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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List for Kids & Adults in 2022

Fall bucket list for 2022

Free Printable Fall Bucket List Ideas

The summer bucket list was a HUGE hit around here. And now, as the weather cools, you may be thinking..”what are some fun fall activities?” So, first, we’ve got a complete fall bucket list for kids!

But remember, we take care of moms here too. So, if you’re tired of all the family activities, skip right on down and check out the bucket list JUST FOR MOMS. It has everything you need to take care of your mental health this fall and enjoy the festive season.

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With that, this article contains:

  • The ultimate fall bucket list for kids at home, outside, with delicious treats, and going places. (FREE PRINTABLE)
  • Magnificent fall bucket list ideas for adults (FREE PRINTABLE)
  • Additional tips for less stress and more fun this fall

Now, let’s dig in!

Fall Bucket List for Kids: at Home

girls on Halloween fall break

First, these activities are all from the coziness of your own home!

Take a fall family photo and have it framed

Do the Home Depot crafts (they often have FREE delightful and seasonal crafts for the kids)

Decorate your home for fall (and make a whole evening out of it)

Paint a pumpkin

Get started on your at home family Halloween traditions. Check out my low-cost ebook for more!

Prepare your living room and have a “scary movie” day (complete with fort if needed)

Make a spooky playlist to play in October

Bake festive treats for friends or “Boo” the neighbors

Create a haunted house out of recycling and whatever you have laying around

Carve a pumpkin

Have your own family costume party and vote on the winners

fall bucket list ideas for families

Read fun Halloween books: Room on the Broom and Ten Timid Ghosts have been our favorites for years!

Do a gratitude challenge for a month with your family

Engage in amazing Thanksgiving activities (again see the ebook for more!)

Make a Thankful Tree

Do a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt. This one is great for taking sweet photos too!

Decorate a fall wreath

Learn a new board game or do a puzzle together

Set up a fall living room campout

Play a Would You Rather game with these questions (or Kids & Teens Never Have I Ever!)

Enjoy a Harry Potter Movie or Book Marathon

Celebrate the Day of the Dead Holiday on November 1st

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Fall Bucket List: Outside (at Home)

Cute fall bucket list for kids in 2022, outside activities

As the crisp air returns, it’s one of the best times of year to be out in nature. So, let’s take advantage!

Take a full moon walk (tell spooky stories for added effect!)

Gather around the firepit

Rake and jump in leaf piles

Go on a fall scavenger nature walk

Collect pinecones and acorns

Campout in the backyard

Make an obstacle course in the leaves

Bob for apples

Make fall leaf rubbings

Go for a walk and count the pumpkins in your neighborhood

Get out the blankets and go stargazing

fall bucket list kids and families 2022

Go on a beautiful fall picnic

Do a family bike ride to see the leaves and pumpkins

Play a family touch football game in your backyard

Tasty Fall Foods

tasty fall foods

These food are sure to transform your kitchen into an oasis of spices and mouthwatering goodness.

Make apple cider slushies

Drink warm apple cider with friends

Make and eat caramel apples

Try making a pumpkin pie

Bake fall cookies

Host a chili cook-off

Have friends or family over for a soup night

Eat a cider donut

Make s’mores

pumpkin bread for your autumn bucket list for kids

Make pumpkin bread

Try a fruit crisp or cobbler

Roast pumpkin seeds

Make homemade applesauce

Make something new with apples: apple butter, apple chips, etc.

Celebrate Pumpkin Spice Day on October 1st, or check out these other fall food holidays

Fall Bucket List for Kids: Out

Fall bucket list 2022, ideas for going places

If you live in a place where these events/places are open and you feel safe, then enjoy them! Many of these ideas work great with friends too!

