125 Fun Hocus Pocus Trivia Questions and Answers (2024)

Best Hocus Pocus Trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge of both movies!

Hocus Pocus began as a regular 90’s film. But over time, the quirky humor and catchy tunes grew a cult following that is even stronger today. Whether you’re an original groupie or you’ve stumbled upon the second film, enjoy this unique quiz.

After all, a bit of quirkiness is what makes life fun!

Hocus Pocus trivia questions and answers

“Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!”

Winifred Sanderson, Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Team Names

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Hocus Pocus trivia team names

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Easy Hocus Pocus Trivia For Kids

Begin with this great Hocus Pocus trivia quiz for kids, novices, or if you haven’t watched the movies in a while.

1. What are the names of the three Sanderson sisters?

Winifred, Sarah, Mary

2. In what town is Hocus Pocus set in?

Salem, Massachusetts

3. Who is the oldest Hocus Pocus sister (and also the leader of the trio)?

Winifred (Winnie)

4. Who are the two bullies in the original Hocus Pocus?

Jay and Ice

5. What is the name of the magical candle that brings the witches back to life?

The Black Flame Candle

image of the movie

6. What is the name of Max’s younger sister in the original Hocus Pocus?


7. What furry animal plays a starring role in both movies?

A cat

8. What phase does the moon need to be at on Halloween night for the sisters to be able to come back?

Full moon

9. What are the witches looking to do in the first movie?

Drain the life force from children.

10. Why do they need to drain their life force?

Doing this makes them young again. (Eternal youth and beauty)

11. Who was Billy Butcherson?

Winifred’s former love interest. But when she found him cheating with her sister Sarah, she poisoned him and sowed his mouth shut (so he couldn’t speak. Even in death)

12. What opens and closes on the front of the sisters’ spellbook?

An eye


Easy Hocus Pocus trivia quiz for kids


14. Who says, “Amuck! Amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck, ack!”

Sarah Sanderson

15. The Dennison family had moved to Salem. Where did they come from?


16. Which two characters have a romantic connection in the original Hocus Pocus?

Max and Allison

17. What does Winifred turn into at the end of Hocus Pocus?


18. What real-life historical event is Hocus Pocus using to set up the films?

The Salem Witch Trials

19. What had the Sanderson sister’s home been turned into in the first Hocus Pocus?

Sanderson Witch Museum

20. What do the bullies steal from Max and Dani?

Their candy and shoes

21. How many Hocus Pocus movies are there as of 2023?

2 movies

22. What film company produced Hocus Pocus?

The Walt Disney Pictures Company

23. What famous actress plays Winifred in the Hocus Pocus movies?

Bette Midler

24. What nickname do Jay and Ice call Max?


25. Who first says, “Oh, come on. It’s just a bunch of hocus-pocus.”


Best Hocus Pocus 1 Trivia Quiz

It’s hard to beat the original. See if you can get all of these Hocus Pocus trivia questions right!

26. In what year does the movie begin?


27. Who do the Sanderson sisters kidnap and steal the life force from?

Emily Binx

28. Who tries to stop the sisters?

Thackery Binx

29. What happens when Thackery fails to save his sister?

The sisters curse him into being a cat.

30. How are the sisters punished in 1693?

They were hanged.

31. Before the sisters meet their end, what does Winnie do?

Casts one final spell allowing the witches to return.

32. How many years later do the sisters return?

300 years (1993)

33. How does a person bring back the Sanderson sisters?

A virgin must light the Black Flame Candle on Halloween (with a full moon)

34. What does Max typically wear in the movie?

Tie-die shirt, brown/bomber jacket, sunglasses, denim jeans (any of these answers work!)

35. In order to remain immortal, what must the Sanderson sisters do before sunrise on Halloween night?

Suck the life force from a child

36. Where does Max first hear about the Sanderson sisters?

At school from his teacher

37. What color is associated with Winifred Sanderson?


38. What three kids break into the Sanderson museum? And which one summons the sisters by lighting the Black Flame Candle?

Allison, Dani, and Max (Max lights the candle)

39. What did Max use on All Hallows Eve to light the Black Flame Candle and bring the sisters back?

A lighter that was used as a souvenir at the museum.


Hocus Pocus trivia questions game with names and answers


41. When Max turned the sprinklers on at the beginning of the movie, what did he tell the sisters it was?

“burning rain of death.”

42. When the kids resurrect the witches, they try to drain the life force from Dani. As Max saves her and they escape, what do they take with them?

The spell book

43. When Max asks a police officer for help, why does he not gain assistance?

Because the officer is really a man in a Halloween costume (who thinks Max is playing a prank)

44. When the Sanderson sisters return, their brooms are taken by trick-or-treaters. What do they find to use to fly with?

Winifred gets a broomstick. Sarah a mop. Mary a vacuum.

45. What color is Mary Sanderson associated with?


46. What is the sisters’ spell book bound in?

Human skin

47. How do the witches react when they see a modern-day bus?

Terrified, then intrigued.

