350 Best This or That Questions for Kids & Adults (2024)

What are this or that questions? + Game Rules

This or that questions make up a fun game! Each person must choose between normal or outrageous options.

It’s the perfect way to bond with loved ones or get to know strangers better. And the best part is – it’s SUPER easy to play!

best this or that questions game list for interesting conversation

How to Play This or That

First, there’s no setup or clean-up. This or that can be played with two people or more (it does best in small groups). You take turns asking and answering questions until you get tired.

If you want to make it more exciting, you can use a timer, try to guess what your partner will say, or divide into teams and have several people agree on an answer.

Try playing the this or that questions game:

  • as an ice breaker for work or in the classroom (in person or online)
  • on family night
  • While hanging out with friends
  • While waiting in line with someone
  • On road trips
  • Date night (use the couples questions too!)
  • Through text messages

What are good questions for this or that?

Also, aside from the couples questions, many of the following ideas work well for ANYONE, regardless of the category they are in!

Fun This or That Questions for Kids

First, kids love a lot of things! These this or that questions will get kids excited about what they are passionate about.

1. Batman or Superman?

2. Dinosaur or dragon?

3. Chapter book or picture book?

4. Space ship or robot?

5. Monster truck or race car?

6. Lego or Magna tiles?

7. Fairies or princesses?

8. Rainbows or butterflies?

9. Jump rope or karate?

10. Binoculars or telescope?

question marks on a string

11. Where’s Waldo or I Spy?

12. Pop-up book or comic book?

13. Christmas or your birthday?

14. Slime or marbles?

15. Minecraft or Fortnite?

16. Snow day or weekend?

17. Board game or card game?

18. Bouncy chair or bean bag?

19. Paw Patrol or Mickey Mouse?

20. Playstation or Xbox?

21. Monkeys or Koalas?

22. Lions or tigers?

23. Frozen or Moana? (Related: Frozen Trivia Questions)

24. Cartwheels or somersaults?

25. Truths or dares?

26. Unicorns or mermaids?

27. Daydreaming or exploring?

28. Ponytail or braid?

29. Dogs or cats?

Funny kids this or that questions that make them smile: question marks on a string

30. Sharks or alligators?

31. Swimming or rollerblading?

32. Money or screen time?

33. TV or iPad/tablet time?

34. Clean your room or do a chore?

35. Brush your hair or brush your teeth? (Find routine ideas)

36. Blanket fort or sandcastle?

37. Hearts or stars?

38. Stuffed animals or dolls?

39. Tag or hide and seek?

40. A room that’s painted one color or a room that’s painted a bunch of colors?

41. Football or basketball?

42. Soccer or baseball?

43. Ride a skateboard or ride a scooter?

44. Wear sandals or shoes?

45. Roller coasters or water rides?

46. Nerf gun or water gun?

47. Would you rather wear the same clothes for a week, or change three times a day?

48. Do you prefer fall or spring?

49. Bugs or worms?

50. Computer games or video games?

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Good Example This or That Questions For Adults

friends playing a game

On to the adults! Use these unique things to pick from to see what your friends and family prefer.

51. Clean the bathroom or clean the kitchen?

52. Queen or King bed?

53. Watch an amazing movie or read an incredible book?

54. Go on a bike ride or go on a walk?

55. Early or late?

56. Hoarder or minimalist?

57. Homebody or social butterfly?

58. Contacts or glasses?

59. Suv or minivan?

60. Morning or night?

61. Planning or going with the flow?

62. Save or spend?

63. Netflix or Hulu?

64. Amazon Prime Video or Netflix?

65. Vintage or modern?

66. Two-story house or one-story house?

67. Basketball or football?

68. Bath or shower?

69. Paper books or Kindle?

70. Audiobooks or paper books?

71. Youtube or podcasts?

72. Carpet or hardwoods?

73. Clean the toilet or wash the dishes?

74. Camping or glamping?

75. New or used?

76. In a plane: aisle seat or window seat?

Best this or that questions for adults and friends: home or office?

