75 of the Best Activities for Kids at Home

The Best Stay at Home Kids Activities

All those Pinterest posts with cute intricate kid projects…

I don’t do them anymore.

It’s not to say I haven’t tried them. But when I spend twenty minutes setting something up, watch my kids play for two minutes, and then clean up for another twenty. My blood starts to boil.

fun at home activities for kids to do

As a result, I try to keep it simple around here. That’s why, you’ll find this list of awesome and easy activities for kids at home so dang useful! It’s time to have more fun, while doing less work.

So, today I’ve got:

50 EASY screen-free activities + 25 technology resources = 75 mom-approved & fun at home activities with kids.

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50 Fun Screen-Free Activities for Kids at Home

1. Make Creative Art

Put down a huge piece of paper or let kids cut apart and color an Amazon box. Finding a different material and size is a great way to help kids explore their creative sides.

2. Play Under an Indoor Fort

Bring out the blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags for this great rainy day activity.

3. Read to Others

reading to stuffed animals for fun stay at home activities for kids

Spice up regular reading time! Have kids read books to the baby, the dog, or their favorite stuffed animals. Often, to make reading fun, we just need to mix it up.

4. Make a Story and Illustrate it

We recently got blank books from a friend and I was shocked at how excited the kids were to invent new stories. The kids also plan to do a research project with them.

*See cool bedtime stories for kids (& how to create your own).

5. Create a Crepe Paper Maze

Break out those birthday decorations and use them to make a maze in the hallway. Kids will have a blast pretending to be the next James Bond.

6. Assign a Toy Washing Station

Place their favorite toys in the bathtub. Then, give them a few washcloths and a bucket of soap. As long as they’re in the bathtub, clean-up should be a cinch!

7. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Print an easy sheet like these nature scavenger hunt printables, or just bring baggies to collect special items.

8. Decorate the Outside

kids creative activities at home

Recently, we wrote inspirational chalk messages, drew pictures, and even painted rocks to spread positivity around the neighborhood. Not only did we get a lot of smiles, but it kept the kids busy for several days.

9. Write to Others

Get old-fashioned with the kids and write cards and letters to send to others. With everything going on in the world today, ANYONE would be happy to hear from you.

10. Have a Dance Party

Dig out those glow sticks, put on some fun music, and dance around your kitchen in the dark.

11. Add to the Bath

Make bathtime a little special by dumping your legos in the bathtub and letting them build.

12. Make Playdoh

Making your own playdoh is easy and doesn’t take much work, Plus, I think it lasts longer than the store stuff. Check out this recipe.

13. Paint

painting is great for stay at home kid activities

Painting can get messy, but you can paint objects in a tub or bucket if kids are young. Or bypass the mess completely with these Paint by Stickers.

14. Make Bead Jewelry

A simple favorite of my daughter and even my son will do this for a long time.

15. Make an Obstacle Course

All this takes is objects already around the house – and a little imagination.

16. Collect Bugs

Kids can spend hours checking out the best bug spots outside.

17. Wash the Car

Get dad involved, or just give the kids a bucket of soapy water and let them go to town.

18. Plant a Garden

garden for activities to do at home with kids 10 year olds

My friend is outlining small plots for her kids to have their own fairy gardens. This is hours of outside fun, with NO clean up. So, take advantage!

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19. Build a Birdhouse

Build any kind of wooden structure for the local wildlife. Don’t forget the homemade bird feeder!

20. Rearrange their Bedrooms

Sometimes, you just need a new view. Let them help decide where furniture goes and shift things around for a different experience.

21. Blow Bubbles

blowing bubbles fun kid activities to do at home

A no-fuss outside activity!

22. Fly Paper Airplanes

Do your own or check out this book for easy and colorful planes!

23. Play Outside Games

Bring back the old school fun with Freeze Tag, Red Light Green Light, and Simon Says.

24. Line Up Dominoes


A simple set of dominoes could keep them going for hours. This is one of my favorite at-home activities for kids, as imaginations run wild.

25. Create Out of Recyclables

Build their critical thinking and have them make musical instruments, a house for ants, etc.

26. Practice Letters & Words

While this is firmly under the messier category, the kids always LOVE it. Find what you have….pudding, shaving cream, salt, and let them practice their literacy and art.

27. Play Cards or Board Games


Uno and Old Maid are favorites here while Monopoly Jr. wins for board games at our house.

Find more indoor family fun games for all ages >>

28. Fly a Kite

Get some fresh air!

29. Have a Picnic

Picnics can be anywhere you want them to be – the living room, deck, driveway, and closet are all fantastic options.

30. Play Chess or Checkers

chess for stay at home kids activities things to do

Get them thinking strategically!

