200 Fun Candy Trivia Questions and Answers (In 2024)

What are some fun trivia questions about candy?

We recently visited a candy store. One large wall was filled with colorful confections. My kids paced with wide, sparkling eyes picking between indulgent treats.

Candy trivia explores fun and mouthwatering topics. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not! Enjoy fun facts about candy that leave you craving more.

Do you know the answer to this first candy trivia question?

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1. What is the number one selling candy in the United States?

Any guesses? Keep reading to find out!

Candy Slogans & Jingles Trivia

Name what candy goes with these slogans and jingles from popular commercials.

2. “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”


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3. “Taste the rainbow.”


4. “Don’t let hunger happen to you.”


5. “It’s all in the mix.”


6. “Hungry? Why wait?”


7. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.”

Mounds and Almond Joy

8. Nobody better lay a finger on my __________.”


9. “Double your pleasure, double your fun.”

Doublemint Gum

10. “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that ___________.”

Kit Kat Bar

11. “There’s no wrong way to eat a ________.”


12. “A lighter way to enjoy chocolate.”

Three Musketeers

13. “Get the sensation.”

York Peppermint Patty

14. “At work, rest, and play, you get three tastes in a __________.”

Milky Way

15. “Makes mouths happy.”


16. “Isn’t life juicy?”


17. “Put a _____ ______ in your mouth and get a bang out of life.”

Tic Tac

18. “Only ___________ have the answer.”


19. “____________ the freshmaker.”


20. “That’s rich.”

100 grand bar

candy jingles; slogans; commercials

21. “Say it with a kiss.”

Hershey Kisses

22. “It’s more than a mouthful-it’s a _________________.”


23. “Break out of the ordinary.”

Nestles Butterfinger

24. “If he kissed you once, will he kiss you again?


25. “Cleans your teeth while it cleans your breath.

Dentyne Gum

26. “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a __________.”

Tootsie Pop

27. “Do you eat the red ones last?”


28. “Dirty mouth, clean it up with _______.”


29. “Can’t get enough peanuts? Get a ________!”


30. “Nobunny knows Easter better than _______.”

Cadbury’s – Creme Eggs (source)

31. What candy did the Foo Fighters parody in their “Big Me” video?


32. “The Great American Chocolate Bar.”


33. “You can wear a ring around your finger.”

Ring pop

34. “So kiss a little longer, stay close a little longer, hold tight a little longer, longer with _______ _______.”

Big Red

35. “The taste is gonna move ya.”

Juicy Fruit

36. “Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a ________ ________ to me.”

Tootsie Roll

37. “Roll a _____ to your pal.”


38. “The candy bar you can’t eat quickly.”

Marathon Bar

39. “2 Treats in 1”

Blow Pop

40. “Sour. Sweet. Gone”

Sour Patch Kids

41. “Now and later share the ________.”

Flavor (Now and Later candies)

42. “Temptation is fun, giving in is even better.”

Dove chocolate bar

43. “Dare to be sour!”


44. What 1970s TV cartoon character asked how many licks it takes to get to the core of a Tootsie Pop in a commercial?

Mr. Owl

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70’s, 80’s, & 90’s Candy Trivia

Next, this section will make you nostalgic for the candy from your youth and the candy we still love today.

variety of colorful sweet treats

45. What bubble gum was created by the Wrigley Company in 1979 and claimed to be less sticky than others?

Hubba Bubba

46. What candy was created in the 70s because the product engineer wanted to help his daughter break her thumb-sucking habit?