77. Work at the office or work from home?

78. Paper or plastic?

79. City or country?

80. Electric or gas range stove?

81. Group gathering or being alone?

82. Stainless steel or non-stick?

83. Instant Pot or air fryer?

84. Candle or diffuser?

85. Boxers or briefs?

86. Jewelry or makeup?

87. Cold weather or hot weather?

88. Electric car or gas car?

89. Facebook or Instagram?

90. Android or iPhone?

91. Tidy or messy?

92. Walmart/Target or Amazon?

93. Long hair or short hair?

94. Beer or wine?

95. Coffee or cocktail?

96. Beard or clean-shaven?

97. Dishes or laundry?

98. Text or call?

99. Driver or passenger?

100. Shopping online or in the store?

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Funny This or That Questions To Ask

pile of balloons

Next, use these fun questions to get a good laugh and spark an interesting conversation between kids or adults!

101. Be in a commercial or be in a music video?

102. Toilet paper or bidet?

103. Live in a teepee or live in an igloo?

104. Secret code or secret passageway?

105. Fireworks or gadgets?

106. Be invisible or read minds?

107. Time travel or be able to do magic?

109. Disneyworld or Universal Studios?

110. Would you prefer to be a dog or be a cat?

111. Star Wars or Marvel?

112. Thor or Iron Man?

113. Vampires or werewolves?

114. Ride a donkey or ride a camel?

115. Do you prefer practical jokes or bathroom humor?

116. Mini-golf or go-carts?

117. Would you rather be smart or be funny?

118. Mix your food or keep everything separate on your plate?

119. Have a pet rat or pet raccoon?

120. Bad breath or stinky armpits?

121. Speak in front of an audience or bungee jump?

122. Mummies or witches?

123. Zombies or aliens?

funny this or that questions for lots of fun : treasure or planet

108. Find a buried treasure or discover an unknown planet?

124. Get stuck on an elevator or get stuck on a roller coaster?

125. Would you want to have a swimming pool or have a hot tub?

126. Have no hair or be super hairy?

127. Pillow fight or tickle fight?

128. Be super tall or be super short?

129. Spiders or snakes?

130. Water balloon fight or snowball fight?

131. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

132. Scuba dive or skydive?

133. James Bond or Jason Bourne?

134. Live in a castle or live in a palace?

135. Magic or superpowers?

136. Ninja or pirate?

137. Ghost stories or scary movies?

138. Old cemetery or haunted house?

139. Would you prefer to go forward in time or go back in time?

140. Have the ability to fly or be super strong?

141. Personal chef or house cleaner?

142. Monster truck rally or carnival?

143. Weird or crazy?

144. Tattoos or piercings?

145. Racecar or private jet?

146. Paint a work of art or draw a work of art?

147. Ride a fancy car for a day or ride a motorcycle for a day?

148. Angels or demons?

149. Go to Alaska or go to Hawaii?

150. Mystery or romantic comedy?

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Here’s a quick video with the funny questions too!

Best Food This or That Questions For Kids or Adults

breakfast ideas

We all love food! So, find out which foods are the best.

151. Coffee or tea?

152. Hot or iced coffee? (Or hot tea or cold tea?)

153. Red wine or white?

154. Guacamole or salsa?

155. Hamburgers or hotdogs?

156. Chocolate or vanilla?

157. Sweet or salty?

158. Pizza or tacos?

159. Pancakes or eggs?

160. Bacon or breakfast sausage?

161. Sandwich or soup?

162. Dine in or take out?

163. Steak or chicken?

164. Milk or juice?

165. Bananas or apples?

166. Grapes or watermelon?

167. Bread or pasta?

168. Kale or spinach?

169. Popcorn or pretzels?

170. Pie or cheesecake?

171. Salt or pepper?

172. Strawberries or blueberries?

173. Cake or ice cream?

174. Muffins or bagels?

175. Hot chocolate or egg nog?

good food this or that questions for the game: pancakes or waffles?

