150 Fun Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions (In 2024)

Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Edition

Would you rather….swim in a bathtub filled with cranberry sauce or gravy?

While the turkey and trimmings often take center stage, lively conversation can make the Thanksgiving holiday memorable.

Thanksgiving would you rather questions will give you something fun to discuss around the table this year!

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How To Play

It’s simple to play this family-friendly game! Choose between the two scenarios given.

*Keep reading below for more game variations and to grab the free printable cards!

Fun Thanksgiving Would You Rather For Kids

1. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving feast with your favorite superheroes or your favorite cartoon characters?

2. Would you rather have to catch a live turkey using only your hands or empty the insides of a 50-pound pumpkin using only your hands?

3. Would you rather have a turkey-shaped head or pumpkin-shaped feet?

4. Would you rather help cook Thanksgiving dinner or set the table with creative decorations?

5. Would you rather have Thanksgiving dinner on a pirate ship or in a castle?

Thanksgiving would you rather cards; pdf; free printable

6. Would you rather have a magical horn that produces any food you want or a flying turkey that takes you anywhere in the world?

7. Would you rather be able to talk to animals on Thanksgiving Day or be able to make your favorite food appear magically?

8. Would you rather help the pilgrims plant their first crops or help the turkeys plan a Thanksgiving escape?

9. Would you rather have a turkey gobble for a voice or a turkey head?

10. Would you rather go on a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt or have your own Thanksgiving parade?

11. Would you rather spend Thanksgiving in a cozy log cabin or on a sunny tropical island?

12. Would you rather have a never-ending wishbone or be able to eat dessert whenever you want?

13. Would you rather have a turkey or a pumpkin as a best friend?

14. Would you rather go back in time to the first Thanksgiving or travel to a Thanksgiving 1,000 years in the future?

fun would you rather Thanksgiving for kids; best

15. Would you rather wear a turkey costume all day or a pilgrim hat all day?

16. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving feast with all your stuffed animals or all your action figures?

17. Would you rather be able to communicate with turkeys or have the ability to turn any food into your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

18. Would you rather host a Thanksgiving talent show with your family or have a Thanksgiving costume parade with your friends?

19. Would you rather have a turkey that talks or a pumpkin that dances?

20. Would you rather have Thanksgiving dinner at home or at a relative’s house?

21. Would you rather clean the house before the Thanksgiving celebration or clean the kitchen after?

22. Would you rather play touch football with a team of friendly scarecrows or cheerful pumpkins?

23. Would you rather grow your own pumpkin patch or raise your own turkey?

24. Would you rather be able to make any food taste like your favorite Thanksgiving dish or have the power to make your toys come to life?

25. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving party in a treehouse or at your favorite park?

26. Would you rather have a week of Thanksgiving or a week of Christmas?

27. Would you rather be on a Thanksgiving parade float or one of the huge floating balloons?

28. Would you rather eat your Thanksgiving meal with only your hands or have to open Christmas presents with a spoon and fork?

29. Would you rather swim in a pool of gravy or a pool of cranberry sauce?

30. Would you rather eat as much Halloween candy as you want or as much Thanksgiving dessert as you want?

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Thanksgiving Would You Rather: Food Edition

We all love questions about food. It plays a starring role in the Thanksgiving holiday!

Thanksgiving meal

31. Would you rather eat mashed potatoes with gravy or pumpkin pie for every meal?

32. Would you rather eat dessert before or after your Thanksgiving meal?

33. Would you rather have stuffing made out of candy or cranberry sauce made out of ice cream?

34. Would you rather have a never-ending bowl of pumpkin pie filling or chocolate chips?

35. Would you rather have a dessert buffet filled with different pies or a candy buffet with all sorts of treats?

36. Would you rather have a magical gravy boat that pours endless gravy or a magical oven that bakes endless cookies?

37. Would you rather eat an entire pumpkin pie or drink a gallon of cranberry sauce?

38. Would you rather eat an overcooked, dry turkey or no turkey at all?

39. Would you rather eat your Thanksgiving meal for lunch or dinner?

40. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving leftovers for an entire month or never eat Thanksgiving food again?

41. Would you rather only eat your favorite Thanksgiving food or only eat one bite of that food but have everything else on your plate too?

42. Would you rather have an endless supply of your favorite side dish or your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

43. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner without any utensils or without any plates?

44. Would you rather eat only turkey for a week after Thanksgiving or only eat mashed potatoes for a week?

questions about food; would you rather questions

45. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving feast with only orange foods or only green foods?

46. Would you rather have a sandwich made of turkey or a sandwich made of all the Thanksgiving side dishes combined?

47. Would you rather have a never-ending supply of pumpkin spice-flavored everything or never taste pumpkin spice again?

48. Would you rather have a sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top or a savory sweet potato dish with herbs and spices?

49. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving meal with all the dishes but no gravy or with gravy but no turkey?

50. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner at a table outside on a cold day or eat inside but sit on the floor picnic-style?

51. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving feast made entirely of deep-fried dishes or all raw and fresh ingredients?

52. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving meal with extra fancy dishes or basic dishes?

53. Would you rather skip having rolls at your Thanksgiving meal or skip having stuffing?

54. Would you rather eat only turkey or eat only the sides for your meal?

55. Would you rather eat only the desserts for your meal or eat only the meal without dessert?

56. Would you rather eat all the stuffing by yourself or all the green bean casserole by yourself?

57. Would you rather go without mashed potatoes or without stuffing for your Thanksgiving meal?

58. Would you rather eat only one piece of your favorite Thanksgiving dessert pie or eat 3 pieces of your second favorite pie?

59. Would you rather pay $100 to eat your Thanksgiving meal or get paid $1,000 to eat nothing?

60. Would you rather eat until you’re sick or eat nothing at all and go hungry?

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Thanksgiving Would You Rather For School

child with pumpkin and homemade turkey craft

61. Would you rather wear a pilgrim hat to school or have to bring a lunch with only Thanksgiving food for all of November?

62. Would you rather be a turkey or a pilgrim in a Thanksgiving school play?

63. Would you rather have to spend Thanksgiving day at school or at home sick with a cold?

64. Would you rather eat only pumpkin pie for dessert for the entire month or eat only apple pie?

65. Would you rather have to dress like a turkey for a month or carry a pumpkin with you everywhere you go?

66. Would you rather read a book about Thanksgiving or write your own Thanksgiving story?

67. Would you rather tell your class a Thanksgiving joke or a Thanksgiving riddle?

(Farmyard Joke: Why do turkeys eat quickly? Answer: Because they are gobblers!)

68. Would you rather have a Thanksgiving meal with historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington or with famous scientists like Albert Einstein and Marie Curie?

69. Would you rather create a new Thanksgiving tradition for your school or learn about a different culture’s harvest festival?

Thanksgiving would you rather questions for students; brain break

70. Would you rather write a poem about gratitude or create a Thanksgiving-themed piece of artwork?

71. Would you rather have a class debate about the importance of giving thanks or the importance of sharing food during Thanksgiving?

72. Would you rather design a Thanksgiving-themed board game or a digital interactive quiz for your classmates?

73. Would you rather organize a charity event to help those in need during Thanksgiving or participate in a school-wide food drive?

74. Would you rather interview your principal about his/her Thanksgiving memories or research historical Thanksgiving celebrations?

75. Would you rather perform a play or perform a rap about Thanksgiving?

76. Would you rather host a multicultural Thanksgiving potluck (where everyone brings dishes from different cultures) or have a Thanksgiving-themed trivia game with prizes?

77. Would you rather write a report about the first Thanksgiving or create a “gratitude wall” where students share what they’re thankful for?

78. Would you rather participate in a Thanksgiving-themed spelling bee or creative writing?

79. Would you rather have mashed potatoes or turkey every day for lunch in the school cafeteria?

80. Would you rather have to use a turkey pen that gobbles when you write or sit on a pumpkin for a chair?


Thanksgiving Would You Rather For Teens

three teenagers with arms around one another

Would you rather…

81. have a tech-free Thanksgiving or a Thanksgiving with unlimited screen time but no traditional food?

82. volunteer at a local shelter on Thanksgiving Day or cook the Thanksgiving meal for your family?

83. organize a neighborhood Thanksgiving food drive or a virtual fundraiser for a charity of your choice?

84. spend Thanksgiving day on a farm or in a big city?

85. have a Thanksgiving where you give up all your favorite technology for the day or have unlimited access to your devices but no holiday desserts?

86. share what you’re thankful for through speeches or through artistic expressions?

87. stay at home for a traditional Thanksgiving or go on a vacation and not have a Thanksgiving meal?

88. have a completely non-traditional meal (Chinese food, etc.) or a traditional meal with your family on Thanksgiving?

89. have to sit by your annoying younger cousin or sit by your overly talkative aunt?

90. have a movie-marathon on Thanksgiving day or a video-game tournament?

91. say what you are grateful for on Thanksgiving or make a list of what you are grateful for?

Thanksgiving would you rather for teens; how to play; kid-friendly; for family

92. attend an NFL football game on Thanksgiving Day or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

93. play a fun active game outside or a semi-boring game on your phone inside?

94. eat at the kids table or not eat any dessert?

95. accidentally burp loudly at the table or spill your drink on a relative?

96. sit next to someone who doesn’t stop talking or someone who eats from your plate?

97. be in charge of making a side dish or a dessert?

98. have a Thanksgiving feast where every dish is spicy or where every dish is sweet?