Ring pops

47. What popular 70s candy features small, fruit-flavored pellets that come in a toy dispenser?


48. What candy is individually wrapped and contains a joke on each wrapper?

Laffy Taffy

49. What ’70s candy had holes that when you blew into them, they would make a whistling sound?

Whistle Pops

50. Identifiable by their long sticky white paper and countless little dots, what was the name of this colorful candy?

Candy buttons

51. Well known for it’s root beer flavor, what 1970s candy is it?

Bottle Caps

52. What candy would you eat if you wanted a lot of tiny, sharp explosions in your mouth?

Pop Rocks

53. What gum had a zebra mascot and a short-lived fruit flavor?

Fruit Stripe Gum

54. What was the original name for Fun Dip when it was first released?


55. With magical bits of sugar that you pour from a paper package, what is this loveable candy?

Pixy Stix

56. What movie, released in 1971 led to the success of Gobstoppers?

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

57. Made in 1979 on Babe Ruth’s birthday, what is the only official brand of baseball chewing gum?

Big League Chew

58. What still-beloved candy is fruit-flavored and has the letter “S” printed on it?


59. What candy manufactured by the Willy Wonka company in 1982, mimics fruits in their taste and form?


70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s trivia about candy; facts

60. What 1980s candy are small, irregular, and pebble-shaped?


61. What candy has now been banned in many places because of its branding, but made you feel extremely cool in the 80s?

Candy cigarettes

62. What tangy and chewy candy comes in grape, strawberry, orange, blue raspberry, watermelon, and mystery flavors in long strips?


63. Popular for its worm-like shape, what 1981 candy has the two main ingredients of gelatin and carnauba wax?

Gummy worms

64. What candy is known for its sourness and comes in the shape of small, sugar-coated fruit inspired by the Cabbage Patch Dolls?

Sour Patch Kids

65. First introduced in 1986, this candy consisted of a plastic cylinder with a flavored gel inside. What is it?

Push pop candy

66. Love ’em or hate ’em, this banana runts candy was a delicious crunch confection and also the name of a popular girl group from the 80s.


67. What bright yellow and tart sensation is still popular today?


68. What candy is shaped like an already popular toy used by children to build things?

Candy Blox

69. What gum was marketed as being so sour that chewing it made a person’s eyes tear up?

Cry Baby Bubble Gum

70. This type of candy started as bears but expanded into peach rings, worms, blue sharks, cheeseburgers, and more. What is it?

Gummy candy

71. What type of candy has a creamy center surrounded by a delicious chewy caramel layer and is also named after a farm animal?

Cow Tales

72. During the 1990s, pharmaceutical companies flavored amoxicillin with what candy flavor?

Pink bubble gum

73. The 90s brought us which candy you could roll out by the foot?

Fruit by the foot

74. What 90s candy came in fruity flavors and contained an explosion when you bit into it?

Gushers (See more Totally 90s Trivia)

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Candy Facts: Guess the Candy

fun facts about candy trivia quiz; sweets questions and answers

75. What day is celebrated as National Candy Day?

November 4th.

76. What candy is a small, fruit-flavored, square chewy candy that comes in a variety of colors and flavors?


77. Haribo is the original manufacturer of what candy?

Gummy Bears

78. What candy is a small, bean-shaped chewy candy that comes in a variety of fruit flavors?

Jelly beans

79. What candy is a small, cylindrical, fruit-flavored hard candy with a hole in the middle?


80. What candy is a chocolate-covered caramel candy that comes in a gold wrapper?

Werther’s Original

81. What licorice-type treat is often twisted and comes in flavors like cherry and strawberry?


82. What candy is often associated with Valentine’s Day? It is shaped like small, chalky hearts with messages on them.

Conversation Hearts

83. What popular red and white candy is associated with Christmas?

The candy cane

84. The typical flavor for this candy is lingonberry. What candy is it?

Swedish Fish

85. What famous hard candy’s original flavors were watermelon, apple, and Fire Stix?

Jolly Ranchers

86. What candy was named after a popular dance and featured a mix of chocolate, nougat, and caramel?

Charleston Chew

87. What is the #1 cinnamon-flavored candy brand in the U.S.?

Hot Tamales

88. Cinemark reports that this delicious candy is the biggest movie candy seller. What is it?

Peanut M&M’s (source)

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Candy Trivia: Songs

Next, name the songs and artists that featured a candy theme in their music.

lollipops; famous songs

89. On The Good Ship Lollipop” was in the movie Bright Eyes in 1934 and is sung by whom?

Shirley Temple

90. Elvis Presley takes us on a dream journey through what land fill with sweets?

“Cotton Candy Land”

91. What classic be-pop song by the girl group Chordettes has an unforgettable “sweet” chorus?


92. Mary Poppins suggests this to help the medicine go down. What is it?

“Spoonful of Sugar”

93. Sammy Davis Jr. sang what song in 1972 that was a top 10 hit?

“The Candy Man”

94. Bow Wow Wow recorded this sweet song in 1982. What is it?

“I Want Candy”

95. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was a 1988 hit by what band?

