The Best Girls Stocking Fillers in 2023 (Stuffers You Will Both LOVE!)

Cool Stocking Stuffers for Girls

With Christmas, girls stocking fillers are where you get to be creative!

It’s an opportunity to give items that are fun but also practical. Because let’s face it, there are a lot of toys that end up taking up space. (Then, get thrown out months later.) We never want girls stockings stuffers to be part of that, and the following list reflects that!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Girls, Tweens & Teens Will Love!

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The best stocking fillers for girls

Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls

First, these ideas are practical (yet fun) and become well-used items in a girl’s belongings.

useful and practical girls stocking stuffer ideas

The Wet BrushThese hair brushes WORK LIKE MAGIC in a girl’s wet hair. We also use them for dry hair, and it’s the best brush I’ve found for my girls.

Face Masks – In many areas, kids’ face masks are still needed. And I know that my girl is very specific about the types she likes. These face masks are expressive for girls!

Garments for Winter – With winter coming, cute gloves and winter hats fit nicely into a stocking.

Cooking Tools – As kids grow, they can help in the kitchen more! So, get them their own set of baking utensils, safer kid knives to use, or an apron that keeps them clean.

Swimming Goggles – Does your girl like to swim? Make sure she has swim goggles ready to go! Swim flip flops are easy to add too!

An Analog Watch – All kids have to learn how to tell time, so help your girls out with this fun Disney Frozen watch and make it both fun and helpful.

girls stocking stuffers for Christmas

Piggy Bank – Help your girl save money but gifting her a small piggy bank, coin purse, or box to keep her coins and dollars safe.

Christmas Coupons – For a fun way to promote experiences over stuff, try a free coupon book for kids, or specific coupons for Christmas!

Socks and Underwear – While they are never the most fun thing to receive, most kids (and adults) appreciate a new set of undergarments. Here are fun girl socks and underwear sets.

Food – Oranges are traditional, or place a unique treat (like these easy caramels) or a candy cane in the bottom of the stocking for an extra surprise.

For more useful items, I have an entire post of gifts that ARE NOT toys!

Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Girls

Next, if you are looking for affordable gifts for $7-$5 and under, Check out this list!

cheap stocking stuffers under $5 in 2021

Hair Elastics – In my house, we can never have enough of these elastics for ponytails! We prefer these because they are completely pain-free.

Mermaid Nail Clippers – Your girl will love using these fun clippers all by herself.

A Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Restock their supplies with a fun electric toothbrush that helps them keep their teeth cavity-free.

Chapstick – 100% Natural chapstick from Burt’s Bees is both exciting and good for her. This holiday set has four different types or you can stick one in easily for a few dollars.

A Deck of Playing Cards – It’s simple, but a deck of cards provides endless entertainment once you learn a few games.

Creativity for Kids Mini Garden This cute little garden is the perfect size for a stocking and allows girls to grow their own seeds. If your girl likes mermaids or unicorns, she’ll love this!

Sunglasses – Kids need eye protection just like adults! Try these sunglasses that come with straps to keep them on.

Gum – Most kids go crazy over a fun flavor of gum. It’s an easy win for something that’s so cheap!

Fun Girls Stocking Fillers

These stocking stuffer ideas for girls are cool and creative, just what most girls love!

Cool and fun stocking stuffer ideas for girls

Hair accessoriesHair clips, hair bands, and scrunchies all work extremely well as stocking stuffers for girls. It’s a little something that adds flair to her day!

Bath bombs – Most girls love a luxurious feeling bath. So, give her a fun bath bomb to really get into it.

Jewelry – Whether you get her a necklace she’ll love or even a small jewelry-making kit, these items are a hit with girls and easy to fit into her stocking.

Water Beads – Non-toxic water beads encourage sensory play and are fun to watch and do! This bag comes with a great assortment of colors.

Hair Chalk – These non-toxic chalks allow girls to temporarily dye their hair fun colors!

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars – I almost didn’t add stars in this list because there are SO MANY pieces. But I remember loving these as a kid, and they really do make for a special girls stocking stuffer.

*If you are looking for boys too (or you just want more ideas), check out the boys stocking fillers HERE >>

Arts & Crafts Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls

Cute arts stocking stuffer ideas for girls

Gel and Scented PensThese gel pens are glittery AND scented, so she’ll love using them for everything!

Sensory Creation – Get even more creative with this Playfoam. Or try modeling clay for older kids and play doh for younger ones.

Flower Magnets – Melissa and Doug has created a craft set that allows kids to paint their own magnets. It’s a fun craft idea and also makes for a useful fridge item.

How to Draw Animals – This simple book of tutorials will teach your girl how to draw most animals! If she’s an animal lover, and is also into art, this is an easy winner! (Here’s one for mermaids and unicorns too!)

A Kids Camera – Let your girl document her favorite moments with her very own camera. This camera comes in four different colors.

