210 Exciting Animal Riddles For Kids & Adults in 2024

Animal riddles with answers will test what you know about the animal kingdom.

What animal can jump higher than a building?

Read to the end to find out the answer!

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What are the benefits of animal riddles?

Riddles improve cognitive skills, enhance vocabulary, and boost creativity.

Plus, animal riddles are a fun way to learn. Some on this list teach new animal facts while others are rhyming or just for fun.

Ask these animal riddles:

  • In the car
  • While waiting in line
  • At the dinner table
  • While brushing your teeth
  • In the classroom with students

Easy Animals Riddles

Preschool and Kindergarten age kids will be able to solve these easier ‘what am I’ riddles about animals they will know a lot about.

1. I wag my tail when I’m happy and run around in the park. If I am unhappy then you might hear me bark. What am I?


2. My skin is green and slippery. I have four legs and webbed feet. I hop on land and swim underwater. I love bugs and little fish to eat. What am I?


3. I am known as a king. The jungle’s where I reign. It is hard to tame me and I have a large mane. What am I?


title pin; good animal riddles with answers for kids and adults

4. I am a type of insect you might see flutter by. I have wings so colorful. What am I?


5. I live upside down, and on Halloween, I’ll give you a big surprise. I see with my ears and not my eyes. What am I?


6. I am an animal with two long ears, and I hop but don’t walk. What am I?


7. I like to use my long tongue to eat leaves from the tops of trees. I do not have to climb up though, with my long neck, it is a breeze. What am I?


giraffe face with leaves

8. I hide my treasure in the ground and dig it out in winter. You might spot me in a tree, eating my nutty dinner. What am I?


9. I’m bigger than a house, and scared of a mouse. I have great big toes and a hose for a nose. What am I?


spider riddles; guess the animal riddles examples

10. I build a home of sticky string and catch my prey with a bite or a sting. What am I?


11. Shedding my skin is part of what I do. In the grass, I slither fast. With or without a rattler, I will still scare you! What am I?


12. I cannot see because I don’t have eyes. If digging a garden, you will probably come across me in the dirt. You can pick me up because I won’t hurt! What am I?


13. You may think I”m cute with my black and white fur. But don’t be fooled! I will cause a stink if provoked. So, if you’re looking for a stinker, I’m the one! What am I?


14. Everyone is buzzing and it’s all about me! You may love my honey, but you will hate my sting! What am I?


15. With my hard shell, I am slow wherever I go. And if I am scared, my head won’t show. What am I?


16. I live deep down in the ocean. My eight tentacles always cause a commotion. What am I?


17. In the grass, I like to graze. Getting milked in the barn with the farmer is how I spend my days. What am I?


18. On my front, I have a pouch. Hopping around Australia is what I’m all about. What am I?


19. I like to hoot, and am mostly out at night. My big round eyes are quite a sight! What am I?


20. Roaming the grasslands in Africa, with my black and white stripes. My beauty is quite a site! What am I?


animal riddles for 5 year olds; cat, dog, spider, fish, snake

21. I store water in my large hump. I can live in my desert home with it for up to 10 months! What am I?


22. I like to chew on wood. It’s how I build my neighborhood. With my flat tail and webbed feet, I use my sharp teeth to eat! What am I?


23. I have a red body with black spots. I am a beetle, not a bug. So please don’t sweep my small body under the rug! What am I?


24. If you are looking for a bird that can entertain, that would be me! I enjoy talking but be very careful because I like to repeat! What am I?


25. There are so many types of me living in different bodies of water. I come in different shapes and sizes, but I always have scales. Using my gills to breathe is what I do well. What am I?


26. I usually walk or swim sideways. If you come looking for me on a trip to the beach, be very careful because you might get an unwanted pinch from me! What am I?


27. I am one of the coolest lizards, changing colors with my surroundings. In the warmer weather is probably where you’ll find me! What am I?


28. With a long slender body and little black spots, I am the fastest mammal on the planet. What am I?


29. Right now, I look like a fuzzy worm roaming on the ground. But soon I will be a moth or a beautiful butterfly. What am I?