Def Leppard

96. Name this song: “Oh, I’m a gummy bear/ Yes I’m a gummy bear/ Oh, I’m a yummy, tummy, funny, lucky, gummy bear.”

“I’m a Gummy Bear” (The Gummy Bear Song)

97. Mandy Moore sang this song in the 1990s which helped launch her career. What was the song title?


98. What 90s alternative rock song by Marcy’s Playground is about candy?

“Sex and Candy”

99. In 2007, the song “Candyman” was released by what female artist?

Christina Aguilera

100. 50 Cent turned this sweet place into a hip-hop song? What is the song title?

“Candy Shop”

101. Harry Styles has a smash 2019 single called “Watermelon _______.”


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History of Candy Trivia

When and where did candy get its start? Enjoy fun historical facts about candy in this trivia section.

history of sweet treats

102. What ancient civilization is credited with inventing the world’s first known “candy,” a sweet honey treat?

The Egyptians

103. Before it was a sweet treat, candy was mainly used as what?


104. Before sugar was introduced to the West, what was used to sweeten candy?


105. During the Middle Ages, the high cost of sugar made candy only available to whom?

The wealthy

106. In the early 20th century, which candy company introduced a chocolate-coated nougat bar that was marketed as “The Great American Chocolate Bar”?


107. What popular candy, introduced in 1953, was initially intended to be a seasonal treat but soon became a year-round favorite?

Peeps (source)

108. During World War II, which candy was included in U.S. soldiers’ rations as a source of quick energy?

Tootsie Rolls

109. Which candy was developed by the Wrigley Company and became the first chewy bubble gum to be sold in a pack with a comic strip?

Bazooka Joe bubble gum

110. In 1941, what favorite candy-coated chocolate was introduced?


111. During World War II, sugar was rationed and many companies started using corn syrup and what other product to make their candy?


112. Who invented the first chocolate bar in 1847?

Joseph Fry

113. What company is America’s oldest continually operating candy company?

Ye Olde Pepper Companie

114. What is the longest continuously running branded candy in the U.S.?

Good & Plenty

Candy trivia questions quiz and history

115. What color M&M did not exist from 1976 to 1987 due to fear of a particular food dye?


116. What type of candy is made by stretching or pulling a sugar solution?


117. What was the first individually wrapped candy in the U.S.?

Tootsie rolls

118. Invented in 1927, what was the original flavor of PEZ candies?


119. What profession did the inventor of cotton candy have?

He was a dentist.

120. What candy was introduced in 1925 and is described as milk caramel pops?

Sugar Daddy

121. What candy is traced back to ancient times and was believed to have been accidentally created when sugar syrup was left out in the open and dried up?

Rock candy

122. What old-fashioned peanut butter and molasses-flavored candy was made in 1914 and named after a woman?

Mary Jane

123. What candy was invented in Atlantic City in 1883?

Saltwater Taffy

124. What is the flavor of circus peanuts?


125. What brightly colored candy is often used for decorating gingerbread houses?


126. What unique candy treat consists of a marshmallow covered in chocolate?

Mallo Cup

Candy Bar Trivia Quiz

Snickers, Mars, Butterfinger, and more…consider all the candy bars you know for this next section of candy trivia questions!

chocolate bar

127. What candy bar shares its name with a galaxy?

Milky Way

128. Which candy bar is known for its crunchy peanut butter center covered in milk chocolate?


129. What candy bar features nougat, caramel, and peanuts, all covered in milk chocolate, and was named after a horse?


130. What candy bar, with its layers of wafer and hazelnut cream, is often associated with luxury?

Ferrero Rocher

131. What candy bar, known for its distinct triangular shape, is made with nougat and honey-almond nougat, covered in milk chocolate?


