125 Best Halloween This or That Questions Game (2024)

Halloween edition this or that questions are full of spooky fun. This is a great game to play at your next Halloween party or at home with family and friends!

How to Play Halloween This or That

To play, participants are given a choice between two fun Halloween-related topics. Then, they quickly decide which they prefer.

This low-pressure game is great for all ages and ensures everyone has fun!

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*Keep reading for game variations and to grab the free printable below!

Fun This or That Questions For Halloween

First, these fun Halloween this or that questions are great for players of all ages.

1. Spooky or Silly?

2. Carving pumpkins or painting pumpkins?

3. Hayride or corn maze?

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4. Pumpkin patch or haunted house?

5. Spiders or snakes?

6. Orange or black?

7. Jack-O-Lantern or scarecrow?

8. Halloween party or visit a haunted house?

9. Go out on Halloween night or stay home?

10. Scary storytelling or Halloween-themed games?

11. Monster mash dance party or sitting by a bonfire?

12. Halloween day or Halloween night?

13. Scary Jack-O-Lantern face or smiley one?

14. Plan a Halloween bucket list or be spontaneous?

15. Halloween scavenger hunt or Halloween trivia?

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16. Scarecrow decorations or skeleton decorations?

17. Spiderweb decorations or bat decorations?

18. Read a fun Halloween book or watch the movie? (Listen to a Halloween read aloud here coming soon)

19. Go Trick-or-Treating or pass out candy?

20. Host a party or go to a party?

21. Spend Halloween evening with friends or family?

22. Orange pumpkins or white pumpkins?

23. Monster Mash or Thriller?

24. Inflatable yard decorations or no decorations?

25. Prank a neighbor or Boo a neighbor?

26. Start a new Halloween Tradition or stick with what you usually do?

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Halloween Food This or That Questions

Halloween sweets are the best part!

mummy dogs, cookies

27. Pumpkin spice or pumpkin bread?

28. Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pie?

29. White chocolate or dark chocolate?

30. Chocolate or candy?

31. Sweet or sour?

32. Reese’s peanut butter cups or Skittles?

33. Snickers or Milky Way?

34. Caramel apple or popcorn ball?

35. Kit-Kats or Twix?

36. Laffy Taffy or Starbursts?

37. Peanut M&M’s or regular M&M’s?

38. Fun size of your favorite candy bar or regular size of an mediocre candy bar?

39. Smarties or DumDums?

40. Mike or Ike?

Halloween candy food this or that and either or questions

41. Candy corn or Tootsie rolls?

42. Gobstoppers or jolly ranchers?

43. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

44. Ghost-shaped cookies or bat-shaped cookies?

45. Witch’s brew punch or vampire blood punch?

46. Mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in dough) or skeleton ribs (boneless ribs)?

47. Gummy worms or fruit snacks?

48. Apple cider or hot chocolate?

49. Pumpkin soup or Tomato (blood) soup?

50. Candy corn or candy pumpkins?

51. Black licorice or red licorice?

52. Tootise pops or dumdums?

53. Almond Joy or Mounds?

54. Cupcakes or rice krispie treats?

55. Three Musketeers or Butterfinger?

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Spooky This or That Questions (Characters and Monsters)

Pick from these spooky this or that Halloween questions about creepy characters and monsters associated with the haunting season.

cat and witch flying on broom by moon

56. Witch or vampire?

57. Zombie or ghost?

58. Witch’s hat or witch’s broom?

59. Frankenstein or Dracula?

60. Clown or Zombie?

61. Werewolf or Vampire?

62. Black cat or bat?

63. Mummy or skeleton?

64. Devil or angel?

spooky questions for would you rather Halloween edition

65. Ghost or Goblin?

66. Cementary or haunted house?

67. Owl or raven?

68. Heroes or villains?

69. Freddy or Jason?

70. Skull or Skeleton?

71. Headless Horseman or No Noggin?

72. Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

73. The Grim Reaper or The Banshee?

74. Pennywise or Frankenstein’s Monster?

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Funny ‘Trick or Treat’ This or That Questions

two kids dressed as skeleton and trick or treating

“In masks and gowns we haunt the street and knock on doors for trick or treat.”