176. Pancakes or waffles?

177. Coke or Pepsi?

178. White or wheat bread?

179. Eat at Wendy’s or eat at McDonald’s?

180. Fries or potato chips?

181. Barbecue or oven-baked?

182. Breakfast or no breakfast?

183. Scrambled or over-easy eggs?

184. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

185. Chicken nuggets or chicken tenders?

186. Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes?

187. Tomatoes or peppers?

188. Sour or spicy?

189. Crab or lobster?

190. Cake or cupcake?

191. Meat or no meat?

192. S’mores or ice cream?

193. White meat or dark meat?

194. White chocolate or dark chocolate?

195. Soft taco shell or hard taco shell?

196. Nuts or no nuts?

197. Broccoli or green beans?

198. Pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza?

199. Smoothies or milkshakes?

200. Ice cream in a cone or ice cream in a bowl?

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Great Questions for Friends To Ask This or That

friends game questions that are interesting: together in the grass

These this or that questions are perfect to ask friends or family!

201. Golf or tennis?

202. Jacket or sweatshirt?

203. Mac or PC?

204. At Christmas, fake tree or real tree?

205. Rain or snow?

206. Rock music or country music?

207. Hip hop music or pop music?

208. Push-ups or sit-ups?

209. Sailboat or speed boat?

210. Flats or heels?

211. Dyed or natural?

212. Fireplace or fire pit?

213. Dancing or singing?

214. Concert or sporting event?

215. Sports bar or club?

216. Comedy club or music theater?

217. Bikini or one-piece?

218. Matching or mismatched socks?

219. Baseball hat or cowboy hat?

220. Emergency fund or travel fund?

221. Leggings or jeans?

222. When traveling, stay in your country or travel abroad?

223. Skiing or snowboarding?

224. Fishing or hunting?

225. Live it up on your birthday or be low-key (or try to forget) your birthday? (See great birthday things to do)

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This or That Students Questions For School

this or that questions for students in the classroom: teaching talking to kids

The following this or that kids questions are great for students in the classroom, and many are good for work settings too.

226. Do homework early or wait until the last minute?

227. Pen or pencil?

228. History or math?

229. Science or English?

230. Music or art?

231. Hot lunch or cold lunch?

232. Markers or colored pencils? (Or use markers or crayons?)

233. Work in groups or work alone?

234. Recess or lunch?

235. Sit in the front of the room or sit in the back of the room?

236. Field trip to the zoo or the aquarium?

237. College rule or wide-ruled?

238. Staples or paper clips?

239. Receive an A+ or receive an award?

240. Sub or teacher?

241. Orchestra or band?

242. Sit in the front of the bus or back of the bus?

243. Would you rather do crafts or play games?

244. Fire drill or tornado drill?

245. Would you rather play every sport or play no sports?

246. Would you prefer to go back two grades or move up two grades if you had to?

247. Reading or writing?

248. Follow instructions or figure it out by doing?

249. Would you rather be able to take the bus or walk to school?

250. Notebooks or loose paper?

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Hard Questions for This or That

woman thinking about the hard and deep questions for this or that

The following thought-provoking questions get a bit deep and encourage a stronger level of bonding.

251. Glass half full or glass half empty?

252. Ocean or mountains?

253. Be the smartest person or the richest person?

254. Be the most beautiful/handsome or smartest person?

255. Regret or doubt?

256. Fox or CNN? (Do NOT do this question if you are avoiding politics)

257. Have a baby at 16 or 60?

258. Have more time or more money?

259. Give up sleep or give up food for a day?

260. Lose your sight or lose your hearing?

261. Love or money?

162. Fire or ice?

263. Be in a tornado or be in a hurricane?

264. Experience an earthquake or a volcano eruption?

265. Discover a new living species or discover a new star?

266. Would you prefer an extra hour in the day today or an extra $100 dollars?

267. Do you wish you were younger or wish you were older?

268. Forgiveness or vengeance?

269. Talk about religion or talk about politics with your family? (See popular topics to talk about)

270. Freedom or success?

271. Are you scared of heights or scared of needles?

272. Would you rather be in a natural disaster or help a stranger give birth?

273. Do you prefer to constantly challenge yourself or take it easy?

274. Give a gift or receive a gift?

275. Would you prefer to know how you die or know when you die?

Tricky and Random Ones

Tricky, out of the blue, and random examples

Next, these can be a bit random or out of the blue. Sometimes, those are the best!