31. Play Hangman or Tic Tac Toe

The kids have been playing tic tac toe with sidewalk chalk or using dry erase boards.

32. Do Puzzles

Educational activities for kids at home

We buy puzzle books like this one.

33. Eat With Blind Taste Tests

If your kids are adventurous, blindfold them and see if they can identify different foods and flavors. It’s a great way to make lunch more exciting!

34. Build a Toothpick Construction

Use grapes or marshmallows to create unique structures.

35. Cook or Bake

cooking activities at home for kids 8 years old

Homemade food is special, so make a treat or pizza together. To add an educational element, make sure the kids are included when measuring.

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36. Write Secret Messages

Write a secret message with a white crayon, and have kids paint to find out what it says. You can use pictures with younger kids! Here are ideas for what to write!

37. Play 20 Questions

Kids ask questions with yes or no answers until they guess what it is!

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38. Play I Spy

Play I Spy

Who doesn’t love this easy game?! Sometimes, it’s the easy activities for kids at home that save the day.

*Telephone Game phrases are also great for groups.

39. Have a Staring Contest

I always win.

40. Play the Quiet Game

I always win this too. I’m sure you’re shocked.

41. Make a City

Help them draw streets, buildings, and whatever else using sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Then, they ride their bikes around the “city.”

If you’re stuck inside, make a box road or roads using blue painter’s tape.

42. Implement Holiday Traditions

Get into your holiday traditions! With another holiday approaching, check out my ebook HERE for TONS of activity ideas!

family traditions ebook

43. Play Store With Real Coins

Empty out your coin purse and let them “sell” their cherished toys.

44. Create a Vision Board

A great activity for older kids! What interests would they like to explore?

45. Make Explosions At Home

What kid doesn’t like making things explode?!

So, do simple experiments with vinegar and baking soda or diet coke and mentos.

46. Play The Lava Game

Like the obstacle course, use what you have around!

47. Use Sensory Bins

sensory bins: what activities to do at home with toddlers

Certainly, these can be more work than they’re worth, but they don’t have to be. If you have some old noodles or rice throw some in for kids to play with outside.

48. Play With Water & Ice

Gather a bucket and a few cups to pour and let your toddlers live the dream.

49. Play With Spaghetti

First, cook and drain several boxes. Then, mix with a very small amount of oil and food coloring. Finally, put down some parchment paper and have kids lay it on the paper to dry.

Found at Littlelearningclub.com

50. Have Kids Do Lunches At Home

Confession: I rarely have enough patience for my kids to help at dinner.

BUT, my friend suggested having kids plan lunches, and it has worked brilliantly! Each child picked out two lunches this week (based on items in our house) and is responsible for helping prepare them.

25 Educational At Home Kid Activities With Technology

The best technology educational activities for kids at home

The BEST online activities for kids at home:

51. Art for Kids Hub

My kids have gone bananas over Art for Kids Hub!

With short videos, kids learn how to draw almost anything, from an ice cream cone to movie characters. Additionally, they offer different levels, and often there’s a child drawing with the host showing that the art doesn’t have to look exactly alike.

52. Mo Willems Lunch Doodles

Another great art option is Mo Willems Lunch Doodles through the Kennedy Center. The kids’ author of the beloved Elephant and Piggie and Pigeon series teaches kids how to draw simple characters.

The site even offers free activity pages to go with the lessons!

53. Bookflix – Scholastic

Scholastic.com has a Bookflix program that pairs a fiction story with a non-fiction one. They read aloud and also have a read-along for beginning readers.

Plus they offer literacy activities, and writing prompts by grade level. Some things are FREE and very useful.

54. Virtual Museum Visits

Need to give your kids a little culture? See some of the outside world?

Virtual Museum Visits allow you to visit 12 different famous museums around the world. These tours are a different way for the kids to experience learning. The tours are all slightly different, and may appeal to older kids.

55. Virtual National Park Visits

If you like the museum idea, extend it with 5 different national park tours! Check out what the best parks in the nation have to offer from your couch! We’ll be starting with the lava cave in Hawaii!

56. Mystery Science

Mystery Science was recommended by a teacher, so you know it’s a winner! Explore fun and engaging Science lessons that are organized into units – such as light & sound, the human-machine, and much more!

57. Zoo Facebook Live

penguins for facebook live

The Cincinnati Zoo does a Facebook live at 3 pm EST to show their different animals. They introduce animals and even have home project ideas to continue learning. You can find past Home Safari videos HERE.

58. Go Noodle

Need to get the kids moving? The silly videos on Go Noodle do the trick in my house! Pop See Ko is the favorite here.

59. Brainchild on Netflix

This tv program explains real science to kids through an engaging show. It’s for ages 11-12 and topics include things like germs, superheroes, space, and dreams.

