230 Fun Thanksgiving Charades Ideas (+ Free Printable Cards)

Thanksgiving charades game ideas will help you drop your phone, “squash” the family drama, and have fun this year. You’ll have to hold your stuffed belly from laughing so hard!

After the turkey is eaten, and the football has been watched, what do you do?

Pretend to be a turkey of course!

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What is Thanksgiving Charades?

It’s regular charades, but with an adorable fall theme!

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How to Play Thanksgiving Charades

1. Download, print, and cut out the free cards at the bottom of this post. Or write your favorite Thanksgiving charades words on strips of paper. Put them in a bowl or hat.

2. Use a dry-erase board or paper to keep score. Designate a scorekeeper.

3. Split into two teams. Decide on hilarious team names (“Turkey Toms”).

4. Play! A player from each team draws a card and has one minute to act out their word. If their team guesses correctly in that time, they get a point. In the end, the team with the most points wins!

Funny Thanksgiving Charades Ideas

First, these charades words will get everyone laughing.

Funny Thanksgiving ideas charades list

1. Burning the Turkey

2. Stretchy Pants

3. President Pardoning the Turkey

4. Pulling a Wishbone

5. Black Friday Shopping

6. Stop Running in the House!

7. Stuffing the Turkey

8. Belly Laugh

9. Gobble, Gobble

10. Telling a Thanksgiving Joke

11. Rowdy Kids Getting Into Trouble

12. Kid Blaming Other Kid

13. Family Member Drinking Too Much

14. Parade Floats

15. Turkey’s Waddle

16. Full From Eating Too Much at Thanksgiving

17. Hiding From Your Family

18. Thanksgiving Nap

19. Welcoming Guests

20. Picking Teeth After Dinner

21. Chasing A Live Turkey

22. Biting Into a Bad Dessert (that’s gross but everyone wants you to love)

23. Feeding the Dog Under the Table

24. Dinner Table Argument

25. Waiting In Line For The Bathroom

26. Rolling Eyes At Someone

27. Giving Someone the Stink Eye

28. Winter Is Coming…

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Easy Thanksgiving Charades For Kids

Got kids playing? Use these Thanksgiving charades for friends and family with young ones.

kid laying on the ground

29. Cleaning the House

30. Kids Table

31. Hungry

32. Leaf Piles

33. Thanksgiving Day Parade

34. Pots and Pans

35. Scarecrow

36. Thanksgiving Break From School

37. Football Game

38. Table Cloth

39. Leaves Falling

40. The Pilgrim’s Voyage

41. Orange

42. Giving Thanks

43. Putting on a Jacket (or Coat)

44. Harvest

45. Thanksgiving Dinner Prayer

46. Fork

47. Jumping in the Leaves

48. Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

49. Hiking

50. Cousins

51. Brown

52. Eating

53. Raking Leaves

54. Plate

55. Passing the Rolls

56. Feather

57. Oven

58. Quarterback

59. Playing a Board Game

60. Playing Video Games

61. Recipe

62. Grandma

63. Grandpa

64. Mashing Potatoes

65. Farmer

66. Couch

67. Cold Weather

68. Thankful

69. Napkin

70. Apple Picking

71. Washing Dishes

72. Hugging Family

73. Feast

74. Squirrel Collecting Nuts

75. Baking


Turkey & Food Ideas

Next, These Thanksgiving charades all have to do with our favorite Thanksgiving foods!

Turkey and food on the table

76. Rolls

77. Gravy

78. Mashed Potatoes

79. Leftovers

80. Trifle

81. Sweet Potatoe Casserole

82. Carrots

83. Apple Pie

84. Pecan Pie

85. Drumstick

86. Stuffing

87. Squash

88. Cranberry Sauce

89. Green Bean Casserole

90. Apple Cider

91. Pumpkin Pie

92. Gravy Boat

93. Setting the Table

94. Turkey

95. Sweet Corn

96. Clearing the Table

97. Ham

98. Carving the Turkey

99. Dinner Table

100. Whipped Cream


What happened to the turkey when he got in a fight?

He got the stuffing knocked out of him.

Hard Thanksgiving Charades For Adults

Next, these festive charade ideas will get you thinking in order to act them out.