30. Hopping in the grass is how I got my name! Being an insect that’s my game. What am I?


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Great Pet Riddles for Kids

If you want to hear animal riddles about pets like a dog, cat, fish, snake, turtle, rabbit and more, look no further! We have animal riddles all about pets here for you!

hamster in a cage eating a seed

31. If you go out on a boat and stay there until it’s late, what is it that you might catch with a rod, hook, and some bait?

A fish

32. I have whiskers and live as a pet at home. What am I?


33. I have no legs so I crawl on my belly. I sleep with my eyes open and curl into a ring. But, don’t disturb me because I have a lethal sting. What am I?


34. You can teach me to fetch or even sit. I am often a happy, furry household pet. What am I?


35. I carry my home with me, whether I’m in the water or on land. What am I?


36. I am a dog that always knows the time. What am I?

A watchdog

37. I am a dog that gets into a lot of fights. What am I?

A boxer

38. What animal wears a coat in the winter and pants in the summer?


39. Agile on my feet, I drive dogs mad. I flick my tail when I’m angry and hum when I’m glad. What am I?


40. I live in a bowl. I can swim. I have a tail. I also have fins and big eyes. What am I?

A goldfish

41. I cannot taste sugar, because I dot not have sweet buds. But, I’m a very popular pet and have been for a very long time. What am I?


42. I move without wings, between silken strings, I leave as you find my substance behind. What am I?


43. If you ever hear an echo, another voice that can be heard, take a look around you because it might be this colorful bird. What kind of bird is it?

A parrot

44. I can live on a farm or in the mountains. I like to kick. I also give milk and people can make a yummy cheese from it. What am I?


45. I’m alive without air. I’m always drinking but never thirsty. What am I?


46. If a cat can jump five feet high, why can’t it jump through a window that is only three feet high?

The window is closed.

47. Your dog may carry these and itch all day. What are they?


48. With my pointy ears, I like to jump in the grass. Around springtime, I’m full of sass! Whether white or brown, some believe I bring a basket when I come to town. What am I?

Rabbit (See more Rabbit Riddles & Jokes)

49. I spent about 70% of my life sleeping and make up to 100 sounds, but I’m known for just one. What am I?

A cat

funny pet riddles; turtle, rabbit

50. I like to run on a wheel and live in a cage. What am I?

A hamster

51. I belong to the weasel family but can use a litter box to go to the bathroom. What am I?

A ferret

52. I shed my skin in a process called molting and have a large hairy body that makes some people go bolting. What am I?

A tarantula

53. Some people keep us in a thin layer of soil so we can dig tunnels in our own small farm. What are we?


54. Although there are billions of me wild in the world, I can be a pet and might be able to sing. What am I?

A bird

55. If you keep me as a pet, I am usually under a foot long and can live for up to 20 years. What am I?

A gecko

56. I am highly intelligent, like to live in pairs, and can learn how to use a littler box and memorize a maze. What am I?

A gerbil

57. Although I am called the name of a different animal, I am actually a rodent with short limbs and a large head and eyes. What am I?

A guinea pig

58. I live in a shell and then switch homes when I get too big. What am I?

A hermit crab

59. Although you may keep me as a pet, don’t let me out in the house or your mom may set a trap to catch me. What am I?

A mouse

60. I have short legs and a body covered in quills. I like to sleep in the day and be up at night. What am I?

A hedgehog


Good Farm Animal Riddles

Next, find animal riddles about all about farm animals like a chicken, pig, sheep, goat or duck plus more! Guess the farm animal in the following riddles!

pig hanging over a fence

61. I have a mane but I’m not a lion and I wear my shoes to bed. What am I?

A horse

62. What animal is shy and always trying to hide from flying objects?

A duck

63. You might be called this animal if someone thinks that you’re afraid. This is something that you might eat, as well as the eggs that it laid. What animal am I?

A chicken

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64. I live on a farm and I’m pink. I go around saying “oink-oink”. If you come close, you’ll realize I stink. What am I?


65. I produce wool and spit a lot. What am I?


66. In the field, a frightful thing to watch you will find, it has a pitchfork in the front, and a broom back behind. What is it?