48. What does the bus driver do when he meets the sisters?

Flirts with them! His first line is “Bubble bubble, I’m in trouble.”

49. What is the name of the spell that the witches cast to suck the life force out of children?

The Life Potion Spell

50. When the Sanderson sisters meet a man dressed as Satan hanging out with his wife, what is their reaction?

They worship him, believing him to be their master.


Funny Hocus Pocus trivia

Clark Bars (Or as the witches said, a “chocolate-covered finger of a man named Clark”)

52. What happens when Sarah uses her singing?

She lures children to come from all across Salem.

53. Who says the line “I smell a child.”

Mary Sanderson

54. Where do the children trap the witches at the high school?

In the pottery kiln

55. When Max and Allison open the spell book, what does it do?

Reveals their location

56. After the witches find them, how are Max and Allison able to trick the witches and free Dani and Binx?

They convince them that sunrise is an hour earlier. (The witches panic and pass out)

57. As the movie ends in the cemetery, the witches try to make Dani take the potion, but who takes it instead?

Max (to save his sister)

58. What do Max and Winifred fall into that causes Winifred to turn to stone?

Hallowed ground

59. How does Binx’s curse break after 300 years (reuniting him with Emily as they both head off into the afterlife)?

The death of the sisters.

60. What happens to Billy Butcherson at the end of Hocus Pocus?

He returns to his grave.

61. Where are Max and Dani’s parents during most of Hocus Pocus I?

A Halloween Party

62. At the end of the movie, how do you know that the witches could one day rise again?

Winifred’s spellbook opens its eye once more, revealing that it is still alive.



– Winifred Sanderson

Fun Hocus Pocus 2 Trivia Questions

Hocus Pocus trivia questions and answers

63. Why do the Sanderson Sisters run away to the forest at the beginning of this movie?

An arranged marriage is proposed to one of the sisters. When refused, the village threatens to separate them.

64. When Winifred escapes with her sisters to the forbidden forest, who do they run into?

Witch Mother

65. What does the Witch Mother gift Winifred with for her sixteenth birthday?

Her magic book

66. What warning does the Witch Mother give the sisters about the book?

She warns the sisters against ever casting a specific spell, which makes the user ‘all powerful’.

67. What has the old Sanderson home been converted to in Hocus Pocus 2?

The Old Salem Magic Shoppe

68. What does Gilbert give Becca as a birthday present for her sixteenth birthday?

A candle

69. Which character starts the movie with a boyfriend that the other girls don’t like?


70. Who accidentally brings back the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus 2?

Two teenagers: Becca and Izzy

71. What are the girls doing in the forest?

They perform a yearly Halloween night and birthday ritual.

72. In what year is Hocus Pocus 2 set in?


73. What do the girls later discover about Gilbert’s birthday present?

That he made the candle himself and tricked them into resurrecting the Sanderson sisters

74. Why would Gilbert do this?

He saw the witches when he was young and out trick-or-treating on Halloween in 1993 (
He’s a superfan!)

75. Who says “I haven’t lost my touch” in the second movie?

Winifred (Winnie)

76. Who is Cassie’s father a direct descendant of?

Reverend Traske

77. Why do the sisters hate Reverand Traske?

Reverand Traske is the one who tried to force the arranged marriage.

78. What are the sisters lured to Walgreens for?

Potions containing children’s souls (which turns out to be lotion)

79. Once the witches decide to hunt down the mayor, where do they trap Izzy and Becca?

In the basement

80. What does Cassie’s father stand in line forever for at the carnival?

A candy apple

81. What spell do the Sanderson sisters want to use to take revenge on Salem (and Traske)?

Magicae Maxima


Hocus Pocus 2 movie quiz for trivia night


83. Once reunited with Cassie, how are the 3 girls able to trap the witches in Mayor Traske’s garage?

With a salt circle

84. Who digs up Billy Butcherson?


85. Which one of the three teenage girls is a natural born witch, like the Sanderson sisters?


86. Who sings Come Little Children in Hocus Pocus 2?

The Witch Mother

87. What mistake does Winnie make at the end of Hocus Pocus 2?

She casts the ultimate power spell without reading the warning. To gain ultimate power she must sacrifice something she loves. (Her sisters vanish)

88. What happens to Billy Butcherson at the end of Hocus Pocus 2?

Billy fades away. All of Winifred’s spells have been undone and he can finally head to his eternal rest.

89. Only four cast members returned from Hocus Pocus 1 to Hocus Pocus 2. Who are they?

Midler, Najimy, Parker (the three sisters) and Jones (Billy Butcherson)

90. What is revealed at the end of Hocus Pocus 2? (When the black cat runs around the magic shop and pauses in front of a box.)

That there’s a second Black Flame Candle (BF #2)


Multiple Choice Hocus Pocus Trivia

Next these multiple choice and true or false questions will make you think!