132. Which candy bar, with its layers of chocolate, caramel, and nougat, was claimed to be named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter?

Baby Ruth

133. What candy bar, introduced in 1978, features a crispy peanut butter center and caramel covered in chocolate?


134. Which candy bar, introduced in 1979 in the U.S., features a cookie center with caramel and nougat, all coated in milk chocolate? (Hint: There are two in each package.)


135. Originally, this candy bar contained the 3 flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. What candy bar is it?

Three Musketeers

136. What candy bar is named after a famous New York City street?

Fifth Avenue Bar

137. What candy bar may make you feel rich while eating it?

100 Grand Bar

138. What popular bite-sized chocolate and caramel chews are good at the movie theater but not after dental work?

Milk Duds

chocolate candy bar trivia questions with answers

139. What chocolate bar has the same name as a neighboring planet?

Mars Bar

140. What unique candy bar combines pretzels, chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and peanut butter?

Take 5

141. While this chocolate is not a reptile, it is named after one. What is it?


142. What chocolate treat is known for its seasonal editions with hearts, eggs, pumpkins, Christmas tree varieties, and more?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

143. What bar is made with one side of milk chocolate while the other side is crisped rice?


144. Manufactured by Hershey’s, what American candy bar features peppermint candy and a dark chocolate coating?

York Peppermint Patty

145. What 1981 chocolate bar contains a slab of butter toffee coated in milk chocolate?


146. What bar has salty peanuts surrounding sweet caramel?


147. Hershey’s has produced this popular chocolate bar studded with peanuts. It also comes in a miniature version. What is it?

Mr. Goodbar

148. What is the difference between a Hershey’s Kiss and a Hershey’s hug?

A Hershey’s Kiss is plain milk chocolate and a Hershey’s hug is milk chocolate swirled with white chocolate.

Chocolate Trivia Questions

someone making chocolate

149. What is the main ingredient in chocolate that comes from the cacao bean?


150. Which ancient civilization is believed to have been the first to cultivate cacao and make a beverage from it?

The Mayans

151. What is the name of the white, creamy substance that forms on the surface of chocolate when it’s improperly stored?

Chocolate bloom

152. What type of chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids, giving it a stronger and more intense flavor?

Dark chocolate

153. Which popular chocolate brand has headquarters in Pennsylvania?


154. What type of chocolate is created by adding milk solids or milk powder to the chocolate mixture?

Milk Chocolate

155. Where was milk chocolate invented?


156. What is the term for the method of gently heating and cooling chocolate to create a shiny finish and a satisfying snap?


157. What type of chocolate is made by blending chocolate liquor with sugar and cocoa butter?

Semi-sweet chocolate

158. What is the name of the concentrated chocolate flavoring used in baking and desserts?

Chocolate extract

159. In what American city did Dombringo Chirardelli start making his famous chocolate?

San Francisco

160. Which candy company produces the largest amount of chocolate in the U.S. each year?

Hershey’s Foods Corporation

Hard Candy Trivia: Around the World

candy around the world; chocolate trivia

161. What country is famous for its luxurious chocolate and Toblerone?


162. Popular candies from what country include Tim Tams, Cherry Ripe bars, and Violet Crumbles?


163. In which country were gummy bears first invented?


164. What country contains the White Rabbit brand known for its creamy, chewy sweets wrapped in edible rice paper?


165. What country has Pepero sticks, Choco Pies, and assorted gummy candies?

South Korea

166. What chocolate biscuit and wafer confection is made by Ferrero?

Kinder Bueno

167. What well-known chocolate company made chocolates for royalty?


168. What well-known candy bar comes in more than 300 flavors in Japan?


169. Tamarind candies are delicious, slightly sour, and tangy nuggets that originate from what country?


170. Hi-Chews go back almost 100 years and originate in what country?


171. What country has a milk chocolate bar that is sprinkled with little popping candy that pops in your mouth?


172. If you like a little kick to your candy, grab a chili pop from what country?


173. What candy makes maple syrup hard candy drops (Hint: it’s their most famous export)?


174. What popular treat from Turkey comes in hundreds of flavors and is sold all over the country?

Turkish delight

175. What famous candy from the UK is banned in the US for “containing a non-nutritive product”?

Kinder Surprise Eggs

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Nutrition Fun Facts About Candy Trivia