67. I may look like a horse, but we are different species. Some call me dumb, but that’s not true. I’m in the movie Shrek, I’m familiar to you! What am I?


68. I have horns but I can’t bleep. I like to bleat but I’m not a sheep. What am I?

A goat

69. I am yellow and have webbed feet. I can swim in the water. What am I?

A duck

70. When I am young, they call me a pony. Sometimes people race me to win lots of money. What am I?


71. You might picture me pink, on the farm rolling in the mud, and fat. But with my curly tail, I’m more than that! What am I?


72. I am a male chicken. When I wake you on the farm, you will come out of the bed kickin’! What am I?


73. I can be recognized by my red throat which has red wattles. Or even by my beautiful, often colorful tail feathers. I know you will know my name when you hear me gobble. What am I?


74. Some call me Billy and if I’m a girl, they sometimes call me a nanny! What am I?


guess the farm animal riddles, pig, chicken, duck, sheep, rhyming

75. I have a long tail and live on a farm. I jump up high when I think there’s harm. What am I?


76. Similar to a horse, camel, or even a donkey, my beautiful fur is very special to me. To spell my name, you will only use 3 letters: two l’s, two a’s, and an m. What am I?


77. If a rooster laid a brown egg and a white egg, what color chicks would hatch?

None. Rooster’s don’t lay eggs!

78. Which is heavier, a pound of chicken feathers or a pound of bricks?

Neither, they both weigh a pound!

79. I’m one of the most beautiful birds you’ll find with two eyes in front and hundreds behind. What am I?

A peacock

80. I can be ridden, just add a saddle. But if there’s a storm, I jump high ready to battle. What am I?


81. I am fluffy and warm in my furry coat. Although we look similar, I am not a goat. I live in a herd and eat a lot of grass and when you call me I say “baa baa”. What am I?

A sheep

82. Milking me is what humans do. You won’t ever find me living in a zoo! What am I?


83. I am a member of the camel family but am a large hooved domesticated mammal. I am prized for my fleece coat. What am I?


84. I have large eyes on the side of my head and can see almost 360 degrees around myself. What am I?

A horse

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Riddles All About Animals

Check out these animal riddles with answers that include a polar bear, spider, penguin, bear, elephant, lion, and interesting insects too!

elephant walking on safari

85. I might be tiny but I can lift things that are 5000 times my weight. What am I?

An ant

86. I am an animal named after the animal I eat. What am I?

An anteater

87. I’m born pink in color but then change to black and white. I’m easy to feed, as my favorite food is bamboo. What am I?

A panda bear

88. It’s black and every time it speaks it says its name. What is it?

A crow

89. What grows up while growing down?

A goose

90. I have antlers that can grow to be six feet wide and my name sounds like something you might use on your hair or eat for dessert. What am I?

A moose

91. What sits when it stands, and jumps when it walks?

A kangaroo

92. I am the world’s fastest animal but cannot climb a tree. What am I?

A cheetah.

93. I am big and fluffy and a little bit scruffy. I live in the woods and give big hugs. If I live on your bed, you might call me Ted. What am I?

A bear.

94. The alphabet goes from A to Z but I go from Z to A. What am I?

A zebra

what am I giraffe riddle, polar bear, penguin, bear, elephant, lion

95. The height of my legs is taller than most humans. What am I?

A giraffe

96. I hang upside-down on trees. I sleep and sleep and I’m very slow. On each foot I have three toes. What am I?

A sloth

97. I’ve got lumps on my back and I live on the sand. I’m strong and I can carry you over the land. What am I?

A camel

98. Play me with a ball and bat or hear me chirp. What am I?

A cricket

99. I like to hop around and I’m a tadpole when I’m young. I’m green and I croak and catch flies with my long tongue. What am I?

A frog

100. I live in the woods and am big and furry. I like to eat fish, berries, and honey. What am I?

A bear

101. I hover in the air moving from here to there. Some say I sing, but others say I have no voice, so I just hum as a matter of choice. What am I?

