55 Best Friendsgiving Games and Ideas For This Year (2024)

What games do you play at Friendsgiving?

Not sure what to do before or after the amazing feast?

Friendsgiving Games and Ideas will help you host your best Friendsgiving yet.

Friendsgiving! It’s “friends” and “Thanksgiving” mashed together for a celebration with your favorite crew. While we aren’t sure where it got its official start, it’s thought to have originated with the TV show Friends, Twitter, or even a Bailey’s Irish Cream ad campaign.

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There are games for everyone and every age on this list. Pick and choose what your guests will enjoy! Keep reading for tips on hosting your own Friendsgiving.

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Fun & Easy Friendsgiving Game Ideas

If you have kids, these Friendsgiving game ideas will occupy their time as well.

1. Guess How Many

Fill a clear jar with candy corn. Make sure you know exactly how many pieces of candy are in the jar.

guess how many; Thanksgiving, best Friendsgiving game ideas

Have each guest guess how many candy corn pieces are in the jar. The person with the closest guess wins the treat!

2. Thanksgiving Would You Rather Cards

Would you rather…sleep in or go Black Friday shopping? Dress up for Thanksgiving dinner or wear stretchy pants?

Thanksgiving would you rather cards printable; pdf; for family

Use Thanksgiving Would You Rather Printable Cards to have a lively conversation with your guests. Ask everyone the question and listen to all the answers.

For a fun variation, have participants stand on a line or rope. For each would you rather question, they will step on one side of the line or the other based on their choice.


3. Fall This or That Printable

Corn maze or hayride? Flannel shirt or hoodie sweatshirt?

Thanksgiving this or that questions; fun Friendsgiving games to play

Ask this or that questions for quick and fun conversation.

Print off the free Fall this or That printable and have party-goers circle their responses. Or play with a party guest and guess their responses. Assign points for each correct guess.

Check out more this or that questions.

4. Thanksgiving Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving scavenger hunt; fun ideas for hosting

Print off this free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt. Have participants use their phones to find and take pictures of everything on the list.

Set a time limit and the person or team done first is the winner. Share the photos with everyone!

Also, see free nature scavenger hunts.

5. Thanksgiving Trivia

What year was the first Thanksgiving? What is the most popular Thanksgiving pie?

featured image; Thanksgiving trivia printable

Test your Thanksgiving Trivia knowledge and learn fun new facts. Use the free printable cards to invite friendly competition into your Friendsgiving.

Fall trivia is also a seasonal favorite. Or try NFL football trivia and pop culture trivia.

6. Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games (For Adults & Kids)

To add active games to your Friendsgiving festivity, try out Thanksgiving minute to win it games.

Players try to beat the clock and finish the game in a minute.

Shake Your Tail Feathers Minute To Win It Game:

  • Each player needs an empty tissue box filled with craft feathers.
  • Tie the box around each waste so the tissue box is on each player’s backside.
  • Players must shake until all of the feathers fall out of their tissue box within the minute.

7. Thanksgiving Riddles

What smells the best every Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Your nose!

Post Thanksgiving riddles around your Friendsgiving event and see who can guess the correct answers!

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8. Thanksgiving Charades

Thanksgiving charades

Get everyone moving and laughing with Thanksgiving charades.

  • Write out Thanksgiving words and phrases on pieces of paper.
  • Put the papers in a bowl.
  • Divide into teams.
  • The team to go first will pick a piece of paper from the bowl and act out the word until their team guesses it. If using a timer, keep going until the timer runs out!
  • Keep playing until everyone has had a turn.
  • The team with the most correct guesses, wins!

Thanksgiving charades words and phrases ideas: carving the turkey, pumpkin pie, grateful, parade, football, wishbone, gobble, friends, family, pilgrim, setting the table, eating too much, mashed potatoes, etc…

Check out this fun charades ideas list for kids too!

9. What’s On Your Phone Game

What's on your phone game; Friendsgiving party ideas
Via Vanilla Mint Prints

Use your phone and this printable for a fun What’s on your Phone Game. The player with the most points is the winner!