60. Cosmic Kids Yoga

These thematic yoga sessions range from getting active to winding down. We’ve explored many of them – from Halloween witches to talking polar bear stories. They make for a great rainy day activity!

61. Regular Family Movie Nights

movie night for fun family things to do at home

Who says all of the stay at home kids activities need to be learning? Don’t forget to relax together too!

Have family night with an inspirational kids movie, or read a kids book together, then watch the movie!


For toddlers and pre-school age kids, PBSKids.org is a must! It has easy games to help kids engage with their favorite learning shows.

63. ABC Mouse & Adventure Academy

I’ve heard MANY good things about ABC Mouse, and they are offering free membership for a month! It has all different subjects and activities, puzzles, etc. to keep kids learning. Adventure Academy is the older version for kids ages 8-13 – also free for a month!

64. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a completely FREE resource with a collection of activities, books, videos, and coloring pages just for kids.

65. Facetime or Skype With Relatives

Stay in touch with those you love! We find this works best when the kids have an activity, like explaining how a toy works or reading a book.

66. YouTube Kids Cooking Shows

There are YouTube videos galore of snacks and meals kids can make. This cute kid’s video is a great starter for kids to make a simple “burrito.” Who knows, maybe it will inspire your kids to make their own videos!

67. Save With Stories

This is simple. Celebrities read children’s books on Instagram for a good cause. It’s a unique way for all kids to see more books! Check it out HERE

68. Kids Podcasts

Kids podcasts: things to do with kids at home

There are so many awesome podcasts for kids! Check out 21 of the Best Podcasts HERE.

I’ve also heard great things about ‘Wow in the World’ (science), ‘The Past and the Curious,’ ‘What if World’ (silly stories), and Stories.

69. Make Online Photo Books

If you’re like me, you’re not great about printing pictures. That’s ok!

This is a great time to go through pictures together and update your photo collection! Let kids help with the theme and design.

70. The Epic App

My child uses The Epic App at school, but it’s also great at home. It is stocked with books at different reading levels, and kids can read on their own or be read to.

My son was SUPER excited when he found out we could continue this at home. The Cat Ninja series is his favorite.

71. Math Games

Gregtangmath.com was recommended by our teacher for great math games and printables.

72. Wonderopolis

Wonderopolis.org is an interesting website that explores all the things kids wonder about. Wonder and awe are a must for our at home kids activities.

73. Fluency & Fitness

Do your kids need help getting the wiggles out? Fluency&Fitness.com is a great combination of learning and movement for those active learners!

74. Research Projects

This is a great time for kids to explore their own fascinations. Help them utilize safe searching practices and put together Powerpoint presentations and videos about stuff that interests them.

75. Time For Kids

And last but not least, Time For Kids. Kids can explore interesting articles about pretty much anything! This is a fantastic resource for engaging non-fiction material.

Other Scheduling Things We’re Doing

Here are 5 additional items that are making our days work better…

Reading Time

reading at home activities for kids

Research shows that reading to your kids or having them read is one of the most important things you can do for their education.

So, in our weekday schedule, we have a built-in twenty-five minute reading time. We set a timer to keep track, and mom reads too. If this is daunting with younger kids, then set two ten-minute timers. Even looking at books counts!

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Outside Time

Next, daily outside time is one of the REQUIRED activities for our kids at home.

We need to get out the energy, breathe fresh air, and see the sun. So, take a daily family walk. Or call it a built-in “recess” and tell the kids they have to play in the backyard for twenty minutes before they come in.

Quiet Bedroom Time

We are all home at the moment, and separation can be a bit of a problem. On the days when we need it, we’re sending the big kids upstairs to play in their rooms for a few minutes before dinner.

They have many toys in their bedrooms, so it’s a great opportunity to explore what they own and give us time alone.

Screen Time

stay at home kid activities with screens

Screen time can be tricky for all of us. Here’s what works here:

First, make screen time a set time so that kids know what to expect. Mine know they must complete their checklists first and then it will be during baby’s nap.

Then, set a timer and turn it off when you say. Consistency is not easy, but it saves sanity (fights) later.

Be Clear About Expectations

“When can I have a snack?” is my daughter’s favorite phrase. And it drives me bonkers on a good day.

So, we’ve decided to make things as clear as possible. Snack time is at 9:30 and 3:30. Desserts are three days a week after dinner. As a result, it eliminates the incessant begging and negotiating, making our days 1000x better.

To Consider with At Home Activities for Kids

Finally, give yourself grace.

There will be days when you rock the fun things to do at home with kids, and there will be others when their favorite show goes on re-run.

We’re doing the best we can, and that is enough.

Hang in there mamas –

What’s important is that you’re there for your kids, no matter what they’re doing.

What activities for kids at home are you loving? Share in the comments below!

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