A hummingbird

102. I am able to turn my head around 270 degrees and I’m noted for being quiet in flight. What am I?

An owl

103. I’m the only mammal that can’t jump. What am I?

An elephant

104. I have arms that are longer than my legs. I have been taught sign language to communicate. What am I?

A gorilla

easy guess the wild animal riddle, lion, elephant

105. I am called the king of the jungle. What am I?

A lion

106. I am an insect, a hive is my home. I eat some pollen to make a honeycomb. What am I?

A bee

107. I am big and white and furry. I like to swim and run. I eat seals for my meals and weigh about half a tone. What am I?

A polar bear

108. I am gold and can be black and white, I’m a symbol for a nation when freedom took flight. What am I?

An eagle

109. I have long thick hair and a sturdy frame. I resemble a moose and a cow but we aren’t the same. If you talk a lot, you definitely know my name. What am I?

A yak

110. You may smell me before you see me! What am I?

A skunk

111. I like to run across power lines and climb trees. With my fluffy tail, eating nuts is what humans see. What am I?


112. With my shaggy fur, gigantic head, and massive horn, I am the largest mammal in North America. What am I?


113. When I’m a baby, they call me a doe. But then I’m called a buck when I grow. What am I?


114. Some think I am a kangaroo, but I am not! I am a lot smaller and my teeth are flatter so I can eat leaves. What am I?


115. I am not a squirrel, but we are in the same family and we both love eating nuts. What am I?


116. I live on land and in the water. With my 2 sets of eyelids I live where the weather is hotter. What am I?


117. Don’t mistake me for a moose, we are very similar with our long antlers and bodies. What am I?


best facts and riddles about animals: Koala

118. I love eucalyptus and spend most of my time resting or sleeping. What am I?

Koala bear

119. I am a large unique cat found all around the world. But being black in color, in the dark night I may startle you. What am I?


120. I am a large bird with a bald head and a sharp beak. I eat dead creatures off the road. Hey, it’s how I survive you know! Who am I?


121. I might look like a wolf, but I’m much smaller. I have gray or brown fur, and I’m known for being sneaky and tricky to people. Who am I?


122. A black, eight-legged animal that can live anywhere on Earth. I can be very tiny or very large. When humans see me, they send out a shriek! What am I?


123. Eating bananas and climbing trees are two things I do the best. I also use my long tail to swing from tree to tree. What am I?


what am I riddles with answers

124. I play dead to keep from getting eaten. What am I?


125. I have enormous jaws and 2 long teeth called tusks. You might see me getting cool out in the water or on the land. What am I?


126. I use my sharp claws to dig swiftly through the ground to build tunnels I use for storing food and nesting. What am I?


127. I am the 2nd largest land animal in the world. I have a fat body, short legs, and a horn in the middle of my face. What am I?


128. With my busy, ringed tail and black mask, digging in trash cans late at night is my task. What am I?


129. My stripes are famous from Bengal to Goa. I am silent as I hunt and live by myself. Orange and black and white is my fur. Who am I?


130. I can curl up in a hard, protective ball. I can grow up to 5 feet tall! What am I?


131. I am found on land, but mostly in freshwater. When I stick to your body, I become a bother. What am I?


132. I have multiple stomachs and 2 toes. With my long legs, I am a bird that doesn’t fly. Who am I?


133. I am a member of the dog family who hunts at night. You may mistake me for a jackal or a wolf but I am smaller. What am I?


134. I am annoying to humans and I’m bigger than a mouse. You will definitely get scared if you catch me in your house. What am I?


135. I use my poky quills to keep harmful predators away. What am I?


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Sea Animal Riddles And Answers

Next, the answers to these animal riddles all live in the ocean!

penguins by the ocean

136. I have a hole in my back and legs I lack. I live where I can’t breathe and I eat without teeth. What am I?

A whale

137. I never leave the water, but I breathe air. What am I?

A dolphin.