Vanilla Mint Prints Etsy

10. Thanksgiving Scattergories

Use this fun and creative word game to play Thanksgiving Scattergories. Write a word that matches the clue and begins with the corresponding letter.

11. Finish That Phrase: Friendsgiving Game Idea

Thanksgiving Finish That Phrase is played like this:

  • Have one player make the answer key by filling in the printable.
  • All other players then fill in their own copy.
  • Compare each player’s printable to the original answer key.
  • The player with the most points is the winner!

12. Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Use these Thanksgiving Mad Lib printables to create fun stories about Thanksgiving.

Fill in the gaps on the pages OR work with another person to have them fill in each blank for you without reading the story.

This is a great activity to entertain kids, but also fun to play with adults!

13. Thanksgiving Family Feud

Split into teams or families and play a friendly game of Thanksgiving family feud. The goal is to get all the survey guesses right before you get three strikes!

Find out more on how to play and get great family feud ideas.

14. Thanksgiving (Friendsgiving) Bingo

Friendsgiving bingo game

Play this Friendsgiving-themed bingo game with everyone at your party.

15. Thanksgiving Conversation Starters (Printable Cards)

What is your favorite sitcom Thanksgiving scene? If you described Thanksgiving in one word, what would it be?

featured image; Thanksgiving conversation starters; questions for

Catch up and keep good conversations rolling with Thanksgiving Conversation Starters. Print out the free cards, place them in a bowl, pass, and answer!

16. Thanksgiving Heads Up

It’s simple to play Thanksgiving Heads Up:

  • Players place an elastic headband on their hands and slip a game card (index cards work) with a Thanksgiving themed word written on it. (Don’t peek at the word!)
  • The rest of the group has to either act out what is on the card or use words to describe what’s on the card.
  • Once the player guesses his/her card, another player goes!

Example words: Turkey trot, football, cornucopia, Black Friday, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, napping, raking leaves, carving a pumpkin, thankful, eating a turkey leg, etc…

17. Turkey Leg Wrap Up

You won’t want to miss seeing your friends do this!

Be the quickest player to wrap your partner in burlap and place a chef’s hat on their head to make them look like a turkey leg.

Play this silly Friendsgiving game as a relay race or with a partner.

18. Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Provide pumpkins and art supplies for a creative decorating competition. Let guests vote on the best pumpkin and have a prize for the winner!

Only adults participating? Give the contest a theme or specific rules to make it more interesting.

19. Fall Photo Booth

Friendsgiving photo booth props; themes; activities for adults

Create a Thanksgiving photo booth opportunity using fun Friendsgiving props. Consider using a phone tripod to make it even easier.

Pro Tip: Have guests share their favorite photos in an online album.

20. Thanksgiving Scratch Off Cards

Thanksgiving scratch off cards

Who doesn’t like the chance to scratch off a ticket and win a prize?

21. What Is Your Turkey Name?

What is your turkey name? fun ideas for hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving

Stuffed Leftover Pilgrim!?!

Do you know what your turkey name is? Find out and put it on your name tag for Friendsgiving.

Warning: Once you have your turkey name, you have to go by that for the rest of Friendsgiving!

22. Thanksgiving Emoji Guessing Game

Thanksgiving Emoji Guessing Game

The goal is to guess the Thanksgiving-themed words and phrases all written with Emojis. The person with the most correct answers wins!

Friendsgiving Gratitude Games

Time with those you care about is the perfect time to focus on gratitude. Use these Friendsgiving gratitude games and activities for adults and kids.

fall leaves; gratitude games and activities for adults

23. Gratitude List

Hang a large poster board at your Friendsgiving event for a gratitude list. Guests can add to the gratitude list things they are grateful for throughout the day.

24. Gratitude Jar

Place a jar and slips of paper on the table. Encourage everyone to write down something they are grateful for.

We did this at our Friendsgiving last year and the person who wrote the most gratitude leaves won a prize. Someone wrote down every person in his family on a different leaf and they were all touched by his gratitude!

25. Gratitude Circle

Practicing gratitude boosts happiness. Sit in a circle and take turns sharing what you’re thankful for. You can also use a ball to toss to the next person.

26. Gratitude Guessing Game

Have guests write down what they’re thankful for without revealing their names. Then, read the responses aloud and try to guess who wrote each one.