276. Is it better to have book smarts or street smarts?

277. Does the toilet paper go over or under?

278. Wear a face mask or wear a face shield?

279. Run or walk in the rain?

280. Work on a farm or work in a factory?

281. Use soap or use hand sanitizer?

282. Sleep with 1 pillow or 2 pillows?

283. Do you prefer white lights or colored lights? (Think Christmas tree)

284. Do you do a wave or head nod when seeing someone you know?

285. Fork or spoon?

286. Sea turtles or lizards?

287. Would you prefer to be popular in real life or popular on social media?

288. Have your flight delayed or lose your luggage?

289. Chess or checkers?

290. Bus or train?

291. Have a fan on to fall asleep or no fan?

292. Cash or credit?

293. Plastic or glass?

294. Apartment or house?

295. Socks or barefoot?

296. Board games or puzzles?

297. Spend your time in the living room or spend your time in the bedroom?

298. Lake or swimming pool?

299. Gloves or mittens?

300. Curtains or blinds?

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Flirty This or That Questions For Couples

This or that couples questions that are flirty and dirty: couple sitting on a couch

These questions for this or that make for an epic bonding experience with your partner! They are sweet, flirty, and a little dirty.

301. Would you prefer a small family or big family?

302. Have date night in or out?

303. Would you rather you forget an important date or your partner forget the important date?

304. Adventure movie or romantic comedy movie?

305. Small wedding or large wedding?

305. Would you prefer to have a traditional wedding or elope?

306. Would you renew your vows in a Vegas chapel or a beautiful natural setting?

306. Visit Rome or Paris?

307. Do you prefer to vacation with other couples or alone?

308. Buy a dream house or buy a dream car?

309. Do you prefer quality or quantity when it comes to intimacy?

310. Top or bottom?

311. Flirty in public or flirty in private?

312. Blindfold or bathtub?

313. Neck or lips?

314. Would you rather receive a heartfelt Anniversary gift or take an Anniversary vacation?

315. Do an outdoor picnic in nature or go to a fancy restaurant?

316. Do you want to explore or set down roots?

317. Would you prefer to be kissed or hugged every day?

318. Text something sweet or text something dirty?

319. Quality time or thank you note?

320. Flowers or massage?

321. Would you get matching tattoos or matching piercings?

322. In an argument: do you prefer the silent treatment or yelling it out?

323. Would you rather be in an unhappy relationship or be alone?

324. Is it more important to say “I love you” or share a hug?

325. Dirty or romantic?

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Good This and That Questions to Get to Know Someone

This or that questions to get to know you or someone

Finally, the following make for great ice breaker questions when you are getting to know someone better.

326. Sunrise or sunset?

327. Junk food or health food?

328. Tech savvy or low tech?

329. Summer or winter?

330. Do you prefer cardio or weights?

331. Running or walking?

332. Do you use a digital calendar or paper planner when planning?

333. Watch movies or watch tv shows?

334. Do you purchase items based on price or convenience?

335. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

336. Do you prefer to spend time with family or friends?

337. Would you rather be taller or be shorter than you are now?

338. Roses or tulips?

339. Spend your weekend indoors or outdoors?

340. Visit a beach or visit a museum?

funny this or that questions for adults and kids

341. Would you rather wear a dress/suit every day or pajamas every day?

342. Do you prefer a guide when learning something new, or doing it on your own?

343. Gold or silver?

344. Guitar or piano?

345. Piano or drums?

346. Do you prefer music or silence?

347. Take a day trip or an overnight trip?

348. Do a vacation or staycation?

349. Work out at the gym or at home?

350. Read books or magazines?

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To Consider With This Game

Phew! That’s a big list! I hope you have a ton of fun asking these that or this questions to others! You’ll never regret a closer connection and adding a little fun into your day!

kid and adult this or that games questions examples

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