138. I wear a tuxedo in the snow and skate on my tummy across the ice. What am I?

A penguins

139. I live in the ocean and move slowly. I eat clams and have five arms. What am I?

A starfish

140. I live in the ocean and have very sharp teeth. I enjoy eating meat. What am I?

A shark

141. With four oars it swims, but it is always at home. Its back is like armor, tougher than chrome. What is it?

A sea turtle

142. I slither around with my home on my back. I’ve never been rich, but I leave silver tracks. What am I?

A snail

143. I live in the ocean and like to eat crabs. I can change colors and have eight legs. What am I?

An octopus

144. I fall with the waves, rise with the tide, and drift with the current alongside. What am I?


145. Never trust this fellow’s grin. His teeth are sharp and coarse, his blood’s as cold as icicles and he’ll show no remorse! What is it?

A crocodile

146. I am a happy sociable animal living my life in the ocean. You may think of me as all gray in color, but I actually can have blocks of black, white, or even yellow. What am I?


147. With tough, wrinkly skin in the cold waters of the Artic Circle is where I call home. I have a long body and even a tail. My long tusks are used for fighting and digging into the ice to get myself up out of the water. What am I?


sea animals riddles and answers; who am I in the ocean

148. Without a brain, I live in the deep sea. I will sting with my tentacles if you come near me. What am I?


149. You may mistake me for a snake, but I have my own unique name. With my long slender body, I am a dangerous ocean-swimming thing. What am I?


150. I have an outer shell and ten legs and stay away from humans who want to eat me. If you are very short, you know my name! What am I?


151. I live in the water, but my flippers allow me to also live on land. Although you may think I am a seal, my ear flaps make me different. I am not a roaring cat with a tail as my name seems to suggest! What am I?

Sea lion

152. My name makes me sound like the strongest creature in the sea. What am I?

A mussel

153. I live in a group called pods but you may be afraid of me because of my deadly name. What am I?

A killer whale

154. I use my tail to grasp objects and anchor myself in place. What am I?

A seahorse

155. When I am a baby, I am called a pup and can be up to 5 feet long at birth. I grow to be a great fish in the ocean. What am I?

A great white shark


Fun Dinosaur Riddles To Ask

Dinosaur lovers will adore the animal riddles of these famous prehistoric creatures!

dinosaur footprint, riddles

156. I was a dinosaur with very small arms compared to the rest of my body. What am I?

Tyrannosaurus Rex

157. What are two things an Apatosaurus can never eat for breakfast?

Lunch and dinner.

158. The more a raptor takes of these, the more it leaves behind. What are they?


159. Why could dinosaurs go eight days without sleeping?

Because they slept at night!

160. I was a land-dwelling, cold-blooded reptile and am thought of as being extinct. What am I?

A dinosaur

161. I was one of the largest animals ever to walk the earth. I may have been nearly 40m long from head to tail. What am I? (source)

A sauropod

162. I was a winged reptile. The thin, bony crest on top of my head may have helped me to keep my balance while flying. What am I?

A Pteranodon

163. I was an egg-laying, nesting dinosaur. What am I?

An Oviraptor

164. *Funny riddle alert! What has a spiked tail, giant plates on it’s back, and 16 wheels?

A stegosaurus on roller skates!

166. I was a dinosaur with bony spikes on my body. What am I?

A Spinosaurus


Mythical Animal Riddles For Kids

How much do you know about mythical animals? Find out with these animal riddles about mythical creatures.

two unicorns

167. I am a large and hairy creature standing between six and nine feet tall. People often think they see me in the forest. Who am I?


168. I am a hybrid of a lion and an eagle and a powerful and majestic creature. Who am I?

A Griffin

169. I am an eagle-like creature that bursts into flame at the end of my life. What am I?

The Phoenix

170. I have the legs and tail of a goat and the upper body of a man. What am I?

A faun

171. It’s a scary reptile. A giant lizard with wings. Because it can breathe fire, the great fear is what it brings. What is it?

A dragon

172. I live underwater but I’m not a fish. I have the body of a human without two legs. What am I?

A mermaid

173. On full moon days, I walk on four legs during the night and in the morning two. I live in packs. What am I?

A werewolf

174. I am simliar to a horse but I have a horn on my head. What am I?

A unicorn

175. I have the body of a horse and the chest of a human. What am I?

A Centaur

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Hard Animal Riddles With Answers (For Kids & Adults)

Last, kids and adults will enjoy these tricky animal riddles. Can you figure the answers out?

dog with glasses looking at the computer

176. What part of a bird isn’t in the sky and can swim without getting wet?

The bird’s shadow.