Go to a fall festival

Check out a new park

Go to a nearby lake and rent a boat for the day

Enjoy a hayride

Hit up a drive-through movie theater (now that showtimes are earlier)

Walk through a corn maze

Visit the zoo

Donate to a food bank or another charity kids can be involved in

Attend an outdoor sporting event

Go to an amusement park

Visit a nature center

Buy fresh fall produce at the Farmer’s Market

Go on a weekend road trip


fall break bucket list family 2022

Pick apples

Visit a state or national park

Walk through an old cemetery

Visit a haunted house

Try fishing in a new spot

Go camping (See this great kids camping supplies list or packing printable for kids)

Go to a pumpkin patch and find your perfect pumpkin

Visit an aquarium

Play mini golf

Go to a library you’ve never been to before

Try a new restaurant

Visit an animal petting zoo

Volunteer as a family

fall bucket list for kids 2022

Download the Free Printable Fall Bucket List HERE –

Want more printables like this? Get access to tons of awesome goodies below!

Fall Bucket List for Adults

Cute fall bucket list for moms and adults in 2022

This is the best part, making sure that mamas everywhere have a great fall season. So, here’s to you, and your special fall list!

1. Add one comfy sweater or fun outfit to your wardrobe

2. Make a cozy self care kit for fall and winter

3. Do a short digital or social media detox

4. Give yourself (or get) a fall pedicure

5. Bring coffee to a friend

6. Take photos of the changing leaves (just for you)

7. Go on a solo bike ride once the leaves have changed

cozy comfortable home

8. Prepare your home for a cozy winter ahead

9. Put up a few gratitude quotes around your home.

10. Clean out your ________ (closet, basement, garage…) Then, donate it or have a garage sale before the weather turns

white flannel sheets

11. Change your sheets to warm flannel or fleece

12. Watch a fall sunrise or sunset

13. Do your own gratitude challenge in a journal or on social media. Find an awesome 30-day challenge HERE. Or try other gratitude practices here.

14. Go wine tasting (or virtual wine tasting)

15. Plan a fall date with your partner. Try a romantic picnic!

16. Run a fall-themed 5K or 10K (these can be virtual)

17. Start on a new intentional habit. Check out these amazing habits.

18. Buy a pair of cozy socks or a new warm blanket

19. Try a new healthy fall recipe. Soup and stews are perfect!

20. Visit an adult haunted house

candle for things to do in the fall

21. Buy a new, fragrant fall candle or make your own

22. Make a fun fall cocktail. Try one of these drinks HERE.

23. Read an inspiring book written just for women.

19. Bake a pumpkin or pecan pie from scratch. Then, enjoy the deliciousness with a friend!

24. Decorate the front porch

25. Get out of your comfort zone, at least once

26. Hike a new trail

27. Try a weekly self care checklist

28. Volunteer

go camping for your fall bucket list 2022

29. Go camping

30. Write someone a thank you note

31. Host a fall potluck or Pinterest recipe party (or do it virtually/outside)

32. Take a long weekend off of work and household tasks

33. Buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte – at least once!

Helpful Link:

Download the full list printable for adults HERE –

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Now, read on for how to make this an amazing fall season!

3 Tips for a Marvelously Fun Fall

fall bucket list pumpkin and candles

Prioritize Your Activities

Uh, yeah. These are A LOT of things to do in the fall.

But, don’t let that overwhelm you! They’re not all meant for you. We all have different preferences and ideas of what is fun and meaningful. So, pick and choose the activities that fit well with your life, and make sure you do those.

The rest are for if you have time or want some extra spice in your life.

Get Organized

I LOVE fall. But, at first, it hits me like a freight train. School, work, schedules, OH MY!

Fortunately, there are organizational tools here to get us in the new mode of structure and activity.

Check out these FREE printables:

Prepare for Being Inside

And finally, let’s prepare for how to take care of ourselves if we’re sick or stuck inside. Start with your self care kit, then be sure to update your medicine cabinets or make a sick kit to prepare you for flu season.

Next, if you’re feeling ambitious, put together a few family items that will keep you busy if you’re quarantining. Try puzzles, kids crafts, books, and new movies. -This Rainy Day To Do List is helpful too!

Tuck these kits all away for later, and you’ll find that when you need them, they’ll save your sanity.

Something to Consider With Your Cute Fall Bucket List

2022 has had its ups and downs, but with these ideas and steps to reduce stress, you will have the time of your life – and give that fun to your family.

Now, what did I forget? What are the top 3 things on your fall bucket list?

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