27. Gratitude Candy Game

skittles; gratitude jar; tree; list; prompts

Pass out a fun size bag of skittles to each guest. Each person picks out one or two skittles. Based on the color picked, they share the corresponding thing they are thankful for.

  • Red: A person you are thankful for.
  • Orange: A place you are thankful for.
  • Yellow: A thing you are thankful for.
  • Green: An experience you are thankful for.
  • Purple: A blessing you are thankful for.

28. Gratitude Relay Game

Split players up into teams. Each player has to say something they appreciate before passing a “gratitude baton” to the next person.

Another variation: Player 1 runs to pop a balloon by sitting on it and must say something they are thankful for or answer the gratitude prompt inside the balloon. The team member runs back to the team and the next person goes.

29. Gratitude Tree

Draw a tree on a large poster board and use pre-cut leaves to fill up the tree with gratitude!

See more easy Gratitude Activities for kids and adults!


Friendsgiving Games For Adults

Friendsgiving is a time for adults to gather together and relax. These Friendsgiving games will have everyone letting their hair down.

adults playing cards and drinking games

30. Friendsgiving Drinking Game Ideas

Watch a recording of the Macy’s Day Parade and come up with drinking rules.

For example, “Take a drink when you see a float with a celebrity on it.”

Or make up fun drinking rules for a football game or a Thanksgiving movie you are watching.

31. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? game

What Do You Meme? is a fun twist on Apples to Apples using memes that will have everyone laughing.

32. Cards Against Humanity: Holiday Pack

Cards Against Humanity; Friendsgiving party drinking games

Cards Against Humanity is a must-have game to play with friends. Try out this holiday pack edition for a new twist on the original.

33. Who In The Room? Party Game

Who in the Room? Party Game; who is most likely to

What do your friends really think about you? Find out with the Who In The Room Party Game!

Read the question out loud. On the count of three, everyone points to who they think best fits the question’s description!

34. OFF TOPIC Adult Party Game

Off Topic Friendsgiving games for adults

Players pick a topic list and get a letter. Then they write answers that begin with that letter. The person with the most answers wins.

Example topics:

  • “Things your mom was right about.”
  • “Guilty pleasure”
  • “Say hello to my little _______.”

Grab OFF TOPIC here!

35. Who Is Most Likely To Questions

Who is most likely to…get into a fight on the internet? spill a secret? be asked for ID at the liquor store?

Check out Who is Most Likely Questions for Friends and find out what your friends really think about you!

More Questions for Adults:

Friendsgiving Food and Drink Games

Friendsgiving is all about great food and drinks. Include food games and friendly competition to make your Friendsgiving even more memorable.

boy eating a turkey leg; food games for Friendsgiving

36. Dessert Competition

Who doesn’t love trying delicious Thanksgiving desserts?

Have guests bring their very best Thanksgiving dessert. Guests can taste-test all the participating desserts and vote on their favorite.

Pro Tip: Participants can also bring copies of their dessert recipes to share!

37. Pie Eating Contest

Have a good ole pie-eating contest! See who can eat a piece of pie the fastest or a whole pie!

38. Guess the Dish

Blindfold participants. Then, have them taste the various Thanksgiving dishes and guess what they are.

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39. Autumn Mixology

Set up a DIY cocktail station with fall-inspired ingredients for guests to create their own drinks.

40. Autumn Beer Tasting

Sample a variety of fall and pumpkin-themed beers. Vote on the favorites!

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Outdoor Activities & Games To Play at Friendsgiving

Enjoy these fun ideas for outdoor games to play at Friendsgiving.

outdoor Friendsgiving Games; Thanksgiving minute to win it games to play for adults; turkey pinata

41. Turkey Pinata

Stuff a turkey pinata with candy and Thanksgiving treats and prizes. Take turns hitting the pinata until it breaks open!

Adult twist: Fill with mini bottles of alcohol and other adult treats.

42. Pumpkin Bowling

Use mini pumpkins as bowling balls and try to knock down pins.

43. Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

Draw out a large tic-tac-toe board on the sidewalk with chalk. Use mini white and orange pumpkins to play tic tac toe.

