8 Free Printable Coupons for Kids (Makes a Great Gift!)

Printable kids coupons make an AMAZING gift or reward for kids.

They don’t add lots of junk food to the home, or low-quality plastic toys, and the kids get just as excited for them!

Instead, the coupon focuses on quality time together. The activities encourage bonding and allow you to get in family time when the rest of life gets crazy. Plus, it’s FREE!

printable coupon for kids pdf

As my kids pointed out recently, they can barely read my scribbled coupons.

So, today, we’ve got a set of coupons that work perfectly for children! And cut down on the work of making your own!

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When to Use a Printable Coupon for Kids

These printable kids coupons work beautifully as a birthday tradition in our home. And they are amazing tools for positive reinforcement.

But, there are SO many different ways to use these! Here are just a few:

Rewarding Good Behavior

coupons printable for kids reward system

Did your child do something that you are proud of? Perhaps he was nice to a friend. Or she stood up for what’s right. One of these coupons makes a great little “prize” when you need one.

Rewarding Good Grades (or Test Scores)

When your kiddo gets straight As (or Bs) or does well on a test because they worked their buns off, a coupon is a fun little treat.

Finishing Their Routine Checklists

free printable daily schedule template for kids

In our home, the kids complete their routines every day to get their electronics on the weekends. But adding a coupon reward to this is another great idea.

The routine checklist is a built-in system that makes sure they are taking responsibility for themselves and helping around the house.

Check out the kids routine chart here >>

Outside of School Activities

I originally made the kids coupons because I was desperate to get my son more into basketball. At the time, he constantly avoided the ball and physical contact. So, we made a deal that if he touched the ball 5 times during a game he could choose a coupon.

We tweaked it (and made it harder) as time went on, but I was impressed by how well this worked.

Gifts for Holidays

kid coupons template printable: make into a book
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We love them for:

*Read this big list of non-toy gift ideas if you’re looking for more ways to encourage experiences over stuff!

What’s on the Kids Coupons + Extra Ideas

printable coupon for kids, makes a great coupon book

  • 30 minutes of extra screen time
  • Dinner of your choice
  • 30 minutes of alone time with mom or dad
  • Movie night (you pick!)
  • No chores for a day
  • 30 minutes of staying up late
  • Hot lunch at school
  • Game night
  • Special breakfast of your choice
  • A playdate with a friend
  • Pajama day
  • One epic blanket fort
  • Park day or outdoor adventure
  • Cooking time together
  • Craft time together
  • Family picnic
  • Science experiment at home
  • New art supplies (or book, craft supplies, etc)
  • Friend or cousin sleepover
  • Bike ride
  • Special dessert or snack

Creative Ways to Use the Coupons

kids coupons to print and cut out

A Kids Coupon Book

Now, if you want to make multiple coupons into one gift, then staple them together or use washi tape for a super cute kids coupon book!

Put The Kids Coupons Into a Jar

This is a great family idea for positive reinforcement. Kids can draw from the jar after such things as good grades, doing extra chores (try a chore list) without being asked, or being helpful with a sibling.

Put Them on a Key Ring

You can also hole punch each coupon and stick it on a book ring if you’d like for them to be together but separate. This idea works really well for holiday gifts.

Make Them Re-Usable


Now, every family will have their favorites, so if you have some you’d like to keep using, laminate them or print them on durable cardstock to make them last.

Watch the Short Video

Get the Free Printable Coupons for Kids


Plus, see this reward ideas list for kids for more ways to encourage them!

Instructions for the Printable Kids Coupons

free printable coupons for kids

1. Grab access and download them straight from your email or the resource library!

2. Print them

3. Cut the coupons you want to use, in whatever creative way you’d like to use them!

4. Be clear with your kids about the expectations.

Answer these questions ahead of time:

  • How can they earn each coupon? Perhaps you feel some coupons are worth more than others. Kids of different ages will also prefer different coupons. Which will they choose from?
  • Will you need to supervise?
  • What is the expiration date for the kids coupons? My kids tend to hoard them and forget. So, it works best to set a deadline and give a sense of urgency.
  • Can they combine coupons at the same time?

5. Watch their eyes light up when they get one.

What if you want to make your own coupons?

(Sign up once and you will find ALL of the coupons and notes in the library!)

Blank Coupons

free love coupons printable

Check out these love coupons to create your OWN free printable coupon for kids! You’ll also find TONS of coupon activity ideas that work for kids or adults.

Love Notes

free little love notes for kids

And don’t forget these fun love notes to stick in your kids’ lunchboxes or backpacks! It’s an easy way to give a little dose of love.

See the notes HERE

Free Experience Gift Certificate

best experience gifts for kids free gift certificate printable pdf

This little cutie prints right off the post. Grab it on the experience gifts for kids article and promote even more quality family time without breaking the bank.

I love making freebies for Healthy Happy Impactful!

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To Consider With These Free Coupons for Kids

I hope your family loves these coupons as much as we do! We love how it inspires our kids of all ages. And if you’re not sure of how to use them leave a comment below and I’ll help you brainstorm!

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