Friendsgiving themed party; decoration ideas

101. Home

102. Guests

103. November (Related: November Trivia)

104. Blessing

105. Deep Fried Turkey

106. Family Traditions

107. Casserole

108. Stores Closed

109. Touch Football

110. The Mayflower Ship

111. Detroit Lions

112. Gratitude List

113. Pilgrim

114. Native American

115. The 1st Harvest

116. Appreciation

117. Cornucopia

118. The Radio City Rockettes (The dancing group featured in the Macy’s Day Parade)

119. Platter

120. Family Gathering

121. Brussel Sprouts

122. Dallas Cowboys

123. Travel

124. Basting the Turkey

125. Plymouth Rock

126. Tom Turkey Float (the start of the parade)

127. Fall Leaves

128. Potluck

129. Pilgrim Hat

130. Massachusetts

131. Fall Festival

132. A Thankful Tree

133. Squanto

134. Running a Turkey Trot

135. Giblets

136. Writing a Thank You Card

137. Foliage

138. Sunflowers

139. Random Act of Kindness

140. Giving a Toast at Dinner

141. Playing Christmas Music

142. The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

143. Gourd

144. Candlesticks

145. Food Drives

146. Mulled Cider

147. Creamed Corn

148. Centerpiece

149. Thursday

150. Friendsgiving


Gratitude Thanksgiving Charades List

Next, these charade words and ideas help us remember all the good we have to be thankful for this time of year.

Grateful Thanksgiving charades ideas and words for kids and for adults

151. Parents

152. Friends

153. Siblings

154. Grandparents

155. Kids

156. Pets

157. Health

158. Electricity

159. Clean Water

160. Food

161. Education

162. Love

163. Sunshine

164. Laughter

165. Travel

166. A Cool Breeze Blowing on Your Face

167. Freedom

168. Safety

169. Movie Nights

170. A Hot Shower

171. A Warm Bed

172. Heating and Cooling

173. Work You Like

174. Modern Medicine

175. Earth

176. A Hug

177. Cuddles With Kids or Pets

178. Flowers

179. Arms and Legs

180. Heart

181. Lungs

182. Your Smile

183. Coffee (or Tea)

184. Waking Up Each Day

185. Birds Outside Your Window

186. Good Neighbors

187. Rainbows

188. Tickle Fights

189. A Washer and Dryer

190. Having a Home to Be In

191. Having a Car to Drive

192. Sunrises

193. Sunsets

194. Nature

195. Music

196. Photos (to keep memories)

197. Art

198. Trails in Nature

199. Bike Rides

200. Walks

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Fall Charade Ideas for Family & Friends

And finally, use the Thanksgiving charades game with other fall words to mix things up.

Thanksgiving Fall Charades game for family

201. Chopping Wood

202. Pumpkin Patch

203. Fall Wreath

204. Pumpkin Spice Latte

205. Camping

206. S’mores

207. Sweater

208. Daylight Savings Time

209. Leaf Blower

210. Carving Pumpkins

211. Corn Maze

212. Picnic

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213. Geese Migrating (Going South for the Winter)

214. Hoodie

215. Candy Corn

216. Cinnamon Spice

217. Knitting a Scarf

218. Bonfire

219. Fall Farmer’s Market

220. Fall candle

221. Jeans

222. Acorns

223. Baseball World Series

224. Hayride

225. Fall Mums

226. Crow

227. Fall Equinox

228. Maple Syrup

229. Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

230. Chili


Free Printable Thanksgiving Charades Pdf

Dowload the printable here:

Fun Clue Hints to Make It Easier

  • Number of words- If your Valentine’s Day charade phrase has multiple words, hold up the number with your fingers. For example, for “dating two people at once” you hold up four fingers. Then, you can point to the finger you are acting out at the moment.
  • Rhyming word- tap your ear for “sounds like”
  • Song- Pretend to sing or wave your hands as though you are directing music.
  • Movie- Place one hand in a circle over your eye and then crank your other hand around in a circle like an old-fashioned movie camera.
  • Book- Put your palms together and then open them.
  • Show- Draw a square.
  • Quotes – Make air quotes.

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Thanksgiving Themed Winner Prizes

Thanksgiving books for preschoolers; toddlers

What’s Next?

There are so many more fun things to do on Thanksgiving! Check out these other great activities.

featured image; Thanksgiving mad libs for kids and adults

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