Jack Prelutsky, “It’s Halloween”

75. Trick or Treat?

76.. Yell out “Boo!” or “Happy Halloween!”

77. Tell a Halloween What Am I riddle or a Halloween joke?

78. Scary costume or funny costume?

79. Wear a mask or face paint?

80. Bob for apples or make candy apples?

81. Make your own costume or buy your costume?

82. Wear a costume or no costume?

83. Be completely disguised or be recognized?

84. Eat all your candy in one sitting or ration it for weeks?

85. Trick or treat with a broomstick that takes flight or with a cauldron that brews magical treats?

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86. Trick or treat in a graveyard or at a haunted house?

87. Play a trick and get no candy or get only healthy treats?

88. Wear a mummy costume made out of toilet paper or a spiderweb costume made out of yarn?

89. Go door to door in a spooky neighborhood or at a fun amusement park?

90. Trick or treat with friends or family?

91. Trick or treat early or late in the evening?

92. Trick or treat while listening to a Halloween playlist or while telling ghost stories?

93. Trick or treat on a really warm night or a chilly night?

94. Take a pumpkin bucket to trick or treat or a pillowcase?

95. Trick or treat with a flashlight or without a flashlight?

96. Get 10 whole candy bars or 30 smaller pieces of candy?

97. Eat 2 pieces of your favorite candy or 10 pieces of your least favorite?

98. Visit scary looking houses or fun looking houses?

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Halloween Movies This or That

Next, no Halloween celebration is complete without these movies! Enjoy these great this or that movie questions for the whole family.

Halloween movies this or that questions for kids

99. Scary movie or Halloween comedy?

100. Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Christmas?

101. Curious George: The Boo Fest or It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?

102. The Addams Family or Harry Potter?

103. Ghostbusters or Beetlejuice?

104. Hotel Transylvania or Coraline?

105. Casper or Monster House?

106. The Goonies or Scooby Doo on Zombie Island?

107. The Witches or Coco?

108. Frankenweenie or ParaNorman?

109. Muppets Haunted Mansion or Gremlins?

110. The Book of Life or Corpse Bride?

111. Room on the Broom or Spookley the Square Pumpkin?


Halloween Movies This or That for Adults

Beware: These horror movies are for adults only!

scary movies this or that for adults

112. Scream or Friday the 13th?

113. A Nightmare on Elm Street or The Conjuring?

114. The Shining or Psycho?

115. It or Carrie?

116. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Saw?

117. The Ring or Paranormal Activity?

118. Halloween (1978) or The Exorcist?

119. Silence of the Lambs or Rosemary’s Baby?

120. The Descent or The Sixth Sense?

121. Hellraiser or Misery?

122. I Know What You Did Last Summer or Scream II?

123. Dracula or Frankenstein?

124. Poltergeist or Alien?

125. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow or Interview with the Vampire?

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This or That Game Questions Variations

Use these ideas to mix it up and add variations to this or that questions.

kids at Halloween party

Play at Halloween Parties

  • Print off the free Halloween This or That printable and have party-goers circle their responses.
  • Playing with a large group? Have players go to different areas of the room depending on what “side” they are on!
  • Play with a partner and guess their response. Assign points for each correct guess.

Instagram This or That Questions

Use social media to share these Halloween this or that questions. Prompt friends to respond and interact in the comment section.

Halloween-Themed Brain Break

Use these questions in the classroom or on a chilly day at home when your kids need to move!

Instead of saying their answer aloud, kids do an exercise for the option they choose.

For example: “Choose Snickers or Milky Way.” Have kids do jumping jacks if they choose Snickers and do toe touches if they choose Milky Way.

Send to a Friend or Family Member

Do you have a friend or family member you won’t see on Halloween? Send this printable to them and have them share their answers! You can feel connected from afar.

Use the Numbers Question Game

Use the numbers questions game to play this or that Halloween Edition. Players pick a number from the list and they answer the corresponding question.

Play in the car

These question games work every time for my kids in the car!

Here are more we love to play:

Grab the Free Halloween This or That Printable:

Halloween this or that game questions printable; pdf

What’s Next?

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