15 Best Kids Chore Chart Templates (+ Free Weekly Chore Chart Printable)

I’m a big believer in giving kids chores.

This started when I met my husband. Sure, I grew up doing chores, but he grew up pitching in often, and in every way imaginable. He helped his family cook, clean, and fix things all the time as a kid.

chore chart template printable for kids customizable

Now, as an adult, he’s the most capable person I’ve ever met. This man will change car brakes, cook a delicious meal, and patch up a fabric tear all before noon. His skill set is unreal.

Which is exactly why we started a weekly chore chart template for kids.

Benefits of Chores for Kids

But really, what’s the big deal about chores? The truth is, consistent chores do a LOT for our kids. Here are just four of the many monumental benefits.

1. Chores Teach Responsibility

First, chores teach kids how to be in charge of something. In a small sense, how to lead.

At the same time, kids learn to become self-reliant and will be able to use these skills for the rest of their lives.

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kids doing chores with their free weekly chore chart template printable for 5 year old

2. Chores Promote the Growth Mindset

Second, when you’re asking kids to help in different ways, they’re forced to figure things out. With time, this teaches them that everything is a matter of learning, and intelligence isn’t something you are born with.

3. Chores Teach That You’re Part of Something Bigger

Third, chores help kids realize that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Family is a team sport, and it’s important to teach our kids early that there is incredible value in serving a larger purpose.

benefits of chores list for kids

4. Chores Teach Good Habits

And finally, chores teach kids that hard work is important for a great life.

We live in a world where entitlement runs rampant. The sooner our kids understand that in real life, the good stuff isn’t just handed to you, the better off they will be.

It takes consistent habits and smart work to live well, and chores are a great way to begin teaching that.

Ok, But Why a Blank Weekly Chore Chart Template?

All these benefits are amazing. But a year ago, I found one BIG problem with our chores.

I got tired of figuring out what the kids’ chores were every single day. It’s yet ANOTHER decision to make!

So, we started a blank printable weekly chore chart system. Now, they know EXACTLY what to do each day without asking mom.

Free Weekly Chore Chart pdf Template

downloadable blank customizable weekly chore chart template printable for kids

Read on for more sturdy options and critical tips to make the weekly chore chart printable a success!

How We Use the Chore Chart Template in a Built-in System

morning routine before school checklists
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In our home, we use our chore chart WITH a daily kid checklist. Their daily chores are done every day after school.

In this way, there are no decisions to be made about what they are supposed to do and it’s completely built-in. The kids have done both charts for years, and they are now just a part of their life.

It’s why I love systems and charts for kids!

Our full daily checklists are also tied to their screen time and allowance, so there’s BIG motivation to finish them.

Grab access HERE if you’re interested in starting your own daily kids routine to use with your chore chart! And read below for a full list of chores for your child’s age.

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Durable Magnetic Chore Chart Options

Want a little more from your weekly chore chart printable for kids? Try these chore charts on Amazon and Etsy that are reasonably priced!

(Keep reading for a full list of chores and tips for success!)

Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Board

chore printable amazon

This chart is similar, and another great find >>

Personalized Chore Chart for 2 Children

Personalized Chore Chart For 2 Children  custom chore chart image 0

Outer Space Kids Chore Chart Magnetic

Amazon kids magnetic

See this cool kids chore chart here >>

More Free Chore Chart Templates Around the Web

Not into the free weekly chore chart printable on this post? Now worries! Here are more options if you’re looking for something different.

2-A-Day Chore Chart

2-A Day Kids chore chart

Via the Typical Mom

Minecraft Chore Chart

Minecraft style

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Blank Colorful Chore Chart

Via Living Life As Moms

My Chore Chart Printable Template

my chore chart kids pdf

Via A1 Worksheets

Cute Monthly Chore Chart Template

kids chore chart template free

Via Saving Talents

Teenage Chore Chart Template

teenage chore chart template printable

Via templatelab.com

Creative Fortune Teller Chart

Via Hess-Academy

Family Chore Chart Template

family chore chart template pdf

Via Rewardcharts4kids.com

Printable Chore Punch Card

punch chore chart printable free weekly

Via Chorecharts.net

DIY Cookie Sheet Chore Chart

chore chart template for kids; cookie sheet

Via Craftaholics Anonymous

The Big List of Chores for Kids

list of chores for kids, dad and son

First, what chores should be done weekly? Or daily? Here are some great chore ideas to find out what you want on your printable!

Keep reading to discover 8 great tips for chore success!