marshmallow nutrition facts

176. What is the main ingredient in traditional marshmallows that gives them their fluffy texture?


177. What is the primary ingredient responsible for the sour flavor in sour candies?

Citric Acid

178. What type of chocolate is considered the healthiest?

Dark chocolate

179. True or False: Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water and the different heating levels determine the type of candy.


180. True or False: A one-ounce piece of milk chocolate contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of caffeinated coffee.


181. True or False: Less than 2 percent of the calories in the American diet are supplied by candy.



nutrition facts; hershey kisses; chocolate; candy multiple choice

Answer: C- 23 calories

183. What is it said that chewing gum can help with?

Focus and concentration

184. What can excessive intake of candy potentially lead to?

A. Weight Gain

B. Dental Issues

C. Spike in blood sugar levels

D. All of the above

Answer: D- all of the above

185. True or False: White chocolate doesn’t contain cocoa particles.


Halloween Candy Trivia

What candy treat do you most want to find in your Halloween haul? Use the Halloween picture quiz and other questions to see what facts you know about candy.

186. Halloween is the holiday that sells the most candy, what holiday comes in second for candy sales?


Halloween candy trivia questions

187. Using the picture above, what is the original name of the sweet candy in picture A?

Now called candy corn, it was originally called Chicken Feed.

188. Using the picture above, what was the top-selling Halloween candy in America in 2022?

Answer: C- Reese’s Cups (source)

189. Using the picture above, what was the second-top selling Halloween candy in America in 2022?

Answer: B- Skittles

fun candy picture quiz; trivia

190. Besides Milky Way, what was the other candy bar to come in a mini size called “fun size” first? Use the picture above.

Answer: A- Snickers

191. Using the picture above, which candy bar has a left and a right?

Answer: D- Twix

192. What Halloween candy has been considered a “contentious” Halloween candy because of reasons like texture and sweetness?

Candy corn: 49% find it tasty, 23% find it gross, 21% don’t like it but think it’s important to Halloween (source)

193. True or False: The creator of the popular Dum Dums often given out on Halloween night named these suckers because he thought it was a word that any child could say.


Halloween trivia multiple choice

194. How many calories does the average American child consume from Halloween candy?

A. 2,000-3,000

B. 1,000-3,000

C. 5,000-10,000

D. 3,500-7,000

Answer: D- 3,500-7,000 calories

195. About how much, on average, do consumers spend on Halloween candy?

A. $55

B. $85

C. $100

D. $150

Answer: C- $100

196. What do the two M’s in M&M’s stand for?

A. Milky and Marvelous

B. Maker and Man

C. Milton and Men

D. Mars and Murrie

Answer: D- Mars and Murrie- The last names of the businessmen who developed and financed the candy.

197. A standard pillowcase can hold about how many pieces of candy?

A. 1000

B. 800

C. 1600

D. 2000

Answer: C- 1600

198. True or False: 89% of Americans who celebrate Halloween will purchase candy for Halloween.

False- 95% will purchase candy. (source)

199. True or False: Half of all the candy sold in the U.S. each year is purchased for Halloween.

False- one-quarter

200. What are the colors on a standard piece of candy corn from the wide end to the narrow end?

Yellow, orange, white

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Host A Candy-Themed Trivia Party

Hosting and participating in a candy trivia event can be a fun way to test your knowledge of all things sweet.

  • Gather a group of friends and family members. Split into two teams.
  • Invite everyone to bring their favorite candy to share.
  • Keep score and have a candy treat prize for the winning team.
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What’s Next?

Finally, it’s time to find out the answer to our #1 candy trivia question.

Question: What is the number one selling candy in the United States?

Answer: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! (We all love them!)

Next, did you know we have even more trivia?

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