44. Yam Race: Friendsgiving Games

Give participants a yam and a spoon. Players must use the spoon to roll the yam to a certain point and back. The first one back is the winner!

45. Firepit S’mores

roasting marshmallows

If your Friendsgiving is on a chilly November day, warm up around the firepit. Roast s’mores for a Friendsgiving treat!

46. Cranberry Sauce Pong

Similar to beer pong, but with cups of cranberry sauce and no drinking involved.

(Or play regular beer pong too!)

47. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Outdoor Movie

Borrow a projector and put a sheet on your garage door to play A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving during your Friendsgiving event.

48. Kickball

Adults and kids love a good game of kickball and we play this every year at our Friendsgiving.

All you need is a good kickball and a way to mark your bases. Then, divide into teams and play!

49. Cornhole

cornhole game; outdoor Friendsgiving games for party ideas

Play this classic yard game at your Friendsgiving this year.

50. Thanksgiving Bean Bag Toss

Thanksgiving bean bag toss game

Kids enjoy this version of a Thanksgiving bean bag toss!

51. Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest

See who can spit the pumpkin seeds the farthest!

52. Touch Football (Friendsgiving Games)

Friendsgiving is not complete without a game of touch football!

53. Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss yard game; fun Friendsgiving games

Ladder toss is a simple game to set up. And anyone can play.

54. Flickin Chicken Friendsgiving Games

Flickin Chicken game

It’s not a turkey, but I couldn’t resist adding this game to the outdoor list for Friendsgiving!

Can you get your chicken on the target after eating all that turkey?

55. Pumpkin Races

Use larger pumpkins to create a unique relay experience.

  • Carry the pumpkin as quick as you can to the specified mark.
  • Sit on your pumpkin and answer a given prompt (for example : what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food, what are you grateful for, etc…)
  • Pick your pumpkin back up and race to the finish line to hand over your pumpkin to the next player.


How To Host Friendsgiving: Expert Tips

Hosting a Friendsgiving gathering has become increasingly popular. Friends are eager to come together to celebrate their chosen family.

man cooking turkey; food for Friendsgiving; drink ideas; decoration; dessert competition; outfits; plates
No one enjoys Friendsgiving like my husband.

Choose A Date And Location

Choose a date and time that will work for your guests. Friendsgiving is often planned before the actual Thanksgiving day.

Keep in mind the number of guests and the weather, and pick a location for your event.

We typically host Friendsgiving at our house where we can keep the food warm. A park or rented venue would also work well.

Food and Drink Ideas For Friendsgiving

Plan the menu and make it as easy as possible.

  • Use an online signup platform to organize a potluck.
  • Have everyone bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish.
  • Opt for a themed meal with non-Thanksgiving foods.
  • Have plenty of options for guests with food sensitivities or preferences.

For our Friendsgiving, we provide the turkey and drinks while everyone else brings the sides and dessert.

Friendsgiving Decoration Ideas

Friendsgiving themed party; decoration ideas

No Friendsgiving celebration is complete without festive decorations.

Set the mood by decorating your space with seasonal accents like autumn leaves, pumpkins, and fall flower arrangements. Or decorate for your theme.

Use a mix of disposable and reusable dinnerware, such as eco-friendly plates, cups, and utensils, to minimize cleanup.

Friendsgiving Themes

Want to opt for a theme for your Friendsgiving? Ideas include:

  • Autumn or harvest
  • Pumpkins
  • Around the World
  • Game Night
  • TV Shows
  • Gratitude
  • Pajama Friendsgiving
  • Shared hobbies
  • Costume party
  • Trivia night

Friendsgiving Gifts For Games

If you are giving prizes for games, have a variety that fits your party theme. Use these Friendsgiving party favor bags for your gifts.

For kids, have a grab-bag with fall themed coloring books, toys, and candy.

Friendsgiving games and party ideas; pumpkin decorating; bowling; Thanksgiving trivia

What’s Next?

Host your own gathering and use these Friendsgiving games to bond, laugh, and create lasting memories with people who make life fun!

Next, check out these How Well Do You Know Me Questions and use them too.

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