M’s

23. What candy is featured in a popular Christmas commerical by playing the song “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”?

Answer: Hershey’s Kisses

24. What is the most popular Christmas cookie in the U.S.?

Answer: Peanut butter blossom cookies (source)

25. In the movie A Christmas Story, what chocolate drink was in a decoded message from the radio show Little Orphan Annie?

Answer: Ovaltine

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26. What fruit is traditionally placed inside Christmas stockings?

Answer: Orange

27. In the movie Elf, what four food groups do elves have?

Answer: Candy canes, candy, candy corn, and syrup

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28. Your child may make reindeer food to sprinkle in the yard on Christmas Eve. What is the main ingredient?

Answer: Oatmeal

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29. True or False: A sugar plum is a real fruit.

False- It is a piece of hard candy

30. True or False: Candy canes can come in a pickle flavor.

Answer: True

31. In America, what treats are traditionally left out for Santa Claus?

Answer: Milk and cookies

32. What kind of pie will we have later according to the song “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”?

Answer: Pumpkin

33. What drink brand popularized the image of Santa as we know it?

Answer: Coca Cola


Christmas Food Picture Quiz

Use the picture to name the Christmas food item.

Christmas food picture quiz



Chocolate covered pretzels

Christmas pudding

Christmas dessert trivia games


Mince pie


Yule log

Christmas food and drink quiz; picture


Peanut butter blossoms



drink trivia


Roasted goose



50. Which cookie pictured below is known as a thumbprint cookie?

Christmas food quiz with answers; holiday; usa


51. What treat is pictured below?

sugar plum

Sugar plum

Name the holiday treat pictured:

Christmas candy

Snowball cookie

Candied orange peel


Peppermint bark


Traditional Christmas Food & Drink Trivia

Next, explore fun facts about popular traditional foods.

roast turkey

56. What holiday beverage is made from milk, sugar, and eggs?

Answer: Eggnog

57. What bird is the most popular traditional Christmas choice to eat in America? (source)

Answer: Turkey

58. What warm beverage is prepared by combining red wine, spices, and fruits?

Answer: Mulled wine

59. What food is rich in vitamin C and can double as a sauce?

Answer: Cranberries

60. What warm drink, often topped with marshmallows, is served during the cold months?

Answer: Hot chocolate

Christmas food trivia; dinner; stuffed

61. What bird was commonly served in the 16th century for Christmas dinner?

Answer: Goose

62. What was “roasting on an open fire” in “The Christmas Song”?

Answer: Chestnuts

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63. What traditional Christmas dinner side can be baked, mashed, or made into a sweet casserole?

Answer: Sweet potatoes

64. What festive coffee drink features espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, and peppermint flavor?

Answer: Peppermint Mocha

65. What did the Who’s in Whoville eat for their main Christmas course?

Answer: Roast Beast

66. In A Christmas Carol movie, what is a ‘Smoking Bishop’?

Answer: Mulled wine

67. In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, what does Cousin Catherine overcook?

Answer: The turkey

68. How much turkey on average does each person eat for Christmas dinner?

Answer: 1.5 lbs

69. What Christmas dish might you put a glaze of brown sugar on?

Answer: Ham

70. In Home Alone, what does Kevin warm up to eat on Christmas Eve before the Wet Bandits arrive at his house?

Answer: Macaroni and Cheese

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71. In the song “Let It Snow”, what did Dean Martin bring for popping?

Answer: Corn

72. What are small sausages wrapped in bacon called?

Answer: Pigs in blankets


Christmas Food Around The World Quiz

Finally, test your knowledge about Christmas food trivia from other cultures.

holiday table place setting

73. Where is eggnog said to have originated?

Answer: England

74. A meal served on December 26th consisting of leftover vegetables is called what in Britain?

Answer: Bubble and Squeak

75. In older days, women in England who wanted to find a husband ate what at Christmas for good luck?

Answer: Gingerbread men

76. Raisins and candied fruits are main ingredients in what traditional Italian Christmas bread?

Answer: Panettone

77. In what country did the tradition of gingerbread houses originate?

Answer: Germany

78. What is the English name for the Scandinavian rice pudding dish often served during Christmas?

Answer: Risgrynsgrøt or Rice Porridge

79. What country has a unique Christmas tradition that involves eating KFC takeout?

Answer: Japan

80. What is Germany’s traditional Christmas bread called?

Answer: Stollen

81. What was mince pie once known as in Great Britain?

Answer: Mutton pie

82. In which country is it common to eat the Feast of the Seven Fishes during Christmas?

Answer: Italy

83. What food is considered good luck to eat on each of the 12 days of Christmas?

Answer: Mince Pies

84. ‘Gluhwein’ is what kind of drink?

Answer: Mulled wine

85. True or False: A traditional Christmas dish in South Africa is fried beetles.

False: Fried caterpillars

Christmas food around the world quiz

86. What is the French Christmas dish Bûche de Noël known as in English?

Answer: Yule Log

87. What fruit has become a tradition to eat on Christmas Eve in China?

Answer: Apples

88. What is the traditional Norwegian Christmas dish Smalahove made from?

Answer: Sheep’s head

89. What British dish is usually served as an accompaniment to roast beef?

Answer: Yorkshire pudding

90. It is thought that King Henry VIII was the first to feast on what during holiday festivities?

Answer: Turkey

91. What did Dutch children often leave for Santa filled with food?

Answer: Shoes

92. We have Sri Lanka to thank for what type of spice stick?

Answer: Cinnamon

93. Fillipino and Puerto Rican Christmas celebrations often include what main course?

Answer: Roast pig

94. Kūčios is a traditional Lithuanian feast eaten during Christmas time. How many dishes are served during this feast? 

Answer: 12

95. In which country do they eat figgy pudding during Christmas?

Answer: England

96. In Mexico, what dish is popular for Christmas celebrations? It is steamed in a husk.

Answer: Tamales

97. What country features pickled herring and a casserole called Jansson’s Temptation on their Christmas table?

Answer: Sweden

98. What is the name of Australia’s most common Christmas dessert?

Answer: Pavlova

99. What is poured over Christmas pudding to be able to set it on fire before serving?

Answer: Brandy


multiple choice Christmas trivia questions; food around the world quiz

Answer: B- East to West

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