Free Kids Christmas Wish List Printable (Make Gift Giving Easier!)

Check out this free template Christmas wish list for kids!

Christmas can be hard for a parent. Not only do we have extra responsibility this time of year, but it takes TIME to figure out what to get the kids.

Let’s make gift-giving easier for us! Plus, this free printable is simplified and helps kids focus on more than just stuff. You’ll love it!

Adopt a family Christmas wish list for kids

In this kids Christmas wish list template, you’ll find:

  • Something they need/want/read/wear: helping them focus on what they want MOST and a few items that are practical and useful.
  • Something they will give and wish for someone else: reminding them that the spirit of Christmas is about giving too.
  • Their favorite Christmas activity: guiding them to focus on experiences this holiday season.

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2023 adopt a family Christmas wish list template you need to try

Universal Santa Wish List Ideas for Christmas

If you or your kids are drawing a blank on the Christmas wish list, here are basic ideas to help you fill in the gaps!

Something I Want Ideas

This depends greatly on the child’s gender, age, and personal preferences. But here are a few fun ones:

universal Printable Santa wish list ideas

Find other fun Christmas “wants”.

Something I Need Examples

If your child has trouble coming up with something, think about the items that are used often and could be worn down or in need of replacing. Examples include:

new bed sheets are needed

For lots more fantastic ideas, read this great list of non-toy kids gifts – FULL of useful items!

Something I’ll Read Ideas

Here are popular kid books to check out for the Santa wish list!

Dragons Love Tacos Book: Grab my 2023 Cute children's Xmas wish list template now with these fun ideas!

For more great books, see:

Plus, grab free bookmarks to include in the gift!

*See best Christmas book ideas >>

Something I’ll Wear Examples

New pajamas are a favorite for our Christmas Eve box. And if your older kids have been eyeing a special pair of jeans or a sweater, this is a great time to get it too. Other ideas include:

snow boots, strangers buy family gifts shopping

Or try good outdoor gifts for kids >>

Creative Something I’ll Give Ideas

Free printable 12 days of Christmas gift ideas tags for coworker, husband, girlfriend, teacher, neighbors

Go in together as a family and drop off this epic 12 days of gifts for Christmas to someone who needs it this year! You’ll have a BLAST putting it together!

Favorite Thing to Do at Christmas Ideas

free Christmas wish list printable for kids or adults examples

For awesome ways to make beautiful memories, see:

Christmas Wish List Template Pdf

My free Santa wish list example printable pdf and ideas

And for more goodies, sign up for the free resource library below!

More fun Christmas printables on Healthy Happy Impactful:

My Santa Gift Wish List for Kids

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