Craft supplies – Googly eyes, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and anything crafty you can find at Michael’s will keep your girl busy on any upcoming snowy days. (Here’s a set on Amazon)

Need ideas for little ones? Try these stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers!

Good Games for Girls

All kids adore games, and these fit perfectly into any child’s stocking.

The best games for stocking fillers girls

Sleeping Queens Tin Game – This fun medieval royalty game comes in a handy tin so your girl can take it anywhere. Just watch out for potions and dragons!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese PizzaThis silly game is both simple and hilarious. It gets everyone going in seconds. (*26,000 great reviews!)

Phase 10 – Your whole family will love this classic rummy-style card game.

Monopoly Deal Card Game – Now you can take Monopoly with you! Use this fun card game for your next family night if your child loves variations of the classic board game.

Travel Sized CheckersThis “take and play anywhere” Checkers is perfect for road trips and when waiting in line. And its shape makes for one of the best girls stocking fillers!

*Games are also a great thing to add to your family night before Christmas box!

The Best Girls Learning Stocking Stuffers

Next, keep her reading and learning with these fun girls stocking fillers.

learning and growing ideas

Scratch Art Notes – Help them practice writing in a super cool way with these colorful scratch notes!

A Recorder – Buy a recorder if you know she’ll eventually need one for music class, or just to encourage her interest in music.

Bookmarks – Encourage her love of reading with super cute bookmarks! Or print off free bookmarks HERE>>

A Book LightThis pink book light is genius! It’s long-lasting, rechargeable, and it provides easy, convenient light. (For older kids)

Blue Light Glasses – Kids spend a lot of time staring at screens these days. Save their eyes with blue light glasses! They help with glare and eye strain, plus the kids feel super cool.

Books – Great books are both fun and help kids with school. Popular book series for girls include The Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew, and Junie B. Jones.

Girls Ideas to Keep Them Active

These small items encourage movement and play!

active items for Christmas 2021

A Cool Jump Rope – Bring back the cool jumping games and rhymes with this old-school pink wooden jump rope.

Pop Fidget Toys – For whatever reason, pop-it toys are super popular with kids these days. These pop its from Amazon are a great size for her to stick on her backpack. (And they make bracelets now too!)

A Bicycle Bell – We love hitting the trails on our bikes, but the kids would much rather have bells to alert others than have to yell.

Sport Supplies – Things they need for extra-curricular activities make for the perfect girls stocking stuffers. Buy extra high socks for soccer kids, batting gloves for softball players, a gym pass to practice basketball, or anything else small your sports player could need in the future.

A Fitness Tracker – A tracker for her steps motivates her to keep moving in a fun way! It includes a way to track sleep and heart rate too.

*For more active ideas, check out these great outdoor gifts girls love.

My Daughter’s Stocking Fillers

Check out exactly what I put into my daughter’s stocking this year, then keep reading for fun teen girl ideas!

Note: These gift ideas are for informational purposes only. Do your own research for health and safety.

Stocking Stuffers for Teen Girls (and Preteens)

Finally, tweens and teenage girls can be difficult to shop for because they become quite particular. Here are some great ideas they’ll love.

Good stocking stuffers for teen girls, and pre-teen girls too!

Notepads, Journals, & Planners – Help your girl keep track of to-do lists or jot down ideas with a notebook that allows her to be creative. This sloth notepad is fun, or go for a full diary HERE>>

Bath & Beauty Stuff – You can’t go wrong with items that make your pre-teen or teen feel pretty. Here’s a great list of small items that fit well in a girl’s stocking.

Makeup – Makeup can be tricky, but if there’s an eye shadow or lip balm she’s been eyeing, now is the perfect time to add it to her stocking. (Don’t forget makeup remover too!)

Stainless Steel Straws – Help your daughter reduce waste with these fun straws that fit neatly in her drink.

A Tumbler or Mug – Gift your teen girl a nice tumbler to take with her or a personalized mug so she quits stealing your drinks.

stocking stuffers ideas for girls: earrings makes a great small gift!

Earrings – Just like with younger girls, jewelry is the perfect size to fit into a teen’s stocking! Consider these pretty initial earrings, a necklace, or even a bracelet.

A Razor – As girls start shaving their legs, it’s fun to get them razors they’ll like! Shaving cream is also a fun one to stick in a teen girl’s stocking.

A Gift Card – Finally, teen girls can be PICKY. That’s why a gift card to their favorite place is always a good option.

To Consider With Christmas Stockings

stocking stuffers for girls in 2023

That’s it! If you are still stumped, leave a comment below and I’ll help brainstorm ideas for your girls stocking fillers below! And to have your kids give you specific ideas themselves, check out the free printable kids wish list!

What are your favorite stocking stuffers for girls? And do you use the same items every year?

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    1. I’m so glad you found the lists helpful! I used them for my own holiday shopping too and loved how easy it made it. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate your kind words!

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