99. eat none of your favorite Thanksgiving desserts or have to eat the entire dessert all at once?

100. march in a band in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or hold onto one of the giant balloons?

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Funny Would You Rather For Adults

adults eating a Thanksgiving meal at table

Would you rather…

101. cook the Thanksgiving meal or clean it up?

102. cook a Thanksgiving meal or go to a restaurant?

103. take a nap after eating or watch a football game?

104. play a football game with your family or go for a walk on Thanksgiving day?

105. watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV or be at the parade in person?

106. go Black Friday shopping or watch the parade?

107. have to keep a turkey as a pet for a year or have to kill the turkey you eat for Thanksgiving?

108. run a Turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning or organize a Thanksgiving day parade?

109. dress up for Thanksgiving dinner or wear stretchy sweatpants?

110. host a Friendsgiving celebration or host your family for Thanksgiving? (See also Friendsgiving Game Ideas)

111. spend Thanksgiving week alone in Hawaii or spend it with your entire extended family at your home?

funny would you rather questions for adults; couples; weird

112. use a smoker to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal or use the microwave to cook the entire meal?

113. have to eat Thanksgiving dinner with only chopsticks or wearing oven mitts?

114. bake all the desserts or cook all the side dishes?

115. have fun Thanksgiving dinner conversation or play a fun game?

116. plan ahead the perfect Thanksgiving menu or have everyone bring a spontaneous potluck?

117. have a Thanksgiving celebration focused on outdoor activities like hiking and games or an indoor celebration with arts and crafts?

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118. have to give a Thanksgiving toast while impersonating a famous celebrity or accidentally fart while giving a toast?

119. host a themed costume Thanksgiving party or a formal, elegant Thanksgiving dinner?

120. bring a gift to the Thanksgiving host or send a thank-you card after the fact?

121. decorate the table with fresh flowers or make your own paper decorations?

122. complete a 30 day gratitude challenge or try out a new gratitude activity with your family?

123. have to eat Thanksgiving dinner with your non-dominant hand or wear a turkey beak mask while you eat?

124. have to say “gobble gobble” or have your chair make turkey noises every time you sit down?

125. have to decorate your yard with giant inflatable decorations or have to wear a turkey feather boa for a week?

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Thanksgiving This or That

This or that? Choose one!

apple and pumpkin pie

126. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?

127. Pumpkin pie or pecan pie?

128. Turkey or ham?

129. Green beans or corn?

130. Gravy or cranberry sauce?

131. Cornbread or dinner rolls?

132. NFL football trivia or watch a football game?

133. Fall trivia or fall this or that questions?

134. Family recipes or try out new dishes?

135. Sleep in or Black Friday shopping?

136. Catered or Cook?

137. Journal with a gratitude prompt or say gratitude affirmations?

Thanksgiving this or that

138. Pumpkins for decorations or mums?

139. Leftover sandwich or leftover casserole?

140. Fancy tableware or paper plates?

141. Eat breakfast on Thanksgiving or skip it?

142. Pumpkin spice latte or hot apple cider?

143. Homemade stuffing or from the box?

144. Buy pies or bake them?

145. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or NFL football?

146. Pilgrim hat or turkey hat?

147. Immediate family or extended family?

148. Formal or relaxed?

149. Pumpkin cheesecake or pumpkin bread?

150. Amazon Prime deals or go shopping?


Would You Rather Game Variations

Would you rather Thanksgiving game online; cards

Dinner Table Ideas

  • Ask everyone the same question. Go around the table to hear all the answers.
  • Ask every person a different question.
  • Ask the question and guess what the person beside you will say before they answer.

Brain Break: Thanksgiving Would You Rather

Use these questions in the classroom or at home on Thanksgiving break when your kids need to move!

Instead of saying their answer aloud, kids do an exercise for the option they choose:

For example: “Would you rather have a turkey that talks or a pumpkin that dances?” Have kids hop in place if they choose a turkey that talks and do their favorite dance move if they choose a pumpkin that dances.

They will also love Halloween This or That and Christmas Would You Rather!

Would You Rather Game Online

Zoom with your family members you won’t get to see on Thanksgiving. Take turns asking and answering these fun questions.

Or post a few questions on Instagram or social media and have friends comment with their responses.

Play In The Car

I love these questions for road trips in the car with my family!

Here are more my kids love:

Use the Numbers Question Game

Use this numbers question game to play would you rather for Thanksgiving. Players pick a number from the list and then answer the corresponding question.

Also, use this great Thanksgiving Trivia.

Free Thanksgiving Would You Rather Cards Printable

Thanksgiving would you rather cards printable; pdf; for family

What’s Next?

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, togetherness, and fun. Make it more enjoyable with these engaging would you rather questions.

And, add to your holiday with these Thanksgiving conversation starters for family and friends. Combine them with the would you rather questions and enjoy learning about one another!

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