Multiple choice Hocus Pocus trivia game that's hard

Answer: B) Shapeshifting

92. In Hocus Pocus I, What song do the Sanderson sisters perform at the Halloween party?

A) Heads Will Roll

B) Monster Mash

C) Somebody’s Watching Me

D) I Put a Spell on You

Answer: D) I Put a Spell on You

93. What do the witches originally think is a black river?

A) A road

B) A puddle of oil

C) A parking lot

D) A dark swimming pool

Answer: A) Road

94. In Hocus Pocus 2, what creature does the Witch Mother shapeshift into?

A) A rabbit

B) An owl

C) A blackbird

D) A wolf

Answer: C) A blackbird

95. What does Dani dress up as for Halloween in Hocus Pocus I?

A) A vampire

B) A witch

C) A dinosaur

D) A cheerleader

Answer: B) A witch

96. What real-life cemetery was Hocus Pocus filmed in? (And Billy was buried in the movie)

A) Old Burial Hill Cemetary

B) The Green-Wood Cemetary

C) Granary Burying Ground

D) Calvary Cemetary

Answer: A) Old Burial Hill

97. What do Max and Dani’s parents dress up as for the Halloween party?

A) Black Cat and Dracula

B) Skeleton and Pirate

C) Madonna and Dracula

D) Mummy and Devil

Answer: C) Madonna and Dracula

98. What year was the original Hocus Pocus movie released?

A) 1993

B) 1995

C) 2000

D) 1987

Answer: A) 1993

99. Who tells the children, “Do not let the book fall into the hands of the witches.” in the original Hocus Pocus?

A) Jay

B) Billy Butcherson

C) Binx

D) Max’s teacher

Answer: C) Binx

100. True or false. The cat Binx appears in both movies.

False. There is a black cat in Hocus Pocus 2, but his name is Cobweb.

101. True or false. Cobweb does not talk in Hocus Pocus 2.


102. What is the name of Max’s high school?

A) Rockport High School

B) Salem High School

C) Falmouth High School

D) Jacob Bailey High School

Answer: D) Jacob Bailey High School


Who is Billy Butcherson?

Answer: A) A zombie

104. Who sings the song “Come Little Children” in Hocus Pocus 1?

A) Mary Sanderson

B) The Witch Mother

C) Emily Binx

D) Sarah Sanderson

Answer: D) Sarah Sanderson

105. What do the sisters do whenever things aren’t going well for them?

A) Make a spell

B) Create a calming circle

C) Get revenge

D) Pet a black spider

Answer: B) Create a calming circle


Hard Movie Trivia Questions

Finally, these expert level Hocus Pocus trivia questions are obscure or behind the scenes. Long time followers will love them!

pumpkins, bats, decorations

106. Before it was Hocus Pocus, the film was titled a different name. What was it?

The Halloween House

107. Who directed the original Hocus Pocus?

Kenny Ortega

108. What is the last line spoken in Hocus Pocus?

“I’m sorry Emily, I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle.” – Thackery Binx

109. Who plays Mary Sanderson in the movies?

Kathy Najimy

110. How many cats did they use to portray the role of Binx in the original Hocus Pocus?

4 (all selected for their specific skills – jumping, etc)

111. Who says the line “Magic has a way of uniting things that ought to be together.”

The Witch Mother

112. What was the budget for filming the original Hocus Pocus?

28 million (and it made 45.5 million at the box office according to Wikipedia)

113. In Hocus Pocus 2, the apple bobbing booth is called what?

Rotten to the Core

114. What actress plays the Witch Mother in Hocus Pocus 2?

Hannah Waddingham

115. What type of car do Max’s parents drive in the original Hocus Pocus?

A station wagon

116. One famous person refused to co-produce the film. Who was it?

Steven Spielberg


Obscure expert level trivia questions and answers for Hocus Pocus

“Bring to a full rolling bubble.

Add two drops oil of boil. Mix blood of owl with the herb that’s red.

Turn three times, pluck a hair from my head. Add a dash of pox and a dead man’s toe… newt saliva…

One thing more and all is done. Add a bit of thine own tongue.”

118. What is the spellbook called that the witches own?

Manual of Witchcraft and Alchemy  (though Winnie just refers to it as Book)

119. Who provides the voice for Thackery Binx, the black cat?

Jason Marsden

120. Who is the composer for the original score of Hocus Pocus?

John Debney

121. Who plays the role of Max Dennison in Hocus Pocus?

Omri Katz

122. Which actor played Billy Butcherson?

Doug Jones

123. Who played Allison in the original Hocus Pocus?

Vinessa Shaw

124. Who played the role of Sarah Sanderson?

Sarah Jessica Parker

125. What are both Hocus Pocus movies rated?

PG (Parental Guidance)


Host A Hocus Pocus Trivia Night

Halloween is a time for spooky delights. So, add this trivia game to your next Halloween themed party!

  • Set the scene. Decorate with broomsticks, cauldrons, potions, and more.
  • Invite everyone to come dressed up as a Hocus Pocus character.
  • Have a variety of witchy-themed food and drinks.
  • Play Hocus Pocus trivia! Divide the group into teams and keep score. Have a prize or free kids coupons for the winning team!

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