Chores for Younger Kids: (3 & 4 years old)

  • Sweep
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe windows
  • Pick up
  • Wipe counters
  • Pick up
  • Fold & put away clothes
  • Set and clear the table
  • Clean room
  • Feed pets

Chores for Older Kids (5 years old & up)


  • Wash clothes (full loads of laundry)
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Take out the trash/recycling
  • Heavy-duty vacuuming
  • Wash dishes
  • Cook simple recipes
  • Load and unload the dishwasher

List of Kids & Teens Chores (for 10 Year Olds & Up)


  • Walk the family dog
  • Do own laundry
  • Watch younger siblings (with supervision when younger)
  • Mow the lawn (older kids)
  • Take out heavy trash & recycling
  • Pack themselves when traveling

Get an even more complete list of kids chores >>

Video On Chores We Do

8 Quick Tips for Chore Success

Here’s what makes the free weekly chore chart template WORK in our house, after some failures and successes.

mother and daughter c carrying folded laundry

1. Reuse the Printable Chore Chart Template

If your kids love checking the boxes, then be sure to put your chart in a page protector and have kids check off each week with a dry erase marker. This way, you’ll be able to use the same copy for months at a time.

At our home, I write in the chores and check the days that the kids are to do them. We use the chart as a reference, so they know what to do. But, we don’t mark on them often.

You can use the chart whichever way works for you!

2. Keep Two Vacuums

It’s a strange one, I know.

But we live in a two-story house and found it’s MUCH easier to have the kids vacuum since getting a lightweight one they can actually handle. Now, there’s one for each floor, and there’s no dragging it or asking mom or dad for help.

Truthfully, I wish I’d realized this sooner. Here’s the vacuum we love >>

3. Be Careful With Rewards

As I said before, we tie our chores (with other tasks) to screen time and allowance. First, we want them to understand that screen time is a privilege, not a right. And second, we feel it’s the easiest way to begin teaching them about money.

However, tying chores directly to a reward can backfire.

For example, in my house, if we tell the kids they get a treat after cleaning, it becomes an expectation. And a TON of whining ensues when we don’t follow through the next time.

This takes away from the lesson we want to teach: Kids should be helping because they are part of the family, not because there’s a juicy reward. Let’s face it. In life, you don’t get an ice cream every time you clean your house (wouldn’t that be great though?!).

The sooner you teach your kids about internal satisfaction as opposed to external rewards, the better you’re setting them up for life.

Obviously, this is easier said than done when you wish they’d just do it ALREADY. Just something to consider.

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4. Try a 10 Minute Clean Up When Things Are Bad

The 10 minute clean up is my holy grail, as I’m not naturally good at keeping a tidy house.

After dinner, we announce that it’s ten-minute clean up time. We set a timer on the microwave and EVERYONE in the family goes crazy cleaning for ten minutes. If we see the kids not participating, we add a minute at a time to the timer.

I’ve been SHOCKED at how much this accomplishes in our house. If your kids are smaller, a five-minute clean up would also do more than you realize.

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5. Be Patient With the Chore Chart Printable

Chores chart template free printable: green with pink writing

Remember that when you begin expecting more from your kids, there will be pushback. There always is.

Also, I realize now that chores get easier with time and age. Some chores that used to be really difficult to get my kids to do, are now done without a second thought. And mama does a big happy dance about it.

Essentially, stick it out even when it stinks. It will pay off later, I promise.

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6. Give Lots of Praise

Kids LOVE praise of any kind. So, be sure to tell them when they do a good job. Helping them take pride in their work is a great step to getting them to do it well the next time as well.

Plus, they will start realizing that it feels good to do something to the best of their ability.

Use these positive growth mindset quotes for kids and extra words of encouragement for your kids!

7. Have Extra Chores for Money

Next, my son occasionally gets motivated and wants to earn extra money. So, we have a few chores that allow him to do it.

These are not the typical “you’re part of this family” chores, and I like seeing the entrepreneur spirit to work towards something he wants.

The list includes:

  • Wipe down cabinets
  • Wash the cars or clean out the cars
  • Vacuum the rugs
  • Wipe down doors, appliances, and baseboards

What other chores could your kids earn for money?

8. Give Them Their Own Cleaning Tub

cleaning tub to use with the blank free customizable family chore chart template

Finally, like the vacuum, we find it easiest to give the kids tools that are easy to access and “special” to their cleaning.

So, we recently made the kids their own cleaning tub. No more asking, where’s the ________ (fill in the blank with EVERYTHING)?

Check out this post from incremental mama for how to create a bathroom cleaning kit. *And grab a free bathroom cleaning checklist for kids HERE >>

chore chart template printables for kids pin: tips for success

To Consider With Your Kids Chore Chart Templates

I’m so glad I added the free chore chart weekly printable to our clipboards. Now, the kids know what they have for the day, and they do it. Mom isn’t even part of the equation most days.

And, I’ll tell you, that’s a beautiful thing.

What chores go on your weekly chore chart template pdf? I’d love to know!

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