177. What do you call a rabbit who is really cool?

A hip hopper.

178. What do you call a cow-eating grass?

A lawn mooer.

179. I am an animal that holds the distinction of being the first word in many English dictionaries. What am I?

An aardvark.

180. What peels like an onion but still remains whole?

A lizard

181. I am a fruit, a bird, and a person. What am I?

A kiwi

182. What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?

An elephant’s shadow

183. I have no sword, I have no spear, yet rule a horde which many fear. My soldiers fight with a wicked sting. I rule with might yet am no king. What am I?

Queen bee

184. My start goes on toast. My end’s how birds move. My baby eats leaves but I drink flowers. What am I?

Butter-fly (Butterfly)

185. Only polar bears and brown bears are bigger than me amongst land carnivores. One more thing, I have a tail that is about three feet long. What am I?

A tiger

tricky and hard animal riddles with answers; elephant

186. I’m bigger than a cow, can peel my own bananas, and don’t eat meat. What am I?

An elephant

187. I can eat up to 20 pounds per day of meat from animals like deer, elk, and moose. I can sometimes roam up to 12 miles a day. What am I?

A wolf

188. I am the only bird in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. What am I?

A rooster

189. When I’m born, I have white spots that disappear as I get older. The spots help me blend into my surroundings. My coat is usually light brown in color. What am I?

A deer

190. I fly faster than any other bird. In fact, I’ve been clocked at 242 miles per hour. What bird am I?

The Peregrine falcon

191. I have the bill of a duck, webbed feet, a tail like a beaver, and I lay eggs. What am I?

A platypus

192. My name comes from the Greeks and means “river horse”. I’m one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and can outrun humans. What am I?

A hippopotamus

193. It takes me two weeks to digest food, but I’m not known for being fast. What am I?

A sloth

194. I only turn left when leaving my home. I’m the only mammal capable of continued flight. What animal am I?

A bat

195. I’m the biggest reptile on earth. Humans wear shoes named after me. What am I?


196. I have four noses and thousands of teeth. You can hold me in your hand, but I’m gooey. What am I?

A snail

197. My bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball. I eat meat and nuts and berries. What am I?

A grizzly bear

tricky animal riddles in the zoo; elephant

198. One of my teeth can weigh up to 9 pounds. I often use mud for sunscreen. What am I?

An elephant

199. What has a thousand needles but cannot sew?

A porcupine

200. What’s at the head of an elephant and the tail of a squirrel?


201. How do you spell ‘cow’ in 13 letters?


202. A bird, a squirrel, and a monkey are climbing a coconut tree to get a banana. Who will be the first to get a banana?

None of them. Bananas don’t grow on coconut trees.

203. A cowgirl rides into a city on Friday, stays for three days, and then leaves on Friday. How is this possible?

Her horse’s name is Friday.

204. A woman stands on one side of a river, her cat stands on the other. The woman calls to the cat who immediately crosses the river without getting wet or without using a bridge or a boat. How did the cat do that?

The river was frozen.

205. Buddy the dog was wearing a 2 foot leash. He sees a squirrel and wants nothing more than to chase after it. Lucky for him, Buddy was finally able to catch the squirrel. How did he accomplish this?

The leash was not tied to anything else.

206. I can jump. I can swim. I can swing from tree to tree and make a house much bigger than myself. What am I?

A spider

207. I am an animal you should never trust. Who am I?

A cheetah

208. I have a cape but I’m not a superhero. I have a comb but never use it for my hair. I am known to be quite territorial. What am I?

A rooster

209. Cats would make good soldiers. Why is this?

Because they have 9 lives.

210. What animal can jump higher than a building?

Any animal that can jump! Buildings don’t jump!

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To Consider With Best Animal Riddles

I hope you enjoyed this long list of animal riddles for kids and adults!

Comment below if you have other good animal riddles we can add to our list!

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Animal Riddles With Answers For Kids & Adults