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Boo Your Neighbors Free Printable – Grab it Now!

you've been booed free printable

Just like adults, kids have been through a lot this year. And it’s safe to say that in some fashion, our holidays will look a little different. But, one of our favorite Halloween traditions is still on!

When families boo the neighbors, kids go around their neighborhood to anonymously drop off goodies at doorsteps. It’s a wonderful activity and it continues to be an easy and cheap way to send love to your neighbors.

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So, let’s add a boo your neighbors free printable that’s unique and easy to use!

First, Here’s What You’ll Need to Boo Your Neighbors:

We’ll go through ideas for each of them in order!

  1. Two small to medium-sized containers to hold goodies
  2. The free printable (2 copies for two neighbors)!
  3. Your awesome boo kit goodies (see below for lots of ideas!)

Great Options for Your Boo Container:

you've been booed free printable

These include big and small options!

Boo Your Neighbor Ideas for Goodies

Halloween boo your neighbors ideas

Next, fill the containers with fun things that get the kids excited. Here are some simple, but awesome ideas!

For an added touch, sharpie eyes and a mouth on a white balloon! Then, attach it to your basket!

Where to Find This Stuff

The Dollar Store and Target dollar bin are fantastic places to find seasonal goodies for cheap! And since all moms are incredibly busy lately, here are some quick Amazon links to get your goodies shipped straight to you!

You’ve Been Booed Instructions

Once you’ve got your goodies and printables together, drop off your boo baskets without your neighbors knowing! The kids love doing it after dark to add an extra dose of excitement. It’s the old doorbell ditch!

Then, have fun seeing how far your good cheer spreads!

Download the Free Boo Your Neighbor Printable Now!

Halloween boo your neighbors pdf

More than anything, I wanted this printable to be a little silly. We could all use some lighthearted fun nowadays!

Next, check out other ideas to spread the love and build relationships below!

Booing Ideas for Adults

Who says this can only be done with kids?! If you know someone that doesn’t have young kids, but could use some extra cheer, include them with a few grown-up treats! Candy, orange socks, spooky mugs, and old school Halloween movies are all fun ideas!

Next, check out this awesome adult option! Drop off a “You’ve been boozed” basket to your adult friends! Many grown ups could use a little alcohol to get them through the candy rush of Halloween! 🙂 Check it out HERE!

And for a gift basket ideas just for the moms, click on the Witch’s Survival Kit.

Finally, read How to Spread Positivity in 2020 for more ideas on spreading the love no matter what time of year it is!

Holiday Family Traditions

Next, with the holidays almost upon us, shop my low-cost ebook with TONS of easy to do family activities and traditions! You’ll never regret strengthening your most valuable relationships!

Something to Consider With “You’ve Been Booed”

This activity is meant to spread love and cheer to your fellow human beings. But, moms, let’s keep it real. With so much going on, this is not something to stress over. So, keep it simple and small if you’re short on time and energy!

What do you think of the boo your neighbors free printable?! I hope you enjoy it!

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